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Class Information
Number: 123/568.22
Name: Internal-combustion engines > Charge forming device (e.g., pollution control) > Exhaust gas used with the combustible mixture (e.g., emission control exhaust gas recirculation (egr) valve) > Having electrically actuated control means > Ambient condition responsive (e.g., atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure)
Description: Subject matter wherein the means for adjusting the flow of the products of combustion is responsive to an atmospheric characteristic or parameter.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8607766 Control apparatus for an internal combustion engine Dec. 17, 2013
8601985 Exhaust gas cooling adapter Dec. 10, 2013
8543317 Method for managing the relative humidity in the air path of an internal combustion engine equipped with a low pressure EGR system Sep. 24, 2013
8412442 Method of engine starting Apr. 2, 2013
8381519 Method of stationary regeneration of an engine exhaust particulate filter Feb. 26, 2013
8301358 Method of engine starting Oct. 30, 2012
8146573 EGR device for engine Apr. 3, 2012
8074630 Internal combustion engine control device and internal combustion engine control system Dec. 13, 2011
7866306 Control apparatus of EGR control valve Jan. 11, 2011
7715976 EGR detection via humidity detection May. 11, 2010
7474954 EGR differential pressure sensor auto calibration method Jan. 6, 2009
7444999 Control system and method for internal combustion engine Nov. 4, 2008
7433776 System and method for quantizing fuel dilution of engine motor due to post-injection fueling to regenerate an exhaust aftertreatment device Oct. 7, 2008
7389771 Closed loop EGR control method and system using water content measurement Jun. 24, 2008
7363911 Humidity-based combustion control in a multiple combustion mode engine Apr. 29, 2008
RE39937 Exhaust gas recirculation system Dec. 11, 2007
7296562 Control system and method for estimating turbocharger performance Nov. 20, 2007
7269466 Optimal operation controller of plant Sep. 11, 2007
7195007 Apparatus for calculating amount of recirculated exhaust gas for internal combustion engine Mar. 27, 2007
7174713 Method for determination of composition of the gas mixture in a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine with exhaust gas recirculation and correspondingly configured control system Feb. 13, 2007
7177754 Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus Feb. 13, 2007
7174250 Method for determining an exhaust gas recirculation quantity for an internal combustion engine provided with exhaust gas recirculation Feb. 6, 2007
7143580 Virtual compressor outlet temperature sensing for charge air cooler overheating protection Dec. 5, 2006
7104228 Engine with variable cam timing and control advantageously using humidity sensor Sep. 12, 2006
6964161 Induction exhaust system Nov. 15, 2005
6954693 System for controlling exhaust emissions produced by an internal combustion engine Oct. 11, 2005
6934621 Re-entry strategy from boost mode to EGR mode Aug. 23, 2005
6918362 Engine with variable cam timing and control advantageously using humidity sensor Jul. 19, 2005
6868329 Control method of EGR system of engine Mar. 15, 2005
6826903 Exhaust gas recirculation system having cooler Dec. 7, 2004
6820599 System and method for reducing Nox emissions during transient conditions in a diesel fueled vehicle with EGR Nov. 23, 2004
6804588 System for detecting malfunction of internal combustion engine radiator Oct. 12, 2004
6748936 Exhaust gas recirculation control for internal combustion engine and method of exhaust gas recirculation control Jun. 15, 2004
6725848 Method of controlling exhaust gas recirculation system based upon humidity Apr. 27, 2004
6715476 System and method for exhaust gas recirculation control Apr. 6, 2004
6708678 Electronic control device for internal combustion engine and method of controlling the internal combustion engine Mar. 23, 2004
6705301 System for producing charge flow and EGR fraction commands based on engine operating conditions Mar. 16, 2004
6681171 Condensation control for internal combustion engines using EGR Jan. 20, 2004
6659095 Diagnosis system for upstream gauge sensor, downstream absolute pressure sensor Dec. 9, 2003
6647972 State determining apparatus for exhaust gas recirculation system Nov. 18, 2003
6401457 System for estimating turbocharger compressor outlet temperature Jun. 11, 2002
6293267 Flow-based control method for an engine control valve Sep. 25, 2001
6212881 Exhaust gas recirculation mechanism for engine and method for controlling exhaust gas recirculation valve Apr. 10, 2001
6155240 Actuator control apparatus for internal combustion engine Dec. 5, 2000
6112729 Device for controlling exhaust gas recirculation in an internal combustion engine Sep. 5, 2000
6079395 Exhaust gas recirculation system Jun. 27, 2000
6062204 Engine control system and method with atmospheric humidity compensation May. 16, 2000
6026790 Diesel engine emission control system Feb. 22, 2000
6009862 Exhaust gas recirculation control system and method Jan. 4, 2000
5931140 Internal combustion engine thermal state model Aug. 3, 1999

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