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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5499432 Fastening device March 19, 1996
A fastening device for fastening a web-like material to a bag or like garment article comprises a connecting member, a link rotatable relative thereto, a cylindrical retaining member fitted rotatably over the connecting member and having a retaining bar, and a hook member having a J-
5495655 Method and apparatus for forming slide-fastener coupling element March 5, 1996
A method and apparatus for forming a slide-fastener coupling element from a metal wire having a substantially Y-shaped cross section wherein a blank piece is cut or sliced off from the metal wire by a co-action between a cutoff die and a cutoff punch, and substantially at the same time,
5494275 Cloth piece supply apparatus and method February 27, 1996
A cloth pick-up apparatus is used which comprises pressing mechanism for a pressing one end of the top cloth piece from the upper side, a catch roller having on a part of its circumferential surface catch needles and movable toward and away from the other end of the top cloth piece, the
5474246 Apparatus for continuously treating a tape-like article December 12, 1995
In an apparatus for continuously treating a tape-like article with various treatments while the tape-like article is introduced to one turning portion side of two or more endless belts, which are arranged along the circumference of revolution of a rotary framework at predetermined di
5472652 Method of continuously reinforcing slide fastener tape ends having separable bottom stop assembl December 5, 1995
As a pair of fastener tapes is supplied through a molding machine and then through a fiber hardening agent applying and impregnating unit, a predetermined length of coupling element rows are molded on and along confronting beaded edges of the fastener tapes, and simultaneously a sepa
5471716 Buckle December 5, 1995
A buckle having a male coupling member for attaching to one article and a female coupling member for attaching to another article. The male coupling member includes an article-attaching frame having a pair of side bars, an article-attaching bar joined at their opposed ends to the respect
5470516 Method of molding a separable bottom stop assembly on a concealed slide fastener November 28, 1995
A method of molding a separable bottom stop assembly on a concealed slide fastener, including: forming a number of space portions devoid of fastener elements at predetermined intervals in a concealed slide fastener; impregnating molten synthetic resin in fastener tapes at areas around th
5469605 Slide fastener November 28, 1995
A slide fastener which permits easy attachment of electric conductors and ensures supply of electric current to all metallic coupling elements even if a part of the electric conductors is cut off. And it has a neat appearance because the electric conductors exposed in spaces among the
5468697 Composite ultrafine particles of aluminum nitride and rare earth nitride, method for production November 21, 1995
Ultrafine particles of aluminum nitride having a morphologically anisotropic structure of columns, plates, or whiskers such that the ratio of thickness or width to length or the ratio of thickness to width or length of particle is not less than 1 are produced by thermally melting a b
5467630 Method for working terminal part of material for vertical suspension type surface treatment November 21, 1995
A method for working terminal parts of materials subjected to vertical suspension type surface treatment thereby forming in the terminal parts such hook engaging parts as to be engaged with nipping devices of a carrier bar serving to convey the materials successively to a series of s
5467509 Hook-and-eye fastener November 21, 1995
A hook-and-eye fastener comprises fastener members including a hook and an eye, each member having a pair of engaging prongs projecting substantially perpendicularly therefrom, and retainers adapted severally to immobilize the fastener members and intended to be disposed on the side of a
5462775 Method of producing hard multilayer film formed material October 31, 1995
A hard multilayer film structure comprises a titanium-containing compound layer possessing high wear resistance deposited on a substrate and a silicon-containing hard carbon layer possessing self-lubricating properties, high wear resistance and high resistance to heat. Deposition of
5462154 Slat for transporting device for extruded articles of aluminum or aluminum alloy October 31, 1995
A slat for a transporting device for an extruded article of aluminum or an aluminum alloy in which only a worn-out portion of a heat-resistant member may be exchanged easily. The slat includes an elongated base member secured to the transporting device for the extruded article, subsidiar
5458700 High-strength aluminum alloy October 17, 1995
A high-strength aluminum alloy consisting of an amorphous phase containing quasicrystals constituted of aluminum as the principal element, a first additive element consisting of at least one rare earth element and a second additive element consisting of at least one element other than
5457856 Integrally molded surface fastener October 17, 1995
An integrally molded surface fastener which promotes high manufacturing efficiency, assures easy stock control and easy attachment in the shipment, and provides high engaging strength and stable form without deterioration of engaging and holding force even when used repeatedly. The s
5454404 Weave structure for preventing woven tape selvedge from fraying October 3, 1995
A woven structure for preventing selvedges of a woven tape with a back surface covered by a coating of synthetic resin from fraying, wherein at least the cut portion of the woven tape, which is obtained by cutting a large-width woven fabric longitudinally along its width, has an interlac
5454285 Apparatus for finishing slide fasteners October 3, 1995
