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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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4657500 Apparatus for forming a row of zigzag coupling elements for slide fasteners April 14, 1987
In an apparatus for forming a row of zigzag coupling elements, a winding unit includes a guide plate having a guide hole through which a monofilament is supplied onto a periphery of a continuously rotating die wheel. The guide plate is driven by two separate drive mechanisms, for lat
4655662 Gripper mechanism for feeding elongate strips April 7, 1987
A gripper mechanism for feeding a pair of elongate strips such as a pair of slide fastener stringers has a pair of gripper holders supporting a pair of grippers for gripping the slide fastener stringers, respectively, and a pair of sliders joined to the gripper holders, respectively, and
4653184 Apparatus for holding boxes in attachment of same to separable slide fastener chain with box pin March 31, 1987
A box holder vertically movably mounted on a frame is reciprocably movable between a box attaching position and a box receiving position. The box holder includes a recess for receiving a box and a clamp finger for retaining the box in the recess. The clamp finger is pivotably mounted on
4651603 Method of and apparatus for cutting off separable slide fastener chain March 24, 1987
An elongate separable slide fastener chain is cut off into individual separable slide fasteners, the slide fastener chain having a plurality of longitudinally spaced element-free portions with pin-receptive boxes supported respectively thereon. The slide fastener chain is fed under t
4651389 Slide fastener March 24, 1987
A slide fastener has tape-reinforcing portions used for mounting a separable end stop. Each of the tape-reinforcing portions is provided at one end portion of each of a pair of fastener tapes, and includes a reinforcing piece which has one side surface adapted to be bonded to the cor
4651388 Sliding clasp fastener March 24, 1987
A sliding clasp fastener which is provided has a pair of sliders for opening and closing the fastener in the forward direction and in the reverse direction, respectively. The fastener has a series of discrete coupling elements each having means for facilitating engagement of adjacent
4650091 Slide-fastener discharging apparatus March 17, 1987
An apparatus for discharging slide fasteners comprises a guide unit disposed on a horizontal longitudinal path downstream of a pair of feed rollers for receiving the slide fasteners therefrom one after another, and a gripping unit disposed in the path downstream of the guide unit for
4646813 Multimode ventilator March 3, 1987
A multimode ventilator mounted on a window unit dividing interior and exterior sides from each other has a frame assembly including a central partition on which a heat exchanger is rotatably supported. The frame assembly has first and second inner chambers divided from each other and
4646478 Seal structure between respective end portions of curtain wall units and building wall March 3, 1987
A seal structure between a building wall and respective end portions of a plurality of curtain wall units, in which the curtain wall units (A) are mounted and disposed continuously as predetermined intervals in the vertical and the horizontal directions and have an opposed relation to th
4646397 Surface-type fastener March 3, 1987
A surface-type fastener comprising a pair of fabric fastener strips, one fastener strip having on its one surface a number of hook-shaped engaging elements engageable with a number of loop-shaped engaging elements on one surface of the other fastener strip. One surface of each fastener s
4644886 Method and apparatus for attaching fly strips to a slide fastener chain February 24, 1987
Successive fly strips are continuously sewn to a continuous slide fastener chain by a continuously operating sewing machine as the fly strips are supplied one after another to the sewing machine. During this supplying, a succeeding fly strip is superimposed over a preceding fly strip in
4643246 Bay window with ventilator February 17, 1987
A bay window includes a frame assembly composed of an inner head, an inner transom, an inner sill, an outer head, an outer transom, an outer sill, a middle horizontal panel interconnecting the inner and outer transoms, and a lower horizontal panel interconnecting the inner and outer sill
4641424 Apparatus for finishing slide fastener chain with reinforcing strip February 10, 1987
A slide fastener chain with reinforcing strips is fed along a feed path through a finishing apparatus for trimming the reinforcing strips. The finishing apparatus has a chain guide unit, a cutter unit, and a chain tensioner unit. The chain guide unit includes a stop having recesses for
4639981 Slide fastener stringer having continuous thermo-plastic molded coupling element strip February 3, 1987
A slide fastener stringer having a continuous zigzag-shaped thermoplastic molded coupling element strip. The strip includes a succession of spaced coupling elements, each having a pair of first and second legs extending from a head in a common direction, and a plurality of first and seco
4638542 Method and apparatus for forming element-free spaces in slide fastener chains January 27, 1987
A punch blade depresses the coupling heads of a length of successive filamentary coupling elements toward a knockout blade while sandwiching stringer tapes between upper and lower grippers. The punch blade is lowered until lower legs of the coupling elements are cut off by cutter bla
4637233 Beam for a dyeing apparatus January 20, 1987
A beam for a dyeing apparatus comprises a pair of concentric inner and outer tubes, each having a multiplicity of peripheral holes therethrough. A net of a heat- and corrosion-resistant material is wound on the outer tube for supporting materials (to be treated) thereon to keep the m
4633995 Parts feeder with chute January 6, 1987
