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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4838495 Apparatus for starting rotation of tape-supply spool June 13, 1989
An apparatus for starting rotation of a non-driven tape-supply spool comprises a lever pivotally connected at its base to one side of a frame by a pivot, a first cylinder pivotally connected at its base to the same side of the frame by the same pivot and having a first piston rod, a
4838097 Detecting apparatus for detecting reinforcing strip on slide fastener chain June 13, 1989
An apparatus for detecting the presence and position of a reinforcing strip on a continuous slide fastener chain comprises a detecting probe connected to and rotatable with a lever member into and out of the path of the fastener chain travelling undirectionally in an assembling line. The
4838044 Warp-knit tape for hook-and-loop fasteners June 13, 1989
A warp-knit tape is disclosed for use in hook-and-loop fasteners, which tape comprises a pile portion and selvage portions on opposite sides thereof, the pile portion including pile-loops arranged to extend longitudinally in a meandering fashion to prevent the same from tilting down
4835845 Parts applicator for slide fasteners June 6, 1989
A parts applicator for applying fastener parts such as pins of a separable end stop to a fastener chain includes an anvil slidably mounted in an oscillatable holder and having a pocket in which each fastener part is releasably received. The holder is angularly moved between a reclining
4834806 Corrosion-resistant structure comprising a metallic surface and an amorphous alloys surface bond May 30, 1989
A corrosion-resistant amorphous surface alloy is disclosed which is 150 .mu.m or less thick and bonded onto a substrate crystalline metal or alloy and processed by irradiation of high energy density beam, such alloy being composed of 8-19 at % Cr, 17-22 at % in the sum of P and 2-7 at %
4832065 Method and apparatus for washing elongated tape with hot water May 23, 1989
In washing an elongated tape with hot water, the tape is fed through a succession of hot-water baths one after another. When the tape is transferred from one bath to the next, the hot water on and in the tape is removed. In each bath, the tape is brought out of and then into the hot
4831709 Method of an apparatus for removing coupling elements from a slide fastener stringer tape May 23, 1989
Each of coupling elements mounted on a slide fastener stringer tape has a coupling head and two legs extending from the coupling head and mounted astride of a longitudinal beaded edge of the stringer tape, the legs being integrally interconnected by a connector extending through the stri
4830255 Fastener conveying apparatus for fastener assembling machine May 16, 1989
A fastener conveying apparatus, for a fastener assembling machine, comprises a chute defining a first passageway for guiding therethrough fastener members in succession, a guide pivotally mounted on a fixed guide holder and defining a second passageway for guiding therethrough one fa
4829638 Automatically locking slider May 16, 1989
In an automatically locking slider in which a pull tab is pivotally connected at its spindle portion to a housing having a built-in locking member and mounted on a upper wing of a slider body, a pull tab carrier is slidably mounted on the upper wing for movement between a closed position
4827580 Lockable slider May 9, 1989
A lockable slider for a slide fastener is disclosed which has a locking prong integral with a pull tab and engageable between two adjacent fastener elements. The locking prong has a rounded apex, an arcuate slide surface and a vertical lock surface, said slide surface extending a length
4825514 Top stop for water-tight slide fastener May 2, 1989
A top stop for a water-tight slide fastener includes a generally C-shaped inner sealing body for water-tightly surrounding a diamond of a slider when the slide fastener is fully closed, and a generally C-shaped outer sealing body integral with the inner sealing body and extending around
4823447 Pull tab attachment for slide fastener slider April 25, 1989
A pull tab attachment for attaching a pull tab to a slider body is made of a plastically deformable material. The pull tab attachment includes a ring member on one end for being loosely fitted in a pull tab retainer on the slider body, and a pair of jaws comprising a pair of gripper arms
4823446 Fluid-tight slide fastener stringer April 25, 1989
A fluid-tight slide fastener stringer has a fluid-tight tape including a longitudinally non-stretchable and transversely stretchable woven or knit fabric wholly covered with a layer of elastic rubber or synthetic resin. The tape has non-stretchable warp inlaid threads and stretchable wef
4821475 Duct mounting structure for prefabricated curtain wall with air conditioning system April 18, 1989
In order to enable piping work associated with the duct mounting to the carried out easily, to obtain a large heat radiation area, and to enhance the efficiency of the heat radiation, there is provided a duct mounting structure for a prefabricated curtain wall with an air conditioning sy
4821396 Method of manufacturing separable slide fasteners April 18, 1989
Separable slide fasteners are manufactured from an alongate slide fastener chain composed of a pair of slide fastener stringers having rows of coupling elements alternating with element-free portions having substantially U-shaped recesses defined in inner edges thereof. The elongate
4819852 Automatic fastener assembling apparatus April 11, 1989
In an automatic fastener assembling apparatus, a device for actuating a drive to initiate the lowering of a punch includes a pivotable actuating lever having at its front end portion a lower sloping edge and at its rear end portion a projection the front end portion being normally urged
4819318 Method of attaching parts of separable bottom end assembly to a continuous slide fastener chain April 11, 1989
