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8029125 Variable rate fluid film release in an ink jet printer October 4, 2011
An apparatus for ink jet printing, as well as corresponding method and system are described. The apparatus includes a source of fluid film, a fluid film metering roller supported for contact with the source of fluid film, a variable speed drive arranged to effect movement of the fluid
8029124 System and method for encapsulating edges of paper in printers October 4, 2011
System and method for encapsulating edges of a paper in digital printing systems. A spray applicator can include a set of stationary sprayers with spray nozzles, a set of transfer rollers and an inkjet print head. The stationary sprayers can be positioned at both marginal ends of the pap
8028985 Composite substrate feeding mechanism October 4, 2011
Embodiments described herein include a composite feeding mechanism configured to process one or more jobs using a stack of feeder trays. The composite feeding mechanism can include the stack of feeder trays, a base unit, and a feeder unit. The feeder trays can hold substrate media to
8028501 Custom packaging solution for arbitrary objects October 4, 2011
A method of producing a packaged uses an electronic user interface to receive a first image of an object to be packaged, along with information relating to one or more properties of the object. A three dimensional size for the object is determined, and a package is automatically sele
8028204 Method and system for maintenance of a data-processing apparatus September 27, 2011
A method and system for performing one or more preventative maintenance functions for a data-processing apparatus. One or more notifications regarding daily maintenance functions can be generated in the form of a reminder when the data-processing apparatus begins operation. A history
8028104 Method and system for polling multifunction devices based on performance criteria September 27, 2011
A method and system suitable for grouping a plurality of multifunction devices (MFDs), the system including a storage station for storing information gathered from the plurality of MFDs by selectively polling the plurality of MFDs; wherein the information is selectively processed bas
8027603 Fuser apparatus having fuser cleaner web and corresponding methods September 27, 2011
Disclosed are methods of controlling a speed of a fuser cleaner web in a fuser apparatus, and the corresponding fuser apparatus. The method utilizes a fuser apparatus having a fuser roll and a web nip roll, the fuser cleaner web for cleaning the fuser roll and being disposed between
8027540 Asymmetric score normalization for handwritten word spotting system September 27, 2011
A method begins by receiving an image of a handwritten item. The method performs a word segmentation process on the image to produce a sub-image and extracts a set of feature vectors from the sub-image. Then, the method performs an asymmetric approach that computes a first log-likeli
8027045 System and method for mitigating printer clutching September 27, 2011
Systems and methods are presented for assessing whether a print job is likely to result in print system clutching by actual or modeled processing of a portion of the print job according to assessed processing rate information and to the print rate of a print engine, and selectively r
8027043 Method and system for inventory control of secure stock in feeders and finishers September 27, 2011
A method and system for auditing security stock usage including displaying one or more data on a graphical user interface (GUI); extracting a first set of information into a first log file from the one or more data displayed on the GUI; commencing a print run on a printer; extracting
8026960 Image sensor and associated readout system September 27, 2011
An imaging apparatus, such as useable in a digital camera or input scanner, comprises a first photodiode and a first integrating amplifier associated therewith. A first reset capacitor, selectably associated with the first photodiode, flushes charge on the first photodiode through the
8026028 Low friction electrostatographic imaging member September 27, 2011
Present embodiments pertain to an improved electrostatographic imaging member having low contact friction surfaces to ease sliding mechanical interaction and suppressing abrasion/wear failure and methods of preparing thereof. The improved imaging member has layers comprising slippery
8026027 (Enylaryl)bisarylamine containing photoconductors September 27, 2011
A photoconductor that includes, for example, a supporting substrate, a photogenerating layer, and an (enylaryl)bisarylamine containing charge transport layer.
8025967 Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture September 27, 2011
The present teachings provide an intermediate transfer member which includes a substrate layer and a surface layer disposed on the substrate layer. The surface layer includes a polyimide polymer having the formula: ##STR00001## wherein R is alkyl or aryl and the like and mixtures t
8025723 Nonpolar liquid and solid phase change ink compositions comprising nanosized particles of benzim September 27, 2011
An ink composition, such as a nonpolar liquid or phase change (solid) ink composition, that includes a non-polar carrier, and a nanoscale pigment particle composition. The nanoscale pigment particle composition includes a benzimidazolone pigment and a sterically bulky stabilizer compound
8025390 Escort belt for improved printing of a media web in an ink printing machine September 27, 2011
An escort belt facilitates removal of particulate from a print zone in an ink printing machine while maintaining proper registration of printing media in the print zone. The escort belt includes an endless belt having a width between a first and a second edge of the escort belt that is
8025385 Ink sticks with visually discernible feature patterns September 27, 2011
A solid ink stick having an ink stick body formed of a phase change ink material. The ink stick body is configured for inclusion in a first set of ink sticks and has substantially a same size and shape as other ink sticks in the first set of ink sticks and ink sticks in a second set of
8024968 Apparatus and method for detecting ink in a reservoir September 27, 2011
A method detects the level of ink in a printhead reservoir by monitoring the power drawn by a thermistor positioned within the printhead reservoir. The method includes dissipating power in a thermistor in an ink reservoir, controlling the power dissipated in the thermistor to maintai
8024408 System and method for managing a computer-mediated discussion forum September 20, 2011
A forum monitoring device allows an agent to monitor the traffic in a computer-mediated discussion. When the agent determines that there is a significant degree of traffic on a particular topic, or other predetermined rules are satisfied, the agent proposes to the contributors of mes
8023866 Powdered toner direct marking apparatus September 20, 2011
A marking apparatus including a traveling wave grid toner transport circuit structure for transporting powdered toner along a transport surface, and electromechanical elements for selectively enabling toner patches to be projected to an output medium by a projecting electric field.
