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Wilson's Gun Shop, Inc. Patents
Wilson's Gun Shop, Inc.
Berryville, AR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D432618 Handgun rear sight October 24, 2000
8189967 Fiber optic sight for firearms May 29, 2012
A fiber optic sight for a gun is disclosed that allows for increased illumination to the shooter's eyes by the use of an angled cut at the forward end of the fiber optic rod. The angled cut is positioned on the underside of the rod, and the fiber optic rod is exposed to the ambient l
7735406 Latch for suppressor June 15, 2010
A latch for mounting a suppressor to a firearm is disclosed that allows interfacing with and securely attaching to the weapon's flash hider without the need to use threads and the rotational movement commonly associated with attaching suppressors to a firearm. The latch consists of a
7627976 Fiber optic sight for firearms with nighttime capabilities December 8, 2009
New and unique improvements of prior known fiber optic sights for firearms with day and night time capabilities are disclosed that comprise (A) a sight base, (B) a fiber optic rod mounted in said base having an angle cut at the distal end which is positioned on the underside of the rod,
7627974 Bridged extractor spring for firearms December 8, 2009
New and unique improvements of prior known M4/M16 firearms are disclosed that comprise (A) a bolt which, in addition to all of the normal M4/M16 features is configured or reconfigured to accept a bridged extractor spring which straddles the firing pin and presses against the bottom of
7010878 Trigger system and method of installing same March 14, 2006
A trigger system for an automatic handgun includes a trigger bar sized to be installed in an interior space behind a trigger by movement from the magazine well. The trigger bar is first inserted into the inlet opening of the magazine well and into the interior space which includes a fron

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