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Class Information
Number: 101/411
Name: Printing > Work supporting members > Grippers > Cylinders > Gripper-attached tumble
Description: Gripper carrying means adapted to be operated in opposite directions by separate obstructions in the path of travel.

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7464929 Apparatus for carrying or guiding a printing material sheet Dec. 16, 2008
7000540 Method of operating a machine processing printing material sheets Feb. 21, 2006
5749296 Sheet transfer device of a sheet-fed rotary printing press May. 12, 1998
5676024 Cam device Oct. 14, 1997
5609103 Sheet-metal guide for a sheet turning device Mar. 11, 1997
5503071 Cylinder with retractable point spurs and signature clamps Apr. 2, 1996
5473983 Rotary printing press Dec. 12, 1995
5461981 Press blanket cylinder with blanket end ejection device Oct. 31, 1995
5413042 Lock-up assembly for securing a printing plate on a plate cylinder May. 9, 1995
5343806 Swivellable pre-gripper of a sheet-fed printing press and method of operation thereof Sep. 6, 1994
5213035 Device for changing-over a gripper control on a gripper cylinder of a turning device in a sheet-fed rotary printing machine for first-form and perfector printing May. 25, 1993
5186106 Arrangement on transfer drum for in-registry sheet transfer Feb. 16, 1993
5134938 Sheet feeding unit for rotary printing machine Aug. 4, 1992
5031531 Device for adjusting the rotational position of a cylinder of a turning device in a rotary printing press and for axially displacing an adjusting member for a gripper change-over on the cylind Jul. 16, 1991
4928586 Sheet reversing unit for sheet printing press May. 29, 1990
4903957 Dynamically stable sheet clamping system for high speed sheet handling drums Feb. 27, 1990
4858910 Conveyor for a sheet-fed rotary press Aug. 22, 1989
4854236 Transmission system for forming cyclical motion from rotational motion printing press with counterbalance for torque fluctuation of gripper feed drum Aug. 8, 1989
4846062 Sheet-turning drum in sheet-fed rotary printing presses Jul. 11, 1989
4700626 Reversing gripper of one side and perfecting printing press Oct. 20, 1987
4664032 Vertically adjustable gripper supports for the grippers of reversing drums of perfecting presses May. 12, 1987
4608925 Sheet transfer cylinder in sheet-fed rotary printing machines Sep. 2, 1986
4534552 Sheet diverting system Aug. 13, 1985
4466350 Sheet transfer cylinder assembly of a sheet-fed rotary printing machine having a device for correcting register of overprints Aug. 21, 1984
4443094 Duplicating machine with duplexing capability Apr. 17, 1984
4390176 Sheet clamping device Jun. 28, 1983
4370928 Sheet fed rotary press having an auxiliary gripper system arranged below a feeding cylinder Feb. 1, 1983
4362105 Sheet drawing device for a sheet-fed rotary press Dec. 7, 1982
4362099 Adjusting device for sheet reversing in a sheet-fed rotary press Dec. 7, 1982
4307801 Conveyor apparatus for substantially flat products, especially printed products Dec. 29, 1981
4241658 Duplicating machine with duplexing capability Dec. 30, 1980
4231291 Printing press Nov. 4, 1980
T998003 Apparatus for clamping sheets of variable length onto a rotating drum Sep. 2, 1980
4210079 Advancing cylinder for use in a printing machine Jul. 1, 1980
4204472 Duplexing copying system May. 27, 1980
4120492 Gripper mechanism Oct. 17, 1978
4003310 Control apparatus for gripper finger shaft for printing press Jan. 18, 1977

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