A chute for use with an electromagnetically vibratable parts feeder has an inlet end attached to a bowl tangentially thereto and an outlet end remote from the inlet end. A leaf spring assembly is disposed below the chute and attached thereto adjacent to the outlet end. The leaf spring as
4633792 Apparatus for sewing slide fasteners to pairs of fabric pieces January 6, 1987
A slide fastener is sewn to a pair of fabric pieces in a sewing station defined by a double-needle sewing machine. A pair of fastener stringers is twisted around in mirror symmetry with respect to the longitudinal centerline of the slide fastener. A slider, which is slidable on and along
4633580 Device for positioning slide fastener stringers in fastener finishing apparatus January 6, 1987
A device for positioning a pair of longitudinally advancing elongate slide fastener stringers comprises a pair of positioning jaws movable relatively to one another in a direction substantially perpendicular to the plane of each slide fastener stringer to define therebetween a guide chan
4632045 Slider-moving unit in apparatus for sewing a slide fastener to a pair of fabric pieces December 30, 1986
An apparatus for sewing a slide fastener to a pair of fabric pieces is provided with a slider-moving unit for coupling a pair of opposed stringers of the slide fastener immediately after the opposed stringers have been sewn to the respective fabric pieces. The slider-moving unit incl
4631818 Apparatus for applying sliders to separable slide fasteners December 30, 1986
A slider applicator has a stopper attached to an end of a slide rod slidably mounted in a pivotable casing for movement parallel to a feed path along which a slide fastener chain is fed through a slider supported on a slider holder. When the stopper is displaced for a prescribed dist
4629054 Apparatus for supplying slide fastener sliders December 16, 1986
A slider supplying apparatus, for use with a slide-fastener finishing machine, includes a rail for slidingly supporting a number of sliders in succession from a reservoir, with the opposite wings of each slider body astride of the rail and with a pull tab hanging from the slider body, an
4628842 Device for preventing fall of button parts from a chute December 16, 1986
A button attaching machine has a chute assembly for conveying button parts and a blocking device for preventing button parts from falling from a detachable intermediate chute of the chute assembly when the intermediate chute is detached. The blocking device comprises a spring-loaded plun
4627807 Apparatus for manufacturing slide fastener with separable end stop December 9, 1986
An apparatus of manufacturing a slide fastener with a separable end stop according to the invention includes: a step which is carried out while separating engaged stringers of continuous length which have space portions disposed at regular intervals in their longitudinal directions a
4625628 Combined wall and ventilator module for a building December 2, 1986
A combined wall and ventilation module for a building, comprises a wall unit having a thermally insulated frame and a thermally insulated wall element mounted in the frame on the exterior side thereof, and a ventilator supported by the frame on the interior side thereof and having a
4625482 Unit type curtain wall December 2, 1986
A unit type curtain wall is disclosed, which has a plurality of connected curtain wall units each of which consists of vertical and horizontal elongated members tied together to form a rectangular unit frame and a heat insulative panel mounted to close the opening formed by the elongated
4625398 Apparatus for manufacturing bidirectionally openable slide fasteners December 2, 1986
An apparatus for automatically manufacturing a bidirectionally openable slide fastener includes a pin attachment unit for attaching a pin to an end of one of a pair of slide fastener stringers, a pair of first and second slider attachment units for attaching first and second sliders,
4625382 Space forming method for slide fastener chain December 2, 1986
A method of forming a so-called space where fastener elements have been removed from a slide fastener chain in which fastener elements of synthetic resin have been woven into the edges of fastener tapes comprising disengaging right and left stringers from each other, setting each str
4625375 Apparatus for automatically processing a slide fastener chain December 2, 1986
An apparatus, for automatically processing a slide fastener chain to which a succession of fly strips is attached, comprises an intermittently operative feed unit for feeding the fastener chain along a longitudinal path, a first cutting unit disposed upstream of the feed unit for forming
4625370 Hook-and-eye assembly December 2, 1986
A hook-and-eye assembly includes an eye attached by a first fastener to a first fabric (FA), and a hook attached by a second fastener to a second fabric (FB). The eye has a base plate having a pair of arms projecting laterally from one surface of the base plate and defining an opening
4624809 Method and apparatus for forming upper steps of a concealed type slide fastener November 25, 1986
The invention provides method and apparatus for forming upper stops of a concealed type slide fastener. A concealed type slide fastener comprises a pair of fastener stringers each consisting of a fastener tape having a turn-up along one side thereof and fastener elements of thermoplastic
4624369 Method of and apparatus for sorting slide fasteners November 25, 1986
Slide fasteners are fed longitudinally one at a time along a path by at least one stream of air flowing along the path, and are then introduced into a clearance or gate which is narrow enough to prevent the passage of sliders so that when the slide fasteners have respective sliders, they
4624199 Apparatus for preventing fall of button parts from a chute November 25, 1986
A button attaching machine having an apparatus for preventing button parts from falling from an intermediate chute when the latter is detached from a chute assembly. The apparatus includes a transverse lever pivotally connected at one end to a bracket mounted on a lower end of the in
