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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5324368 Forming process of amorphous alloy material June 28, 1994
Disclosed herein is a process for forming an amorphous alloy material capable of showing glass transition, which comprises holding the material between frames arranged in combination; and heating the material at a temperature between its glass transition temperature (Tg) and its crys
5323919 Button feeder for button applicator June 28, 1994
A button feeder for guiding and feeding a button element having an oriented pattern on its front face along a feed path and for insuring a desired orientation of the pattern. This button feeder provides a button pusher having a finger member projected from its frontal edge and urged
5323514 Cord stopper June 28, 1994
A cord stopper is used for releasably fastening a cord thereto. The cord stopper has a housing having a longitudinal cavity extending longitudinally therein and a pair of through apertures formed transversely through the peripheral wall at opposed positions. An insert member is fitte
5322155 Method and apparatus for supplying parts June 21, 1994
One or more kinds of plenty scattered parts are successively fed out of an automatic feed unit. The successive parts are then conveyed at a high speed by a conveyer belt. Then, the conveying belt is automatically shifted down to a low speed when a first parts detector detects that a
5321871 Slider for slide fastener June 21, 1994
A slider for a slide fastener, comprising: a slider body including an upper wing having a cutout; a board shaped cap resiliently received in the cutout and having a claw stopper hole; a claw stopper pivotally mounted in the cap and projecting through the upper wing and into the claw stop
5320688 High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys June 14, 1994
The present invention provides high strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys having a composition represented by the general formula:wherein:M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zr, Ti, Mo, W, Ca, Li, Mg and Si;X is at least o
5319836 Buckle assembly June 14, 1994
A buckle comprises a plug member and a socket member relasably engageable therewith, the plug member including a retainer means in the form of a disc-like collet and a stopper means adapted to hold the retainer means stationery after the latter is rotated into position in the body of the
5318642 High-strength rolled sheet of aluminum alloy and process for producing the same June 7, 1994
A high-strength rolled sheet of an aluminum alloy having a composition represented by the general formula Al.sub.bal Ni.sub.a X.sub.b, Al.sub.bal Ni.sub.a X.sub.b M.sub.c or Al.sub.bal Ni.sub.a X.sub.b M.sub.c Q.sub.d, wherein X represents at least one element selected from among La, Ce,
5318641 Particle-dispersion type amorphous aluminum-alloy having high strength June 7, 1994
Al.sub.100-a-b-c X.sub.a M.sub.b T.sub.c, in which X is Y (yttrium) and/or rare-earth element(s), M is Fe, Co, and/or Ni, and T is Mn, Mo, Cr, Zr and/or V, and, a=0.5-5 atomic %, b=5-15 atomic %, and c=0.2-3.0 atomic %, and, further, X and M fall on and within the hatched region range of
5315220 Memory method of door opening and shutting stroke value in automatic door May 24, 1994
The door can be safely and exactly opened and shut even when the door opening and shutting stroke value is not memorized in the non-volatile memory. The door opening and shutting stroke value measured in the setting time of the automatic door is memorized in the non-volatile memory 14.
5312495 Process for producing high strength alloy wire May 17, 1994
The present invention provides a process comprising the steps of forming a cast amorphous alloy from an alloy which exhibits glass transition behavior, heating the amorphous alloy to a temperature between Tg and Tx while subjecting the alloy to drawing to obtain a wire and cooling the
5309769 Method of metering the rate of flow of a dye solution May 10, 1994
A method of metering the rate of flow of a dye solution from a spray nozzle for dyeing an elongate fabric material comprises spraying a test liquid equivalent to the dye solution over a plate member impervious to liquid, accumulating the test liquid and measuring the rate of its flow per
5307542 Buckle for adjustably securing a belt or the like May 3, 1994
A buckle has a pair of side flange portions interconnected in spaced relation by a plurality of transverse bars. A first anchoring bar and a second anchoring bar are held in spaced partially superimposed relation to each other to define therebetween a substantially "Z"-like path for
5306680 Fine flaky boehmite particles and process for the preparation of the same April 26, 1994
Fine flaky boehmite particles which have an orthorhombic crystal form and a specified crystal face grown in the form of a flat plate, and a process for the preparation of fine flaky boehmite particles which comprises subjecting aluminum hydroxide or hydrated alumina having a particle siz
5306363 Thin aluminum-based alloy foil and wire and a process for producing same April 26, 1994
An aluminum-based alloy foil or thin aluminum-based alloy wire is produced from an amorphous material made by a quenching and solidifying process and having a composition represented by the general formula:wherein M is one or more elements selected from a group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, F
5305965 Apparatus for winding and storing a tape-like article in a container April 26, 1994
An apparatus for winding and storing a tape-like article in core-less form in a container is disclosed. The tape-like article is fed along a movable guide member, being inserted into a center of the container through an opening on a side wall of the container, and being caught by a grip
5304260 High strength magnesium-based alloys April 19, 1994
