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Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha
Shizuoka, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43662 Power assisted steering for all terrain vehicle September 18, 2012
An all terrain vehicle has a frame carried by a group of wheels. At least one of the wheels is steerably connected to the frame. A steering handle assembly is rotatably connected to the frame. A servo valve has an input shaft connected to the steering handle assembly and an output shaft
RE42841 Engine with transmission October 18, 2011
An engine comprises: a V-belt type continuously variable transmission on one side of an engine case, said CVT being provided with and housing in a transmission case a drive pulley attached to one end of a crankshaft, a driven pulley attached to one end of a transmission shaft parallel to
RE40289 Internal combustion engine for a snowmobile May 6, 2008
A snowmobile includes an improved internal combustion engine. The engine comprises a crankcase, a crankshaft rotatably journaled within the crankcase, a cylinder block assembly extending from the crankcase, and a cylinder head assembly connected to an end of the cylinder block opposite
RE37798 Valve driving means for V-type engine of vehicle July 23, 2002
A driving arrangement for a motor vehicle having a transversely disposed V-type four camshaft internal combustion engine. The camshafts are all driven in timed relationship with the crankshaft with a first flexible transmitter being operative to drive the intake camshafts of each cylinde
RE37348 Vertical engine September 4, 2001
A number of embodiments of high pressure pumps for internal combustion engines having vertically extending output shafts. In each embodiment, the high pressure pump has its pump driving shaft rotatable about an axis that is parallel to the crankshaft axis and is driven by the crankshaft.
RE37289 Induction system for engine July 24, 2001
An induction system for an internal combustion engine having at least one intake passage that is configured to generate a tumble and swirl to the intake charge. This is accomplished by providing a masked section adjacent the valve seat so that the flow entering the combustion chamber is
RE35675 Engine cooling system for motorcycle December 2, 1997
A motorcycle having an improved frame and fuel tank arrangement that define a ram air inlet channel for delivering cooling air to the engine induction system.
RE35382 Lubrication arrangement for engine November 26, 1996
A lubrication arrangement for an engine and more particularly to an arrangement for lubricating the valve train of an engine. The valve train includes a cylinder head that journals an intake and an exhaust camshaft through bearings formed in the cylinder head and the cam cover. Hydraulic
RE35002 Fuel cell system July 25, 1995
A fuel cell arrangement including an arrangement for improving start up by heating the fuel cell through supplying selectively heated exhaust gases from the reformer to the air port of the fuel cell.
RE34922 Watercraft May 2, 1995
A small watercraft adapted to seat one or more riders in motorcycle fashion and which has a hull configured so as to facilitate leaning without capsizing. The foot area for the riders is such that a rider may either sit on the seat in straddle fashion or stand behind the seat and may mov
RE34591 High pressure fuel injection unit April 26, 1994
An accumulator type of fuel injection nozzle having an injection valve, a first electromagnet for initiating fuel injection, and a second electromagnet for controlling the lift amount of the injection valve is provided with an energizing arrangement which enables effective fuel injec
RE34527 Feeder wire structure for high pressure fuel injection unit February 1, 1994
An accumulator type of fuel injection nozzle having an injection valve that is controlled by an electromagnet within the accumulator chamber includes a feeder wire structure formed axially in the outer housing assembly of the injection nozzle for energizing the electromagnet. This feeder
RE34226 Cylinder head cooling for multiple valve engine April 20, 1993
A cooling jacket arrangement for the cylinder head of a multiple valve internal combustion engine embodying a single camshaft for operating all of the valves. The cooling jacket is supplied with coolant in proximity to portions of the cylinder head that support the exhaust valves and coo
RE33787 Four-cycle engine January 7, 1992
