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Class Number Class Name Patents
244 Aeronautics 38,810
188 Brakes 36,314
441 Buoys, rafts, and aquatic devices 6,343
192 Clutches and power-stop control 34,131
701 Data processing: vehicles, navigation, and relative location 92,248
187 Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle 10,238
416 Fluid reaction surfaces (i.e., impellers) 30,803
303 Fluid-pressure and analogous brake systems 19,544
410 Freight accommodation on freight carrier 8,871
44 Fuel and related compositions 13,426
903 Hybrid electric vehicles (hevs) 9,457
123 Internal-combustion engines 124,509
477 Interrelated power delivery controls, including engine control 18,388
280 Land vehicles 102,186
278 Land vehicles: animal draft appliances 29
296 Land vehicles: bodies and tops 47,649
298 Land vehicles: dumping 2,032
301 Land vehicles: wheels and axles 7,470
440 Marine propulsion 11,061
180 Motor vehicles 57,971
185 Motors: spring, weight, or animal powered 641
213 Railway draft appliances 1,568
258 Railway mail delivery 14
105 Railway rolling stock 9,471
246 Railway switches and signals 4,143
295 Railway wheels and axles 351
104 Railways 9,709
238 Railways: surface track 2,894
152 Resilient tires and wheels 21,174
114 Ships 23,795
291 Track sanders 160
D12 Transportation 37,234
293 Vehicle fenders 4,367
305 Wheel substitutes for land vehicles 3,384
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