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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5400482 Slide fastener and method of manufacturing the same March 28, 1995
A slide fastener comprises a pair of stringer tapes, a pair of rows of interdigitating fastener elements mounted on the inner longitudinal marginal edges of the respective stringer tapes, and a slider for reciprocally movable along the fastener element rows to bring the fastener elem
5400481 Slide for slide fastener March 28, 1995
A slider for slide fasteners which comprises a slider body with a guide channel, a shielding bracket slidably mounted thereon, a locking member interposed between the slider body and the bracket having a locking prong movable into and away from the guide channel and a spring member norma
5400441 Dyed zipper tapes on garment March 28, 1995
In a slide fastener to be attached to an opening such as of the front part of a garment, the front surface of the slide fastener tape is dyed in the same color and pattern as a front cloth of the garment 1 while the back surface of the tape is dyed in the same color and pattern as a lini
5398389 Swivel hook March 21, 1995
A swivel hook comprises a hook body including a housing body having a housing chamber which has a opening facing toward a side thereof and a pair of overhangs formed in opposed inner surfaces of the housing chamber, a hook proper provided on the housing body, a latch member mounted on th
5397490 Magnetic material March 14, 1995
A magnetic material consisting essentially of A1 and 10 to 50 at. % of at least one capable of alloying with A1 to form quasicrystals (for example, 5 to 25 at. % of at least one member selected between Cu and Pd and 5 to 35 at. % of Mn) and up to 25 at. % of at least one element having a
5394593 Slide-fastener coupling element and method of making the same March 7, 1995
A press-formed, metal, coupling element particularly suitable for use in a bidirectionally openable slide fastener which includes a coupling head portion having on its opposite end a protrusion and a corresponding pocket, and a guide groove formed in the front end of the coupling head
5393475 Method and apparatus for continuously producing an integrally molded double-sided surface fasten February 28, 1995
A method and an apparatus for easily producing a double-sided surface fastener molded integrally in a simple process, which provides easy disengagement in spite of high engaging strength and high durability in repetitive use. A molten resin is extruded from an extrusion nozzle at the
5390396 End stops of synthetic resin for slide fastener February 21, 1995
An end stop of synthetic resin having a pair of groove portions clamping and fused to an attachment core of at least one of a pair of fastener tapes, wherein each of the groove portions has at least one projection fusible to the attachment core and directed radially inwardly and situated
5380375 Amorphous alloys resistant against hot corrosion January 10, 1995
An amorphous alloy which is resistant to hot corrosion in sulfidizing and oxidizing atmospheres at high temperatures, consisting of Cr and at least one element selected from refractory metals of Nb and Ta, a portion of the set forth refractory metals being allowed to be substituted with
5376468 Dense substrate for solid oxide fuel cell December 27, 1994
A dense substrate for a solid oxide fuel cell, comprising: a base portion, support portions and fixing portions all of which project from the base portion so as to be arranged sequentially in one direction; grooves formed between the support portions and the fixing portions or between th
5375302 Snap button assembly December 27, 1994
A snap button assembly attaches onto a garment fabric. The snap button assembly has a cap member, a socket member, a tack member releasably engageable with the socket member, and a sealing member adapted to house the socket member. The sealing member has an outer diameter substantially
5373712 Warp-knit cloth for surface fastener December 20, 1994
A warp-knit cloth for a surface fastener, comprising: a foundation design knitted of pile knitting yarns and foundation yarns so as to form pile loops, which serve as engaging elements of the surface fastener, on wales; a marquisette design in which inlaid yarn extend in the wale directi
5372895 Solid oxide fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same December 13, 1994
A solid oxide fuel cell comprising a hollow dense substrate having a plurality of mounting holes formed in the surface thereof, cell sections mounted in the mounting holes, and interconnections connecting adjacent cell sections, in which each cell section comprises: (1) a flat porous
5372237 Control system for parts feeder December 13, 1994
A system controls the feed rate of parts delivered by a parts feeder having a vibrating unit to be vibrated with a predetermined amplitude for delivering parts and a driving unit for driving the vibrating unit. The control system has a parts detector for detecting parts delivered by the
5372022 Lock assembly December 13, 1994
A lock assembly for use on luggage, bags and the like has a mounting plate accommodating various lock operating parts including a latch, a hook member including a hook element and an ornamental cover fitted over the mounting plate. The latch is engageable resiliently with the hook elemen
5369865 Method and apparatus for supplying sliders to slide fastener stringers December 6, 1994
A method and apparatus for supplying a slider to a slide fastener stringer in motion along a path of travel for the purpose of attaching the slider to the slide fastener stringer are disclosed. The apparatus comprises in combination a slider chute for delivering one slider after another
5369853 Hook-and-loop fastener December 6, 1994
A hook-and-loop fastener comprising a base web, a multiplicity of hook elements and loop elements mounted on the base web in rows and vertical lines. In each row, each hook element adjoining a loop element on each side thereof. The distribution ratio of the hook elements to the total of
