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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5237728 Buckle assembly August 24, 1993
A buckle assembly formed from a molded plastic material comprises a plug member and a socket member releasably engageable therewith, the plug member having a pair of spaced engaging tongues adapted to engage with corresponding flexural flanges of the socket member to urge the flanges to
5235790 Arrangement for attaching window board to transom August 17, 1993
An arrangement for attaching a window board to a transom which comprises a transom having at least one groove formed in the inner end face thereof so as to open towards the indoor side; a horizontally extending cover attachment to which the window board is attached, the cover attachment
5228496 Cast starting method in horizontal continuous casting July 20, 1993
A cast starting method in horizontal continuous casting, including the steps of locating an orifice plate having an orifice between a molten metal outlet of a tundish and a mold, the orifice plate being formed on its front side with a recess expanded in a range surrounding an outlet of
5226227 Method of producing narrow tape July 13, 1993
A method of producing a colored narrow tape woven or knitted of a weft and a group of warp yarns, comprising: continuously moving the group of warp yarns along a longitudinal path through a dyeing station; coloring the group of warp yarns with a first dye at the dyeing station to a p
5224245 Cord retainer July 6, 1993
A retainer assembly for retaining cords, strings or the like in position comprises a cylindrical tube having holes, a resilient locking means mounted in the tube and a pair of end taps and having a through bore. The locking means has arcuately inwardly bent upper and lower wing members
5221376 High strength magnesium-based alloys June 22, 1993
Disclosed are high strength magnesium-based alloys consisting essentially of a composition represented by the general formula (I) Mg.sub.a M.sub.b X.sub.d, (II) Mg.sub.a Ln.sub.c X.sub.d or (III) Mg.sub.a M.sub.b Ln.sub.c X.sub.d, wherein M is at least one element selected from the group
5221375 Corrosion resistant aluminum-based alloy June 22, 1993
Disclosed is a corrosion resistant aluminum-based alloy which is composed of a compound having a composition consisting of the general formula: Al.sub.a M.sub.b Mo.sub.c X.sub.d Cr.sub.e wherein: M is one or more metal elements selected from the group consisting of Ni, Fe, Co, Ti, V, Mn,
5220108 Amorphous alloy catalysts for decomposition of flons June 15, 1993
Highly active amorphous alloy catalysts for use in decomposing of flons into hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and carbon dioxide by the reaction of flons with water, consist of at least one element selected from the group of Ni and Co, at least one element selected from the group
5217601 Method for impartation of blue color to aluminum or aluminum alloy June 8, 1993
Durable and clear blue color of freely controlled density can be expeditiously and efficiently impated to an anodic oxide film of aluminum by a method which comprises forming the anodic oxide film on the aluminum or aluminum alloy, then subjecting the aluminum or aluminum alloy to AC
5216796 Method and apparatus for shortening size of slide fastener June 8, 1993
A slide fastener shortening method for shortening a slide fastener with rows of fastener elements made of synthetic resin from a predetermined length of the slide fastener into a desired short length thereof. In an illustrative embodiment, the present invention includes the steps of:
5216202 Metal-shielded cable suitable for electronic devices June 1, 1993
A metal-shielded cable includes a core made of insulated wires each having a conductor coated with an insulation layer. The core is surrounded with a composite metal shield which includes a laminated metal-plastic layer and a shield layer. The shield layer includes a tape formed of woven
5213148 Production process of solidified amorphous alloy material May 25, 1993
A solidified amorphous alloy material is produced from a melt of its desired metal material. A melt feeding route is provided with a first-stage quenching zone. The melt is quenched to a predetermined temperature in the first-stage quenching zone. The thus-quenched melt is then intro
5212863 Method for forming element-free spaces in slide fastener chain May 25, 1993
A method for forming element-free space sections in a slide fastener chain is provided that coupling elements can be efficiently removed by a small force without damaging fastener tapes.The method for forming element-free space sections in the slide fastener chain comprises the steps of:
5212851 Snap-fit button May 25, 1993
A snap-fit button comprising: a button body having on its front surface an ornamental; a snap member; a caulking member with which the button body and snap member are adapted to be caulked; a locking ring having on and along its outer peripheral portion a ridge and attached to a flange o
5208970 Apparatus for feeding slide fastener chain with attached fabric strips May 11, 1993
An apparatus for feeding a continuous slide fastener chain having strips of fabric secured on outer edges of tapes at predetermined intervals comprise a pair of guide members defining therebetween a feed path for feeding a continuous chain with attached strips along, and a drive endless
5205344 Horizontal continuous casting device April 27, 1993
A horizontal continuous casting device including a mold horizontally mounted through an orifice plate on a front side of a tundish. A front portion of the orifice plate is exposed into the mold. A horizontally extending small gap is formed between an outer circumferential surface of
5205305 Color changing system for spray dyeing April 27, 1993
A color changing system for spray dyeing comprises a pair of washing tubs and a pair of spraying units. Each of the spray units includes a nozzle/nozzles, a feed pipe and a movable pipe. The spraying units are alternately operated to spray dye liquid onto a fabric strip, and are wash
