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Xonics, Inc. Patents
Xonics, Inc.
Des Plaines, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4408339 Compact X-ray unit October 4, 1983
A chest X-ray unit is provided which is of compact design and which can be easily utilized. The apparatus includes an exposure station at the front where a film sheet can be tightly held between a pair of intensifier screens, a supply station behind the exposure station for receiving a f
4234644 Composite lamination film for electrophoretically toned images November 18, 1980
A composite lamination film for electrophoretically toned images deposited on a plastic receptor sheet, comprising, in combination, an optically transparent, flexible support layer, an optically transparent, flexible intermediate layer of a heat softenable film applied to one side of sai
4206639 Doppler acoustic wind sensor June 10, 1980
A system for remote measurement of wind velocity and direction. An acoustic echo transmitter for directing a beam of acoustic energy toward a zone, and a plurality of receivers for receiving acoustic energy scattered by wind in the zone, with each receiver output having a doppler frequen
4185194 Closed cycle gas handling system January 22, 1980
Process and apparatus for providing an imaging gas under pressure to the imaging chamber of an electron radiographic system. After closing the imaging chamber, air is flushed out by introducing a condensable gas such as a Freon. The Freon is then flushed out by a charge of the imaging ga
4147932 Low light level and infrared viewing system April 3, 1979
A viewing system for improving an image, and particularly designed for use with infrared and low light level inputs. A viewing system having first and second electrodes mounted in spaced relation with a gap therebetween, an electric power source for producing an electric field in the gap
4143547 Method and apparatus for remote measurement of variation in wind velocity March 13, 1979
An acoustic echo system transmitter and receivers for measuring signal scattering at a zone resulting from wind movement, with the receiver doppler outputs averaged to provide spectra of wind velocity. Method and apparatus for calculating the second moment of the spectra which corres
4140902 Device for measurement of hair-like particulate material February 20, 1979
Apparatus for the measurement of hair-like particles, such as measurement of the amount of asbestos fiber in air. Apparatus including a source of a polarized beam of radiation directed to a scattering zone and a detector for detecting radiation of the beam scattered from the zone. A devi
4128008 Concentration valve for a gas detecting apparatus, or the like December 5, 1978
A concentration valve for a gas detecting apparatus including a cylinder having diametrally opposed inlet and outlet ports for a sample gas and having diametrally opposed inlet and outlet ports for a carrier gas longitudinally spaced from and in the same longitudinal plane as the sam
4104520 Image charge relaxation in electrophoretic displays August 1, 1978
An electrostatic imaging chamber providing a real time visual image. An imaging chamber with electrophoretic particles in the electrode gap, with the particles being selectively moved to a transparent electrode as a result of the electrostatic charge image formed by incoming radiation. A
4094608 Spectrometer of the electro-opto-acoustic type with capacitor-type detection June 13, 1978
A spectrometer generally of the electro-opto-acoustic type, using a capacitor type detection instead of acoustic detection. A holder with a sample carrier having a dielectric and with a conducting backing plate on one surface of the sample carrier and a transparent conducting coating and
4087764 Gaseous thin film acoustically tuned laser May 2, 1978
A thin film laser typcially operating in the region of 1,000 to 10,000 A. First and second electrodes are mounted in a fluid container in spaced relation with a dielectric block in the gap between the electrodes and fixed to the first electrode. A voltage pulse applied to the electrodes
4079255 X-ray system with electrophoretic imaging and solid X-ray absorber March 14, 1978
An electronradiography imaging chamber providing a real time visual image. An electronradiography imaging chamber with a solid X-ray absorber at one electrode and with electrophoretic particles in the gap between the electrodes, with the particles being selectively moved to a transparent
4075505 Molecular emission lamp February 21, 1978
A method and apparatus for producing molecular radiation of a single selected gas by generating resonance photons characteristic of the single gas and at a first frequency, and directing the resonance photons into a container of the single gas producing excited molecules of the gas which
4072289 Axial tomography February 7, 1978
Analog method and apparatus for producing an axial tomographic image of an object, typically the human body, using a detector for receiving radiation along a plurality of sets of paths, with the sets of paths overlapping each other, and providing a plurality of sets of detector output si
4071648 Electron radiograph receptor January 31, 1978
A receptor sheet for use with an electronradiography system and having a relatively thick core layer bonded between a relatively thin image carrier layer and a relatively thin antistatic conducting layer.
