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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4989851 Method and apparatus for stacking fabric strips with slide fastener stringers February 5, 1991
A method of stacking a multiplicity of fabric strips attached with a slide fastener chain one upon another is disclosed, which comprises folding each of the strips in halves along the longitudinal axis of the fastener chain, clamping the fabric strip from both sides closely at its folded
4989300 Coupling element for slide fastener February 5, 1991
A coupling element for slide fastener is formed from a monofilamentary material such as polyester, nylon and like thermoplastic resins into a continuous meandering or zig-zag structure having a substantially semi-circular transverse cross-section, the coupling element having a coupli
4987661 Snap Buckle January 29, 1991
A buckle comprising a male member and a female member releasably engageable therewith, the female member including a pair of resilient arms serving as a release lever and a pair of inwardly directed flanges. The resilient arms each have a stop finger normally spaced apart from but abutti
4987658 Slide fastener January 29, 1991
A slide fastener comprising a pair of stringer tapes carrying rows of discrete coupling elements along their respective longitudinal inner edges and a slider reciprocably movable along the rows of elements to open and close the fastener. A decorative coat is deposited with heat and press
4986094 Apparatus for dyeing or otherwise treating an elongate fabric material January 22, 1991
A dyeing apparatus for dyeing or otherwise treating an elongate fabric material includes a cylindrical vessel and a beam mounted concentrically therein and removable therefrom the beam having a plurality of chambers isolated one from another and a dye frame unit rotatably mounted on a
4985977 Method of and apparatus for applying top end stops on to a slide fastener chain January 22, 1991
A method of applying top end stops on to a slide fastener chain comprises holding a top end stop or stops in between an anvil and a horn, moving the anvil and the horn together into alignment with a path of travel of the fastener chain, threading the fastener chain through the top end st
4985969 Slider for slide fasteners January 22, 1991
A slider pull tab for a slide fastener comprises a pull tab body formed from an elastic, flexible material and a first connector and a second connector, both connectors being formed as an integral unit from a metal or mechanically strong plastics material by simultaneous cast molding and
4984338 Ornamental pull tab for slide fastener sliders January 15, 1991
An ornamental pull tab for slide fastener sliders is made from synthetic resin and has on its upper surface a desired pattern. The ornamental pull tab comprises a grip portion including a base plate having in the upper surface a recess in the form of the pattern and a pattern portion for
4982888 Apparatus for attaching fastener elements to a garment January 8, 1991
An apparatus for attaching fastener elements one at a time to a garment includes a die plate disposed below a punch and having a plurality of dies spaced apart in a first direction. The die plate is slidably movable in the one direction to place the dies successively into alignment with
4982779 Shut-off device for use in a guide conduit of a horizontal continuous casting apparatus January 8, 1991
The shut-off device includes (1) a stopper capable of blocking a stream of melt flowing in the guide conduit which introduces the melt from a furnace into a tundish therethrough, if the occasion arises, and (2) a receiving plate disposed below a cooling mold so as to receive a leakage me
4982480 Pair of snappingly engageable members January 8, 1991
A pair of snappingly engageable members of identical shape each comprising a base having a pair of male snap legs disposed on one surface thereof in spaced confronting relation to each other, the male snap legs having bulging portions, respectively, projecting laterally away from each ot
4982479 Automatic locking slider for slide fasteners January 8, 1991
An automatic locking slider for slide fasteners comprises a slider body including a pair of upper and lower wings joined together, the upper wing having a pair of opposed lugs provided protuberantly on its upper surface; a locking member fitted between the lugs and pivotted at its middle
4981001 Joint structure for multiple window January 1, 1991
A joint structure for joining two adjacent window frames includes a mullion body disposed between two opposed vertical frame members on the interior side of the window fames and connected to the vertical frame members by a pair of screws extending loosely through a pair of horizontal obl
4980954 Slider for slide fasteners January 1, 1991
A slider for slide fasteners comprises a slider body, a pull tab for manipulating a slider and a cap-like yoke mounted on the slider body to pivotally join the pull tab to the slider body. The cap-like yoke inlcudes a pair of opposite side walls each having a pair of opposite front and
4979450 Method and apparatus for sewing fly pieces to a slide fastener chain December 25, 1990
In a sewing of successive substantially rectangular fly pieces to a continuous slide fastener chain on a sewing machine, a corner of the leading end of the individual fly piece is automatically folded as the fly piece is advanced toward a sewing station defined by the sewing machine,
4979344 Fabricated stone panel unit and mounting structure thereof December 25, 1990
A stone panel unit including: a frame member formed by connecting, in a rectangular shape, an upper transverse frame member, a lower transverse frame member having an outwardly and horizontally projecting stone panel resting piece formed integrally at the lower end thereof, and one set o