In a method of attaching parts of a separable bottom end assembly to a continuous slide fastener chain, a box or insertion pin, in the shape of a channel, of a separable bottom end assembly is threaded onto one of longitudinally spaced successive element-free portions of one longitudinal
4819306 Swivel joint April 11, 1989
A swivel joint includes a central member having a joint barrel having a first insertion hole and a second insertion hole parallel thereto, a slot communicating with the first insertion hole, a pair of first confronting inner surfaces defining the first insertion hole and having a pair of
4817252 Fluid-tight slide fastener April 4, 1989
A fluid-tight slide fastener comprising a pair of stringers each having a support tape and a row of coupling elements mounted on and along a folded inner longitudinal tape edge, a slider slidably mounted on the opposed rows of coupling elements, and an end stop mounted on the tapes and h
4815176 Lock device for slide fastener sliders March 28, 1989
A lock device for a container having an opening adapted to be opened and closed by a slide fastener is composed of only three structural components, namely a slide fastener slider having a closure member slidably mounted thereon for opening and closing a gap between an arch-shaped lu
4815175 Strap fastener March 28, 1989
A strap fastener for releasably connecting a belt to the body of a bag comprises a base plate adapted to be mounted on the body of the bag, and a cover plate pivotably connected to the base plate and releasably lockable on the base plate. The cover plate has at least one slot for the pas
4815173 Open-faced button March 28, 1989
An open-faced button includes a button body having an annular reinforcement plate disposed between an annular flange of a button back and an annular cap so as to prevent undesirable deformation of the annular flange which would otherwise occur when a tack is staked into the button body t
4813361 Method and apparatus for applying protective strip to end of slide fastener March 21, 1989
In a method and apparatus for applying a protective strip by sewing to an end of a slide fastener, a continuous protective strip is fed downwardly toward a tape supply position on the base of a sewing machine with its one surface facing opposite to a direction of feed of a slide fastener
4813106 Telescopic button March 21, 1989
In a button which includes a button body and a tack member adapted to be joined with the button body when attaching the button to a garment fabric, the button body has a contractible and stretchable hollow hub in the form of a double tube composed of an outer tube integral with a button
4811468 Hook element for surface fasteners March 14, 1989
A hook or male element for surface fasteners which is made of a thermoplastic monofilamentary material and which is provided with a coarse surface finish having a multiplicity of alternate minute recesses and ridges, giving rise in its frictional force and ensuring firm, stable engag
4809532 Method of manufacturing split ring springs for snap fasteners March 7, 1989
A split ring spring for snap fasteners has a burr extending from each end of the ring spring in a direction parallel to the imaginary central axis of the ring spring. When a stud member is snapped with a socket member in which the split ring spring is incorporated, the burrs do not damag
4809414 Apparatus for manufacturing bidirectionally openable slide fasteners March 7, 1989
In an apparatus for manufacturing a bidirectionally openable slide fastener, a guide unit is disposed between a pair of spaced first and second slider attachment units for holding taut an individual slide fastener length between the guide unit and a chain gripper even when the indivi
4809407 Open-faced buttons March 7, 1989
A button body of an open-faced button includes an ornamental face disk rotatably supported on a cylindrical retainer firmly fitted in the tubular stem of a button back. The retainer has an axial hole for receiving the shank of a tack, and a radial groove extending transversely across the
4803809 Single sliding sash window February 14, 1989
A single sliding sash window having a fixed sash and a movable sash includes an inverted L-shaped mounting flange formed integrally with the sill of a window frame and supporting thereon the fixed sash. One of opposed jambs of the window frame has a longitudinal guide groove sealingl
4802262 Buckle assembly February 7, 1989
A buckle assembly includes a plug member and a socket member releasably coupled together to connect opposite ends of a strap or belt. The plug member includes a cantilevered resilient tongue having a locking lug lockingly engageable with a stopper bar of the socket member to couple the
4799612 Foot-operated press January 24, 1989
A foot-operated press includes a ratchet mechanism operatively connecting a foot pedal and a punch of the press for preventing backward movement of the foot pedal until after the punch has fully been lowered to ensure that a pair of fastener elements can be assembled together in properly
4799611 Apparatus for assembling pairs of garment fastener elements January 24, 1989
A garment-fastener assembling apparatus includes a combined supporting and connecting mechanism composed of a pivot lever rotatably mounted on a frame and pivotably connected at its one end with the cylinder tube of a punch-driving cylinder and at the other end with a first pusher mechan
4799515 Woven slide fastener stringer January 24, 1989
In a woven slide fastener stringer in which a gap-filling warp thread extends under successive loops of a coiled plastic filament and alternately over and under picks of a foundation weft thread so as to pull portions of the foundation weft thread between the outermost upper binding
4799313 Apparatus for threading a slider onto opposed stringers for slide fastener January 24, 1989
