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Zenith Electronics Corporation Patents
Zenith Electronics Corporation
Glenview, IL
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RE36992 VSB HDTV transmission system with reduced NTSC co-channel interference December 19, 2000
A television signal transmission signal comprises a suppressed carrier, VSB signal having respective Nyquist slopes at the lower and upper edges of a 6 MHz television channel, the center frequency of the Nyquist slope at the lower edge of the channel being substantially coincident with t
RE33698 Color cathode ray tube having a faceplate-mounted support structure with a welded-on high-tensio September 24, 1991
An improved front assembly for a color cathode ray tube having a tension foil shadow mask is disclosed. The faceplate of the tube has on its inner surface a centrally disposed phosphor target surrounded by a peripheral sealing area adapted to mate with a funnel. A separate metal faceplat
RE33253 Component mounting means for a tension mask color cathode ray tube July 3, 1990
A front assembly for a color cathode ray tube is disclosed that as having improved means for mounting components for electrical interconnection and magnetic shielding. The assembly comprises a faceplate having on its inner surface a centrally disposed, electrically conductive phosphor sc
RE33225 Method for mating television CRT cathode components May 29, 1990
A method is disclosed for mating the tubular cap and tubular shank of the cathode assembly used in TV CRT electron guns. The shank has an end larger in diameter than the cap, and a narrow end adapted to fit into the cap. The method comprises causing the cap to fall open-end-down into a f
RE33151 Touch control system for controllable apparatus January 23, 1990
A system for recognizing touch positions along an axis on a surface associated with a touch control apparatus comprises a substrate having a surface capable of propagating surface acoustic waves and so characterized that a touch on that surface causes a perturbation of a surface wave
D421017 Television antenna February 22, 2000
D416264 Set-top-box November 9, 1999
D408037 Set-top-box April 13, 1999
D407090 Trackball remote control March 23, 1999
D398916 Portion of a display panel with a surfing icon image September 29, 1998
D393637 Television set top decoder box April 21, 1998
D384056 Projection television September 23, 1997
D381661 Track ball remote control unit July 29, 1997
D368710 Projection television April 9, 1996
D359043 Top loading video cassette recorder (VCR) June 6, 1995
D356794 Remote control unit March 28, 1995
D356312 Remote control unit March 14, 1995
D344510 Video cassette recorder (VCR) February 22, 1994
D344075 Video monitor February 8, 1994
D341838 Remote control unit November 30, 1993
D339574 Flat front CRT display September 21, 1993
D339137 Remote control unit for a television September 7, 1993
D335665 Television set May 18, 1993
D322434 Video cassette recorder December 17, 1991
D317152 Video monitor May 28, 1991
D306016 Video display February 13, 1990
D299924 High-resolution video monitor February 21, 1989
D291312 Portable computer August 11, 1987
D289398 Video monitor April 21, 1987
D277754 Television converter-decoder February 26, 1985
D277669 Wall projection CTV unit February 19, 1985
7349470 Decision feedback equalizers with constrained feedback taps for reduced error propagation March 25, 2008
Constrained feedback tap weights of a decision feedback equalizer are determined by iteratively solving a non-linear equation for a constraint multiplier. The non-linear equation is based on a 2-norm of feedback tap weights constrained by an explicit constraint constant.