4624032 Slide fastener slider with detachable pull tab November 25, 1986
A slide fastener slider has an arch-shaped lug projecting from the top surface of an upper wing and terminating in a rear free end spaced from the top surface of the upper wing by a predetermined gap. A slide is slidably mounted in the upper wing and has a closure projection. The slide
4623004 Woven slide fastener stringer November 18, 1986
In a woven slide fastener stringer of the type which comprises a row of successively interconnected elongated loops of a plastic filament woven into a longitudinal edge of a stringer tape woven of foundation warp and weft threads, and a pair of groups of upper and lower binding warp thre
4620355 Method for manufacturing a heat insulating sash bar November 4, 1986
The invention provides a novel method for manufacturing a heat insulating sash bar comprising two face members connected together with two connecting members formed of a heat insulating material which is pourable and is cured or solidified after impregnating the space between the face
4619141 Inspection apparatus for slide fasteners October 28, 1986
An apparatus for inspecting slide fasteners is disclosed. The apparatus includes a slide fastener suspension device having a horizontal rotary member provided with a plurality of equally-spaced clips for supporting each of the slide fasteners in a suspended condition, and a drive means
4619092 Curtain wall panel supporting device October 28, 1986
A curtain wall panel supporting device in which batten members are connected to one side faces of right and left vertical frame members and upper and lower horizontal frame members through connection members having a heat insulating property to constitute a rectangular frame having c
4619091 Curtain wall construction having panel support device October 28, 1986
A device, for supporting a heavyweight panel in a curtain wall unit or partition having a rectangular frame, comprises a horizontal support plate adapted to support the panel at its lower edge thereof, and a vertical plate extending downwardly and centrally from the horizontal support
4619023 Slide fastener October 28, 1986
A slide fastener includes a row of coupling elements secured by sewing stitches to one longitudinal edge of a support tape made of a fabric material free of threads woven or knitted together. The sewing stitches are formed of at least one thread having loops passing through the support
4617805 Air conditioner system for building October 21, 1986
An air conditioner system in a building comprising a heat exchanger unit disposed below a building floor, a pair of juxtaposed air passages disposed within a hollow sill in heat exchange relationship to an internal conduit for a heat transferring medium and communicating with the outside
4616593 Paint supply apparatus for rotary painting machine October 14, 1986
In a rotary painting machine having a number of angularly spaced barrels rotatably mounted on an indexing turntable for receiving parts to be painted and a painting station into which each of the barrels is capable of being indexed by rotating the turntable, an apparatus for supplying
4616539 Method of cutting slide fastener chain October 14, 1986
A fastener chain to which a method of the invention is applicable includes space portions where no element is present which are provided at regular intervals along continuous interlocking element trains, and sliders each of which has a pull and is inserted in each length of the element t
4615668 Apparatus for melt-forming bottom stop of slide fastener chain October 7, 1986
A bottom stop melt-forming apparatus melt-forms a bottom stop on a continuous slide fastener chain which alternately has a portion in which elements of a thermoplastic synthetic resin material are interlocked with each other and a space portion in which no element is present. The app
4615288 Mechanism for drawing an elongated sewn product from a sewing machine October 7, 1986
A mechanism, for drawing an elongated sewn product from a sewing machine, has at least one gripper disposed downstream of the sewing machine for gripping a leading end of the sewn product. The gripper is reciprocable on a horizontal rail between a retracted or upstream position and an ad
4615246 Method of cutting a slide fastener chain October 7, 1986
In a method of cutting a continuous slide fastener chain into individual slide fastener lengths, the fastener chain is tensioned between its leading end and a succeeding element-free portion as they are gripped by downstream and at upstream grippers, respectively, at a specified point
4614069 Prefabricated curtain wall assembly September 30, 1986
A curtain wall assembly in the form of an array of standardized curtain wall units. In its simplest form, each curtain wall unit comprises a panel or pane of glass or like material, and a generally rectangular frame supporting the panel. The panel has its top and bottom edge portions
4614067 Assembly of prefabricated panel units having lapping watertight seals September 30, 1986
An assembly of standardized panel units is disclosed as adapted for use as a roof, comprising a series of ridge units of inverted V shaped cross section and an array of planar side units disposed on a sloping plane on each side of the series of ridge units. The vertical joints between th
4611653 Ventilation system September 16, 1986
A ventilation system comprising a heat-exchanger rotor mounted in a four-chamber housing supported on a panel or window unit, and a preliminary heat-exchange unit mounted at an air-intake portion of the housing. The window unit has a frame composed of a plurality of hollow structural
4611546 Apparatus for attaching fly strips to a slide fastener chain September 16, 1986
Successive fly strips are continuously sewn to a continuous slide fastener chain by a continuously operating sewing machine as the fly strips are supplied one after another to the sewing machine. During this supplying, a succeeding fly strip is superimposed over a preceding fly strip in
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