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Yokogawa Electric Corporation Patents
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D667321 Temperature transmitter September 18, 2012
D664452 Fiber optic temperature sensor July 31, 2012
D609195 Controller February 2, 2010
D597864 Digital indicating controller August 11, 2009
D319661 Recording pen September 3, 1991
D298110 Halogen gas leak detector October 18, 1988
8584237 Improper communication detection system November 12, 2013
An improper communication detection system that acquires packets that are circulated through a plant network by mirroring and detects improper communication includes a storage unit configured to prestore a session whitelist, which is a list of sessions that can be generated in the plant
8571833 Field device maintenance apparatus October 29, 2013
A field device maintenance apparatus includes a field device connection unit that communicates with a field device whose operation contents are defined by parameters; a work-information acquisition unit that acquires parameter attribute information including whether or not the individual
8566691 Analyzer October 22, 2013
An analyzer may include a body housing having a first ID, a first measurement module having a second ID that is different from the first ID, the first measurement module being releasably attachable to the body housing, a first memory in the body housing, the first memory being config
8566587 Network system and method for operating network system October 22, 2013
A control network system connected with a node having a unique identifier includes a KDC4B for distributing a first key to the node for cryptographic communication, a PS4B for supplying a function name and a second key corresponding to the unique identifier to the node by the cryptog
8565104 Field control system and field control method October 22, 2013
In a field control system in which a plurality of field equipments that are operated in a previously set schedule and constitute a control loop perform a packet communication via a network, there is provided a configurator for collecting measured result packets to which a time stamp
8296770 Systems and methods for allocation of hardware resource to tasks accordance with the device-base October 23, 2012
The allocation of hardware resources to distribution applications is enabled without using effective task priority available only in field devices. A distribution system makes a plurality of field devices connected with each other through a network (N) operate a plurality of distribu
8290601 Plant control system October 16, 2012
A plant control system includes at least one control apparatus, and an engineering apparatus for changing a security state of the control apparatus. The control apparatus includes: a security management part for accepting a security level change request downloaded from the engineering
8281177 Distributed control system October 2, 2012
There is provided a distributed control system including a plurality of field controllers which are connected through a control network. Each of the field controllers includes: a control clock that defines a control timing of the field controller; and an adjustment unit that adjusts a
8280530 Plant control system October 2, 2012
A plant control system includes: an engineering apparatus for defining change information so as to change definition information about the system; and a control apparatus for referring to the change information downloaded from the engineering apparatus to set an output value of a fie
8279453 Method and device for measuring thickness of multilayer film October 2, 2012
There is provided a method of measuring a physical thickness of each of layers of a multilayer film, based on an optical thickness thereof. The method includes: (a) setting refractive indexes of the layers; (b) calculating a coefficient matrix using the refractive indexes; (c) provid
8264682 Optical spectrum analyzer September 11, 2012
An optical spectrum analyzer includes a diffraction-grating control unit configured to change an angle of a diffraction grating to change a wavelength of a dispersed light beam extracted from incident light, a calculator unit configured to calculate an angle of the diffraction gratin
8264680 Biochip reader and electrophoresis system September 11, 2012
A biochip reader wherein spectroscopic information of a sample under analysis is arranged in spaces between images of the sample arranged on a biochip. The reader comprises a confocal microscope and the biochip comprises a transparent substrate to allow passage of the excitation ligh
8264677 Optical path monitoring device and optical path monitoring system September 11, 2012
An optical path monitoring device according to the present invention includes: a measurement unit which irradiates optical pulses to an optical path as a monitoring target to cause back scattered lights, the measurement unit generating measurement data based on the back scattered lig
8264339 Alarm management apparatus September 11, 2012
The invention relates to an alarm management apparatus for managing an alarm occurring in a plant. The alarm management apparatus includes an alarm collection unit for collecting an alarm; a process data collection unit for collecting process data; an alarm suppression determination unit