8023852 Systems and methods for controlling cleaning devices in image forming apparatus September 20, 2011
Systems and methods are provided for controlling cleaning devices in image forming apparatus electrostatic image forming apparatus. Such systems may include a charge receptor, movable in a process direction, defining a main surface. A toner application device applies toner to the cha
8023843 Method and apparatus for media thickness measurement in an image production device September 20, 2011
A method and apparatus for media thickness measurement in an image production device is disclosed. The method may include receiving images of a media stack from an imaging device, measuring one or more sheet-to-sheet interfaces in the media stack from the received images, determining
8023740 Systems and methods for notes detection September 20, 2011
To perform notes detection, candidate reference marks are identified in a document. A starting note zone is identified in the document. A pair of similar reference marks is identified from the candidate reference marks including a first reference mark in the note zone and a second refere
8023244 Energy preserving wireless remote control system September 20, 2011
A system for switching on an electrical device includes a startup circuit for an associated electrical device. The electrical device has a main power circuit comprising first and second paths and a main switch for selectively connecting the electrical device with an associated power
8023160 Encoding message data in a cover contone image via halftone dot orientation September 20, 2011
What is disclosed is a novel system and method for encoding/decoding data in a cover contone image via halftone dot orientation modulation. Arrays of halftone threshold values are used to determine a desired orientation, e.g. 0/ for a given single data value of the
8023156 Image output color management system and method September 20, 2011
Disclosed is an image color management system and method for controlling an image output device. The method for controlling the image output device comprises generating an image output device profile LUT (look-up-table) characterizing the color profile of the image output device for
8023153 Content-aware halftone image resizing September 20, 2011
As provided herein, there are supplied teachings to systems and methods for resizing a halftone image using halftone tile parameters. One approach entails receiving into a digital imaging system, a digital halftone image and a desired resizing factor for the digital halftone image. S
8023150 Method and system for improved copy quality by generating contone value based on pixel pattern a September 20, 2011
A method and system reconstructs a contone image from a binary image by first tagging pixels to identify one of a multiplicity of image content types. The tag information and the pattern of bits surrounding the pixel to be converted to a contone value are used to reconstruct a contone
8023134 System, method and production tickets for print management September 20, 2011
Disclosed herein is a method of preparing production tickets that involves selecting order data from at least a first data field in an ordering system, feeding the selected order data to a workflow management system, and generating a production ticket for a print production job using
8022823 Serendipitous repair of shared device September 20, 2011
A system and method for soliciting repairs to an electromechanical device are disclosed. The system includes a signaling device for signaling a need for a repair of an associated electromechanical device. A repair mediator receives information related to an addressable fault with the
8022335 Rapid warm-up and cool-down pressure roll assembly and a fusing apparatus including same September 20, 2011
A rapid warm-up and cool-down pressure roll assembly is provided and includes (a) a rotatable pressure roll including a cylindrical sleeve having an outer surface, and an inner surface defining a hollow interior to the rotatable pressure roll; (b) a thermoelectric assembly sheet posi
8022237 Method for forming reactive silane esters for use in an imaging member September 20, 2011
A process or method for forming silane esters that is substantially free of oligomers. The process includes reacting an anhydrous salt of a carboxylic acid with a silane in a two phase reaction system. The silane comprises a halo-alkyl substituent. The two phase reaction system compr
8021812 Low friction electrostatographic imaging member September 20, 2011
Present embodiments pertain to an improved electrostatographic imaging member having low contact friction surfaces to ease sliding mechanical interaction and suppressing abrasion/wear failure and methods of preparing thereof. The improved imaging member has layers comprising slippery
8021811 Photoreceptor and method of making same September 20, 2011
Disclosed is an electrophotographic photoreceptor having a protective overcoat layer including a polyol binder; a hole transport material; a curing agent; and a surface-treated tin oxide particle filler. Also disclosed is a process for forming a photoreceptor that includes providing
8020975 Continuous particle transport and reservoir system September 20, 2011
Various configurations and applications of traveling wave grids are disclosed. Systems for transporting particles to feed apertures, and/or for transporting particles from storage reservoirs are described. The systems are particularly useful for transporting toner particles in printi
8020865 Deflecting nip sheet shingling buffer mechanism September 20, 2011
