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Zopa AS Patents
Zopa AS
Oslo, NO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D515266 Rail and rail housing February 14, 2006
D513022 Transfer unit December 20, 2005
7322200 Method and device for cooling products in a transport system January 29, 2008
A device for cooling products (12) contained in a transport system, comprises at least one lead-down duct with an upper and a lower portion, where the upper portion is arranged to be supplied with products from a feeder device (21), and where the lower portion comprises a product out
6889901 Device for conveying products May 10, 2005
The invention relates to a device for controlled conveying of products (2), such as drinks cans or bottles from an intake (3) at a first height level to an outlet (5) at a second height level. The device comprises a substantially vertical conveyor duct (4), which is arranged to contain a
6505757 Transport system for chilled products January 14, 2003
The invention relates to a transport system for refrigerated products such as mineral water cans or bottles, comprising a supply device and a discharge device, wherein the supply device is located, e.g., in a store and the discharge device is located, e.g., in sales premises, where the

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