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Madison, WI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8262860 Paper pulp pre-processor September 11, 2012
A pulp pre-processor for the papermaking industry uses pulp fiber analyzers to determine the distribution of fiber parameters, such as length, curl or coarseness from a feed source, such as recycled pulp, and mixes metered portions of pulp from augmenting pulp sources on an as-needed
8244697 Versioning system for electronic textbooks August 14, 2012
A versioning system for electronic textbooks provided to a variety of textbook readers uses a highly abstracted content file tagged with content identifiers allowing this content file to be readily re-edited into multiple versions compatible with different curricula and suitable for
8236386 Nanowire and microwire fabrication technique and product August 7, 2012
A method of fabricating nanowires or microwires employs a robust conductive surface whose edges define electrodes for promoting electrochemical deposition of nanowire material at those edges. Controlled deposition times and thin conductive layers allow extremely small diameter wires
8139343 Electrical energy storage device containing an electroactive separator March 20, 2012
An electrical energy storage device includes a first electrode; a second electrode; a separator; and an electrolyte; where the separator is an electronic insulator; the separator is positioned between the first and second electrodes; the separator includes a first surface proximal to the
8058627 Addressable transmission electron microscope grid November 15, 2011
A planar substrate for electrochemical experimentation provides multiple isolated electrical conductors sandwiched between insulating layers of ultrananocrystalline diamond. The isolated electrical conductors may attach to conductive pads at the periphery of the substrate and exposed
8052930 Apparatus and method for evaluating ex vivo tissue samples by electrical impedance November 8, 2011
A device for characterizing ex vivo tissue employs a set of independent electrodes that may be used to scan the tissue by moving a voltage gradient across the tissue surface acquiring impedance spectrographs that may be mapped to an image.
8030843 Quantum dot phosphors for solid-state lighting devices October 4, 2011
A phosphor for use, for example, with an ultraviolet LED to provide a broad-spectrum white light approximating diffuse sunlight, that includes quantum dots spaced from an activator material by a capping layer surrounding the quantum dots. This approach of spacing an activator materia
7806479 Seat with adjustable dynamic joint October 5, 2010
A pivoting joint for use in a task chair or the like provides an adjustable elastomeric coupling that permits multi-axis rocking of the seat pan with a restoring force that provides controlled stability.
7670386 Prosthetic socket with real-time dynamic control of pressure points March 2, 2010
An improved socket for a prosthesis uses a liner material providing fluid flow through a porous matrix whose local pressure is adjusted by a control system communicating with multiple valves and pressure sensors. Control of pressure in a viscoelastic material provides an improved tra
7627362 Method and apparatus for producing an electrical property image of substantially homogeneous obj December 1, 2009
An electrical parameter imaging apparatus and method includes the acquisition of a charge distribution pattern on an array of electrodes that surround an object being imaged. In addition the exterior boundary, or contours of the object is measured by an array of light beams and assoc
7595395 Gabaergic agents to treat memory deficits September 29, 2009
The present invention provides molecules and methods for the prevention and/or treatment of memory deficit related conditions and/or enhancement of cognizance. In a preferred embodiment, the invention includes compounds, salts and prodrugs thereof for the prevention and/or treatment
7316311 Resealable clear flexible package for shoes January 8, 2008
Packaging for shoes provides an open tray fitting within a clear bag. The tray is sized to support the shoes and protect them from crushing while the bag allows the shoes to be viewed by the consumer within the bag.
6763263 Method and apparatus for producing an electrical property image using a charge correlation matri July 13, 2004
An electrical property imaging system includes an array of sensors placed around an object to measure the surface charges thereon as a sinusoidal voltage is applied thereacross. The resulting distribution of charges inside the object are calculated using a stored charge correlation matri
6624093 Method of producing high dielectric insulator for integrated circuit September 23, 2003
A high dielectric insulator for integrated circuit use is produced by depositing hafnium on a silicon dioxide surface of a silicon wafer and then promoting a solid-state reaction between the silicon dioxide and the hafnium by heating the wafer to produce hafnium silicate.
6522910 Electrical property enhanced tomography (EPET) apparatus and method February 18, 2003
Enhanced information on the electrical properties of the subregions of a sample is generated by an enhanced tomography (EPET) apparatus connected to a tomographic device, wherein the EPET apparatus holds a voltage constant and measures the electrical current of the sample inserted within

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