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Class Information
Number: 106/162.8
Name: Compositions: coating or plastic > Coating or plastic compositions > Carbohydrate or derivative containing > With cellulose ether or salt thereof (i.e., mixture of (a) a cellulose ether or salt thereof and (b) a carbohydrate material which is other than cellulose ether or salt of the same etherifying radical as in (a) differing only in the degree of etherification)
Description: Compositions which contain (A) a cellulose ether or salt thereof in addition to (B) the carbohydrate or derivative whereby the carbohydrate or derivative can not be a cellulose ether or salt of the same etherifying radical as in (A) differing only in the degree of etherification.

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
106/162.82 The carbohydrate is diverse cellulose ether or salt thereof (i.e., mixture of two or more cellulose ethers or salts of diverse etherifying radicals or mixture of two or more cellulose mixed ethers or salts of different diverse etherifying radical groups) 27
106/162.81 The carbohydrate is starch or derivative 40

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8641815 Ceramic compositions for improved extrusion Feb. 4, 2014
8133422 Alkylcellulose salt binder for green body manufacture Mar. 13, 2012
7910641 PH modulated films for delivery of actives Mar. 22, 2011
7871468 Microcrystalline cellulose compositions Jan. 18, 2011
7462232 Microcrystalline cellulose compositions Dec. 9, 2008
7425589 Method for modifying cellulose ethers Sep. 16, 2008
7288149 Aqueous cement composition Oct. 30, 2007
7101426 Inorganic matrix composite reinforced by ionically crosslinked polymer Sep. 5, 2006
7066996 Joint compounds using thickeners prepared from raw cotton linters Jun. 27, 2006
6932861 Edible PGA coating composition Aug. 23, 2005
6902609 Pearlescent film coating systems and substrates coated therewith Jun. 7, 2005
6884288 Dry-powder film coating composition and method of preparation Apr. 26, 2005
6881449 Edible PGA coating composition Apr. 19, 2005
6881252 Fiber-based product Apr. 19, 2005
6773811 Treatment for substrates Aug. 10, 2004
6723342 Edible coating composition Apr. 20, 2004
6699315 Edible PGA coating composition Mar. 2, 2004
6576048 Use of high bulk density methylcelluloses in aqueous fluid polymer suspensions Jun. 10, 2003
6482876 Agglomerates for the production of an aqueous binder system Nov. 19, 2002
6372033 Method of forming and shaping plasticized mixtures and the green bodies made therefrom Apr. 16, 2002
6344077 Aqueous cellulose solution and rayon fiber produced from the same Feb. 5, 2002
6312669 Buccodental formulation comprising essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils Nov. 6, 2001
6306207 Supplementation of essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils with carboxycellulose which has a high degree of substitution Oct. 23, 2001
6267808 Bright white film coatings and film coating compositions therefor Jul. 31, 2001
6241812 Acid-stable and cationic-compatible cellulose compositions and methods of preparation Jun. 5, 2001
6231657 Supplementation of cellulose nanofibrils with carboxycellulose with low degree of substitution May. 15, 2001
6224663 Additivation of essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils with carboxyl cellulose with a high degree of substitution May. 1, 2001
6221152 Stable suspension of hydrocolloids Apr. 24, 2001
6184272 Fiber-reinforced molded plastic part and process for its manufacture Feb. 6, 2001
6156072 Manufacturing method of fabric for ink jet printing and ink jet printing method Dec. 5, 2000
6117228 Heat-stable iron oxide yellow pigments Sep. 12, 2000
6117226 Stable suspension of hydrocolloids Sep. 12, 2000
6030442 Microporous fast response gels and methods of use Feb. 29, 2000
5980626 Aqueous compositions for stripping paints and primers with a high degree of crosslinking Nov. 9, 1999
5900049 Modeling mass for children and adults and method of producing the same May. 4, 1999
5769934 Method for producing microcrystalline cellulose Jun. 23, 1998
5743947 Film coatings and film coating compositions based on cellulosic polymers and lacttose Apr. 28, 1998
5725648 Paper coatings containing guar or reduced molecular weight guar Mar. 10, 1998
5668273 Carboxyalkyl cellulose esters Sep. 16, 1997
5630871 Film coatings and film coating compositions based on cellulosic polymers and lactose May. 20, 1997
5620509 Coating composition and method for its preparation Apr. 15, 1997
5540874 Cellulose solution for shaping and method of shaping the same Jul. 30, 1996
5512616 Tape joint compound composition using unborated hydroxypropyl guar Apr. 30, 1996
5437719 Polyurethane-based aqueous multicolor paint Aug. 1, 1995
5393333 Film-forming product for coating solid forms, process for its manufacture and products coated with this film-forming product Feb. 28, 1995
5385585 Use of anionic alkyl cellulose mixed ethers in textile printing Jan. 31, 1995
5376709 Method for improving thickeners for aqueous systems Dec. 27, 1994
5370729 Food safe composition to facilitate soil removal Dec. 6, 1994
5362312 Carrier fluid for the suspension and delivery of water soluble polymers Nov. 8, 1994
5346541 Water dispersible formulations and materials and methods for influencing their water dispersibility Sep. 13, 1994

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