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Yoshida Kogyo K. K. Patents
Yoshida Kogyo K. K.
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4922584 Slide fastener May 8, 1990
A slide fastener comprising a pair of stringer tapes which are separable into identical halves by means of a pin-and-box separator, a reinforcing strip attached to an end of each of the stringer tapes and an adhesive film fusible to bond the strip to the tape. Both of the stringer tape a
4920616 Slider for a slide fastener May 1, 1990
A slider for use with a ladder-type slide fastener is disclosed which comprises a pair of opposed flanges and means of locking the slider in place against unintentional movement under the influence of a force tending to spread open the fastener. The locking means comprises a locking
4920615 Slide fastener slider with detachable pull tab May 1, 1990
A slide fastener slider comprises a slider body, a pull tab support pivotally connected at one end to the slider body, and a pull tab removably attached to the opposite end of the pull tab support. The pull tab support comprises a hook portion hooked to define therein a gap for loose
4918443 Method for determining a rotational angle of a rotary body April 17, 1990
For the purpose of knowing an angular position and a rotational speed of a rotary body, according to an encoding pattern on an encoder mounted to and synchronously rotated with the rotary body, rotational angular position signals consisting of n-phase rectangular waves and sensing pulses
4916779 Adjustable fastener April 17, 1990
An adjustable fastener for interconnecting a first and a second part of an article includes a flat hollow sleeve having a first connecting portion for attachment to the first part, a plug having a second connecting portion for attachment to the second part, a flat body slidably received
4915140 Woven slide fastener stringer April 10, 1990
A woven slide fastener stringer is disclosed, which comprises a woven support tape and a row of continuous coupling elements woven into a longitudinal edge of the tape. The coupling elements are securely anchored in place by a minimum number of binding warp threads and a plurality of
4912819 Hook element for surface fasteners April 3, 1990
A hook or male element for surface fasteners has peripheral surface irregularities in the form of protuberances and/or grooves, affording increased surface area for a given material. This hook element is capable of holding itself in the shape and posture desired for effective engagem
4911767 Corrosion-resistant aluminum-based alloys March 27, 1990
The present invention provides high corrosion-resistant aluminum-based alloys having a composition represented by the general formula Al.sub.x M.sub.y (wherein: M is one metal element selected from the group consisting of Y, La, Ce, Nd and Sm; and x and y range from 75 to 98 atomic p
4910854 Process of and apparatus for gapping a slide fastener March 27, 1990
A process and apparatus is disclosed for gapping a slide fastener chain to provide an element-free zone at predetermined intervals along a respective fastener stringer. The process essentially comprises cutting a connecting string interconnecting a series of discrete coupling elements se
4909867 High strength, heat resistant aluminum alloys March 20, 1990
The present invention provides high-strength and heat resistant aluminum alloys having a composition represented by the general formula Al.sub.a M.sub.b La.sub.c (wherein M is at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Mn and Mo; and a, b and c are
4908913 Safety hook March 20, 1990
A safety hook includes a generally R-shaped latch member pivotally mounted on a hook member for opening and closing a mouth of the hook member. The R-shaped latch member includes a ring-shaped head having a pair of spaced resilient support lugs on which pivot pins are formed. The head of
4906318 Device for applying auxiliary film to slide fastener chain March 6, 1990
An auxiliary film is applied or fused to a slide fastener chain having a pair of intermeshing rows of coupling elements with an element-free space defined therein. The slide fastener chain is fed by a chain feeder along a feed path. The device for applying the auxiliary film includes an
4904880 Automatic door driving system February 27, 1990
An automatic door driving system is disclosed, which can electrically perform automatic door opening/closing operation in case of emergency, i.e., occurrence of a fire, or power stoppage and effect automatic door opening/closing control according to the prevailing situation. In the d
4894890 Buckle assembly January 23, 1990
A buckle assembly composed of three components, i.e. a retainer base, a plug and a socket for releasably connecting three belts or straps. The retainer base has an aperture for receiving therein an upstanding generally C-shaped locking lug to connect the retainer base and the socket.
4893851 Thumb turn latch January 16, 1990
A thumb turn latch includes a latch body having a split shank snap-fitted in a stepped hole in a retainer. The stepped hole has a cam surface engageable with an enlarged foot on the split shank to urge the latch body toward the retainer.
