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RE42673 State-space based modeling of pixel elements of a dynamically varying color marking device September 6, 2011
The color management system comprises a state-space based model for a pixel element in a dynamically varying color marking device. A sensor measures the color of the printed output for construction of a selected set of sensitivity functions representative of color output relating to
RE42125 Development bias connector with integral bearing support February 8, 2011
A bearing support for use in a process cartridge including a roll rotatably mounted to a housing is provided. The roll is used for transporting marking particles to a latent image to form a developed image. The bearing support supports the roll and provides an electrical path between
RE41652 Toner with increased amount of surface additives and increased surface additive adhesion September 7, 2010
A toner and process for making the toner wherein each combined resin and colorant particle has an average size less than about 10 microns and wherein the surface additive particles averaging less than about 40 nanometers in size average greater than two (2) percent of the combined we
RE40454 Job information communication system for a printing system August 12, 2008
A transmission job originating station for controlling transmission of job information, based on the processing of a print job in a printing system, is provided. The control system includes a document generating subsystem for providing at least a portion of the print job to be delivered
RE40338 Two dimensional object position sensor May 27, 2008
Apparatus and method for sensing the position, size, shape and location orientation of one or more objects in two dimensions. The position sensor uses arrays of light sensors mounted on a substrate. When an object passes in proximity to the light sensors light energy from a plurality of
RE39641 Job information communication system for a printing system May 22, 2007
A transmission job originating station for controlling transmission of job information, based on the processing of a print job in a printing system, is provided. The control system includes a document generating subsystem for providing at least a portion of the print job to be delivered
RE39261 Method and apparatus for an integrated laser beam scanner September 5, 2006
A solid state laser beam scanning system having a single crystal silicon deflection and scanning mirror integrated with a laser diode. By combining the techniques of deep reactive ion etching of silicon with solder bump bonding techniques, completed and tested laser diodes are integr
RE38758 Self-clocking glyph shape codes July 19, 2005
This invention provides self-clocking glyph shape codes for encoding digital data in the shapes of glyphs that are suitable for printing on hardcopy recording media. Advantageously, the glyphs are selected so that they tend not to degrade into each other when they are degraded and/or
RE38437 Method and apparatus for an integrated laser beam scanner using a carrier substrate February 24, 2004
An solid state scanning system having a single crystal silicon deflection mirror and scanning mirror is integrated with a light source. Separation of the micro-electro-mechanical systems and light emitters on separate substrates allows the use of flip-chip and solder bump bonding techniq
RE38248 Method for reducing surface roughness in a welded seam of an imaging belt September 16, 2003
A welded seam of an imaging belt comprises a surface roughness. To reduce the surface roughness, the welded seam is treated by compressing a portion of the belt comprising the welded seam and adjacent belt portions and, while compressing, heating the welded seam to a heating temperature
RE37085 Some uses of microencapsulation for electric paper March 6, 2001
Bichromal balls have two hemispheres, typically one black and one white, each having different electrical properties. Each ball is enclosed within a spherical shell and then a space between the ball and shell is filled with a liquid to form a microsphere so that the ball is free to rotat
RE35751 Monitoring system with dual memory for electrophotographic printing machines using replaceable c March 24, 1998
A monitoring system for replaceable units, such as toner cartridges in an electrophotographic printer, includes on the unit an electronic count memory and an electronic flag memory. The count memory maintains a one-by-one count of prints made with the cartridge. The flag memory inclu
RE35698 Donor roll for scavengeless development in a xerographic apparatus December 23, 1997
A donor roll for the conveyance of toner in a development system for an electrophotographic printer includes an outer surface of phenolic resin. The resin is doped to a suitable conductivity to facilitate a discharge time constant thereon of less than 300 microseconds. The donor roll is
RE35657 Means for combining data of different frequencies for a raster output device November 11, 1997
A circuit for enabling the raster display of text or line art in one constant color against a background of another constant color or against a continuous-tone picture, or the display of a continuous-tone picture through an arbitrary shape. The circuit has four channels, one each for
RE33843 Sheet transport and registration apparatus March 10, 1992
An apparatus in which a sheet is registered during the movement thereof. The sheet is moved along a path in a forward direction of movement and a lateral direction of movement substantially normal thereto. The lateral movement of the sheet causes the side edge of the sheet to engage a