The present invention provides high strength magnesium-based alloys which are composed a fine crystalline structure, the alloys having a composition represented by the general formula (I) Mg.sub.a X.sub.b ; (II) Mg.sub.a X.sub.c M.sub.d, (III) Mg.sub.a X.sub.c Ln.sub.e ; or (IV) Mg.sub.a
5301372 Fastener for releasably fastening face guard to helmet April 12, 1994
A fastener for releasably fastening a face guard to a helmet is disclosed. The fastener comprises a plug having a plug proper and an attachment portion integrally joined to each other; and a bowl-shaped socket having an engaging hole and a notch formed in the center and the edge, res
5297321 Fastening device March 29, 1994
A fastening device for connecting a garment article such as a shoulder bag which comprises only two separate component parts; viz., a main body and a retainer member. The main body includes a socket member, a belt connector and a "J"-shaped hook member, the socket member having lock wind
5297320 Slider for a slide fastener and its manufacturing method March 29, 1994
A slider having a connection post which is not manufactured in a normal forming process such as a pressing process, can be certainly and firmly produced in a simple manufacturing process.A slider comprises a pair of wings which are individually formed. In one wing, a joining protrusion p
5297319 Slide fastener March 29, 1994
A slide fastener comprising: a pair of woven or knitted stringer tapes having a pair of core threads extending in and along their confronting inner longitudinal edges; a pair of rows of die-cast coupling elements mounted on and along the confronting inner longitudinal edges; and each of
5296059 Process for producing amorphous alloy material March 22, 1994
A process for producing an amorphous alloy material characterized by imparting ductility to an amorphous alloy having a supercooled liquid region by giving a prescribed amount of strain at a prescribed strain rate to the alloy in the glass transition temperature region of the alloy. The
5293673 Strap fastener March 15, 1994
A strap fastener for releasably connecting a strap, cord or belt on a garment article is disclosed, the fastener comprising a base member, a strap retainer member and a slider. The base member has an upper plate and a lower plate defining therebetween a guide channel through which the
5293672 Gas-and-water-tight flexible fastener March 15, 1994
A gas-and-water-tight flexible fastener comprises an plug being of a arrow-shaped cross-section and including a shaft and a head mounted on a front end of the shaft, the head having a pair of locking fins formed at the proximal ends so as to be directed rearward and outwardly; and a
5293671 Slider for closing coupling elements March 15, 1994
A slider for closing a coupling device, comprising: a slider body having a central guide for guiding male and female coupling elements of the coupling device, and a coupling guide channel; and a C-shape puller pivotally connected at its base to a front end of the slider body so as to
5293670 Tack button March 15, 1994
A tack button is disclosed which comprises a button body having a cylindrical hub, a tack member and an anchoring member interconnecting the button body and the tack member. The cylindrical hub is resiliently supported to make a tilting movement relative to the plane of a garment fab
5291641 Snap buckle March 8, 1994
In a snap buckle, the plug member 1 has a pair of resilient locking strips, each having on its outer surface an engaging portion, and a pair of guide strips outside the locking strips, each having an inner edge portion substantially in alignment with the respective engaging portion. The
5291632 Hanger device March 8, 1994
A hanger device for hanging a curtain to a curtain rod via a curtain runner reciprocally mounted on the curtain rod. The hanger device comprises a hanger body attached to the curtain and a hook portion pivotally mounted on the hanger body and adapted for hooking engagement with a curtain
5282548 Automatic color pellet selecting and supplying apparatus for injection molding machine February 1, 1994
An apparatus for automatically selecting one from color pellets of different colors and automatically supplying it to an injection molding machine, comprises: an auxiliary hopper connected to a pellet supply portion of the injection molding machine via an automatic change-over valve;
5280151 Method and apparatus for drying beltlike article, and induction heater having rotary drums January 18, 1994
In drying a beltlike article such as a slide fastener tape by high-frequency induction heating, the tape is wound on the outer circumferential surface of a rotary drum heated from inside while rotating. An induction heating coil is mounted on the outer circumferential surface of a st
5279906 Interconnection material for solid oxide fuel cell January 18, 1994
An interconnection material of a solid oxide fuel cell for electrically connecting adjacent unit cells, each of which comprises one electrode, electrolyte and the other electrode. The interconnection material is made of a mixture of an alloy mainly containing nickel and chromium with oxi
5279642 Process for producing high strength aluminum-based alloy powder January 18, 1994
Disclosed herein is a process for producing a high strength aluminum-based alloy powder comprising mixing Al or Al alloy powder with an Al--T--X alloy powder, wherein T is at least one selected from the group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, W, Ca, Li, Mg and Si; X is at least on
5274887 Swivel hook assembly January 4, 1994
A swivel hook assembly comprises a web-engaging member adapted for engaging a web and having a pivotal hole formed therein and a hook member including a hook body and a coupling member for pivotally joining the hook body with the web-engaging member. The coupling member comprises a pair
5272794 Flexible closure device December 28, 1993