5369847 Flexible fastener December 6, 1994
A flexible fastener comprises a pair of opposed fastener strips each including a base plate; and a longitudinal marginal grip portion integrally formed along one longitudinal edge thereof. A pair of opposed female and male coupling portion are mounted on the inner sides on the base p
5368939 Hard multilayer coated product and process for producing same November 29, 1994
This present invention provides a hard multilayer coated product comprising a hard wear-resistant titanium compound coating layer, a titanium compound layer having a compositional gradient and a self-lubricating coating layer comprising hard amorphous carbon as the principal component su
5368658 High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys November 29, 1994
The present invention provides high strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys having a composition represented by the general formula: Al.sub.a M.sub.b X.sub.cwherein:M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zr, Ti, Mo, W, Ca,
5367758 Method for manufacturing slide fastener coupling elements November 29, 1994
A blank wire of a generally Y-shape cross section is supplied intermittently at a predetermined pitch, during which the blank wire is successively cut transversely into slices of a predetermined thickness. A bulge is formed at a time for a head portion of each of the successive coupl
5366564 Hard wear-resistant film and method for production thereof November 22, 1994
A hard wear-resistant film is formed on a substrate in an atmosphere of an inert gas by using a target of a composition of Al.sub.a Ti.sub.b (wherein "a" and "b" stand for atomic percentages respectively in the ranges of 62 at %.ltoreq.a.ltoreq.85 at % and 15 at %.ltoreq.b.ltoreq.38 at %
5365641 Cord stopper November 22, 1994
The cord stopper comprises: a plug having a plug head, a neck projecting centrally from a rear surface of the plug head and a plate-like cord clamp attached to a distal end of the neck substantially perpendicularly thereto; a socket having centrally in its bottom a recess and a pair of
5362336 Permanent magnet material November 8, 1994
A permanent magnet material having as main components thereof a rare earth element, a transition element (except for rare earth elements and Cu and Ag), and nitrogen and containing as an additive component thereof at least one element selected from the group consisting of Cu, Ag, Al, Ga,
5361471 Slide fastener coupling element forming apparatus and cutting punch November 8, 1994
As it is intermittently supplied, a blank wire having a generally Y-shape cross section is cut into slices of a predetermined thickness by a cutting punch, which is fixed to the frame, and a coacting cutting die, which is reciprocatingly movable in the cutting direction. Then a bulge is
5361462 Molded surface fastener November 8, 1994
A molded surface fastener comprising: first and second engaging parts each including a flat hook bed having on its surface a multiplicity of rows of hooks molded integrally of the hook bed; each hook including a raised portion and a hook-shape engaging portion extending forwardly from a
5359757 Method and apparatus for treating a belt-like article November 1, 1994
A method of treating a continuously travelling belt-like article with various processes in a tightly closed treatment chamber, comprising the steps of: introducing the belt-like article horizontally into the treatment chamber; guiding the introduced belt-like article up and down in a
5359754 Top end stop for concealed slide fastener November 1, 1994
A concealed slide fastener top and stop is formed by wrapping around a edge of a fastener tape with a U-shaped piece of synthetic resin and fusing the U-shaped pieces. The U-shaped piece is fused at its open ends through the fastener tape. The fused-through portion is shifted inwardly fr
5357663 Slide fastener coupling element forming apparatus October 25, 1994
In a slide fastener coupling element forming apparatus, a blank wire of a generally Y-shape cross section intermittently supplied at a predetermined pitch is cut off into pieces of a predetermined thickness by a fixed cutting punch and a reciprocating cutting die, and then a bulge for th
5355562 Buckle October 18, 1994
A buckle includes a triangular projection provided on a male member for deflecting a resilient force of a resilient member toward a direction of removal of the male member. When locking elements of the male member are disengaged from retaining elements of a female member in response to t
5353480 Decorative slider for slide fasteners October 11, 1994
A decorative slider for slide fasteners has a slider body having a through mounting hole extending therethrough. A decorative plate has a through hole formed therethrough and placed on the slider body with the through hole aligned with the mounting hole. A retaining pin extends loosely
5350468 Process for producing amorphous alloy materials having high toughness and high strength September 27, 1994
A process for producing amorphous alloy materials having high toughness and high strength from various alloy powders, thin ribbons or bulk materials consisting of an amorphous phase by heating them to a temperature at which intermetallic compounds or other compounds are not produced. Dur
5349991 Woven surface fastener construction September 27, 1994
A surface fastener having a woven tape, wherein said tape includes a number of longitudinal locking regions and a number of longitudinal mesh regions alternately arranged across the width. Each said locking region is woven of weft threads of monofilaments and first and second warp thread
5348591 High-strength amorphous magnesium alloy September 20, 1994
