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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4782563 End stop for slide fasteners November 8, 1988
An end stop for slide fasteners includes a rectangular block molded on a portion of folded inner longitudinal tape edges including a plurality of coupling elements mounted thereon, and an integral peripheral seat attached to opposed stringer tapes. The block has an end wall engageable
4780938 Slide fastener slider with detachable pull tab November 1, 1988
A slide fastener slider includes an arch-shaped lug having a rear free end spaced from the top surface of an upper wing by a first gap larger than the diameter of the spindle of a pull tab, and a closure member slidably mounted in the upper wing and having a first closure projection norm
4780937 Fluid-tight slide fastener November 1, 1988
A fluid-tight slide fastener comprises a pair of stringers each having a water-proof support tape and a row of coupling elements mounted on and along a bent inner longitudinal edge of the support tape, a slider slidably mounted on the two rows of coupling elements to take the latter
4775823 Method for controlling opening/closing operation of automatic door in its accidental condition October 4, 1988
According to a method for controlling an automatic door of the present invention, even when an accidental condition occurs due to some obstacle clogging a traveling lane of the door, the door can move at a high speed to its deceleration point so as to immediately enable a man to go throu
4774744 Snap Buckle October 4, 1988
In a buckle comprising male and female members, releasably couplable to each other in snap action, the female member has in its side wall a pair of side walls a pair of side slits, respectively, in which a pair of resilient arms of the female member extends. The female member also has in
4771522 Apparatus for manufacturing slide fasteners September 20, 1988
An apparatus for automatically manufacturing slide fasteners of a desired length from a slide fastener chain of a continuous length has a stop unit which is adjustably disposed in a travelling path of a grip unit downstream thereof and which includes a stop movable between an operative
4770566 Slide fastener overturning conveyer September 13, 1988
A slide fastener overturning conveyer includes an elongate hollow rectangular guide member having a guide channel for the passage of a slide fastener, and air nozzles disposed adjacent to an inlet of the guide channel and directed toward an outlet of the guide channel. The guide memb
4768263 Automatic lock slider for slide fastener September 6, 1988
An automatic lock slider for a slide fastener includes a locking prong spring-biased to protrude into a Y-shaped guide channel in a slider body. The locking prong is urged downwardly to engage a coupling head of a coupling element in an intermeshing region where the mating pair of co
4765524 Garment-fastener assembling apparatus with ram-driven position indicator August 23, 1988
A garment-fastener assembling apparatus includes a drive mechanism for reciprocating an optical position indicator toward and away from an indicating position located in registry with the path of movement of a punch. The drive mechanism is constructed to operate under direct control
4765038 Watertight slide fastener stringer August 23, 1988
A watertight slide fastener stringer comprises a series of coupling elements mounted on a watertight stringer tape along a longitudinal edge portion thereof. Each coupling element includes a pair of upper and lower halves or members disposed one on each side of the stringer tape and
4765034 Cord tightening device August 23, 1988
A cord tightening device for tightening cords on anoraks, shopping bags and other bags includes a hollow body and a slider movably disposed in the body and slidable along a guide groove defined in a face plate of the body. The slider has an annular retainer for pressing cord portions
4760625 Method for producing hooks on hook-and-loop fasteners August 2, 1988
An improved method and apparatus for producing hooks on hook-and-loop fasteners, wherein loops on a loop sheet are cut from the outside thereof on one of the legs thereof near loop heads by reciprocating first movable cutting comb teeth of a first movable blade in a direction perpendicul
4757931 Guide device for elongate article July 19, 1988
A guide device for guiding an elongate article such as a surface-type fastener includes a turntable rotatably supported on a base plate, and a guide assembly supported on the turntable and comprising a plurality of guide units spaced circumferentially around the axis of rotation of the
4757589 Apparatus for removing fastener members from a garment fabric July 19, 1988
In an apparatus for removing fastener members, from a garment fabric by punching the fastener members, by means of a movable punch and a stationary die, a scrap-piece removal member is carried on a vertically movable punch holder around the punch and movable downwardly relative to th
4756203 Intermittent drive mechanism July 12, 1988
An intermittent drive mechanism includes a pair of non-circular drive and driven gears for translating a constant velocity rotary motion of an input shaft into a non-uniform velocity rotary motion of an intermediate shaft, the latter-mentioned rotary motion having a sinusoidal angular sp
4756079 Slide fastener closing apparatus July 12, 1988
A slide-fastener closing apparatus, for moving opposed stringers relative to a slider, includes upper and lower feed rollers coactive to move the stringers in either direction along a feed path, and an arrester normally urged to project into the feed path. After the stringers with the sl
4754620 Dyeing apparatus July 5, 1988
A low-liquor-ratio dyeing apparatus comprising a perforated cylindrical beam rotatably supported within a horizontal vessel for supporting on its periphery materials to be dyed, a liquid flow circulation system for forcing dying liquid through the materials radially outwardly of the beam
4752992 Slide fastener with thermoplastic end stops June 28, 1988
A slide fastener 10 includes an end stop which is made of a thermoplastic material and allowed on melting by ultrasonic or high-frequency fusion to permeate yarns of fastener tapes, penetrate the interstices or openings in the tapes and fuse together at the confronting ends of the end st
4751771 Button June 21, 1988
A button includes a button body and a tack member for attachment of the button to a garment fabric. The button body includes an annular brace holding a button back and a head plate peripherally together. The head plate is made of a die-cast zinc having its front surface exposed to view.