7327810 Efficient conjugate gradient based channel estimator February 5, 2008
In forming a channel estimate, a received signal y is decoded to form data s, a convolution matrix S is formed from the data s, a matrix F is formed from the data s such that the matrix F results from the forming of the matrix S as a convolution matrix, and a conjugate gradient algorithm
7327790 MPEG on screen display coder for DTV interfaces February 5, 2008
An MPEG on-screen display coder includes a buffer, an MPEG encoder, and a multiplexer. The buffer receives and buffers an MPEG transport data stream containing frames of a selected program and frames of a non-selected program. The MPEG encoder encodes frames of the selected program w
7324591 Adaptive equalizer January 29, 2008
A channel impulse response is determined from a cross-correlation of a received training sequence and a stored version of the transmitted training sequence. The channel impulse response is iteratively cleansed of noise caused by the finiteness of the cross-correlation. Initial values
7313208 Pre-equalization for low-cost DTV translators December 25, 2007
A low cost DTV translator, which translates an incoming signal on channel A to an outgoing signal on channel B, includes a transmitter pre-equalizer whose taps are configured with tap values that pre-distort a signal so as to negate distortion caused by a high power amplifier and emi
7313182 Decision feedback equalizers with constrained feedback taps for reduced error propagation December 25, 2007
Constrained tap weights of a decision feedback equalizer are determined according to the channel impulse response of a channel and a constraint function. The constraint function is differentiable and is an approximation of a non-differentiable tap weight constraint function. The tap
7310505 Attenuation control for tuners December 18, 2007
A tuner includes an RF input with a signal level controller such as an attenuator that is provided to attenuate a signal from the RF input. A tunable RF filter provides RF band limiting and determines simultaneously the AGC bandwidth. An amplifier with resistive feedback provides first
7310354 Synchronous data link signal generator December 18, 2007
A synchronous data link signal is generated for supply between digital television equipment in a studio and an RF transmitter. The synchronous data link signal includes first data to be encoded at a first data rate, second data to be encoded at a second data rate less than the first data
7305026 Multipath ghost eliminating equalizer with optimum noise enhancement December 4, 2007
An equalizer for processing blocks of data includes n-1 data shifters, n finite filters, an adder, and a controller. Each of the n-1 data shifters shifts the blocks of data. One of the n finite filters applies a corresponding set of finite filter coefficients to the blocks of data, a
7289580 Channel estimator using one or more correlation reference vectors to eliminate data related nois October 30, 2007
An impulse response of a channel is estimated by correlating a received signal with a stored vector. The received signal contains a training sequence having a length, the stored vector has a length,, and n is greater than two. The signal is recei
7277505 Mapping arrangement for digital communication system October 2, 2007
A receiver receives a digital signal. The digital signal contains a frame of robust VSB data and ATSC data, and the digital signal further contains a map. The map contains information indicating a location of the robust VSB data and ATSC data in the frame. A decoder of the receiver decod
7239679 Adaptive thresholding algorithm for the noise due to unknown symbols in correlation based channe July 3, 2007
An impulse response is estimated for a channel by estimating an intermediate impulse response of the channel. The intermediate impulse response comprises at least one multipath spike and one or more non-deterministic noise components at locations throughout the channel. Then, a thres
7215714 Robust digital communication system May 8, 2007
Normally ordered robust VSB data are reordered in accordance with a first interleave to produce reordered robust VSB data. The reordered robust VSB data and ATSC data are reordered in accordance with a second interleave to produce normally ordered robust VSB data and reordered ATSC data.
7203257 Best linear unbiased channel estimation for frequency selective multipath channels with long del April 10, 2007
A channel impulse response for a channel is determined by determining an initial channel impulse response estimate based upon a stored training sequence and a received signal, by thresholding the initial channel impulse response estimate, by estimating a noise variance for the channel
7190720 Tap weight initializer for an adaptive equalizer March 13, 2007
Initial values of the tap weights for the taps of a linear equalizer are determined based on a channel impulse response of a channel so that the values corresponding to the weights of the equalizer taps achieve optimum initialization of the equalizer. These values are determined through
7187698 Robust digital communication system March 6, 2007
Normally ordered robust VSB data are reordered in accordance with a first interleave to produce reordered robust VSB data. The reordered robust VSB data and ATSC data are reordered in accordance with a second interleave to produce normally ordered robust VSB data and reordered ATSC data.
7177354 Method and apparatus for the control of a decision feedback equalizer February 13, 2007
The tap weights of an equalizer are initialized in response to a received relatively short training sequence, and new tap weights for the equalizer are thereafter successively calculated in response to relatively long sequences of received symbols and corresponding sequences of decoded
7177343 Compound chirp and synchronizer for using same February 13, 2007
A compound chirp is provided in a received signal to permit a receiver to synchronize to the received signal. The compound chirp has temporally overlapping up frequency and down frequency components.
7110447 Channel estimator for an adaptive equalizer September 19, 2006
An impulse response of a channel is estimated by cross-correlating a known training signal with a received training signal to produce a cross-correlation vector. The cross-correlation vector is characterized by a known noise component resulting from the finiteness of the correlation.
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