RE33274 Selective disordering of well structures by laser annealing July 24, 1990
A method of converting selected areas of a semiconductor structure into a disordered alloy comprising a well feature epitaxially deposited on a semiconductor support, the well feature comprising at least one first well layer of narrow bandgap material deposited adjacent to at least a sec
RE33172 Process for magnetic image character recognition February 27, 1990
Disclosed is an improved, simple, economical process for generating documents, such as personal checks, suitable for magnetic image character recognition, which process comprises generating such documents with conventional xerographic methods in a high speed electronic laser printing
RE32967 Web tracking system June 27, 1989
A web tracking system for a continuous web of material which is transported from a supply to a takeup means along a predetermined path via one or more processing stations and comprises aligned tracking indicia along at least one edge of the web. Means are provided to observe the tracking
RE32883 Quarternary ammonium sulfate or sulfonate charge control agents for electrophotographic develope March 7, 1989
This invention is directed to a dry electrostatic toner composition containing a resin, a colorant or pigment, and an organic sulfate or sulfonate charge control additive of the following formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is an alkyl radical containing from about 12 carbon atoms
RE32572 Thermal ink jet printhead and process therefor January 5, 1988
Several fabricating processes for ink jet printheads are disclosed, each printhead being composed of two parts aligned and bonded together. One part is a substantially flat substrate which contains on the surface thereof a lineal array of heating elements and addressing electrodes, and
RE32541 Fluidic feeding of documents to an exposure station November 10, 1987
A system wherein documents are presented to an exposure station of reproduction apparatus includes a housing in which a rack for storing documents is located. The rack includes a plurality of pockets in each of which a document may be stored, the rack being movable in a vertical dire
RE32284 Document storage and transport apparatus November 11, 1986
A system for presenting documents to a slit-scan xerographic exposure station includes a fluidic storage station having a housing in which a rack for storing documents is located. The rack includes a plurality of pockets in each of which a document may be stored, the rack being movable
RE32253 Interactive user-machine interface method and apparatus for copier/duplicator September 30, 1986
This patent describes a user interface device (UI device) used for machine control. The UI device is comprised of a video display capable of presenting desired images to the machine operator and a touch sensitive device capable of detecting operator requests by means of the operator
RE31891 Platen module for computer fanfold reproduction May 21, 1985
An automatic electrostatographic duplicating machine in which computer fanfold documents are fed by an automatic handling means from a supply position above the machine platen to a second position overlaying the platen below the supply position by a tractor means having motor driven
RE31888 Sensor controlling in computer fanfold reproduction May 14, 1985
An automatic duplicating system in which computer fanfold documents are fed by an automatic handling apparatus having a tractor and drive control system for advancing the document across the platen of the processor for the system. An arrangement is provided which will shut down the syste
RE31806 Monolithic multi-emitting laser device January 15, 1985
A monolithic laser device produces a plurality of spatially displaced emitting cavities in an active layer of a semiconductor body acting as a waveguide for light wave propagation under lasing conditions. Various means are disclosed to deflect and directly couple a portion of the opt
RE31768 Sorting apparatus for collating simplex and duplex copies December 18, 1984
Sorting apparatus for collating both simplex or side one up and duplex or side two up copies from a copying machine. The sorting apparatus includes tray assemblies arranged .[.axially.]. .Iadd.radially .Iaddend.of a rotatable member adapted to rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise
RE31499 Illumination system utilizing two opposing DC lamps with an optimum barrel-shaped slit January 17, 1984
.[.A symmetrical light intensity distribution profile is achieved by placing a pair of similar asymmetrical linear DC gas discharge lamps in parallel position but opposed in polarity. The individual asymmetrical distributions of the lamps combine in a symmetrical total intensity dist
RE30161 Apparatus measuring relative velocity of movable members including means to detect velocity from November 27, 1979
A transducer coupled to a motor shaft provides both position and velocity information for use in a closed loop control system. The transducer includes a disk with deposited metallic parallel conductors each conductor carrying current in a direction opposite to the adjacent conductor.
RE30118 Disc drive linear actuator and control system therefor October 16, 1979
A disc drive memory device is described utilizing a continuously rotating drive shaft and a roller which rides thereon to effect translational motion of a carriage to move a read/write head between address locations on a magnetic recording surface of a data storage disc.