An improved apparatus for finishing slide fasteners by cutting off an elongate slide fastener chain across longitudinally spaced element-free spaces is provided wherein a slider arresting mechanism is disposed between a cutting mechanism and a feed mechanism and movable into and out
5454250 Method for controlling die-retaining force of extruder October 3, 1995
A method and apparatus for controlling the die-retaining force of an extruder is disclosed. In the operation of an extruder adapted to retain a die with a container actuated by a container cylinder and effect extrusion of a billet readied for use in the container by forcing the billet th
5454140 Cord locking device October 3, 1995
A cord locking device of this invention comprises a casing having openings respectively at opposite ends and a longitudinal aperture in a front plate, and a slide adapted to be inserted in the casing. The slide has a pair of resilient grip portions extending from opposite sides of a head
5452756 Cooling method of continous casting September 26, 1995
A cooling mold having first and second water cooling jackets which are provided inside the mold, a primary cooling water jetting mouth which is located at a distance of 15 to 40 mm from a meniscus of the molten metal, and a secondary cooling water jetting mouth which is located at a posi
5451082 Lock fastener September 19, 1995
A lock fastener for attachment to a bag or the like comprises a socket member and a plug member releasably engageable therewith. A slide member has resilient means for supporting the slide member resiliently movably within the socket member. The socket member and the slide member are
5446949 Separable end stop for concealed slide fastener September 5, 1995
A separable end stop for concealed slide fasteners includes a box which has a guide slot extending in a front wall of the box for receiving and guiding folded portions of two stringers, and a retaining recess formed at an upper open end of the box for receiving therein the whole of a low
5443535 Method of manufacturing a slide fastener August 22, 1995
A slide fastener comprises a pair of stringer tapes, a pair of rows of interdigitating fastener elements mounted on the inner longitudinal marginal edges of the respective stringer tapes, and a slider for reciprocally movable along the fastener element rows to bring the fastener elem
5441687 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a material-backed engaging member for surface fastener August 15, 1995
A surface fastener engaging member manufacturing method includes: extruding from an extrusion nozzle a predetermined width of molten resin; introducing the molten resin into a predetermined gap between the extrusion nozzle and a die wheel to fill up coupling element molding cavities
5441380 Method and apparatus for conveying trays August 15, 1995
In a tray conveying apparatus, a supply path and a discharge path are situated on the upper and lower sides, respectively, of the apparatus. The stocking, waiting, switching and collecting stations are arranged one under the other in order on the base-end side of the supply path. The
5440792 Buckle having resilient locking arm with coacting retaining lug August 15, 1995
A buckle for fastening loose ends of a strap or the like comprises a male or plug member and a female or socket member releasably engageable therewith. The plug member includes an elastically deformable locking arm and a retaining lug underlying and supporting the arm when the latter
5438744 Automatic finishing method for airtight and waterproof slide fastener August 8, 1995
An automatic finishing method for an airtight and waterproof slide fastener, comprising the steps of: supplying each of a pair of slide fastener chains, which has coupling elements attached to a waterproof fastener tape by clamp elements, by a pair of toothed supply rollers meshing w
5438736 Swivel hook August 8, 1995
A swivel hook comprises a hook body including a proximal part having an aperture formed at its upper end to define a pair of overhangs and a substantially J-shaped hook portion extending downward from the proximal part, an annular link having an connecting axle provided on one side t
5436080 High strength structural member and process for producing the same July 25, 1995
A structural member is produced using starting powder consisting of composite particulates each containing AlN grain within its surface covered by an Al layer of a single crystal structure, and Al alloy particulates of a single crystal structure, and then by sintering the Al layers o
5435044 Cord tightening device July 25, 1995
A cord tightening device comprises a case having a pair of front and rear plates and a pair of opposite lateral walls interconnecting the front and rear plates and having forwardly converging inner surfaces defining a small-width opening at one end thereof and a large-width opening at th
5435043 Female member of snap button and press tool for clinching the same to washer July 25, 1995
A snap button includes a female member and a male member engageable therewith. The female member comprises a hollow cylindrical body including a cylindrical hub and an annular flange extending radially outwardly from and integrally formed with the lower end of the cylindrical hub and
5432133 Production process of a sintered high-toughness alumina-based composite body July 11, 1995
A sintered high-toughness alumina-based composite body comprises a plate- or rod-like, corundum or alumina-based compound structure and another structure having a fine granular corundum structure and containing inevitable impurities. A sintered high-toughness alumina-based composite
5431554 Vertical injection molding machine July 11, 1995
A lower mold attachment plate, on the upper surface of which the fixed mold half is attached, is fixed to a machine base. An upper mold attachment plate, to which the movable mold half is attached in opposite to the fixed mold half, is movable upwardly and downwardly by mold moving cylin
5431214 Apparatus for continuous casting July 11, 1995
