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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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4563848 Section for building January 14, 1986
A section for building used for vertical frame members and horizontal frame members for a curtain wall or a window sash. The section comprises a batten arranged so as to oppose to a mounting piece integrally formed on a short side wall on one side of a body and secured to the opposed sur
4563322 Method and apparatus for continuously filling grooves in sash bars with heat insulating material January 7, 1986
A method and an apparatus for continuously filling grooves in metal sash bars with heat insulating synthetic resin are disclosed. The method comprises the steps of closing the opposite ends of the groove of each of the metal sash bars by end caps each having an end wall with a thinned to
4562622 Slide fastener slider January 7, 1986
A slide fastener slider comprises a slider body including a pair of upper and lower wings defining therebetween a Y-shaped guide channel, the lower wing having a pair of lateral flanges and a pair of corner ledges, each extending along an inner face of the respective flange through its l
4562621 Slide fastener stringer January 7, 1986
A slide fastener stringer comprises an elongate molded coupling element strip woven into a stringer tape along a longitudinal edge thereof. The strip includes a succession of laterally spaced coupling elements each having a pair of first and second legs, and a pair of series of first and
4561474 Woven slide fastener stringers December 31, 1985
A woven slide fastener stringer includes an edge portion woven of foundation warp threads and a single foundation weft thread which is laid in a series of pairs of weft picks. A row of filamentary coupling elements is disposed against one side of the longitudinal edge portion with two
4561228 Unit curtain wall December 31, 1985
A unit curtain wall includes a plurality of curtain wall units each supported on a building skeleton frame by means of a pair of fasteners connected respectively to a pair of horizontally spaced vertical edges of the curtain wall unit. One of vertically adjacent horizontal edges of each
4561225 Curtain wall units in a unit type curtain wall December 31, 1985
A standardized curtain wall unit is disclosed which is intended for use with any required number of other similar curtain wall units to provide a unit type curtain wall assembly capable of room temperature control. The curtain wall unit comprises a plurality of frame members joined into
4561161 Method of and apparatus for automatically attaching top stops to a gapped slide fastener chain w December 31, 1985
A longitudinally gapped, continuous slide fastener chain with sliders slidably mounted thereon is longitudinally fed by a feed roller through an apparatus including a top stop applicator mechanism. When the slider on a pair of coupling element rows is sensed by a slider sensor, the feed
4557088 Parapet portion of curtain wall December 10, 1985
In a parapet portion of a curtain wall, indoor side and outdoor side members of each panel unit mounted at the top of the curtain wall are connected via a connector made of heat-insulating material, and a damp-proofing sheet is mounted so as to extend between the indoor side member a
4550477 Apparatus for forming and planting slide fastener elements November 5, 1985
Disclosed herein is an apparatus for forming and planting fastener elements comprising a ram mounted on a frame for reciprocal movement and having a cutting die provided with a passage for a wire to be used for elements and a forming die for forming an engageable head in an element, a cu
4549348 Apparatus for securing bottom end stop to fastener chain October 29, 1985
A method and apparatus for securing a bottom end stop to an indefinite length of fastener chain including alternately space portion where elements are removed and engaging element portion are disclosed. The feeding movement of the fastener chain is arrested by protruding a chain stop
4548116 Apparatus for producing hooks on loop-and-hook fasteners October 22, 1985
A loop guide has a plurality of transversely spaced loop guide comb teeth for guiding loops of thermoplastic resin therealong into contact with cutter blades of an ultrasonically vibratable cutter to cut off only one of two legs of each loop. The other legs that remain unsevered serve as
4546935 Method of and apparatus for piling up tapes October 15, 1985
Elongate materials such as slide fastener stringer tapes are discharged in circular motions into a storage container by a tape guide pipe guided by a pipe guide rotatable in composite circular motions along successive first circular paths while revolving along a second circular path. The
4546582 Unit curtain wall October 15, 1985
Horizontally adjacent curtain wall units are supported by a fastener on a building skeleton frame. The fastener includes a first fastener member adjustably fastened to the building frame and a second fastener member adjustably attached to the first fastener member and having a slot and a
4545118 Apparatus for producing slide fasteners from continuous fastener chain October 8, 1985
A method and apparatus for attaching sliders and bottom stops to a slide fastener chain having longitudinally spaced gaps free of fastener elements, in which the chain is conveyed forwardly until a gap is detected. The chain is stopped and the gap area widened. A rotor movable beneat
4543805 Method of attaching a separable slide fastener to knit fabrics October 1, 1985
A separable slide fastener to be attached to a knit fabric has a pair of warp-knit stringer tapes each with a series of openings. Each of the stringer tapes may include a reinforcement film bonded to a lower end portion thereof and having a recess which allows some of the tape openings
4543756 Heat-insulating frame assembly for use in corner of curtain wall construction October 1, 1985
