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Class Information
Number: 102/490
Name: Ammunition and explosives > Shells > With range increasing means
Description: Subject matter having means successively fired while a shell is in flight to impart thrust to the shell for adding distance.

Patents under this class:
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8604402 Spacecraft afterbody device Dec. 10, 2013
8487227 Speed-adaptive deployable boat-tailing cone for munitions for range extension Jul. 16, 2013
8453572 Gun fired propellant support assemblies and methods for same Jun. 4, 2013
8415597 Wing assembly and apparatus for launching flying object using the same Apr. 9, 2013
8415598 Extendable fins for a tube-launched projectile Apr. 9, 2013
8312813 Deployable fairing and method for reducing aerodynamic drag on a gun-launched artillery shell Nov. 20, 2012
8193476 Solid-fuel pellet thrust and control actuation system to maneuver a flight vehicle Jun. 5, 2012
8097838 Method of increasing the range of a subcalibre shell and subcalibre shells with a long range Jan. 17, 2012
7997205 Base drag reduction fairing Aug. 16, 2011
7905178 Methods and apparatus for selectable velocity projectile system Mar. 15, 2011
7891298 Guided projectile Feb. 22, 2011
7849800 Hybrid spin/fin stabilized projectile Dec. 14, 2010
7823510 Extended range projectile Nov. 2, 2010
7816635 Air vehicle wing pivot Oct. 19, 2010
7802520 Drag minimizing projectile delivery system Sep. 28, 2010
7728265 MEMS type flow actuated out-of-plane flap Jun. 1, 2010
7690305 Increment charge for fin-stabilized mortar projectile Apr. 6, 2010
7578238 Base bleed boat tail converter for projectile Aug. 25, 2009
7360355 Long range artillery shell Apr. 22, 2008
7267298 Method for correcting the flight path of ballistically fired spin-stabilised artillery ammunition Sep. 11, 2007
7255044 Projectile having circumferential members for varying a base cone angle of the projectile as a function of speed Aug. 14, 2007
7185846 Asymmetrical control surface system for tube-launched air vehicles Mar. 6, 2007
7163176 2-D projectile trajectory correction system and method Jan. 16, 2007
6923123 Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles Aug. 2, 2005
6862996 Projectile for rapid fire gun Mar. 8, 2005
6748871 Guided artillery missile with extremely long range Jun. 15, 2004
6543364 Less lethal multi-sensory distraction grenade Apr. 8, 2003
6435097 Protective device for deployable fins of artillery projectiles Aug. 20, 2002
6405653 Supercavitating underwater projectile Jun. 18, 2002
6352218 Method and device for a fin-stabilized base-bleed shell Mar. 5, 2002
6336609 Method and device for a fin-stabilized base-bleed shell Jan. 8, 2002
6305288 Propellant charge module Oct. 23, 2001
6297486 Base drag reducing device Oct. 2, 2001
6213023 Base bleed unit Apr. 10, 2001
6158349 Gas generator for a projectile Dec. 12, 2000
5886289 Long range artillery shell Mar. 23, 1999
5798478 Ammunition projectile having enhanced flight characteristics Aug. 25, 1998
5656792 Projectile Aug. 12, 1997
5639985 Groove drag mitigation Jun. 17, 1997
5578783 RAM accelerator system and device Nov. 26, 1996
5353711 Extended range artillery projectile Oct. 11, 1994
5141175 Air launched munition range extension system and method Aug. 25, 1992
5056436 Solid pyrotechnic compositions for projectile base-bleed systems Oct. 15, 1991
4964341 Projectile with ram air-extendible probe and ram air-extendible probe assembly therefor Oct. 23, 1990
4930422 Ejectable, imperviously sealing device especially for rockets with munitions Jun. 5, 1990
4930420 Seal for the nozzle opening of a projectile Jun. 5, 1990
4917335 Apparatus and method for facilitating supersonic motion of bodies through the atmosphere Apr. 17, 1990
4846071 Base-bleed gas generator for a projectile, shell or the like Jul. 11, 1989
4813635 Projectile with reduced base drag Mar. 21, 1989
4807535 Device for reducing ammunition drag and ammunition for receiving said device Feb. 28, 1989

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