8234933 Ultrasonic meter for determining physical quantity of a fluid based on a determined plurality of August 7, 2012
An ultrasonic meter may include, but is not limited to, an emitter that emits a series of ultrasonic burst signals towards a fluid containing bubbles and/or particles, the series of ultrasonic burst signals being reflected by the air bubbles and/or particles in the fluid to be a series
8229576 Field device management apparatus and field device management system July 24, 2012
There is provided a field device management apparatus for acquiring and managing device information about a field device. The apparatus includes: a device information description unit having: an activation processing algorithm that activates a device information processing algorithm for
8224473 Apparatus and method for monitoring an industrial process July 17, 2012
An apparatus for monitoring an industrial process comprising a plurality of variables. The apparatus comprises a defining module configured for defining a normal-condition data set may comprise data values of the variables when the industrial process is operating under a normal condi
8214071 Simulation method, fiber orientation control method and fiber orientation control apparatus July 3, 2012
A method includes steps of: expressing changes of velocity components of a paper material at an exit of a slice lip by using a mathematical model, wherein the changes of velocity components are caused by manipulating an edge flow adjustment means (or a side bleed adjustment means) of a
8190941 Field control system May 29, 2012
The field control system includes: a field device; a field controller which is connected to a control network and which executes a computation processing for controlling the field device according to a given control cycle while executing a data communication between the field controller
8170134 Transmitter and a method for duplicating same May 1, 2012
The present invention is intended to realize a transmitter whose internal signal processing function can be duplicated without having to add any hardware components. The transmitter converts an input signal into an output signal using a plurality of calculation steps, comprising a ba
8154550 Waveform display device and waveform display method April 10, 2012
The invention aims to implement a waveform display device capable of visibly displaying a comparison waveform in an arbitrary range and a waveform display method. The waveform display device for executing waveform display of waveform data on a display section comprises an input secti
8151653 Coriolis flowmeter April 10, 2012
A Coriolis flowmeter 10 vibrates a measurement tube through which a fluid subject to measurement flows, detects vibrations including Coriolis force developed in the fluid from the vibrations, and measures a mass flow rate of the fluid from a detection signal. The Coriolis flowmeter is
8131790 Decimation filter March 6, 2012
A decimation filter has: a plurality of calculating devices each having a multiplier and an accumulator; a plurality of coefficient memories (a ring memory and shift registers) which store filter coefficients, and which correspond to the calculating devices, respectively; and a selector
8130636 Communication control system March 6, 2012
A communication control system is provided that performs communications satisfying a request for industrial applications and a request for open protocol communications at the same time. To this end, in the invention, a high-priority communication section performing critical communication
8128870 Drug discovery screening apparatus March 6, 2012
A drug discovery screening apparatus improves a testing operation efficiency. The drug discovery screening apparatus comprises an image measurement unit, an incubator unit integrally connected to the image measurement unit, a fixed stage disposed at the incubator unit, first conveyan
8125638 Spectroscope February 28, 2012
An improvement is added to a spectroscope for performing wavelength dispersion of measured light with a wavelength dispersion element and receiving the light at a light reception element. The spectroscope has a first compound lens made up of a plurality of lenses for converting measu
8115913 Light pulse generator and optical time domain reflectometer using the same February 14, 2012
There is provided a light pulse generator. The light pulse generator includes: a laser diode; a voltage source that provides a bias voltage to the laser diode; a switching element that causes the laser diode to emit a light pulse by directly modulating the laser diode; and an auxiliary
8087549 Liquid supply apparatus and method of detecting fault thereof January 3, 2012
In a liquid supply apparatus, a liquid held in a liquid holding portion is pushed out to the exterior by pressurized gas. The apparatus includes a liquid pouring section for pouring a predetermined amount of liquid into an intermediate portion of the liquid holding portion, a liquid
8086898 Redundant I/O module December 27, 2011
A redundant I/O module includes: a control I/O module that communicates with a controller and that comprises a first IOM setting information holding section for storing IOM setting information downloaded from a high-level apparatus, and a standby I/O module that communicates with the