A heat-insulating frame assembly for use at a corner of a curtain wall construction has an inner frame member having a pair of mutually perpendicular outer walls and an outer frame member having a pair of outer walls extending normally to each other and parallel to the outer walls of
4543226 Method and apparatus for heat setting fastener elements September 24, 1985
A method of heat setting spaced fastener elements on a fastener chain includes contracting a formed thermoplastic wire constituting the fastener elements, while heating the fastener chain to which the formed wire is affixed, until the pitch of the fastener elements attains a predetermine
4541352 Method of and apparatus for attaching fly strips to a slide fastener chain September 17, 1985
Automatic assembly for sewing flypiece to a continuous slide fastener chain includes a sewing machine, a gapping device from which the continuous chain having element-free gaps formed at regular intervals therealong is fed to the sewing machine, and a flypiece delivery system for success
4541154 Hooked fabric fastener tape September 17, 1985
A hooked fabric fastener tape has on one surface of a foundation structure a number of material engaging hooks which have been produced from and by cutting one of loops of synthetic resin threads woven into the foundation structure. One of the hooks is larger in height than the other hoo
4540619 Thermally shrinkable labeling band September 10, 1985
A labeling band adapted to be thermally fastened around one or more products includes a pair of strips joined together along marginal end portions thereof. One of the strips is made of printable, thermally non-shrinkable material while the other strip is made of thermally shrinkable
4539733 Separable slide fastener September 10, 1985
A separable slide fastener comprises a pair of stringer tapes each carrying on its inner longitudinal margins a row of coiled filamentary coupling elements sewn to the respective inner tape margin with a core thread extending through each of the coiled coupling element rows, and a se
4537000 Thermal insulating window for application in curtain walls August 27, 1985
A thermal insulating window comprising a thermal insulating window framework having internal framework members supported adiabatically by a thermal insulating curtain wall and external framework members connected thereto through thermal insulating members; and a window body having a
4536923 Separable slide fastener August 27, 1985
The invention is an improvement of a separable slide fastener with fastener elements which interlock when brought together perpendicularly to the plane of the fastener, the fastener comprising a retainer pin secured to the tape of one of the stringers and connected to a retainer and a
4535833 Vertical mullion having heat transfer medium flow passage August 20, 1985
A vertical mullion includes an outer structural member and a vertical mullion body coupled together by bolts to embrace a heat insulating member. The vertical mullion body, which has a substantially rectangular cross section, is provided with a heat transfer medium flow passage exten
4532746 Corner joint means for use in wall structure of buildings August 6, 1985
There is provided corner joint means which facilitates reliable connection of two wall members placed adjacent to each other at a concave or a convex angle portion i.e., corner portion, in the wall structure of buildings. The corner joint means also provides a simple heat insulating cons
4531550 Plug for use in thermal-medium passages in air conditioning systems July 30, 1985
A plug assembly for use in a thermal-medium passage in a unit curtain wall, for example, comprises a circular gasket seat having a central cylinder with an annular elastomeric gasket placed on the gasket seat around the central cylinder, and a sleeve fitted over the central cylinder and
4531336 Mullion portion in a unit type curtain wall July 30, 1985
A unit type curtain wall assembly has an array of standardized curtain wall units each having a passageway for air and another passageway for hot or cold water extending through its frame members for room temperature control. For sealing a gap between the opposed side frame members of ev
4531332 Rooftop parapet for thermally-insulated curtain wall July 30, 1985
A rooftop parapet, for a thermally-insulated-curtain-walled building, comprises: a parapet base; a thermally-insulated curtain wall having an upper part spaced apart from the parapet base with a gap therebetween; a moisture-proof sheet covering the gap; a thermally insulating material
4529920 Control apparatus for an automatic door with a minimum error in a detected door position July 16, 1985
In an apparatus for controlling operation of an automatic door with minimum error in a detected door position, a motion sensor is positioned relative to a movable driving member coupled to the door. Pulses having a pulse repetition rate are created in direct proportion to a velocity of m
4528731 Slide fastener chain July 16, 1985
A slide fastener chain has a plurality of spaced separating regions along which the slide fastener chain can be separated or torn to slide fastener lengths one after another by hand without a cutting device. Each separating region extends transversely across the fastener chain and is at
4526567 Apparatus for manufacturing paper stringer tape for slide fastener July 2, 1985
A method of and apparatus for manufacturing a pair of paper stringer tapes for slide fasteners from a pair of blank paper strips of a continuous length. The blank paper strips are fed lengthwise through a guide roller assembly. A pair of parallel spaced scoring wheels is biased against o
4525963 Section for mounting a curtain wall July 2, 1985
A section for building in which a section body is formed with a plurality of differently directed mounting recesses for connecting other members so as to also serve as, for example, a vertical frame member and a horizontal frame member for a curtain wall. The section for building has a h
4525962 Apparatus for connecting upper and lower curtain wall units in a unit type curtain wall July 2, 1985