An amorphous magnesium alloy has a composition of Mg.sub.a M.sub.b X.sub.c (M is Zn and/or Ga, X is La, Ce, Mm (misch metal), Y, Nd, Pr, Sm and Gd), a is from 65 to 96.5 atomic %, b is from 3 to 30 atomic %, and c is from 0.2 to 8 atomic %). The magnesium alloy has a high specific streng
5347692 Slider pull tab September 20, 1994
A slider pull tab for slide fasteners has a connecting means formed of a rigid material for connecting a pull tab body of an elastic, flexible material to a slider. The connecting means has a chamber and a window communicating therewith for fitting engagement with an anchoring member. A
5346352 Freight moving apparatus in carrier vehicle September 13, 1994
A freight moving apparatus comprising: a conveyor for receiving a freight and conveying the freight between a first predetermined position in a carrier vehicle and a second predetermined position in a freight station; an electric motor for driving the conveyor; stops disposed in the carr
5345657 Cord stopper September 13, 1994
A cord stopper has a socket having a pair of opposed through holes formed through opposed sides thereof and a plug having a passage formed therethrough. The plug is reciprocally movable through the socket between a pulled-out position where the through holes and the passage are in al
5344507 Wear-resistant aluminum alloy and method for working thereof September 6, 1994
An aluminum-alloy, which is wear-resistant and does not wear greatly the opposed cast iron or steel, and which can be warm worked. The alloyings the following composition and structure. Composition: Al.sub.a Si.sub.b M.sub.c X.sub.d T.sub.e (where M is at least one element selected from
5342575 Process for producing billet of powdery alloy by special arrangement of powders August 30, 1994
Billets are produced from powdery alloys by a process which comprises densely packing in a can a powdery metal or alloy easy of plastic working and a powdery alloy difficult of plastic working in that order, sealing hermetically the can and thereafter degassing the same; or a process whi
5342569 Method of attaching a fastening tape to a molded article August 30, 1994
A method is disclosed for attaching a fastening tape to a molded article and also a mold is disclosed for forming a cellular plastic or foam product for use as a cushioning material for an automobile seat or backrest.The fastening tape is typically in the form of a velcro-like or sur
5340416 High-strength magnesium-based alloy August 23, 1994
A high-strength magnesium-based alloy possessing a microcrystalline composition represented by the general formula: Mg.sub.a Al.sub.b M.sub.c or Mg.sub.a,Al.sub.b M.sub.c X.sub.d (wherein M stands for at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ga, Sr, and Ba, X stands for
5337458 Cord stopper August 16, 1994
A cord stopper releasably fastens a cord thereto. The cord stopper has a front body and a housing attached to a rear side of the front body. The housing has a through hole and a seat formed around the through hole. An annular spring rests on the seat. The annular spring is slightly less
5335404 Method of forming space portions in slide fastener chain August 9, 1994
A method of forming successive space portion in a slide fastener chain, comprising: positioning the chain in such a manner that an element contiguous to the backward end of a prospective space portion is brought into engagement with a positioning pin upstream of a cutting unit; posit
5334297 Method for production of colored article of aluminum or aluminum alloy August 2, 1994
A fast and brightly colored oxide film of aluminum which excels in durability and allows no separation of pigment is produced by using an aqueous dispersion of an organic pigment or carbon black finely divided to a size in the range between 3 and 150 nm, forming on a surface of an al
5334266 High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys August 2, 1994
High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloys have a composition consisting of the following general formula Al.sub.a M.sub.b X.sub.d or Al.sub.a' M.sub.b Q.sub.c X.sub.d, wherein M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Ag; Q is at l
5332456 Superplastic aluminum-based alloy material and production process thereof July 26, 1994
A superplastic aluminum-based alloy material consisting of a matrix formed of aluminum or a supersaturated aluminum solid solution, whose average crystal grain size is 0.005 to 1 .mu.m, and particles made of a stable or metastable phase of various intermetallic compounds formed of the ma
5332415 Compacted and consolidated aluminum-based alloy material and production process thereof July 26, 1994
The present invention provides a compacted and consolidated aluminum-based alloy material which has been obtained by compacting and consolidating a rapidly solidified material having a composition represented by the general formula: Al.sub.a Ni.sub.b X.sub.c wherein X is one or two e
5329677 Fastener assembly July 19, 1994
A fastener assembly is adapted for releasably fastening a flap to a body sheet of a briefcase or the like with the flap having a through aperture formed therethrough. The fastener assembly has a male member attached to the flap having a through aperture formed therethrough and a female m
5329674 Slider for slide fastener with automatic stop means July 19, 1994
A slider with an automatic stop function for a linear slide fastener in which leg portions of the fastener elements are covered with blades and the like. A slider body comprises an upper wing and a lower wing which are interconnected by a guide post. A narrow linear rib is provided on th
5326012 Button feed unit for button applicator July 5, 1994
A button feed unit to guide a button element from a button supply to a button applicator and arrange the direction of surface pattern provided on a front face of the button element. The button feed unit is adaptable for a variety of buttons of different sizes by exchangeable components o

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