RE29818 Toner-reclaiming system October 31, 1978
A toner powder reclaiming apparatus for use with the developing system of an electrostatic reproduction machine including a rotating drum in the path of movement of an airflow containing electrically charged toner particles which become attracted to the drum. A scraper blade is in co
RE29514 Programming control system for printing machine January 10, 1978
A programming control system for controlling the processing steps of an electrostatic printing machine of the type employing an endless photoreceptor belt. A photoreceptor speed sensitive element in the form of a transfer roller is utilized for resetting on .Iadd.a .Iaddend.complete
RE29406 Document original handling system September 20, 1977
A reproducing machine including a device for forming an image of information on an original document and a device for transporting the document past the imaging device. The transport device comprises a strip member. The strip member supports the documents and moves past the imaging d
RE29357 Image formation and development August 16, 1977
Graphic reproductions are achieved by the image-wise modification of the triboelectric charging capability of a surface followed by the triboelectric charging of the modified surface to produce a charge pattern corresponding to an image. The charge pattern may be developed with finely
RE29124 Sheet transport system January 25, 1977
An endless vacuum belt system for transporting sheets, particularly suited for transporting copy sheets in electrostatographic transfer systems, where the belt is made up of a multiplicity of flexibly connected small diameter hollow tubular, rigid vacuum chambers, each adapted to have a
RE28806 Liquid crystal compositions May 11, 1976
Liquid crystalline compositions having the optical properties of the cholesteric mesophase are disclosed. The compositions comprise at least one nematic liquid crystalline material and at least one potentially cholesteric material which has a molecular structure which is similar to t
RE28802 Fusing apparatus May 4, 1976
An apparatus in which a powder pattern deposited on a support material is permanently affixed thereto. The support material is heated during the movement thereof into thermal communication with a radiant energy output. In this manner, the powder pattern is coalesced and fixed permanently
H43 Magnetic latch closure control April 1, 1986
In a copier with a copying platen, and platen cover unit pivotal thereover, which may comprise a document feeder, the platen cover unit having connecting pivotal lifting means, and a magnetic latch for magnetically latching the platen cover unit in a closed position closely overlying the
H2113 Ink compositions January 4, 2005
A process for the preparation of an ink which comprises mixing an ink vehicle, a colorant and a polyurethane resin emulsion.
H21 Document handling device February 4, 1986
In a document feeder for a copier with a stationary copying platen, having a document transport tray system movable towards and away from the copying platen for transporting original documents to the platen for copying by movement of the document transport over the platen from a position
H1889 Toner compositions October 3, 2000
A toner comprised of resin, colorant, grinding compound, and wax.
H1842 Pass through repositionable stapler-compiler system with clincher alignment system March 7, 2000
A compiling and stapling system with a compiling station for receiving and stacking sets of printed sheets inputted in a defined direction of movement for compiling and stapling them along a sheet edge transverse that movement direction with a two-part stapler providing ejection of the
H1839 Supercritical fluid processes February 1, 2000
A process for the preparation of toner additive wax particles which comprises the micronization of said particles from a supercritical solution.
H1828 Colorant dispersions January 4, 2000
A process for the preparation of colored dispersions which comprises adding colorant, a liquid vehicle, a free radical initiator, and a stable free radical agent to a microfluidizer; heating at a temperature of from about 100 to about C.; and thereafter, optionally cooling.
H1805 Paper guide for high speed document reproduction October 5, 1999
This invention discloses a method and apparatus for properly placing copy sheets from a high speed copy machine into an exit tray. The invention utilizes a variable speed motor to control the rollers which reside at the end of the paper path. One or more paper guides mounted to the drive
H1803 Liquid electrophotographic printing processes September 7, 1999
A process which comprises the generation of an image on an imaging member, developing the image with a liquid developer, and transferring the image to a substrate, and which substrate is coated with an acrylic, a nylon, a vinyl polymer, a wax, or a paraffin component.
H1781 Automatically retractable extending nip sheet ejection system for a multiple output locations st February 2, 1999
In a sheet handling system with an array of multiple individual sheet stacking bins and a sheet feeding system for feeding sheets from a sheet feeding output nip thereof into selected bins, for stacking of the sheets into the selected the bins, with relative movement between the sheet
H17 Computer forms web copying apparatus February 4, 1986
In a continuous form document feeder for a copier, for incrementally feeding a computer form or the like web document from a fan-folded stack thereof to the imaging station of a copier with a web feeder, the improvement in the supply hopper in which the fan-fold web stack is stacked
H1684 Fast preview processing for JPEG compressed images October 7, 1997
A method of fast decompressing a document image compressed using transform coding for scaling and previewing purposes. A fast algorithm is derived by utilizing a fraction of all available transform coefficients representing the image. The method is particularly efficient using the discre
H1506 Graphical user interface for editing a palette of colors December 5, 1995
A graphical user interface is disclosed for interactively editing a palette of colors in response to signals from a user, such as from a pointing device. The interface provides a color space in a color space window on the user's display and draws each color in the palette in its current

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