4977717 Apparatus for mounting panel member December 18, 1990
In a curtain wall comprising a plurality of panel members (4) and panel columns (1), the panel members (4) are connected with the panel columns (1) through the supporting members (16) which are detachably mounted on the panel columns (1) to make it possible to position the panel members
4977650 Buckle assembly December 18, 1990
A buckle comprises a plug including a protuberant arm having first engaging means; and a socket adapted to be releasably coupled with the plug. The lower wall of the socket has a cantilevered engaging flap provided on its inner surface thereof and having second engaging means for snappin
4976121 Dial lock assembly December 11, 1990
A dial lock assembly is disclosed for use on a pair of slide fasteners or the like, the lock assembly comprising a master lock unit and a slave lock unit releasably engageable therewith, a dial rotatably mounted in the master lock unit and carrying indicia on its upper surface, and a loc
4976120 Slider lock assembly December 11, 1990
A slider lock assembly is disclosed, comprising a pair of male slider and female slider releasably coupled together by a lock tumbler pivotally mounted in a casing, the male slider having an integral extension with a lock cavity engageable with the lock tumbler. The lock tumbler is both
4976016 Separable slide fastener December 11, 1990
A separable slide fastener comprises a pair of opposed stringers each carrying along one of their longitudinal edges a row of coupling elements in a meandering or zig-zag form, a slider movable reciprocably along the stringer to couple and uncouple the rows of elements thereon, and a
4976015 Slider pull tab for slide fastener December 11, 1990
A slider pull tab for slide fastener is disclosed, which comprises a connector means, a decorative portion integral therewith and exposed to view at least one surface of the connector means and a grip web formed from soft-type rubber or plastics material. The connector means has a th
4976014 Automatic lock slider for slide fastener December 11, 1990
An automatic lock slider for slide fastener comprises a slider body, a support lug integral with and disposed over the top surface of the slider body and a pull tab with which to move the slider. The slider includes a locking member in the form of a polygonal leaf spring having at one en
4974315 Slider holding apparatus December 4, 1990
A slider holding apparatus includes a slider holder for holding thereon a slider, and orientating means for angularly moving the slider holder on its vertical axis to adjust the orientation of the slider held on the slider holder.
4974305 Method of attaching fastener elements to fastener tape December 4, 1990
A fastener tape is intermittently transferred under tension longitudinally thereof. A discrete fastener element is fed to astraddle one longitudinal beaded edge of the fastener tape. Then, the coupling head of the fastener element is pressed at its both sides substantially perpendicularl
4974297 Slider pull tab for slide fastener December 4, 1990
A slider pull tab for slide fastener is disclosed, which comprises a clamper portion formed from a metallic material and a finger-grip portion connected thereto, the finger-grip portion being formed from a transparent or semi-transparent synthetic resin into a tongue-like web and includi
4973369 Alloy catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen November 27, 1990
The specification discloses an alloy catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen which is prepared by heat treating a material comprising an amorphous alloy represented by the formula: Zr.sub.x Co.sub.(100-x) (wherein 10 atomic %.ltoreq..times..ltoreq.80 atomic %), according to the following
4967452 Attaching device for garment fastener element November 6, 1990
An attaching device for attaching a fastener element to a garment fabric includes a stud body having an enlarged head and including a clinching member and a relatively thick reinforcing member joined with the clinching member and forming at least a part of the head, the clinching member
4962875 Parts applying apparatus October 16, 1990
A parts applying apparatus for applying buttons, rivets and other fastening parts to a garment fabric is disclosed which essentially comprises a reciprocating ram, a punch including an annular flange, a punch holder carrying the punch and a parts gripper for releasably holding parts to b
4962580 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing slide fastener stringers October 16, 1990
A method and apparatus for the manufacture of slide fastener carrying a discrete formation of differently colored elements in selected orders. Method and apparatus are disclosed for feeding a plurality of colored elements selectively one at a time in a vertical direction and transfer
4959598 Method and apparatus for controlling torque of a door opening and closing motor for an automatic September 25, 1990
A method for controlling a torque of a door opening and closing motor for an automatic door is improved in that the door opening and closing motor is such motor that a rotary torque therein is generated on the basis of control pulses applied to that motor from a control unit, the rotary
4951485 Dial lock device for slide fasteners August 28, 1990
A lock device for use on slide fasteners to open and close the same is disclosed which is essentially constructed with a slider body comprising upper and lower wings, a lock prong disposed movably on the upper wing and between a position to engage with the coupling elements of the slide
4950452 High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys August 21, 1990
The present invention provides high strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys having a composition represented by the general formula Al.sub.a M.sub.b Ce.sub.c, wherein M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and Nb; and a, b a