5198042 Aluminum alloy powders for coating materials, and coating materials containing the alloy powders March 30, 1993
An aluminum alloy powder for coating materials and a coating material containing the aluminum alloy powder. The aluminum alloy powder comprises an amorphous aluminum alloy consisting essentially of from 83 to 91% of Al, from 0.5 to 5% of Ca and from 8 to 12% of Ni, all in atom %, and
5197686 Spool storage rack with removable supporting partitions March 30, 1993
A rack for storing a plurality of spools with elongated strips wound therearound comprises a box-like frame including a pair of parallel spaced plates; a plurality of partitions, each of which has on one of its surfaces a support axle for rotatably and releasably holding the spool; a
5197306 Steamer for processing dyed long strip of fabric March 30, 1993
In a steamer, a dyed long strip of fabric is spirally guided on guide rollers in a steamy atmosphere to develop and set dye colors, being brought out as a dyed product. Dyes adhering on the guide rollers are washed by washing units so that clean surfaces of the guide roller contact w
5195221 Slider with yoke for slide fastener and its joining method March 23, 1993
A novel and improved slider with a yoke for a slide fastener and a novel and improved method for attaching or joining the yoke to the slider body, which may be carried out in simple operation to be attractive in appearance and to provide firm combination between the yoke and the slider
5188719 Electrolytic processing system February 23, 1993
An electrolytic processing system performs a continuous electrolytic process to discrete conductors such as metal coupling elements of a slide fastener chain or conductive objects having a large electrical resistance. In the electrolytic processing system, an object is electrolytically
5187842 Slider pull tab for slide fastener February 23, 1993
A slider pull tab, for a slide fastener, comprising a main plate of metal having a cutout extending from one edge to the center, and an ornamental plate of synthetic resin to be received in the cutout of the main plate. The main plate has a hollow portion communicating with the cutout, a
5187841 Pull tab for slide fastener February 23, 1993
A slider pull tab is disclosed for use on a slide fastener applied to and covered by a garment strip. The pull tab has a gripping section including oppositely disposed longitudinal edge portions defining therebetween a web portion which is thinner than the edge portions. One of the edge
5185912 Method and guide device for slide fastener chain with cloth pieces attached February 16, 1993
A guide device for guiding a slide fastener chain with cloth pieces attached to opposed fastener tapes of the chain. The guide device is adapted to be located near and upstream of a discharge unit for discharging the slide fastener chain with the cloth pieces attached to the opposed
5181825 Method for lifting and guiding elements on building site January 26, 1993
In a method for mounting panel elements (B), wherein an upper (5) and a lower (6) lateral lever are mounted to an exterior wall (A) of a building so as to correspond to each of the panel elements (B); an upper (1) and a lower (6) hook are mounted on a back surface of each of the panel el
5181305 Process for the manufacture of slide fasteners January 26, 1993
A process for the manufacture of slide fasteners from an elongate stringer chain is disclosed in which the stringer chain is maintained in tensionless suspension at predetermined locations along the path of its movement through various stages of production. A plurality of processing
5181298 Pull tab for slide fastener sliders January 26, 1993
A pull tab comprises a metal link portion having a first end pivotally connected with a slider body and a second end adapted for connection with a pull tab body, a pull tab body made of natural products such as ivory, shell etc. having at one end a cross-sectional shape substantially
5177983 Personal ornaments January 12, 1993
A personal ornament (1) is formed by fitting separately molded ornamental members (3) to a personal ornament body (2). The personal ornament body (2) has a space (4 of 9) formed therein at a place where the ornamental members (3) are to be fitted, and space (4 or 9) having engaging porti
5177855 Method and apparatus for forming element-free spaces in slide fastener chain January 12, 1993
Discrete coupling elements of a slide fastener chain are removed by using an apparatus comprising a pair of pressure pads, a punch, cutters, a pair of guides, and a die. To form element-free spaces on the slide fastener chain, coupling elements are removed by clamping interengaged coupli
5175910 Lockable slider for a slide fastener January 5, 1993
A lockable slider for a slide fastener is disclosed which essentially comprises a slider body having a conneting neck or diamond and including an upper and a lower wing member defining therebetween a guide channel for the passage of slide fastener stringers and a locking member resilient
5174017 Pull tab loading apparatus of slide fastener slider assembling machine December 29, 1992
A pull tab loading apparatus comprising a straight inclined chute for receiving pull tabs lined up in a row, and a pull tab pushing unit for successively pushing pull tabs from a downstream end of the chute to a pull tab inlet port of a slide fastener slider assembling machine. A con
5173372 Supporting member for solid oxide fuel cell December 22, 1992
The present invention provides a composite material suitable for use as the supporting member for a fuel cell, the composite material comprising (100-A) % by mole of MgO and A % by mole of MgAl.sub.2 O.sub.4 (wherein A is 14 to 64) and having a coefficient of thermal expansion close to t
5170356 Method of apparatus for metering an elongate stringer chain December 8, 1992
