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U.M.E.C. - BoydellU.M.E.C.-BoydellU.M.P. Plastics LimitedU.N.I.R. Ultra Propre Nutrition Industrie Recherche
U.N.I.R. Ultra Propre-Nutrition Industrie-RechercheU.N.I.R. Ultra Proprre-Nutrition Industrie-RechercheU.N.X. IncU.N.X. Incorporated
U.N.X., IncorporatedU.P.S. LimitedU.R. Engineering Pty. Ltd.U.R. Engineering Pty., Ltd.
U.R. LabsU.S Army Corps of Engineers as represented by the Secretary of the ArmyU.S Philips CorporationU.S Phillips Corporation
U.S Precision Lens, IncorporatedU.S.U.S. 261 Corp.U.S. Abilities, Inc.
U.S. Action Concepts, Inc.U.S. Advanced Technologies, N.V.U.S. Alternate Energy, LLCU.S. Aluminum, Inc.
U.S. Amada LimitedU.S. Amada Ltd.U.S. Amada, Ltd.U.S. Aqua Sports, Inc.
U.S. Aquasonics Corp.U.S. Armament CorporationU.S. Armor CorporationU.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as represented by the Secretary of the ArmyU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as represented by the Secretary of the ArmyU.S. Army Medical Research & Development CommandU.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command
U.S. Army Medical Research and Material CommandU.S. Army Medical Research Materiel CommandU.S. Army Space and Missile Defense CommandU.S. Asian Mfg. Corp.
U.S. Automation Co.U.S. Automation CompanyU.S. AutotronicsU.S. Aviex Corp.
U.S. Balloon Manufacturing Co., Inc.U.S. Balloon Mfg. Co., Inc.U.S. BancorpU.S. Bancorp Licensing, Inc.
U.S. Bank National AssociationU.S. Bank, National AssociationU.S. Banknote CorporationU.S. Banner Corp.
U.S. Billiards, Inc.U.S. Biomaterials Corp.U.S. Biomaterials CorporationU.S. Bioscience
U.S. Bioscience Inc. and IndividualsU.S. Bioscience, Inc.U.S. Blind Stitch Machine Corp.U.S. Blind Stitch Machine Corporation
U.S. Borax & Chemical CorporationU.S. Borax Inc.U.S. Borax, Inc.U.S. Brands
U.S. Brick, Inc.U.S. Britelite, Inc.U.S. Can CompanyU.S. Can Metal Services
U.S. Cap & Closure, Inc.U.S. Cap, Inc.U.S. Capacitor CorporationU.S. Catalytic Corporation
U.S. CentrifugeU.S. Chemical & Plastics, Inc.U.S. Chemical CorporationU.S. Clinical Products, Inc.
U.S. Competition Arms Inc.U.S. Competition Arms, Inc.U.S. Competiton Arms, Inc.U.S. Composites Corp.
U.S. Computer ServicesU.S. Computer SystemsU.S. Computer Systems, Inc.U.S. Concrete Pipe Co.
U.S. Concrete, Inc.U.S. Conec, Ltd.U.S. Controls Copr.U.S. Controls Corp.
U.S. Controls CorporationU.S. Corrugated, Inc.U.S. CosmeticsU.S. Cosmetics Corporation
U.S. Creative ConceptsU.S. Currency Protection Corp.U.S. Demil LLCU.S. Dent Master, Inc.
U.S. DentekU.S. DenTek CorporationU.S. Departement of Homeland SecurityU.S. Department of Agricultue/NCAUR
U.S. Department of AgricultureU.S. Department of EnergyU.S. Department of Homeland SecurityU.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
U.S. Department of Veterans AffairsU.S. Dept. of AgricultureU.S. Dept. of EnergyU.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
U.S. Dept. of NavyU.S. Dept. of Veterans AffairsU.S. Dermatologics, Inc.U.S. Design Co.
U.S. Divers Co.U.S. Divers Co., Inc.U.S. Divers CompanyU.S. Divers Company, Inc.
U.S. Drug Testing, Inc.U.S. Dynamics CorporationU.S. ElectricarU.S. Electricar, Inc.
U.S. Electronic Services CorporationU.S. Electronics Components Corp.U.S. Electronics Components, Corp.U.S. Electronics Coomponents Corp.
U.S. Electronics, Inc.U.S. Electronics, LLCU.S. ElevatorU.S. Elevator Corporation
U.S. Elevator, CorporationU.S. Emission Systems, Inc.U.S. Encode CorporationU.S. Endoscopy Group, Inc.
U.S. Energy Conservation Systems, Inc.U.S. Energy Research & Development AdministrationU.S. Energy Technologies, Inc.U.S. Energy, Inc.
U.S. Enertek, Inc.U.S. Engineering Co. Inc.U.S. Engineering Company, Inc.U.S. Engineering Corporation
U.S. Environmental Products, Inc.U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyU.S. EPAU.S. Ethernet Innovations, LLC
U.S. Expansion Bolt CompanyU.S. Farathane CorporationU.S. Fence LLCU.S. Fence, LLC
U.S. Fertilizer CorporationU.S. Fiber CorporationU.S. Filigree Wideslab, Inc.U.S. Filter Company
U.S. Filter CorporationU.S. Filter Distribution Group, Inc.U.S. Filter MembraloxU.S. Filter Recovery Services
U.S. Filter Wastewater Group, Inc.U.S. Filter/Engineered SystemsU.S. Filter/Gas Technology ProductsU.S. Filter/Illinois Water Treatment, Inc.
U.S. Filter/Ionpure, Inc.U.S. Filter/StrancoU.S. Filter/WheelabratorU.S. Fire Control Corporation
U.S. Floor Systems, Inc.U.S. Flywheel SystemsU.S. Flywheels, Inc.U.S. Foam Mfg. Co., Inc.
U.S. Foundry & Manufacturing Corp.U.S. Foundry & Mfg. Corp.U.S. GenomicsU.S. Genomics, Inc.
U.S. Gold CorporationU.S. Golf AssociationU.S. Government as represented by Director, National Security AgencyU.S. Government as represented by the director of National Security
U.S. Government as represented by the Director, National Security AgencyU.S. Government as Represented by the Director, National Security Agency, TheU.S. Government as represented by the Secretary of the ArmyU.S. Government as, represented by the Secretary of the Army
U.S. Government of America, as represented by the Secretary of the NavyU.S. Government Represented by the Secretary of the ArmyU.S. Government, Dept. of Health and Human Services, c/o NationalU.S. Govt., Dept. of Health & Human Services
U.S. Grain Storage System, Inc.U.S. Graphics Ltd.U.S. Greenfiber, LLCU.S. Greentech, Inc.
U.S. Greentech, LLCU.S. Grout CorporationU.S. Gypsum CompanyU.S. Health, Inc.
U.S. Highway Products, Inc.U.S. Holding Co., Inc.U.S. Holding CompanyU.S. Holding Company, Inc.
U.S. Hydrex, Inc.U.S. Import & Promotions Co.U.S. Industrial Products Co.U.S. Industrial Tool & Supply Co.

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