4949434 Slide fastener slider August 21, 1990
A slide fastener slider includes a safe pull tab molded of elastic synthetic rubber into a one-piece structure. The elastic pull tab is easily bendable when subjected to a severe pressure or force and hence never injures the user's body even when the user accidentally strikes a part
4946512 Solar energy collector device August 7, 1990
A solar energy collector device is disclosed for selectively collecting an electrical energy and a thermal energy at the same time from a solar energy. The device comprises an inorganic-and-metal composite in the form of a roof tile or a wall-forming member which includes a solar battery
4945614 Buckle assembly August 7, 1990
A buckle includes a base consisting of a base plate having an open hole formed therein on the longitudinal one end side thereof and opposite guide grooves formed therein on both sides thereof, a socket consisting of a plate-shaped body having a projection with an aperture formed integral
4944166 Dyeing apparatus July 31, 1990
A dyeing apparatus is disclosed for dyeing different forms of textile material with different colors, the apparatus comprising a non-perforated cylindrical beam having a plurality of partitions defining therebetween dye chambers each containing a different color dye liquor and a pluralit
4942648 Separable type water-resistant slide fasteners July 24, 1990
A separable type water-resistant slide fastener includes a separable bottom-end-stop assembly including an insert pin number extending to a predetermined position above the lower end of a stringer tape and a socket member having a slit in the side facing a fastener stringer; and a re
4941234 Button collet July 17, 1990
A button collet is disclosed for use with a mating tack to form a button on a garment fabric. The collet includes a cap having a dove-tail cavity, an insert member adhesively bonded in place therein, and a shank member or eyelet fixedly secured to the insert member. The insert member has
4937922 Coupling element for a slide fastener July 3, 1990
A coupling element for a slide fastener is disclosed which is formed of metallic alloys into a desired element shape in a discrete formation. The metallic coupling element is provided on its exposed surfaces with a protective film by ionization plating, and alternatively initially with a
4935677 Lock system for an automatic door June 19, 1990
An automatic-door lock system in which an endless belt running round a driving pulley driven by an electric motor and a driven pulley spaced apart from the driving pulley, comprises: means for issuing a pulse signal proportionate to a speed of a door member; an automatic door controller
4934115 Hinged wall construction June 19, 1990
A unit building wall construction includes at least two wall units and a joint structure for the two wall unit comprising a set of pairs of sealingly and slidably interengaging interior and exterior flanges of two adjacent frame members of the unit walls, and a hinge disposed between the
4932230 Key holder June 12, 1990
A key holder includes a holding strap composed of a row of coupling elements attached to a flexible core cord, each of the coupling element having a coupling head which is symmetric in shape about a longitudinal axis of said coupling element, an end stop mounted across opposite ends of
4932092 Process and apparatus for continuous dyeing of elongate textile material June 12, 1990
A process and apparatus is disclosed for dyeing an elongate textile material with different colors at predetermined intervals in a substantially continuous, uninterrupted cycle of operation. The apparatus comprises a plurality of dye baths exchangeable one with another, a nip and gui
4930323 Double lockable sliders June 5, 1990
Double lockable sliders comprise a pair of first and second sliders reciprocatively mounted on the slide fastener and disposed reversely to each other. When the second pull tab is turned flat against the first pull tab, the engaging projection provided at the distal end and on one surfac
4928365 Buckle May 29, 1990
A buckle includes a male member having a tongue-shaped presser having on its lower side a pair of engaging legs and a female member including in its upper side an aperture for insertion of the engaging legs, and a pair of transversely spaced resilient arms adapted for angular movement ar
4928358 Pull tab for slide fastener sliders May 29, 1990
A pull tab for slide fastener sliders includes a soft elastic grip mound provided on the grip portion of a pull tab body and projecting from one of front and rear surfaces of the pull tab body. The grip mound has a roughened outer surface to increase the resistance to slip and is ela
4927090 Method and apparatus for discharging spools May 22, 1990
An automatic unloading or discharging of a spool from the winding portion of a reeling machine to a carrier car is disclosed, wherein the spool held on the winding portion is first removed from the winding head as horizontal belt conveyors are vertically moved to an elevated position,
4924560 Stretchable slide fastener May 15, 1990
A stretchable slide fastener includes a pair of stretchable stringer tapes each having a longitudinal edge, and a row of coupling elements mounted on the longitudinal edge at a pitch. The pitch of the row of coupling elements is variable as the longitudinal edge is stretched. Each of the
4922585 Light-reflective slide fastener May 8, 1990
A light-reflective or luminous slide fastener is disclosed which is provided with a light-reflective strip including a multiplicity of glass beads and bonded to a row of coupling elements on each of a pair of fastener tapes. The strip extends longitudinally at least partially over th

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