A cooling mold has first and second water cooling jackets provided inside the mold. A primary cooling water jetting mouth is located at a distance between 15 and 40 mm from the meniscus of the molten metal. A secondary cooling water jetting mouth is located at an interval of 20 to 45 mm
5426848 Apparatus for attaching a slider pull tab June 27, 1995
An apparatus for attaching pull tabs automatically one at a time onto a slider body comprises a pull tab transport unit, a clamper applying unit and a clamping unit. The transport unit includes a pull tab supply chute having a pair of guide rails defining therebetween a guide slit adjust
5423923 Hard film of amorphous Ti-Si alloy having fine tin particles June 13, 1995
Deposition of a hard film of Ti-Si-N composite material on a substrate is carried out by using a source of evaporation possessing a composition of Ti.sub.a Si.sub.b (wherein "a" and "b" stand for atomic percentages respectively falling in the ranges of 75 at % .ltoreq.a.ltoreq.85 at % an
5419854 Organic solid electrolyte and coloring-discoloring device using the same May 30, 1995
An organic solid electrolyte and an electrochromic device using the electrolyte are disclosed. The organic solid electrolyte comprises in combination a monosaccharide represented by the general formula: (CH.sub.2 O)n wherein n is an integer of 5 to 7, or a derivative thereof, as at l
5419511 Automatic winding machine for tape-like articles May 30, 1995
An automatic winding machine for automatically and certainly guiding and sticking not only one flexible tape-like article, but also a plurality of flexible tape-like articles on desired spool peripheral surface. While adhesive portions of one or more double-sided adhesive tapes fed in
5419020 Separable buckle May 30, 1995
A buckle comprising a plug having a base plate and a pair of resilient arms extending forward from the base plate; each arms having a coupling hook; a socket including a pair of upper and lower walls to define therebetween a chamber for receiving the arms and a pair of coupling lugs moun
5419019 Automatically locking slider for slide fasteners May 30, 1995
An automatically locking slider for slide fasteners is formed from a moldable plastics material and provided with an integral multi-leg locking structure including a spring portion, a locking prong portion and an anchoring portion. The spring portion is relatively short in length and
5417249 Double-layer slide fastener tape May 23, 1995
A slide fastener tape comprising: a tape body portion having a double-layer woven structure; a surface cloth woven of a plurality of yarns, which are dyeable in different degrees with a single dye, so as to form a pattern; and a lining cloth woven of yarns, which are dyeable with a dye d
5416951 Decorative pull tab May 23, 1995
A decorative pull tab adapted for being pivotally connected to a slide fastener slider body and for fastening a decorative piece thereto. The decorative pull tab comprising a ring pivotally connected to the slider body and a pull tab body including a pair of first and second clamping
5412849 Separable bottom end stop assembly May 9, 1995
In a separable bottom end stop assembly for a concealed slide fastener, a socket member has first- and second-plug-member insertion holes on opposite sides of a central catch plate, and an engaging tongue projecting inwardly from one side wall. When a first plug member is inserted into t
5411445 Ball chain and splicing means therefor May 2, 1995
A ball chain for interior decoration, sprocket drive or the like which includes a connecting mechanism in the form of a wire or yarn, a multiplicity of chain balls secured in place at equally spaced intervals along a length of the connecting mechanism, and a coupling interposed betwe
5411064 Narrow fabric loom operating mechanism May 2, 1995
In a loom, a carrier drive shaft supporting the carrier at one end horizontally, is vertically mounted on the loom frame, and the carrier drive shaft and a reed drive shaft are linked by a link via a pivotal member. With this arrangement, the carrier drive shaft will not undergo at l
5405462 Superplastic aluminum-based alloy material and production process thereof April 11, 1995
A superplastic aluminum-based alloy material consisting of a matrix formed of aluminum or a supersaturated aluminum solid solution, whose average crystal grain size is 0.005 to 1 .mu.m, and particles made of a stable or metastable phase of various intermetallic compounds formed of the ma
5405458 Method of producing hard film of Ti-Si-N composite material April 11, 1995
Deposition of a hard film of Ti--Si--N composite material on a substrate is carried out by using a source of evaporation possessing a composition of Ti.sub.a Si.sub.b (wherein "a" and "b" stand for atomic percentages respectively falling in the ranges of 75 at %.ltoreq.a.ltoreq.85 at % a
5403413 Apparatus and method for manufacturing surface fastener bands April 4, 1995
An apparatus and method for manufacturing surface fastener bands having opposite end portions provided with mating multiple fastener elements including a pair of grippers for moving the opposite end portions into a joining station for joining together to form a single band, and an endles
5401703 Fine flaky boehmite particles amd process for the preparation of the same March 28, 1995
Fine flaky boehmite particles which have an orthorhombic crystal form and a specified crystal face grown in the form of a flat plate, and a process for the preparation of fine flaky boehmite particles which comprises subjecting aluminum hydroxide or hydrated alumina having a particle siz
5401555 Cloth March 28, 1995
A cloth composed of first and second threads, the first threads being dyeable by a first dye and being much more exposed on a front surface of the cloth than a back surface thereof, the second threads being not dyeable by said first dye and dyeable by a second dye and being much more

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