8086175 Field device search system December 27, 2011
The field device search system is composed of a plurality of field devices having a wireless transmitting/receiving capability and an information terminal having a receiving capability to receive radio waves from a field device, wherein the information terminal includes a radio wave
8060769 Duplexed field controller November 15, 2011
There is provided a duplexed field controller. The duplexed field controller includes: first and second control units between which a control authority is switchable; a first application clock that is updated based on a reference clock so as to define a timing of an application opera
8059967 Optical pulse generator and optical pulse tester November 15, 2011
An optical pulse generator includes a light emitting element that emits an optical pulse, and a driver. The driver is configured to apply a pulse driving current to the light emitting element to allow the light emitting element to emit an optical pulse. The driver is also configured to a
8054850 Communication control system November 8, 2011
A communication control system is provided that satisfies the needs of industrial applications in terms of real time properties, scalability and flexibility. For this purpose, the invention causes a communication station performing communications in accordance with a standard protocol
8054173 Alarm management device November 8, 2011
An alarm management device capable of constructing logics for suppressing tailgate alarm without depending on controllers, and of managing engineering and management thereof with concentration. The invention relates to an alarm management device for managing alarms issued in a plant.
8047080 Electromagnetic flowmeter and zero point measurement method thereof November 1, 2011
An electromagnetic flowmeter for giving a magnetic field to a measurement fluid, detecting an electric signal occurring in the measurement fluid according to the magnetic field, and computing a flow quantity value based on the electric signal includes a zero point measurement section
8040230 Alarm control apparatus October 18, 2011
An alarm control apparatus which collects alarms from a plant and handles the alarms includes: a defining section for defining a conditioning process which is executed when performing a filtering process on the alarms; and a filtering section for performing the filtering process on t
8032257 Field equipment of two-wire October 4, 2011
A field equipment includes: a signal processing section; a first calculation control section for generating a first control signal which controls a start of a signal processing of the signal processing section; first and second insulating sections coupled to the first calculation con
8031727 Wireless network system October 4, 2011
In a wireless network system for interconnecting a wireless network and another network different from the wireless network, the wireless network system includes: a plurality of wireless nodes for establishing the wireless network; a control device connected to the other network; and a
8024053 Safety instrumentation system and plant safety system September 20, 2011
An instruction converting unit converts the data form of an instruction of an operation received by a receiving unit to the data form of a safety instrumentation system from the data form of a plant control system. An operation carrying out unit receives the instruction of the operation
8009683 IP network system August 30, 2011
There is provided an IP network system. The IP network system includes: a plurality of relays making up a ring network; a source host for transmitting a packet and connected to the ring network; and a destination host which conducts a packet communication with the source host through
8005514 Field device and method for transferring the field device's signals August 23, 2011
The present invention provides a field device whereby the device's additional information can be transmitted wirelessly without the need for battery replacement or external wiring. The present invention also provides a field device whereby the firmware of a wireless module in the fie
8001847 Coriolis mass flowmeter August 23, 2011
There is provided a Coriolis mass flowmeter. The flowmeter is configured to vibrate a pipe line through which a fluid flows and measure a mass flow rate of the fluid flowing through the pipe line, based on a phase difference between an upstream vibration signal and a downstream vibra
7999661 Signal relay device, communication network system and operation system August 16, 2011
A signal relay device, a communication network system and an operation system include: a standardized logic interface conversion unit for judging a control system type or a device type and converting a signal to a signal appropriate for a communication network; or a device side logic
7991486 Process control apparatus rejecting disturbance applied to feedback loop August 2, 2011
A process control apparatus for controlling a control target includes, but is not limited to, first and second control units. The first control unit is designed in a design environment unspecifying any period of disturbance. The first control unit performs a feedback control to the c
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