An apparatus for threading a slider onto a pair of stringers of a slide fastener comprises a slider holder disposed in a longitudinal path of the opposed stringers, an aligning member disposed downstream of the slider holder for laterally aligning respective leading ends of the opposed
4799298 Strap retainer January 24, 1989
A strap retainer includes a flexible plate adapted to be attached by sewing to a substrate, and a retaining mound integral with the plate and raised above the upper surface of the plate so as to define therebetween a pair of laterally aligned apertures for the passage therethrough of the
4796519 Prefabricated window unit with air conditioning system January 10, 1989
A prefabricated window unit with an air conditioning system in which cold or hot air is passed through hollow vertical and horizontal members forming a framework of the window unit, and the air is blown out through a blow part formed in the framework toward a room, whereby the room air i
4796497 Method and apparatus for cutting a chain of elongate products January 10, 1989
In a method and apparatus for cutting a chain of longitudinally joined elongate products into pieces of a desired length, the chain of elongate products is intermittently fed by a feed unit through a first distance equal to the length of each piece to be severed, along a path through a
4795072 Button orienting and placing apparatus January 3, 1989
A button orienting and placing apparatus comprises a guide table defining a substantially horizontal first guide channel, and a chute defining a slanting second guide channel communicating at its lower end with one end portion of the first guide channel remotely from a die. Each of the f
4793031 Strap fastener December 27, 1988
A strap fastener includes a fastener body on which a strap is retained, and a socket member adapted to be mounted on the fabric of a bag to retain the fastener body for connecting the strap to the bag. The fastener body has a plug with an enlarged head snappingly receivable in a stepped
4790973 Method of making injection-molded slide fastener sliders December 13, 1988
A method of making an injection-molded slide fastener slider includes a first injection-molding step for forming a slider body having an integral arch-shaped support lug and a second injection-molding step for forming a pull tab threaded through a transverse hole in the support lug. For
4790469 Tape feed apparatus December 13, 1988
In a fastener attaching machine, a tape feed apparatus comprises a shaft manually rotatably supported by a holder, a feed roller mounted on the shaft via a one-way clutch for rotation with the shaft in one direction only, a spring normally urging the shaft to be rotated in the other
4790050 Pull tab for slide fastener slider December 13, 1988
A pull tab for a slide fastener slider is disclosed which comprises a first member made of a hard, rigid material and pivotally connected to the slider and a second member made of a soft, resilient material engageable through a plug and socket connection with the first member. The pull t
4789089 Automatic fastener assembling machine December 6, 1988
In an automatic fastener assembling machine, an automatic lower-fastener-element supply apparatus includes a guide member horizontally reciprocable in timed relation to vertical movement of a punch, and a die supported by the guide member and movable, in response to reciprocating mov
4788812 Method and apparatus for stacking elongated tape-like articles December 6, 1988
Firstly, elongated tape-like articles from a finishing machine are received one by one on a horizontal first pallet above a tray in a bundling or packing station and are then released therefrom the individual article to fall upon receipt. Secondly, the successive articles from the first
4788755 Cord tightening device December 6, 1988
A cord tightening device for tighening cords on anoraks, rucksacks, shopping bags, life jackets, and other bags and pouches includes a body having a pair of spaced face and back plates and a pair of spaced side walls interconnecting the face and back plates. A slider is movably dispo
4787140 Apparatus for attaching top end stops to a continuous slide fastener chain November 29, 1988
A clamping mechanism mounted on a punch/die holder includes a pair of punch arms angularly movably supported on the punch/die holder and a die fixed to the punch/die holder and disposed between the punch arms for supporting U-shaped top end stops between the die and lower ends of the pun
4786565 Highly weather-resistant electrodeposition coating composition November 22, 1988
Disclosed is a highly weather-resistant electrodeposition coating composition which is obtained by neutralizing a mixture of an acrylic polycarboxylic resin having an acid value of from 30 to 100 and fluorocarbon polymers with ammonia or an organic amine, melting point of said fluoro
4783948 Method and apparatus for bundling and elongated article November 15, 1988
In a bundling method and apparatus, a relatively long article is wound on a take-up reel and is then released onto a tray in a bundling unit located immediately below the take-up reel. On the tray, the wound article is compressed into a folded and flat posture by a preser, and is then bu
4782988 Apparatus for feeding a surface type fastener tape or the like along a predetermined path November 8, 1988
An apparatus for feeding an elongate surface tape or a strip of piled, plushed or tufted textile along a predetermined path has a drive roller which has a multiplicity of wire bristles planted in its surface for releasable engagement with the strip. Disposed upstream of the drive rol
4782587 Slider holding apparatus November 8, 1988
An apparatus for holding a slider includes a holder body defining a space for receiving a pull tab, and a slider support having a first seat and a bore below the first seat. A locking lever is pivotally disposed in the space and has a locking projection. A supporting arm is angularly mov
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