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Class Number Class Name Patents
330 Amplifiers 40,815
236 Automatic temperature and humidity regulation 9,796
136 Batteries: thermoelectric and photoelectric 18,413
219 Electric heating 102,262
313 Electric lamp and discharge devices 77,793
314 Electric lamp and discharge devices: consumable electrodes 69
315 Electric lamp and discharge devices: systems 65,811
445 Electric lamp or space discharge component or device manufacturing 10,135
363 Electric power conversion systems 34,384
392 Electric resistance heating devices 11,854
381 Electrical audio signal processing systems and devices 51,528
439 Electrical connectors 119,719
310 Electrical generator or motor structure 92,633
377 Electrical pulse counters, pulse dividers, or shift registers: circuits and systems 11,515
338 Electrical resistors 16,481
307 Electrical transmission or interconnection systems 30,390
320 Electricity: battery or capacitor charging or discharging 22,927
200 Electricity: circuit makers and breakers 42,546
174 Electricity: conductors and insulators 72,690
361 Electricity: electrical systems and devices 172,241
337 Electricity: electrothermally or thermally actuated switches 10,290
335 Electricity: magnetically operated switches, magnets, and electromagnets 22,728
324 Electricity: measuring and testing 121,531
318 Electricity: motive power systems 74,092
388 Electricity: motor control systems 5,575
323 Electricity: power supply or regulation systems 29,795
322 Electricity: single generator systems 5,833
191 Electricity: transmission to vehicles 1,731
399 Electrophotography 79,712
110 Furnaces 17,505
48 Gas: heating and illuminating 9,864
165 Heat exchange 59,722
432 Heating 14,781
237 Heating systems 4,448
218 High-voltage switches with arc preventing or extinguishing devices 5,386
336 Inductor devices 18,040
373 Industrial electric heating furnaces 5,309
D26 Lighting 25,357
327 Miscellaneous active electrical nonlinear devices, circuits, and systems 108,265
332 Modulators 4,129
60 Power plants 90,124
290 Prime-mover dynamo plants 11,986
250 Radiant energy 150,349
220 Receptacles 69,807
333 Wave transmission lines and networks 39,491
140 Wireworking 2,988
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