4070577 Imaging systems with fluorescent and phosphorescent toner January 24, 1978
Apparatus and method for improving contrast in the visual image formed by toner deposited on an electrostatic image such as is formed in xerography and ionography. Hard copy and real time electrostatic imaging systems utilizing a fluorescent toner in the form of particles having a fl
4065670 Spherical electrode X-ray imaging chamber December 27, 1977
An imaging chamber for a radiographic system for exposing an image receptor sheet to an X-ray source. A chamber with an X-ray window having low and uniform X-ray absorption and being substantially rigid for maintaining a uniform gap spacing between the electrodes with a high pressure in
4053828 Metal detector with first and second nested rectangular coils October 11, 1977
An orthogonal coil metal detector with nesting rectangular coils, each comprising a plurality of turns encapsulated in an insulating material and having a layer of electrical resistive material thereon. An encapsulating material in the gap between the coils bonding the coils together. A
4053768 Method and apparatus for improving contrast in electrophoretic display October 11, 1977
Apparatus and method for improving contrast in the visual image formed by toner deposited on an electrostatic image such as is formed in electronradiography. Electrophoretic toner particles and a dye are dispersed in a liquid, with the particles being deposited onto a substrate which
4046134 Solar heater with automatic venting September 6, 1977
An apparatus for collecting solar energy wherein a heat exchange array of plastic or the like is protected against damage by excessive heat buildup. The array is housed in a normally closed chamber having a portion transparent to solar rays and the chamber is periodically vented by means
4044718 Electrostatic fountain developer August 30, 1977
A fountain for moving liquid toner into engagement with a receptor for developing an electrostatic image into a visible image. A fountain for providing improved edge enhancement in an image, and incorporating an electrode positioned at the bottom of a liquid toner pool formed by elec
4032786 Method of using resonance atomic scattering of radiation to measure gaseous species June 28, 1977
A device for measuring gaseous species which comprises a scattering chamber having a resonance lamp illuminating said chamber and a detector for measuring a scattered light within said chamber and conduit means for delivering said gaseous species to said chamber and a photofragmentation
4024431 Resonance metal atom lamp May 17, 1977
A controllable evaporation source of parent metal species, produced either from a volatile metal or a metal halide, and under some circumstances a chemical getter sink in a sealed RF excited discharge. This discharge occurs in a second, extremely pure gas which is present in great excess
4005374 Pulsed gas laser with low-inductance flow-through electrodes January 25, 1977
An electrically pumped gas laser with an electrode assembly providing for gas flow through spaced upstream and downstream electrode arrays with the flow path perpendicular to the optical axis of the laser in a very low inductance electrical circuit. Electrode arrays comprising parallel s
3983438 Spark gap switch September 28, 1976
A spark gap switch having a central electrode positioned within an annular electrode in a dielectric liquid or saturated vapor flow line, with coaxial or parallel plate electrical connections to said electrodes.
3970844 Direct charge readout electron-radiography chamber July 20, 1976
A photo-optical imaging system suitable for use in an electronradiography system which produces an electrostatic charge image at an electrode. An electrode having a photoconductor layer and a transparent electrical conducting layer, with the charge image at the photoconductor layer. A
3965352 X-ray system with electrophoretic imaging June 22, 1976
An electronradiography imaging chamber providing a real time visual image. An electronradiography imaging chamber with electrophoretic particles in the electrode gap, with the particles being selectively moved to a transparent electrode as a result of the electrostatic charge image forme
3953618 Electrostatic image developing process April 27, 1976
An electrostatic image developer of the powder cloud type incorporating an image field screen or plate adjacent the receptor sheet carrying the electrostatic image, and including means for varying the image field plate potential and spacing during the developing cycle for improved contra
3949222 Method and apparatus for reducing the density of background areas without affecting the density April 6, 1976
Apparatus and method for improving an electron radiograph by reducing the charge density in the background area of the electrostatic image and thereby reducing the amount of toner attracted to such areas during developing. The latent electrostatic image is generated by exposure to a
3939345 Liquid crystal imaging of radiograms February 17, 1976
An electronradiography imaging chamber providing a visual image at the chamber suitable for direct viewing and/or copying. An imaging chamber with a first electrode on the x-ray source side, an x-ray absorber in a gap between the first electrode and an anisotropic plate, and a liquid

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