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Class Information
Number: 101/22C
Name: Printing >

Sub-classes under this class:

Class Number Class Name Patents
101/ Inkers (101/335) 0
101/113 Duplicating machines 5
101/114 Stenciling 268
101/130 Planographic 37
101/150 Intaglio 97
101/171 Multicolor 71
101/2 Printing and sorting 58
101/212 Rolling contact machines 97
101/287 Bed-and-platen machines 38
101/3.1 Embossing or penetrating 133
101/327 Printing members and inkers 219
101/33 Transferring preparatory designs 59
101/335 Inkers 77
101/35 Special article machines 492
101/368 Printing members 140
101/407.1 Work supporting members 87
101/415.1 Flexible-sheet-securing devices 798
101/416.1 Antismut device 103
101/425 Cleaning attachments 568
101/45 Selective or progressive 66
101/476 Printing on stacked articles 7
101/477 Print plate feeding or delivering 438
101/478 Erasable plate 90
101/479 Assembly or disassembly features 162
101/480 Press part or attachment 186
101/481 Layout or registration 118
101/482 Tab 4
101/483 Processes 774
101/494 Miscellaneous 81
101/DIG.29 Printing involving a color-forming phenomenon 30
101/DIG.30 Special article printing with article controlled operation 20
101/DIG.31 Devices for applying metal leaf employing hot dies 15
101/DIG.32 Means to vary the time of contact of one or more rollers in an ink train 43
101/DIG.33 Ink transfer employing one or more belts 11
101/DIG.34 Means to agitate ink in a reservoir 22
101/DIG.35 Rollers and track therefore in printing presses 22
101/DIG.36 Means for registering or alignment of print plates on print press structure 257
101/DIG.37 Printing employing electrostatic force 210
101/DIG.38 Means for axially reciprocating inking rollers 86
101/DIG.39 Printing on cylinder of revolution 9
101/DIG.40 Means to print on golf balls 49
101/DIG.41 Means for braking press cylinders 4
101/DIG.42 Means for tensioning webs 37
101/DIG.43 Machines printing by both intaglio and another type of printing means 17
101/DIG.44 Coin controlled printing machines 0
101/DIG.45 Sensor for ink or dampening fluid thickness or density 62
101/DIG.46 Printing operation controlled by code indicia on printing plate or substate 30
101/DIG.47 Automatic or remote control of metering blade position 41
101/DIG.48 Endless printing belt for other than selective or progressive printing 20
101/DIG.49 Convertible printing press (e.g., lithographic to letter press) 21

Patents under this class:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued

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