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8287058 Computer case October 16, 2012
A computer case includes a first fixing board, a second fixing board and a fixing module. The first fixing board and the second fixing board form a space for inserting a removable device. The second fixing board includes a hole. When the removable device is inserted into the space, t
8278551 Electronic device October 2, 2012
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a housing, an elastic pad unit and an elastic element. An opening is formed on the housing. The elastic pad unit includes a pad and a pillar. The pillar has a first end and a second end, wherein the first end is connect
8271854 Embedded electronic device and method for storing data September 18, 2012
An embedded electronic device is provided. The embedded electronic device comprises a flash memory and a processor. The flash memory comprises a plurality of data storage blocks. The processor performs a parity check process to determine parity data of operation system (OS) data, wherein
8245387 Disassembling device August 21, 2012
A disassembling device includes a housing, a rotating element and a battery module. The housing includes a first engaging portion. The rotating element is rotatably disposed on the housing. The battery module, disposed in the housing in a detachable manner, includes a second engaging
8233273 Electronic device July 31, 2012
An electronic device is provided, including a processing unit and a G-sensor electrically connected thereto. The G-sensor detects the posture of the electronic device and outputs a measurement signal to the processing unit accordingly. The processing unit produces a thermal control s
8207461 Switch device for use in electronic device June 26, 2012
A switch structure on the sidewall of a circuit board for an electronic device and manufacturing methods of the circuit board are provided. The switch structure includes a circuit board, a plurality of conductive portions, and a movable unit. The conductive portions are formed on a s
8194404 Hard disk drive frame June 5, 2012
An HDD frame is used to fix several HDDs and several HDD cables. The HDD frame includes an HDD cage, a latch and an HDD cable bracket. The HDD cage includes three cage boards. Two of the cage boards are disposed at two ends of the other cage board. The latch includes a protrusion. The
8185675 Interface system and operating method thereof May 22, 2012
An interface system which is adapted to a portable device is provided. The interface system includes a control chip, a first peripheral device, an external interface port, a first, a second, a third bus driver and a control unit. The control chip provides at least a first and a second
8182114 Display and electronic device with display May 22, 2012
A display. A casing includes an opening. A light guide plate is disposed in the casing. A display panel is disposed in the casing and is adjacent to the light guide plate. A light-guiding member is movably disposed in the opening and includes a first light-permeable portion, a second
8168904 Illumination button switch assembly having lighting structure and electronic device May 1, 2012
An illumination button switch assembly for an electronic device includes a substrate, a switch element, a flexible and light-pervious supporting member, a light source, and a button cap. The switch element is disposed on the substrate to be triggered to generate a switching signal. The
8154526 Touch screen display device and application thereof April 10, 2012
A touch screen display device is provided. The touch screen display device includes a touch screen, a sensor, a control element and a sensitivity-setting element. The sensor is configured to detect if the touch screen display device is being inserted in a connection chamber. The cont
8111518 Electronic device February 7, 2012
An electronic device. The electronic device comprises housing, a positioning member and a circuit board. The positioning member, disposed on the housing, comprises a first protruding portion. The circuit board engages with the positioning member. The first protruding portion is a res
8089238 Electronic device and monitor opening mechanism for an electronic device January 3, 2012
A monitor opening mechanism includes a first rotating shaft rotatably connected to a host and having a first toothed portion. A stepper motor is disposed in the host and includes a second rotating shaft having a second toothed portion engaging the first toothed portion. A fine-tuning
8086841 BIOS switching system and a method thereof December 27, 2011
A BIOS switching system applicable to a computer system is provided. The BIOS switching system includes an input module and a memory module, and the memory module further includes a plurality of BIOS's, an option recording block, and a boot-up management block. The input module produ
8081436 Auxiliary mechanism December 20, 2011
An auxiliary mechanism to be attached to a portable electronic device when capturing image data of an image medium, the portable electronic device includes an image capture element, the auxiliary mechanism comprises a body, a fixer and a connecting element. The fixer is connected to
8081127 Electronic device, antenna thereof, and method of forming the antenna December 20, 2011