4891868 Eye for a hook-and-eye fastener January 9, 1990
A female component of a hook-and-eye fastener is assembled from an eye body and an eyelet. The eye body of a hollow configuration having opposite end openings into which a hook body of a male component is inserted to engage the eye body of the female component, which body is provided wit
4891867 Slide fastener January 9, 1990
A slide fastener comprising a fastener tape and a continuous synthetic resin fastener element row produced by extruding means having a series of cavities and secured to one side edge of the fastener tape by means of element securing threads is disclosed. The fastener element row includes
4891866 Buckle of synthetic resin January 9, 1990
A buckle comprises a base plate, a locking hook, and a retainer which are simultaneously molded of polymeric organic synthetis resin. The base plate includes a pair of spaced support members having respective bearing holes and respective ridges on inner surfaces thereof. Similarly, the r
4890364 Split ring springs for snap fasteners and method of manufacturing the same January 2, 1990
A split ring spring for snap fasteners has a burr extending from each end of the ring spring in a direction parallel to the imaginary central axis of the ring spring. When a stud member is snapped with a socket member in which the split ring spring is incorporated, the burrs do not damag
4888859 Water-tight slide fastener December 26, 1989
A water-tight slide fastener is disclosed, which comprises a pair of support tapes each coated on one surface with a water-resistant material and a row of coupling elements mounted on each of the tapes along its longitudinal edge. The spaces or gaps defined in the row of elements being
4888858 Buckle assembly December 26, 1989
A buckle comprises a male member having a tongue-shaped presser having on its bottom side a pair of engaging legs each having on its inner side a stepped portion and a female member in the form of a case having in its top wall a central aperture, the female member having a pair of resili
4888839 Method and apparatus for treating elongate textile materials December 26, 1989
An elongate textile material liquid-permeably wound on a bobbin and a treatment liquid are enclosed in a container with a gaseous phase portion remaining within the container. The container is conveyed through an elongate heating bath for heating the treatment liquid at a predetermined
4884613 Sash assembly with built-in blind December 5, 1989
A sash assembly with a built-in blind wherein, upon modification of the existing fixed sash window to such a sash assembly with a built-in blind, the existing window frame can be utilized as it is without having to dismantle it, and which has an extremely simple construction and whereby
4878275 Separable slide fastener November 7, 1989
A top end stop of one of opposed fastener stringers of a separable slide fastener has an obtusely angled configuration composed of longitudinally continuous and integral first and second half parts. Each of the first and second half parts has a maximum width equal to or slightly smaller
4877076 Screen unit with built-in blind October 31, 1989
A screen unit with a built-in blind, capable of being mounted on an existing sash at a low cost through simple work. The screen unit comprises: a rectangular unit frame consisting of an upper horizontal frame member, a lower horizontal frame member, a right vertical frame member and
4873847 Apparatus for dyeing a fabric material October 17, 1989
An apparatus for dyeing a fabric material comprising a semicircular dye vessel having at opposite ends upwardly directed openings, a first conduit and second conduit connected at one end to the respective openings of the vessel, a dye feed box with a jet nozzle and a deflecting means
4870724 Separable slide fastener October 3, 1989
A separable slide fastener has a separable end assembly attached to reinforced bottom end portions of a pair of stringer tapes, and a pair of grip tabs each secured to the reinforced bottom end portions of the respective stringer tape and adapted to manipulate the separable end assem
4866825 Apparatus for cutting down finished slide fasteners September 19, 1989
An apparatus for cutting down or reducing the length of a finished slide fastener includes a pilot pin disposed immediately adjacent to the rear end of an element clamper and spaced from the rear end of an element cutter by a distance which is equal to the sum of the element pitch of a
4866819 Buckle assembly September 19, 1989
A buckle assembly includes a socket member and a plug member adapted to be releasably coupled with the socket member. The socket member includes a resilient locking arm releasable engageable with a pair of locking legs of the plug member when the locking legs are inserted into the socket
4865242 Chain feeder for slide fastener finishing machines September 12, 1989
A chain feeder for used in a slide fastener finishing machine includes feed roller mounted on a driven shaft driven to rotate in one direction via a clutch and a spring-biased brake lever mounted on the driven shaft via a one-way clutch for exerting a braking force to the driven shaft wh
4864700 Buckle assembly September 12, 1989
A buckle assembly composed of three components, i.e. a socket, a main plug and an auxiliary plug for releasably connecting three straps or belts. The socket includes a cantilevered resilient locking arm interlockingly engageable with a resilient locking tongue of the main plug when the
4862585 Apparatus for attaching top end stops to slide fastener chain September 5, 1989
A pair of top end stops is attached to respective beaded edges of a pair of stringer tapes of a slide fastener chain which is fed along a feed path. A punch and die assembly disposed above the feed path has a pair of pockets for gripping the top end stops, respectively. The die assembly
4860619 Elongate article processing apparatus with an improved discharge device August 29, 1989
A discharge device incorporated in an elongate article processing apparatus includes a discharge unit disposed immediately downstream of a cutter of the apparatus and a conveyor unit extending downstream of the discharge unit. The discharge unit includes a drive roller and a vertically m
