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Class Number Class Name Patents
181 Acoustics 22,432
367 Communications, electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices 22,380
342 Communications: directive radio wave systems and devices (e.g., radar, radio navigation) 56,320
340 Communications: electrical 193,252
343 Communications: radio wave antennas 45,511
329 Demodulators 4,439
358 Facsimile and static presentation processing 106,314
D10 Measuring, testing, or signalling instruments 26,331
370 Multiplex communications 270,401
398 Optical communications 48,849
331 Oscillators 35,139
375 Pulse or digital communications 143,800
346 Recorders 6,169
D14 Recording, communication, or information retrieval equipment 60,080
116 Signals and indicators 11,510
455 Telecommunications 281,696
178 Telegraphy 6,274
379 Telephonic communications 107,707
386 Television signal processing for dynamic recording or reproducing 30,805
334 Tuners 817
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