The antenna of the invention includes a transceiver unit and a dielectric unit. The transceiver unit has a ground portion, a radial portion, a conductive portion and a feed portion. The ground portion and the radial portion are disposed apart in parallel, so as to form a space thereb
8074000 Hotkey processing method and computer system December 6, 2011
A key processing method for use in a computer system having at least one BIOS (basic input output system) and one controller is disclosed. The method comprises the following steps. After a predetermined time period, it is first determined whether a specific hotkey has been pressed. If so
8068099 Mobile phone and method for controlling the same November 29, 2011
A mobile phone is provided. The mobile phone comprises a touch panel, a camera, and a processor. The touch panel comprises a touch-sensitive display screen, implementing a plurality of virtual buttons. The camera comprises a camera lens having a view-finding area in relation to the t
8056812 Holding device November 15, 2011
A holding device for holding an object, which is disposed on an electronic device in a detachable manner, is disclosed. The holding device comprises a first holding portion, a second holding portion and a connecting portion. The first holding portion comprises a first holding member
8026451 Electronic device capable of ejecting an external device September 27, 2011
The present invention provides an electronic device having a ejector for an external device. The ejector includes a body, a first elastic member, a plate, a block, a rotating unit, and a second elastic member. The ejector of the present invention is able to eject the external device
8006137 Computer debug method August 23, 2011
A computer debug method includes following steps: a Power-On Self Test (POST) is started; several function tests of the POST are executed respectively, wherein at least one set of codes corresponding to each following executing function test is stored in a memory before executing eac
7961030 Timing control apparatus June 14, 2011
The present invention discloses a timing control apparatus to control the on/off timing of the voltage sources. The timing control apparatus includes a plurality of delay circuits coupling with the voltage sources, a plurality of discharging circuits coupling with the delay circuits and
7943867 Electronic device capable of ejecting an external device May 17, 2011
The present invention provides an electronic device having a ejector for an external device. The ejector includes a body, a first elastic member, a plate, a block, a rotating unit, and a second elastic member. The ejector of the present invention is able to eject the external device
7900043 Hard disk security method in a computer system March 1, 2011
This invention presented a hard disk security method in a computer system, which provides a hard disk security mechanism combining with the power-on password function for the storage data in a hard disk by restoring the partition table into the BIOS ROM in advance, and deleting the parti
7852403 Electronic device with image capturing device December 14, 2010
An electronic device comprises a body, a first image capturing element, a cover and a arm. The body comprises a first surface and a second surface, with the first surface opposite to the second surface. The first image capturing element is disposed on the first surface. The cover is
7775816 Electronic device case structure having function of ejecting peripheral device August 17, 2010
An electronic device case structure includes a case body, a pivoting seat, a pushing member, and a driving member. An accommodating slot is formed on the case body for a peripheral device to be inserted therein. The case body has a disposition hole communicating with the accommodating sl
7665648 Fabrication method and structure of PCB assembly, and tool for assembly thereof February 23, 2010
A fabrication method and structure for a PCBA, and tool for assembly of the structure. The structure includes a circuit board, at least one first solder joint, a plurality of second solder joints, and an electronic device. The circuit board has a solder mask, having a plurality of op
7617020 Method for controlling system to work at appropriate temperature November 10, 2009
A method for controlling a system to work at an appropriate temperature provides a control manner allowing not only a temperature factor but also a time factor to be considered when a system is heated. When a heated value of the system reaches a certain preset value, a controller will
7609211 High-directivity microstrip antenna October 27, 2009
A high-directivity microstrip antenna comprising a dielectric layer with a first surface and a second surface that respectively connects to a metal patch and a ground metal layer, wherein the dielectric layer has a through-hole with a metal element connecting to the first surface and the
7597568 Electronic device and dust-proof mechanism thereof October 6, 2009
An electronic device and a dust-proof mechanism thereof are disclosed. The electronic device is electrically connected to a charger and includes a power source, a housing with a hole and a sliding track and a dust-proof mechanism. The dust-proof mechanism includes a pivot cover and a sli
7596857 Method for manufacturing a keyboard October 6, 2009
A method manufactures a keyboard with injecting keys and an inmold metal sheet. The bottoms of grooves of the keys are combined with an elastic material layer to form a keyboard. The metal layer is disposed at a surface of said keyboard.
