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Class Number Class Name Patents
226 Advancing material of indeterminate length 9,111
366 Agitating 30,691
384 Bearings 29,299
194 Check-actuated control mechanisms 4,467
422 Chemical apparatus and process disinfecting, deodorizing, preserving, or sterilizing 129,385
209 Classifying, separating, and assorting solids 30,987
510 Cleaning compositions for solid surfaces, auxiliary compositions therefor, or processes of preparing the compositions 90,116
118 Coating apparatus 65,548
427 Coating processes 210,575
516 Colloid systems and wetting agents; subcombinations thereof; processes of 13,745
431 Combustion 22,681
159 Concentrating evaporators 5,622
193 Conveyors, chutes, skids, guides, and ways 2,654
406 Conveyors: fluid current 7,934
198 Conveyors: power-driven 47,778
83 Cutting 52,769
202 Distillation: apparatus 9,211
203 Distillation: processes, separatory 16,200
201 Distillation: processes, thermolytic 3,537
474 Endless belt power transmission systems or components 14,891
D23 Environmental heating and cooling; fluid handling and sanitary equipment 30,807
D13 Equipment for production, distribution, or transformation of energy 23,012
216 Etching a substrate: processes 35,175
92 Expansible chamber devices 17,212
149 Explosive and thermic compositions or charges 10,419
141 Fluent material handling, with receiver or receiver coacting means 35,267
239 Fluid sprinkling, spraying, and diffusing 73,022
476 Friction gear transmission systems or components 1,876
261 Gas and liquid contact apparatus 22,664
409 Gear cutting, milling, or planing 11,746
65 Glass manufacturing 35,787
294 Handling: hand and hoist-line implements 20,778
588 Hazardous or toxic waste destruction or containment 8,834
494 Imperforate bowl: centrifugal separators 7,250
254 Implements or apparatus for applying pushing or pulling force 14,532
122 Liquid heaters and vaporizers 9,951
210 Liquid purification or separation 190,035
74 Machine element or mechanism 61,522
D15 Machines not elsewhere specified 15,787
414 Material or article handling 62,508
D34 Material or article handling equipment 9,415
29 Metal working 158,341
196 Mineral oils: apparatus 1,106
91 Motors: expansible chamber type 17,121
475 Planetary gear transmission systems or components 20,394
100 Presses 20,656
417 Pumps 46,803
418 Rotary expansible chamber devices 18,938
415 Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps 36,254
464 Rotary shafts, gudgeons, housings, and flexible couplings for rotary shafts 13,175
234 Selective cutting (e.g., punching) 227
225 Severing by tearing or breaking 4,902
271 Sheet feeding or delivering 45,212
241 Solid material comminution or disintegration 30,620
267 Spring devices 17,345
470 Threaded, headed fastener, or washer making: process and apparatus 1,963
82 Turning 7,847
251 Valves and valve actuation 44,764
157 Wheelwright machines 1,194
242 Winding, tensioning, or guiding 47,828
142 Wood turning 258
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