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Class Number Class Name Patents
175 Boring or penetrating the earth 27,442
14 Bridges 3,092
D25 Building units and construction elements 14,492
172 Earth working 15,961
37 Excavating 9,903
411 Expanded, threaded, driven, headed, tool-deformed, or locked-threaded fastener 28,134
256 Fences 5,967
182 Fire escape, ladder, or scaffold 13,817
108 Horizontally supported planar surfaces 14,867
403 Joints and connections 45,482
49 Movable or removable closures 23,639
285 Pipe joints or couplings 46,167
138 Pipes and tubular conduits 26,751
404 Road structure, process, or apparatus 13,131
277 Seal for a joint or juncture 31,911
249 Static molds 13,681
52 Static structures (e.g., buildings) 122,368
125 Stone working 3,365
248 Supports 85,829
312 Supports: cabinet structure 26,821
211 Supports: racks 25,915
212 Traversing hoists 6,003
171 Unearthing plants or buried objects 891
454 Ventilation 15,649
144 Woodworking 16,830
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