7596832 Rotational casing associated with an electronic device October 6, 2009
An electronic device associated with a rotational casing includes a panel with a mount groove being joined to the rotational casing. The casing has a main body, which is composed of a first casing part and a second casing part, and a hinge. The main body has a projection part at a latera
7541990 Rotational antenna June 2, 2009
A rotational antenna is disclosed. The rotational antenna includes a radiating member and a pivot. The radiating member preferably comprises a curved portion. The pivot further includes an axle and a body. The axle is coupled to the curved portion, and the body is electrically connected
7400735 Wave-filtering device with an adjustable frequency bandwidth July 15, 2008
The present invention relates to a wave-filtering device with an adjustable frequency bandwidth installed in an output unit of an integrated system. The wave-filtering device is used for receiving a first output signal comprising an alternating current signal and a direct current bia
7391465 Electronic device with rotatable image capture device June 24, 2008
An electronic device with a rotatable image capture device. The electronic device includes a body and an image capture module. The body includes a first surface, a second surface and a sleeve. The second surface is opposite the first surface. The image capture module is disposed in the
7379292 Electronic device May 27, 2008
An electronic device. A fixed base is fixed to a host. A rotating base is rotatably connected to the fixed base and includes a first pivot and a second pivot. The first pivot is disposed in the fixed base and separated from the second pivot. The central axis of the first pivot is per
7345598 Electronic device with keyboard system and method of detecting key conditions thereof March 18, 2008
The present invention provides an electronic device and its keyboard system that includes a plurality of keys, a keyboard matrix and a program. The keys include a plurality of first type keys and a plurality of second type keys; the keyboard matrix includes a plurality of keyboard po
7307221 Fabrication method and structure of PCB assembly, and tool for assembly thereof December 11, 2007
A fabrication method and structure for a PCBA, and tool for assembly of the structure. The structure includes a circuit board, at least one first solder joint, a plurality of second solder joints, and an electronic device. The circuit board has a solder mask, having a plurality of op
7301847 Method and device for a main board commonly associated with DDR2 or DDR1 November 27, 2007
A method and device for a main board commonly shared with DDR2 or DDR1 includes allowing the main board being associated with a voltage transducer and a DDR2 connector, the voltage transducer outputting a voltage suitable for DDR2 to the DDR2 connector via the output end thereof in c
7264171 Electronic device with embedded image capture module September 4, 2007
An electronic device with image capture module. The electronic device comprises a display module, an image capture module, a resilient member and a rotating member. The display module comprises a seat with a through hole. The image capture module is rotatably connected to the seat with a
7207086 Rotating structure and electronic device utilizing same April 24, 2007
An electronic device. The electronic device comprises a host, a display, a fixed member, a first rotating member and a second rotating member. The fixed member is secured on the host and has a first positioning portion and a second positioning portion separated therefrom with a predeterm
7126071 Key and input device containing the key October 24, 2006
A key, which is pressed for constituting close circuit, includes a key cap, a movable arm and a bottom plate. A bottom of the key cap is joined to a bend part of the movable arm. A pivot part of the movable arm is movably joined to a pivot hole of the bottom plate. The bend part surr
7110252 Docking station with a releasing unit September 19, 2006
A docking station includes a housing, an interlocking member, and a releasing unit mounted on the housing. The releasing unit includes a driving member movable relative to the housing in a driving direction for moving the interlocking member from a locking position to an unlocking po
6963468 Portable storage device November 8, 2005
A portable storage device comprises a housing having a first opening, a first directing portion and a second opening, and a main body having a storage portion, a connecting portion corresponding to the first opening, a second directing portion corresponding to the first directing portion
6894865 Portable information storage device May 17, 2005
A portable storage device, such as a USB portable disk drive, comprises a main body and a rotation arm. The main body comprises a storage portion, a connection portion and a back portion. The connection portion comprises a first fastening portion, and the back portion comprises a second
6798651 Computer with an accessible storage medium drive assembly September 28, 2004
A computer with an accessible storage medium drive assembly is provided. The computer comprises a chassis, a cradle and an accessible storage medium drive assembly. The cradle, having a first aligning member, is disposed on the chassis. The storage medium drive assembly comprises a c
6741300 Liquid crystal display device May 25, 2004
A liquid crystal display device is provided. The liquid crystal display device comprises a frame, a back light unit, a liquid crystal panel, a first cover and a second cover. The frame is provided with at least one first connecting member. The back light unit is disposed on the frame, an
6728100 Portable computer and method for assembling the same April 27, 2004
A hinge assembly for pivotably connecting the display portion and the body portion of a portable computer includes a first fastening portion for attaching to the display portion, a second fastening portion for attaching to the body portion and a pivot portion for pivotably connecting the
6711015 Device for cooling CPU chip March 23, 2004
A CPU chip-cooling device is provided. The CPU chip is disposed on a chassis, and the cooling device comprises a heat sink, a bracket and a fan. The heat sink is disposed on the CPU chip. The bracket, having a pivot portion and a retention portion, is pivotally disposed on the chassi
6711007 Computer with a mechanism for securing a storage medium drive and a mother board March 23, 2004
A computer with a security mechanism, for securing a motherboard and a storage medium drive such as a hard disk, is provided. The computer comprises a chassis, a pan, a first latch, a locking mechanism and a lock. The pan, disposed under the chassis, has the motherboard mounted thereon.
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