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Zenith Radio Corporation Patents
Zenith Radio Corporation
Glenview, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D275953 Television receiver cabinet October 16, 1984
D275952 Television receiver cabinet October 16, 1984
D270157 Telephone handset August 16, 1983
D268758 Combined telephone and clock radio April 26, 1983
D266668 Projection television receiver October 26, 1982
D266423 Projection television receiver October 5, 1982
D250763 Digital clock radio January 9, 1979
D248025 Television receiver May 30, 1978
D246713 Television receiver December 20, 1977
D245842 Television receiver September 20, 1977
D245841 Television receiver September 20, 1977
D244961 Combined phonograph and stereo receiver July 5, 1977
D244232 Television receiver May 3, 1977
D244231 Television receiver May 3, 1977
D244052 Television receiver April 12, 1977
4600921 Full-field teletext system with dynamic addressability July 15, 1986
The present invention permits a teletext system operator to adjust subscriber access to service levels individually by adjusting a code at the head end station. A head-end station transmits a tier description page and a tier authorization page. The tier description page divides the data
4574277 Selective page disable for a video display March 4, 1986
A video display system utilizes three banks of memory for producing an 8-color or an 8-level gray scale display. A separate memory plane, or random access memory (RAM) array, for each of the "primary" video colors, i.e., red, green and blue, is used in a bit-mapped video graphics imp
4554581 STV Decoder with improved data signal recognition capability November 19, 1985
An addressable subscription television decoder includes an input stage including an IF amplifier for converting a scrambled RF television signal to a composite baseband video signal. The baseband video signal comprises either a nominal sync component or a sync component having suppressed
4518997 Demodulator having two phase shift networks for wide band television audio May 21, 1985
A television receiver includes an integrated circuit audio system suitable for stereo sound, and a source of angle-modulation audio waves supplied from a limiter/integrator to a differential amplifier detector. A series parallel arrangement of elements in a first phase shift network has
4489347 Sine-wave decoding technique December 18, 1984
A decoder includes an oscillator supplying a decoding signal to the control input of an RF modulator for decoding a sine wave encoded television signal. The decoding signal developed by the oscillator is randomly phase locked in either of two states with the output of a horizontal sync
4461041 Integrated RF receiver/waveguide July 17, 1984
The front end of a microwave receiver includes a waveguide with one wall comprised partially of the conductive ground plane of a printed circuit board. On the opposite side of the circuit board is mounted receiver front end circuitry including packaged, discrete devices and integrated
4461040 Integrated single balanced mixer/oscillator with slot and hybrid coupler July 17, 1984
In an RF receiver, the unsymmetric RF input to a single balanced mixer is provided from the preceding portion of the receiver by means of a hybrid coupler to provide DC decoupling and impedance transformation at the RF and image frequencies. The hybrid coupler includes first and second
4461032 CATV Service controller July 17, 1984
A remotely located and controlled programming controller for a cable-compatible television receiver is disclosed. Cable head end-generated control signals are provided by wire to the cable TV controller for selectively enabling the reception of subscribed-to CATV channels by the tele
4460995 Narrow focus compensating transducer for surface acoustic wave filter July 17, 1984
A compensation scheme is disclosed which avoids the requirement of high alignment accuracy, and thus reduces the production cost of a surface acoustic wave filter, by employing a compensating transducer system which is arranged with its fingers parallel to those of the receiving tran
4459476 Co-ordinate detection system July 10, 1984
The invention is directed to an X-Y co-ordinate detection system of the type which generates intersecting paths of radiation across a surface which may be, for example, a touch panel of the cathode ray tube type. Less expensive and more reliable operation is provided by developing the
4458268 Sync displacement scrambling July 3, 1984
A subscription television system comprises means for broadcasting a scrambled television signal wherein the NTSC horizontal and vertical synchronization signals are displaced in time from their nominal positions. Each authorized system subscriber is provided with a decoder adapted fo
4457733 Method for providing coextensive raster patterns in television CRT in-line electron guns July 3, 1984
A television cathode ray picture tube has an in-line electron gun for generating three coplanar electron beams. The raster pattern projected by the center beam is diminished in vertical height so as to be non-coextensive with the superimposed raster patterns projected by the off-axis
4456925 Television/telephone system with automatic dialing June 26, 1984
A television receiver incorporating telephone interface circuitry permitting the viewer to remotely place outgoing calls by recalling a selected number from memory is disclosed. An infrared link is used for remotely answering incoming calls, initiating outgoing calls and programming
4454572 Flyback transformer with improved regulation June 12, 1984
A flyback transformer is described for use in television receivers, video monitors, and the like in which a video display device is scanned in accordance with a horizontal retrace frequency. The transformer includes a primary winding for receiving horizontal scan rate pulses and a plural
4453153 Bleeder resistor for antenna isolator June 5, 1984
A bleeder resistor is described for draining charge from capacitances formed in a three element isolator. The isolator includes a dielectric element having conductive coatings thereon to form a capacitance. A bleeder resistor is formed on the dielectric element by screening a thick f
4450386 Electronic television picture framing circuit May 22, 1984
An electronic image framing circuit is described for eliminating the visible effects of pincushion distortion at the edges of a television image. Toward this end, portions of video lines which extend beyond a selected straight line image boundary are blanked by a pulse processor. The
4449145 Intelligent teletext decoder May 15, 1984