A method of and an apparatus for metering an elongate stringer chain to be finished into slide fasteners of different lengths, the metering being based on an element pitch P derived from dividing a given metering length L by the number of coupling elements thereon. The stringer chain is
5169731 Solid oxide fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same December 8, 1992
In a solid oxide fuel cell, a multiplicity of single cells are arranged one on each of multiple hollow portions, each single cell including confronting inner and outer electrodes separated by a solid electrolyte. The individual single cells are interconnected in series by multiple in
5168785 Apparatus for severing slide fastener chain having fabric pieces attached thereto December 8, 1992
An apparatus for automatically severing a slide fastener chain having a succession of fabric pieces attached to each of the opposed longitudinal marginal edges with a gap portion interposed between each adjacent pair of fabric pieces comprises a feeding unit; a cutting unit disposed on a
5167052 Lockable slider for a slide fastener December 1, 1992
A lockable slider for a slide fastener comprises a slider body having a guide channel, a cover member having an elongate aperture, a locking member, and a switching means movable in the aperture between a first position in which to advance the locking member into the guide channel and
5167051 Continuous fastener element row for slide fasteners December 1, 1992
A continuous row of interlocking fastener elements made of a plastic monofilament is used on a slide fastener. The coupling head of each fastener element has in its front face at the middle a groove extending longitudinally of the fastener element row and also has, one on its each si
5164205 Apparatus for stamping monofilament for slider fastener coupling elements November 17, 1992
An apparatus for stamping a monofilament to form shaped portions for slide fastener coupling elements, including: a stationary shaft having a mandrel extending from its one end; a pair of stamping rollers comprising a cylindrical roller and an annular roller; and a monofilament supply ro
5161474 Method of serging trouser-fly piece with slide fastener stringer attached thereto November 10, 1992
An improved method of serging a trouser-fly piece on a serging machine having a trimming cutter is disclosed wherein a continuous trouser-fly blank assembly is fed intermittently into a first feed path extending toward the serging unit at a predetermined angle relative to a path of m
5160599 Process for coloring titanium and its alloys November 3, 1992
The present invention provides a process for coloring titanium, or its alloys which comprises the steps of anodizing titanium metal, or its alloy in an electrolytic solution until the voltage reaches a predetermined voltage at a constant current temporarily cutting off the current supply
5158450 Buckle assembly October 27, 1992
A buckle assembly is disclosed for use in fastening opposite ends of a strap, belt, suspender and the like, which buckle assembly comprises a plug member, a socket member engageable therewith and a tension control means adapted to reciprocate the plug member back and forth through the
5156430 Coupling device October 20, 1992
A coupling device comprises a shaft member having a coupling ring pivotably mounted thereon, a hook, a cylindrical casing and a compression spring. The coupling ring is pivotable into a horizontal position in which the hook, the casing and the spring are removable from the shaft member a
5152036 Lockable slide fastener slider October 6, 1992
A lockable slide fastener slider includes an upper wing and a lower wing defining therebetween a guide channel for the passage of fastener coupling elements, a pull tab pivotably mounted on the upper wing and a locking member having a locking prong movable into and away from the guide
5150525 Drawing device for use in drafting machine September 29, 1992
A drawing device for use in a drafting machine includes one length of long casing; a lead guide fixedly secured to the leading end of the casing; one length of pipe member inserted from the other end side of the casing into the same in such a manner as to be axially slidably moved freely
5147658 Apparatus for continuous manufacturing of injection molded articles September 15, 1992
A runner-strip and articles attached to the runner-strip are molded into a piece in an injection molding unit. The piece is pulled out of the injection molding unit by a pulling-out unit. A back end of the runner-strip is left in the injection molding unit and is continued to a subse
5142773 Slider holding apparatus September 1, 1992
An apparatus is intended for holding a slider during threading through the slider a continuous slide fastener chain having a succession of fabric pieces along each of the opposite longitudinal marginal edges. The apparatus includes a slider holder adapted to releasably hold a slider
5142772 Apparatus for manufacturing slide fasteners each having a selected number of sliders September 1, 1992
An apparatus for manufacturing slide fasteners of a predetermined length from a continuous slide fastener chain comprising a gripper unit for gripping a leading end of the continuous slide fastener chain and feeding the slide fastener chain longitudinally along a feed path, a cutter unit
5142747 Structure of coupling head portion for coiled slide fastener element September 1, 1992
A coiled slide fastener element made of a synthetic resin monofilament has a coupling head portion, which has an enlarged width by forming bulging portions so that firm coupling of a slide fastener can be realized.
5140725 Woven slide fastener stringer August 25, 1992
A woven slide fastener stringer has a web section and a woven filament section defining a longitudinal edge portion and including successive loops formed from a woven plastic filament and each having upper and lower legs and is provided with a plurality of tensioning warp threads and a

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