An apparatus for connecting upper and lower curtain wall units in a unit type curtain wall in which the upper curtain wall unit may be simply and easily connected to the already mounted lower curtain wall unit. The connecting apparatus comprises a connecting member having an upper portio
4525903 Slider for slide fastener July 2, 1985
A slide fastener slider has an arch-shaped lug projecting from the front end of an upper wing over the top surface of the upper wing toward the rear end thereof and terminating in a bent free end directed toward the upper wing's top surface and spaced apart therefrom by a gap s. A pull t
4524659 Apparatus for cutting continuous slide fastener chain June 25, 1985
An apparatus for cutting off lengths of slide fasteners from a continuous chain thereof includes a cutting punch coactive with an anvil, there being feed rolls disposed in the path of movement of the fastener chain upstream from the cutting punch, and a pair of delivery rolls in such pat
4524493 Watertight slide fastener June 25, 1985
A watertight slide fastener comprises a resilient bifurcated seal member mounted on opposite stringer tapes adjacent to one end of a pair of rows of coupling elements and snugly receivable in a Y-shaped guide channel in a slider body. The seal member has a pair of resilient tongues exten
4523716 Cooling and heating air jet device in building interior or exterior structure June 18, 1985
A cooling and heating air jet device in a building interior or exterior structure including a framework of hollow vertical and horizontal wall support members is disclosed. The framework of hollow wall support members forms an air duct through which cooling or heating air is passed. A
4523518 Apparatus for controlling temperature in a unit type curtain wall June 18, 1985
An apparatus for controlling temperature in a unit type curtain wall for arraying the outside of a building wherein pipings within the body of the building can be minimized and the air conditioning effect at the window can be sufficiently achieved. The temperature control apparatus compr
4521942 Lockable slide fastener slider June 11, 1985
A lockable slide fastener slider having a guide groove which allows a pair of rows of coupling elements to pass smoothly through a guide channel without entering an aperture communicating with the guide channel, even when the coupling elements are displaced toward the aperture. The guide
4520885 Load sensing apparatus with capacitive and inductive sensors June 4, 1985
A load-sensing mat comprising a pair of superposed spaced capacitance plates held together in a mat by resilient material. The load-sensing mat also contains a conductive loop for inductance dependent load detection.
4520560 Apparatus for holding a slide fastener slider June 4, 1985
A slider holding apparatus comprises a support vertically slideable on a base for supporting a slider upside down with a pull tab received in a slit of the support, and a lever having a locking projection and pivotable on the base between a slider-holding position in which the locking
4520559 Apparatus for pairing two rows of slide fastener zigzag coupling elements June 4, 1985
A coupling-element pairing apparatus includes a substantially Y-shaped guide channel defined in a base and including a joint passage for interengaging disengaged rows of continuous filamentary zigzag coupling elements. The joint passage has a width narrow enough to substantially prev
4520544 Method of and apparatus for automatically finishing slide fasteners June 4, 1985
A slide fastener chain is fed along a chain path by a feedout mechanism until a leading end of the chain gripped by the feedout mechanism reaches a first feeder mechanism past a cutting mechanism. The first feeder mechanism is then actuated to feed the chain toward a second feeder me
4520535 Slide fastener having discrete coupling elements June 4, 1985
A slide fastener comprises discrete coupling elements each having a pair of upper and lower coupling portions disposed one on each side of the plane of a stringer tape. The upper coupling portion has an arcuate head and a reduced neck integral therewith and complementary in shape thereto
4516304 Method and apparatus for applying reinforcing pieces to slide fastener chain May 14, 1985
In a reinforcing-film applying apparatus for use in production of separable slide fasteners, there are a first working station where a shaping die and a coacting ultrasonic horn are located, and a second working station where a heating die and a coacting heating punch are located, the fi
4513483 Slide fastener stringer April 30, 1985
A coupling element of a slide fastener stringer has a pair of integral upper and lower coupling portions having different shapes and engagable with the lower and upper coupling portions of adjacent coupling elements on a co-operating like stringer. The upper coupling portion has a side
4513482 Fluid-tight slide fastener stringer April 30, 1985
A fluid-tight slide fastener stringer comprising a support tape made of a fluid-tight soft material, and a row of discrete coupling elements mounted on the tape along an inner longitudinal edge portion thereof. Such tape margin is folded so as to provide therealong a contact portion enga
4512064 Method of connecting pull tab with slide fastener slider April 23, 1985
A pull tab connector for slide fastener sliders comprises a closed loop formed of a piece of resilient wire and having a pair of stems projecting from the loop, the stems being juxtaposed and overlying each other. The stems are aligned with each other in a plane perpendicular to the gene
4510662 Apparatus and a method for forming space sections in a slide fastener chain having coupling elem April 16, 1985
The present invention concerns a slide fastener making machine designed to produce space sections of required span devoid of coupling elements at predetermined intervals in the interengaged slide fastener chain and a method for the same.The present apparatus includes: die means facing th
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