A novel media path mechanism which utilizes the position and/or motion of buffer nips to deflect the leading and trailing edges of the sheets entering the buffer to enable the sheets to be reliably shingled in the buffer media path. The sheets are stored in properly collated order until
8020864 Printing system and method using alternating velocity and torque control modes for operating one September 20, 2011
A printing system and method using alternating control modes for one or more, but not all, sheet transport devices in order to avoid contention. In a printer having first, second and third sheet transport devices in series (e.g., registration, image transfer and image fixing devices), th
8020859 Edge sensor gain calibration for printmaking devices September 20, 2011
According to aspects illustrated herein, there is provided a method, a system, and a printmaking device for calibrating sensors. The method begins by transporting a media sheet along a media path, the sheet having a lead edge, a trail edge and a measurement edge. Next, the method halts
8020858 Accurate sheet leading edge registration system and method September 20, 2011
Accurate sheet leading edge registration system and method including a first and second nip assembly, a first sheet leading edge sensor and a controller. The first and second nip assemblies being spaced apart from one another. The first sheet leading edge sensor capable of detecting an
8019897 Method for viewing, on a client-side device, documents requested from a server-side device September 13, 2011
A client-side handheld device requests a server to convert server-side documents into a compression format prior to transmission of said documents to the client. The server retrieves and converts the requested documents to a raster image that is then compressed according to attribute
8019695 Customized system and method of billing for printing service costs by examining the contents of September 13, 2011
A system and method of billing for printing service costs is provided to examine content of a page and apply a cost function to approximate the cost of printing the page. Examining the page may include detecting an object in the page, determining a type of the detected object, and de
8019265 Method and apparatus for stripping media from a surface in an apparatus useful in printing September 13, 2011
An apparatus and method for stripping media from a surface and useful in printing may include a first member, a fixing belt, a first nip, a second nip, and a stripping device including a curved stripping edge contacting the inner surface of the fixing belt, the stripping edge being defin
8019256 Multi-mode long life monochrome printing system September 13, 2011
A multi-mode, long life monochrome printing system that includes (a) a media supply assembly having a media path (b) a moveable intermediate transfer member for receiving images from image output terminal assemblies and for transferring the images to media on the media path; and (c)
8019237 Systems and methods for modifying feed timing for image receiving media in an image forming devi September 13, 2011
A system and method for avoiding paper jams and possible shutdown in an image forming device by automatically executing a series of re-feed cycles for a sheet of image receiving media in a multi pass image forming device. The sheet transport section of the image forming device includes
8018630 Compound curved concentrator based illuminator September 13, 2011
A document illuminator comprising a light-transmissive element having nonlinear walls. The walls are shaped in the form of a compound parabolic concentrator with an optically inverted configuration. A diffusive optical source receives light from a side emitting LED embedded therein a
8018059 Electrical interconnect with an electrical pathway including at least a first member overlain by September 13, 2011
An electrical interconnect includes an electrical pathway having a first member a second member, the first member being disposed at an oblique or perpendicular angle to the second member at a location adjacent to the second member, wherein at least one of the first member and the second
8017294 Process for preparing photosensitive outer layer September 13, 2011
The presently disclosed embodiments are directed to an improved overcoat for an imaging member having a substrate, a charge transport layer, and an overcoat positioned on the charge transport layer, and a process for making the same including combining a resin having a reactive group
8017248 Fuser member having fluorinated polyimide outer layer September 13, 2011
A fuser member having a substrate, and thereover, an outer layer including a fluorinated polyimide, and an image forming apparatus including the fuser member, and the fuser member may useful in oil-less fusing systems, and wherein the fluorinated polyimide has the following Formula I
8017044 Bimodal metal nanoparticle ink and applications therefor September 13, 2011
A bimodal metal nanoparticle composition includes first metal nanoparticles having an average diameter of from about 50 nm to about 1000 nm, and second stabilized metal nanoparticles having an average diameter of from about 0.5 nm to about 20 nm, the second stabilized metal nanoparti
8016968 Process for producing an imaging member belt having an angular seam September 13, 2011
There is provided a process for producing a seamed, flexible electrostatographic imaging member belt comprising providing a flexible, substantially rectangular, electrostatographic imaging sheet having a first major exterior surface opposite and parallel to a second major exterior su

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