4747210 Slider holder for application of double sliders to a slide fastener chain May 31, 1988
An apparatus for holding a pair of sliders for application to a slide fastener chain comprises, in combination with a plurality of angularly spaced slider supports intermettently movable successively through a slider receiving position and a slider applying position, an auxiliary sli
4745721 Method of attaching window units May 24, 1988
A window unit has a plurality of adjustable anchors fixed to a bottom rail thereof. When the window unit is mounted in a building opening, a top rail thereof is received in a channel-shaped frame secured to an upper edge of the building opening and the adjustable anchors are each placed
4744498 Button holder/die assembly in a device for attaching buttons to sheet members May 17, 1988
A button holder/die assembly in a device for attaching a button to a sheet member, includes a die having a frustoconical portion tapered toward a button support, and a smaller-diameter neck disposed between the button support and the frustoconical portion. The button holder/die assembly
4744133 Fluid-tight slide fastener stringer May 17, 1988
A fluid-tight slide fastener stringer has a fluid-tight tape chiefly made of rubber or synthetic resin on which tape a series of discrete coupling elements are supported along an inner longitudinal margin of the tape. The tape margin is folded so as to provide therealong a pair of spaced
4743412 Space portion processing method and apparatus for a slide fastener chain May 10, 1988
A space portion processing method and apparatus for preprocessing a slide fastener chain before attaching parts forming a separable end stop such as a retainer pin and a separable pin at the space portion of a slide fastener chain formed by cutting and removing a row of elements for a
4743157 Vehicle with goods loading/unloading apparatus May 10, 1988
A vehicle comprised of a chassis frame provided with a plurality of wheels and of a goods loading/unloading apparatus fixedly mounted on the chassis frame. The goods loading/unloading apparatus has a U-shaped body which consists of a flat, rectangular bottom surface portion serving as a
4742969 Winding of flexible elongate material May 10, 1988
A spool for winding thereon a flexible elongate material includes a hollow cylindrical body having an elongate radial opening defined axially in the annular peripheral wall of the spool body for providing a passage of a holding means for automatically holding a leading end of the elongat
4742742 Apparatus for severing elongate product May 10, 1988
An elongate product such as a surface fastener or a slide fastener chain is cut off on a lower cutter blade by an upper cutter blade moving toward and coacting with the lower cutter blade. While the elongate product is being severed, it is pressed down against a base board by a first pre
4742603 Separable bottom-end-stop assembly for separable slide fastener May 10, 1988
A bottom-end-stop assembly for a slide fastener comprises a pair of intercoupling male and female members of thermoplastic synthetic resin adapted to be molded on adjacent bottom ends of opposed fastener stringers. The male member has an inner longitudinal projection and a pivot pin.
4742245 Method for controlling automatic door in turning-on time of its power supply May 3, 1988
In a method for controlling an automatic door system, after a power-supply switch of the system is turned on, a door of the system initially conducts its low-speed opening/closing operation when a first human-body detection signal is inputted to the system; and then, when the door travel
4741285 Apparatus for coating one side of one or more surface type fastener tapes or like strips May 3, 1988
An apparatus capable of simultaneously coating one side of each of several surface type fastener tapes or the like traveling longitudinally in coplanar, parallel spaced relation to one another. For simultaneously coating two fastener tapes a pair of terminal coating units and one int
4739945 Spool for winding thereon flexible elongate materials April 26, 1988
A spool for winding thereon a flexible elongate material includes a pair of diametrically opposite first pins projecting from one end of a hollow cylindrical body of the spool, a pair of diametrically opposite first recesses defined in said one end of the body, a pair of diametrically
4738052 Automatic door with automatic lock system April 19, 1988
An automatic door including a door body connected to a chain or belt extending between and wound around a drive pulley disposed on one side of a door opening and a driven pulley disposed on the other side thereof in which the door body is actuated to open and close by allowing the drive
4736899 Mobile apparatus for reeling surface type fastener tapes or like elongate strips or flexible mat April 12, 1988
At least one, preferably two or more, reels are coaxially mounted on a carriage such as a handcart for rotation independently of each other in order to wind surface type fastener tapes or like strips to be transported from one processing station to another. Disposed in a preassigned
4736880 Punch assembly for garment fastener attaching apparatus April 12, 1988
In an apparatus for joining together a pair of fastener elements of a garment fastener, such as a snap fastener, a button or an ornamental article, with a garment fabric sandwiched between the two fastener elements, a punch assembly for forcing one fastener element against its mating
4734574 Light-projecting and-receiving unit for use in a human body detecting apparatus for automatic do March 29, 1988