An equalizer and decoder system compensating for multipath distortion in digital format signals sent by teletext, for example. The system loads demodulated data signals and a received reference signal into a charge coupled device clocked in real time by a clock circuit. Later, the re
4446482 System for generating 2H pulses in a television receiver May 1, 1984
A system for generating 2H pulses by counting cycles of reference signals whose frequency is related to the frequency of a color subcarrier signal. In one embodiment, four such reference signals are provided, each phase separated from the other by ninety degrees. A counter receives one o
4446443 Amplifier having reduced power dissipation and improved slew rate May 1, 1984
An integratable amplifier is disclosed for developing a high level output signal with reduced power dissipation. The amplifier includes a first circuit (108, 110) which responds to an input signal for developing first and second signal currents whose amplitudes increase and decrease,
4439735 Method and apparatus for testing line screen CRT registration March 27, 1984
A method and apparatus are described for testing a line screen CRT for misregistration between its electron beam and the beam's phosphor stripe targets. The test method includes sensing light output at a plurality of test areas on the CRT screen as the electron beam is stepped across its
4438365 Spark gap for line transient protection March 20, 1984
An improved spark gap device and configuration for coupling the device in circuit with equipment such as television receivers are disclosed. The spark gap device includes three conductive pads, the first and second of which are separated by a first gap. The third pad is separated from th
4436240 Method for plating dielectric elements in an isolator and for assembling the isolator March 13, 1984
A method is described for plating the inner and outer circumferences of a cylindrical dielectric element used in an isolator, and for then assembling the dielectric element with other components to complete the isolator. The dielectric element is first sensitized and activated so that
4435841 Communications receiver having a switchable filter input stage March 6, 1984
A multichannel communications receiver, e.g. a CATV converter, includes a switched filter for reducing third order intermodulation distortion by limiting the number of channels processed by the receiver. In a preferred embodiment, the filter is switchable between a highpass and a lowpass
4432011 Method for optical alignment of a projection television system February 14, 1984
A method is disclosed for the optical alignment of a projection television system having a bank of three light projection means for projecting into coincidence red, green and blue images to form a composite color image in space. The light projection means which are located off the projec
4430012 Paper guide for line printer February 7, 1984
A curvilinear, semi-rigid paper guide for a bi-directional line printer mounted on a platen which provides a surface that bears against the moving print head as the print medium passes between the print head and the paper guide is disclosed. By adjusting the curvature of the paper guide,
4427962 Low profile transformer bobbin January 24, 1984
A transformer bobbin is described for holding one or more tapped windings so as to present a low profile. The bobbin includes a coil form which supports the windings and which carries at its ends an upper flange and a lower flange between which the windings are disposed. A plurality of
4427847 Television/telephone system with annunciator and intercom feature January 24, 1984
A television receiver comprises a television system energized by the powerlines of a commercial power grid, a telephone network access system including a microphone disposed in close proximity with the audio speaker of the television system and a remote control system enabling the receiv
4426662 IR Remote control detector/decoder January 17, 1984
A pulse code modulated (PCM) infrared (IR) remote control detector/decoder with improved noise immunity particularly adapted for use with a television receiver is disclosed. The IR pulses are modulated by means of a high frequency clock signal in translating the transmitted signal to a
4425647 IR Remote control system January 10, 1984
A remote control system for a television receiver includes a transmitter and a receiver, the transmitter being adapted for transmitting a single word multibit code identifying a selected function of the television receiver. Each bit of the transmitted multibit code comprises a first
4424594 Extended range tunable resonant circuit for a VHF television receiver tuning system January 3, 1984
An extended range tunable resonant circuit for use in a VHF television receiver tuning system comprises a bandswitchable inductive network connected to a low series resistance gallium arsenide varactor diode. The resonant circuit, when operated in response to appropriate bandswitching
4422057 Surface wave filter with reduced substrate size December 20, 1983
An acoustic surface wave multiplexing filter is described having two signal processing paths, one for each of two possible input signals. Each processing path includes an input transducer, a multistrip coupler, and an output transducer. To save substrate area, the multistrip couplers are
4422020 Vertical image correction for projection TV December 20, 1983
A system for correcting for vertical off-axis optical projection distortions in a projection television is disclosed. In a projection television wherein the image projection axis is obliquely disposed in the vertical direction relative to the projection screen axis, a system for corr
4419662 Character generator with latched outputs December 6, 1983
A character generator driven by a microcomputer and providing latched outputs is disclosed. Flexibility in character size and character array positioning on the video display is provided for in this 60-character display generator integrated circuit. A plurality of latched outputs per
4418279 Automatic CRT exposure regulation November 29, 1983
A method and apparatus are disclosed for altering the exposure time of a master timer in a CRT light house to accommodate masks having different aperture sizes. For each expected aperture size, an exposure time modifier is pre-stored, the aperture size of a mask is sensed, and the modifi
4415932 CRT Mounting and implosion-protection means and method November 15, 1983
Improved mounting and implosion-protection means and method are disclosed for use in a cathode ray tube having a substantially rectangular glass face panel with a rearwardly extending skirt. A first tension band has a predetermined relatively wide width for compressively inwardly loading
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