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Yahama Corporation Patents
Yahama Corporation
Hamamatsu-shi, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8095696 Control method for rewriting firmware on an electronic device January 10, 2012
An electronic device includes: a plurality of input terminals; and a control unit in which an operation for determining contents of a digital signal inputted through one input terminal of the plurality of input terminals is repeated while the input terminal is switched to another, an
6487572 Digital filtering method and device and sound image localizing device November 26, 2002
A series of digital data to be filtered is divided into a plurality of frames, and f samples of the digital data of each of the frames are burst-transmitted via a computer bus. In transferring the digital data of any one of the frames, n samples of the digital data belonging to a next
6452082 Musical tone-generating method September 17, 2002
A method of generating musical tones and a storage medium storing a program for executing the method are provided. Musical piece data is decomposed into phrases, the musical piece data being formed of pieces of performance data arranged in the order of performance. The pieces of performa
6189040 Data relaying unit and method of transmitting data between host and client devices February 13, 2001
A data relaying unit includes a first input/output terminal for connection to a host device, a plurality of second input/output terminals for connection with a plurality of client devices, a quasi host device that, in accordance with an instruction from the host computer, controls direct
6101583 Digital signal processor for delayed signal processing using memory shared with another device August 8, 2000
In each sampling period, sample data and a count value WA of a ring buffer counter 11 are supplied to a RAM 202 through a bus control circuit 14 as write data and a write address. Each cache block stored in a data buffer DB.sub.0 and so on is used for executing an FIR filtering operation
6078005 Apparatus for editing and reproducing visual events along musical events June 20, 2000
A music apparatus is constructed for reproducing multimedia events including musical events and visual events arranged in synchronization to the musical events. In the music apparatus, a storage device provides a data structure composed of music information which determines a sequence
6028474 Semiconductor integrated circuit February 22, 2000
A semiconductor integrated circuit includes an input buffer circuit that has an input terminal connected to an external signal input pad. A level-setting resistor is arranged between the input buffer circuit and a reference potential terminal having a reference potential, for holding the
6002080 Electronic wind instrument capable of diversified performance expression December 14, 1999
There are provided a plurality of keys for designating a pitch and a plurality of sensors for detecting operating states of the keys. Main pitch determination section identifies respective ON/OFF states of the keys on the basis of output values from the sensors to thereby determines
5966031 Output circuit for integrated circuit devices October 12, 1999
An output circuit for an integrated circuit device in which first and second power wirings are connected to a high-potential power terminal, third and fourth power wirings are connected to a low-potential power terminal, and a plurality of inverters are responsive, respectively, to a

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