A light projecting and receiving unit for use in a human body detecting apparatus having a light projecting section consisting of at least one set of concave mirrors and a plurality of light projecting elements, and a light receiving section consisting of at least one set of concave mirr
4734298 Method of providing marks on surface-type fasteners March 29, 1988
A viscous printing paste is imprinted on a reverse surface of a foundation fabric of a surface-type fastener, and then the paste while being viscous is drawn by a suction force to penetrate the foundation fabric from the reverse surface to an obverse surface from which a multiplicity of
4733081 Method and apparatus for sensing a human body March 22, 1988
A method for sensing a human body has the steps of projecting infra-red rays from a projector, receiving infra-red rays reflected from a background and a human body by a photo-sensor, deriving a difference between a reflection amount from the background and that from the human body o
4732631 Method of manufacturing a tape having a series of surface-type fastener pieces March 22, 1988
A tape having a series of surface-type fastener pieces is manufactured by intermittently feeding a surface-type fastener tape blank composed of a release sheet of paper and a surface-type fastener of synthetic resin attached by an adhesive layer to the release sheet and comprising a base
4732017 Apparatus for treatment March 22, 1988
An apparatus for treating textile materials has an impeller or vane wheel which is disposed in a flow passageway communicating with a circulatory pump and with the interior of a perforated cylindrical beam and which is connected to a shaft of the beam.
4731922 Apparatus for closing slide fastener chains having sliders March 22, 1988
An apparatus for closing a succession of partly disengaged slide fastener coupling element chains with sliders mounted respectively thereon includes an element-engaging block assembly having a guide channel for constrictingly receiving a disengaged portion of each coupling element ch
4731212 Method for continuously manufacturing slide fastener coupling elements March 15, 1988
In a method for continuously manufacturing slide fastener coupling elements, a molded strip of coupling element blanks is folded by a first folder unit about its longitudinal axis while still hot into a U-shaped cross-section to provide a folded strip of coupling element blanks each
4726318 Method of and apparatus for dyeing parts molded of synthetic resin February 23, 1988
Objects molded of synthetic resin such as slide fastener sliders are dyed with a dye liquor having a bath ratio appropriate for an actual amount of dyestuff to be applied to the objects which has been determined from the outer surface area of the objects and the thickness of a dye layer
4724990 Fastener-assembling apparatus with safety device February 16, 1988
A fastener assembling apparatus has a safety device including a vertical elongate rod vertically movably supported by a reciprocable ram and having a feeler disposed adjacent to the path of movement of a punch carried on the ram, the rod being normally urged downwardly toward a lowermost
4724586 Water-resistant slide fastener and method of manufacturing the same February 16, 1988
A water-resistant slide fastener has a pair of water-resistant transversely stretchable stringer tapes having reinforced marginal edge portions, respectively, each including an elastically deformable core tape, and a pair of rows of coupling elements mounted on the reinforced marginal ed
4724584 Cord fastener February 16, 1988
A cord fastener composed of a male member and a female member coupled together against displacement each other since laterally outwardly projecting feet of a pair of resilient legs of the male member is normally held in interlocking engagement with a pair of locking teeth on an inner
4723723 Case for surface-type fastener February 9, 1988
Male and female surface-type fastener tapes are unwound from respective spools in a housing and drawn out of the housing through a tape guide swingably disposed in a slot defined in a side panel of the housing. The spools are disconnected from the housing and can easily be replaced with
4721135 Loop-forming assembly for weaving machine January 26, 1988
An improved loop-forming assembly in a weaving machine for forming a surface fastener tape blank having a multiplicity of warp pile loops formed of loop-forming warp threads comprises: a plurality of parallel spaced lancets; a deflector extending transversely of and over the lancets;
4719673 Lockable slider for slide fasteners January 19, 1988
An automatic lock slider for a slide fastener provided with discrete coupling elements includes a locking prong which is movable into and out of a guide passage in the slider. The prong has a cam surface downwardly canted at an angle of which represents the critical
4718149 Slide fastener January 12, 1988
A slide fastener comprises a reinforcement strip fixed to at least one surface of each stringer tape of nonwoven sheet material along its one longitudinal edge to which a row of coupling elements is attached by sewing stitches. The stringer tape is made of thermoplastic synthetic res
4717061 Button feeder for button applicator January 5, 1988
A button feeder feeds a button to a button applicator which applies the button to a garment fabric piece. The button feeder has a feed guide, a first side guide member having a substantially wedge-shaped groove, and a second side guide member having a wall confronting the wedge-shaped
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