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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D320766 Pull tab for slide fastener October 15, 1991
D320578 Pull tab for slide fastener October 8, 1991
D320577 Pull tab for slide fastener October 8, 1991
D320576 Pull tab for slide fastener October 8, 1991
D320178 Buckle September 24, 1991
D315701 Slider for slide fasteners March 26, 1991
D314360 Slider for slide fasteners February 5, 1991
D313953 Slider for slide fasteners January 22, 1991
D308471 Unitary swivel hook and air hose support for divers June 12, 1990
D307403 Pull tab of slider for slide fastener April 24, 1990
D305106 Slider for slide fastener December 19, 1989
D305007 Slider body for slide fastener December 12, 1989
D304702 Pull tab of slider for slide fastener November 21, 1989
D304023 Fastener October 17, 1989
D303943 Slider pull tab for slide fastener October 10, 1989
D303642 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 26, 1989
D303511 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 19, 1989
D303510 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 19, 1989
D303509 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 19, 1989
D303362 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 12, 1989
D303361 Slider pull tab for slide fastener September 12, 1989
D296418 Fastening hook June 28, 1988
D293225 Slide fastener chain December 15, 1987
D291671 Slider for slide fastener September 1, 1987
D291670 Slider for slide fastener September 1, 1987
D291669 Slider for slide fastener September 1, 1987
D291546 Slider for slide fastener August 25, 1987
D289733 Hanging hook or similar article for attachment to a carrying case May 12, 1987
D284330 Slide fastener chain June 24, 1986
D277140 Pull tab for slide fastener January 15, 1985
D276477 Buckle for belts or the like November 27, 1984
D275716 Hook fastener for the waist bands of trousers or the like October 2, 1984
D275621 Hook fastener for the waist bands of trousers or the like September 25, 1984
D274480 Slide fastener July 3, 1984
D274016 Slide fastener chain May 29, 1984
D269824 Hook fastener for garments July 26, 1983
D265606 Slide fastener August 3, 1982
6052875 Buckle assembly April 25, 2000
A buckle assembly comprises a plug member and a socket member releasably engageable therewith, the plug member having a pair of spaced resilient arms with engaging grooves and the socket member having engaging ridges formed in its upper and lower surfaces, the arrangement being that the
6027586 Forming process of amorphous alloy material February 22, 2000
Disclosed herein is a process for forming an amorphous alloy material capable of showing glass transition, which comprises holding the material between frames arranged in combination; and heating the material at a temperature between its glass transition temperature (Tg) and its crys
5746880 Tape cassette and automatic attaching apparatus for heat-fusible tape pieces May 5, 1998
In an automatic heat-fusible tape pieces attaching apparatus, a plurality of tape cassettes, each including a reel support part rotatably supporting a tape reel and a tape guide part defining a tape guide path extending from the reel support part in a direction of drawing a thermoplactic
5648174 Highly hard thin film and method for production thereof July 15, 1997
A hard thin film having fine crystalline ceramic particles dispersed in a metallic matrix phase is disclosed. The production of the film is effected by first depositing a substantially amorphous film on a substrate and then heat-treating the deposited film. Deposition of the film on the
5599756 Sintered high-toughness alumina-based composite body February 4, 1997
A sintered high-toughness alumina-based composite body consisting essentially of a plate- or rod-shaped corundum or alumina-based compound structure, a fine granular corundum structure, and inevitable impurities.
5561206 Electrochromic copolymers including vinyl alcohol or vinyl acetate units October 1, 1996
Disclosed is a copolymer represented by the following general formula (1): ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 represents a group based on a polymer or a copolymer possessing electroconductivity and inducing coloration or discoloration on being oxidized or reduced, R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 represent
5545443 Method for producing a transparent conductive ZnO film by incorporating a boron or aluminum cont August 13, 1996
The formation of a transparent conductive ZnO film on a substrate in accordance with the chemical vapor deposition process is accomplished herein by a method characterized by feeding purified water and an organic metal material for Zn as separately entrained by a carrier gas into a v
5544387 Curtain attachment connector assembly and curtain attachment connector August 13, 1996
A molded curtain attachment connector for connecting a curtain hanger member and the top edge of a curtain includes a fastener member having a fastener surface releasably engageable with the fastener surface of a surface-type separable fastener member attached to the curtain along a top
5533240 Lock fastener July 9, 1996
A lock fastener for bags or other receptacles (B) comprises a plug member and a socket member releasably engageable therewith, the plug member having an engaging tongue which is resiliently lockable with the socket member and unlockable therefrom by a means movable toward and away from
5520983 Outerlining fabric for curtain and curtain attachment structure using the same May 28, 1996
An outerlining fabric woven of warp threads and a weft thread and including at least two fastener portions composed of a male or a female member of a surface-type separable fastener, and a mesh portion of a predetermined width disposed between the fastener portions to separate them in th
5518522 Deformed ultra fine grains and process for producing same in bulk May 21, 1996
A deformed ultra fine grain is comprised of a spherical body and a tail-like projection projecting from the surface of the spherical body. The tail-like projection exhibits a separating effect on the adjacent deformed ultra fine grains and therefore, aggregation of the ultra fine gra
5509181 Fitting for ball chains April 23, 1996
An attachment fitting in which several sets of ball chains can be arranged and the attachment is possible over the entire length of the attachment fitting main body. Also, the strength of the main body is improved.A tubular main body has an opening on one end and can be closed on the oth
5500276 Slide fastener made of synthetic resin March 19, 1996
A slide fastener of synthetic resin which has regularly spaced elements formed and fixed to the edge of fastener tape by the injection molding of the molten mass of the synthetic resin is disclosed. The fastener tape is formed of polyethylene terephthalate and the elements of slide faste

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