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Yachiyo Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha Patents
Yachiyo Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Sayama-Shi, Saitama, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7609017 Open/close body drive device October 27, 2009
The open/close body drive device is capable of restarting a brushless motor, without using magnetic pole sensors, so as to securely drive an open/close body in an arbitrary direction when any of the magnetic pole sensors has failed. When a CPU (1) detects an abnormal logic as a detec
7453222 Sun roof drive device November 18, 2008
The sun roof drive device opens and closes a vehicle sun roof by a DC brushless motor, which is driven by rectangular waves when high torque is required at a low rotational speed and which is driven by sinusoidal waves or pseudo-sinusoidal waves when low noise is required.
7364227 Movable roof opening-closing structure April 29, 2008
A movable roof opening-closing structure rotatively opening and closing a movable roof toward backward at an outside of a vehicle body through a linkage equipped with a first link bar and a second link bar, wherein the linkage is configured with an inequilateral four-bar linkage having a
7360826 Sheet member with frame body April 22, 2008
A sheet member with a frame body in the present invention has the sheet member and the frame body composed of a resin material attached to a fringe of the sheet member, wherein the frame body opens in an outward direction parallel with a sheet face of the sheet member and in the frame
7108317 Tilt sunroof unit September 19, 2006
A tilt sunroof unit has a sunroof panel provided tiltably with respect to a plane of an opening provided in a vehicular roof, an annular frame formed so as to extend continuously along an entire periphery of the opening, the annular frame being formed of a single parts in which a per
7048328 Panel sealing structure May 23, 2006
The present invention provides a panel seal structure having a seal mounted around the outer circumferential edge of a panel body, such as glass panel, covering an opening formed in a vehicle body. An upper face of the seal is set to be substantially flush with an upper face of the p
6845623 Cooling system for molded plastic fuel tanks January 25, 2005
In a method of cooling a tank molded from thermoplastic plastic material, a molded tank is received from a metallic die assembly at a temperature somewhat lower than a melting point of the plastic material, the molded tank is retained in a jig frame, and cooling water is sprayed onto an
6837022 Double glazed panel assembly January 4, 2005
The double glazed panel assembly comprises a glass holder frame which includes an inner annular glass supporting surface and an outer annular glass supporting surface which extends along an outer periphery of the inner annular glass supporting surface in a laterally spaced relationship
6832451 Weather strip for use on a sunroof December 21, 2004
There is provided a weather strip for use on a sunroof which can be firmly built in a seal holder even if there occur variations in molding dimensions. The weather strip comprises a thicker base part which is engaged in a built-in recess of the seal holder fixed to a roof glass, a ho
6811213 Weather strip for use on a sunroof November 2, 2004
There is provided a weather strip for use on a sunroof capable of preventing squeak noises being generated in advance between a hollow seal part and a roof panel during traveling of a car by allowing the hollow seal part to satisfactorily follow vibrations of the roof panel. The weat
6802560 Sunroof apparatus for vehicle October 12, 2004
A sunroof apparatus with a sliding panel freely opening and closing an opening of a roof in a vehicle, a movable drain arranged below a rear end in the panel and moving forward and rearward interlocking with a forward and rearward movement of the panel, and a sunshade covering a lower si
6626485 Vehicle sun roof system September 30, 2003
In an automotive sun roof system, each of the front sliders is provided with at least three laterally extending slide shoes including a front inboard slide shoe, a rear inboard slide shoe and a front outboard slide shoe located intermediate between the inboard slide shoes with respect to
6547551 Multilayer crosshead April 15, 2003
In a conventional multilayer crosshead, only one pressure sensor is disposed in the inlet of the annular passage, preventing monitoring of membrane discontinuities; parison thickness is not constant; as the crosshead body is not cooled and parison temperature is high, a long time is
6537056 Needle blow nozzle and blow molding apparatus March 25, 2003
In a conventional needle blow nozzle and blow molding apparatus, because a needle portion is formed to have a linear tip, resistance against insertion of the nozzle into a parison is large and only a small-diameter needle blow nozzle can be inserted into the parison. For this reason, it
6534195 Connection structure for metallic members and connecting method therefor March 18, 2003
Sn--Zn alloy is plated on at least one of a first metallic member and a second metallic member, Sn--Ag alloy is used as a solder, the first metallic member and the second metallic member are connected by the solder, and a connection structure of metallic members is therefore produced
6283452 Push-pull cable drive unit assembly September 4, 2001
Cable guides for keeping the push-pull cable in mesh with a pinion are effectively reinforced by a member connecting the free ends of the cable guides. In particular, even when the cable guides are made of a plastic member, and the push-pull cable drive unit is subjected to high temp
6065801 Rear drain channel arrangement for an automotive sunroof May 23, 2000
In a frameless type automotive sunroof system, a pair of depending pieces extend from either side end portion of a rear drain channel member, and these depending pieces are each fitted into an opening formed in a rear end portion of a side frame member via a connecting member to attach t
5795016 Automotive slide roof system August 18, 1998
The rear end of the slide panel is lifted by a link member having a rear end with a pivotally attached to the slide panel, and a front end which is guided for horizontal movement. By receiving a pin laterally extending from an intermediate part of the link member in two specially shaped
5718472 Automotive slide roof system February 17, 1998
In an automotive slide roof system comprising a slide roof panel which is capable of both tilting and sliding to provide two modes of opening a part of a fixed roof of a motor vehicle, each of the stays for the slide panel is provided with a cam slot including an inclined section which i

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