Several embodiments of cylinder head and valve train configurations for an overhead valve internal combustion engine that permits increased valve area without interference and while maintaining simplified valve actuation. In each embodiment one pair of valves is operated by one cam s
RE33488 Marine vessel with internal combustion engine having an exhaust pipe December 11, 1990
A boat having an internal combustion engine with an exhaust pipe comprises a boat body having a bow and a stern, and a hollow section formed in the boat body. The hollow section is provided with at least one opening at the stern for communication between the hollow section and the atmosp
RE32620 Lubricating system for an outboard engine March 8, 1988
An improved lubricating system for a two-cycle outboard motor having a vertically extending crankshaft. The lubricating system employs a crankshaft driven pump and circulating system that permits pressure lubricating without necessitating elongation of the crankshaft or engine. The e
RE31994 Intake system for motorcycle engines having V-shaped cylinder arrangement October 1, 1985
A motorcycle engine having a V-shaped cylinder arrangement in which a space is defined between the fore and aft cylinders. Carburetors for the fore and aft cylinder are disposed in the space between the cylinders and an air filter is located behind the engine. The motorcycle has a frame
RE31724 Motorcycle exhaust systems November 6, 1984
A motorcycle has an engine with two banks of cylinders. One bank is forward of the other, and its exhaust pipe or pipes passes forwardly, downwardly, and outwardly of the frame, and then rearwardly beneath the side of the engine to reach a muffler and tailpipe. The frame includes a pivot
D605086 Pair of middle side covers for a four-wheeled motorcycle December 1, 2009
D604672 Pair of rear side covers for a four-wheeled motorcycle November 24, 2009
D602812 Four-wheeled motorcycle October 27, 2009
D601060 Front fender for a four-wheeled motorcycle September 29, 2009
D589842 Snowmobile cover assembly April 7, 2009
D589841 Seat-tunnel assembly for a snowmobile April 7, 2009
D575194 Headlight cover for a snowmobile August 19, 2008
D575193 Front bumper bar for a snowmobile August 19, 2008
D551135 Front bumper for a four-wheeled vehicle September 18, 2007
D545742 Muffler for four-wheeled motorcycle July 3, 2007
D534100 Four-wheeled motorcycle December 26, 2006
D532339 Four-wheeled vehicle November 21, 2006
D529840 Four-wheeled motorcycle October 10, 2006
D511318 Four-wheeled motorcycle November 8, 2005
D508667 Front fender for a four-wheeled motorcycle August 23, 2005
D506961 Side cover for a four-wheeled motorcycle July 5, 2005
D406253 Engine power assisted bicycle March 2, 1999
D397967 Power unit for electric power assisted vehicle September 8, 1998
D392936 Ride plate March 31, 1998
D324365 Boat March 3, 1992
D320961 Motorcycle October 22, 1991
D316395 Sailing craft April 23, 1991
D275946 Electric generator October 16, 1984
D274182 Industrial robot June 5, 1984
D255558 Golf car June 24, 1980
D252141 Motorcycle June 19, 1979
D248095 Motor-cycle wheel June 6, 1978
D243169 Motor-cycle wheel January 25, 1977
8589004 Boat propulsion system and method for controlling boat propulsion system November 19, 2013
A control unit for a boat propulsion system individually controls the forward and reverse propulsion directions, the propulsion force, and the steering angle of each of a plurality of boat propulsion units so that a point of action of a first resultant force is positioned behind a point
8585452 Marine propulsion device November 19, 2013
A marine propulsion device includes an engine, an exhaust passage, a porous body, a retainer mat, and a stopper portion. The engine includes an exhaust port. The exhaust passage connects to the exhaust port. The porous body is disposed in the exhaust passage. The retainer mat covers
8581576 Rotation angle detection device November 12, 2013
A rotation angle detection device of the present invention includes: a support body; a rotating body that can rotate with respect to the support body about a rotation axis and move in a rotation axis direction; a rotation angle detection unit that has a magnet attached to either of the
8579745 Belt type continuously variable transmission and vehicle November 12, 2013
A control device for a belt type continuously variable transmission of a vehicle such as a motorcycle includes a first storage section for storing in advance reference correlation between a position of a movable flange and a detection value of a flange position detection sensor. A first

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