4858447 Warp-knit tape for hook-and-loop fasteners August 22, 1989
A warp-knit tape for hook-and-loop fasteners comprises a pile portion and selvage portions extending on opposite longitudinal edges thereof, the pile portion being constructed with pile threads, foundation threads and laid-in weft threads. The pile threads are knitted into a continuous c
4858284 Separable bottom end stop for slide fastener August 22, 1989
A separable bottom end stop includes first and second end stop members mounted on respective stringer tapes of a slide fastener at lowermost ends of the rows of coupling elements. The first end stop member has a first finger on an end thereof and a tooth remote from the first finger, and
4858281 Ornamental button August 22, 1989
A button device has a head member and a back member joined therewith, the head member having a central cavity dimensioned to receive an insert member with a press-fit. The insert member is generally dome-shaped with its peripheral wall upwardly tapered. The cavity is defined by an inner
4856695 Method of and apparatus for feeding slide fastener chain with fly strips August 15, 1989
A method of feeding a continuous slide fastener chain with successive fly strips in a slide-fastener finishing machine, comprises feeding the slide fastener chain with successive fly strips along a horizontal straight path normally by applying driving force to one tape free of the fly st
4855592 Apparatus using optical fibers for inspecting slide fastener elements August 8, 1989
Apparatus for inspecting irregular coupling elements from continuously running slide fastener chains is essentially comprised of a light source including a light emitter and a light receptor, an optical fiber extending from the light source and having a leading end arranged to face a row
4854253 Method and apparatus for applying protective strip to end of slide fastener August 8, 1989
In a method and apparatus for applying a protective strip by sewing to an end of a slide fastener, a continuous protective strip is fed downwardly toward a tape supply position on the base of a sewing machine with its one surface facing opposite to a direction of feed of a slide fastener
4854137 Perforated beam apparatus August 8, 1989
A perforated beam apparatus is disclosed for dyeing or otherwise treating fabric materials, the apparatus comprising a horizontally disposed treatment vessel and a perforated cylindrical beam mounted concentrically in the vessel, and adapted to wind thereon layers of cloth, tapes, yarns
4852771 Parts supply hopper August 1, 1989
A parts supply hopper operatively associated with a parts feeder for supplying the latter with a predetermined amount of articles, includes a generally cup-shaped container held in an angular position and rotatably at least through an angle of 180 degrees, and a partition wall disposed i
4850085 Apparatus for producing hooks on hook-and-loop fasteners July 25, 1989
An improved method and apparatus for producing hooks on hook-and-loop fasteners, wherein loops on a loop sheet are cut from the outside thereof on one of the legs thereof near loop heads by reciprocating first movable cutting comb teeth of a first movable blade in a direction perpendicul
4848638 Punch assembly July 18, 1989
A punch assembly comprising a cylindrical clamper holder, a ram reciprocatingly movable therein and having an axial bore, a punch carried on the ram, a pair of clampers pivotally mounted on the clamper holder and releasably holding a fastening element, a pair of washers received in a
4845829 Method of manufacturing separable slide fastener July 11, 1989
An elongate continuous slide fastener chain is fed in alternately opposite longitudinal directions in various steps (a) through (e). First, reinforcing film members are attached to the chain across an element-free space, and then a hole is defined in the chain across the element-free
4842799 Method for injection molding end stops on slide fastener June 27, 1989
A method of applying end stop members by injection molding to a slide fastener having rows of coupling elements on opposed stringer tape edges, a predetermined length of each of these tape edges being held upright or substantially vertical to the plane of the tape web and embraced by end
4840322 Winding of flexible elongate material June 20, 1989
A spool for winding thereon a flexible elongate material includes a hollow cylindrical body having an elongate radial opening defined axially in the annular peripheral wall of the spool body for providing a passage of a holding means for automatically holding a leading end of the elongat
4840301 Fastener conveying apparatus for fastener assembling machine June 20, 1989
A fastener conveying apparatus for a fastener assembling machine comprises a chute defining a first passageway for guiding a plurality of fastener members in succession, a guide defining a second passageway joined at one end to a lower end of the first passageway for guiding the fastener
4839963 Slider handling apparatus June 20, 1989
A slider handling apparatus has a pressure roller and a drive roller peripherally engageable therewith to transfer a slide fastener chain assembled with component parts including sliders. A slider arresting means is operatively associated with the pressure and drive rollers for arres
4839956 Method of and apparatus for attaching top stops to slide fastener chain June 20, 1989
In attaching a pair of horizontal U-shaped top stops of synthetic resin to a continuous slide fastener chain, opposed tape edges near a leading one of successive element-free spaces are spread apart, and the top stops are clamped each on its upper and lower surfaces and are placed betwee
4839946 Cord lock June 20, 1989
A cord lock is composed of only two component parts, namely a one-piece socket molded of synthetic resin and having a pair of resilient flaps, and a one-piece plug molded of synthetic resin and having a wedge-shaped end portion engageable with the resilient flaps and coacting with the la
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