A flexible closure device comprises a pair of elongated fastener strips each including a web portion and a marginal portion. The marginal portion includes a plurality of interlocking ribs terminating in hooked coupling heads for coupling engagement with corresponding coupling heads. The
5264021 Compacted and consolidated aluminum-based alloy material and production process thereof November 23, 1993
A compacted and consolidated aluminum-based alloy material is obtained by compacting and consolidating a rapidly-solidified material having a composition represented by the general formula: Al.sub.a Ni.sub.b X.sub.c M.sub.d or Al.sub.a' Ni.sub.b X.sub.c M.sub.d Q.sub.e, where X is one or
5263234 Strap buckle November 23, 1993
A buckle comprising socket and plug bodies formed of plastics. The socket body has upper and lower plates connected with each other at their one ends. The upper plate has a circular through-hole. The lower plate has an inwardly curved locking projection extending from an annular edge por
5263232 Cord stopper November 23, 1993
A cord stopper comprises a double-headed plug having a pair of through holes formed one through each plug heads perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis thereof; a pair of sockets each reciprocally fitted over the respective plug head and having a pair of apertures formed through the
5260107 Plasma chemical vapor deposition process for producing a hard multilayer coated product November 9, 1993
This present invention provides a hard multilayer coated product comprising a hard wear-resistant titanium compound coating layer, a titanium compound layer having a compositional gradient and a self-lubricating coating layer comprising hard amorphous carbon as the principal component su
5258975 Optical recording medium November 2, 1993
This invention relates to a recording medium having a sufficient difference between the crystallization temperature and the melting point as well as excellent characteristics in writing and erasing. The optical recording medium comprises a recording layer consisting of a recording materi
5257515 Stringer for a concealed type of slide fastener November 2, 1993
A stringer for a concealed type of slide fastener has a warp-knit tape comprising a web portion and a longitudinal edge portion for mounting thereon a row of interlocking fastener elements. The edge portion is comprised of yarns of lower denier disposed in between adjacent wales such
5255707 Double reed apparatus for manufacturing a woven slide fastener stringer October 26, 1993
An apparatus for manufacturing a woven slide fastener stringer includes a first reed for beating a filling yarn through a shed of warp threads against the fell of a tape being woven and a second reed for beating a monofilamentary fastener element having successively interconnected co
5253395 Watertight slide fastener October 19, 1993
In a watertight slide fastener, a slider has a first locking arrangement on an outer surface of a slider body, and a seal portion of a top stop for tightly fitting with the slider has a second locking arrangement engageable with the first locking arrangement.
5250124 Amorphous magnesium alloy and method for producing the same October 5, 1993
A bulky amorphous magnesium alloy having heat-resistance and toughness is provided by setting the alloy composition as: Mg.sub.a M.sub.b Al.sub.c X.sub.d Z.sub.e (M is at least one element selected from the group consisting of La, Ce, Mm (misch metal) and Y, X is at least one element
5249729 Method for forming hook engaging part in thermal part of material for vertical suspension type s October 5, 1993
A method for forming on materials subjected to vertical suspension type surface treatment such hook engaging parts as to be engaged with nipping devices of a carrier bar serving to convey the materials successively to a series of surface-treating baths is disclosed. This method is ch
5245112 Method for decomposition of chlorofluorocarbons September 14, 1993
The present invention provides a method for the decomposition of chlorofluorocarbons to hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and carbon dioxide by the chlorofluorocarbons' reaction with water at a temperature of 200 .degree. C. or higher and in the presence of a catalyst material con
5243741 Buckle September 14, 1993
A buckle comprises a locking crossbar connected at its ends to respective ends of a pair of parallel side bars and a wrapping crossbar disposed in parallel spaced relation to the locking crossbar and connected at its ends with the side bars at their respective intermediate positions. The
5243740 Buckle for preventing slippage and wrinkling of a belt September 14, 1993
A buckle comprising a rectangular frame including a pair of lateral frame members and a pair of first and second longitudinal frame members interconnected therewith and a substantially rectangular belt stopper pivotally mounted on the lateral frame members with a belt interposed betw
5242556 Electrolytic machining using pulsed electric current September 7, 1993
The invention relates to a method of electrolytically machining the surface of a workpiece by applying positive and negative electric current pulses alternately and repeatedly across the workpiece and a tooling electrode located oppositely in a neutral electrolyte so as to keep a predete
5241742 Apparatus for applying bottom end stops and sliders to a slide fastener stringer chain September 7, 1993
An apparatus for assembling a continuous chain of fastener stringers with bottom end stops and sliders comprises a slider holder means capable of rotating about an axis extending parallel to the direction of feed of the stringer chain and having symmetrical upper and lower portions each
5240517 High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys August 31, 1993
The present invention provides high strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys having a composition represented by the general formula: Al.sub.a M.sub.b X.sub.c wherein:M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zr, Ti, Mo, W, Ca,

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