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Tacoma, WA
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RE33857 Imaging of hot infrared emitting surfaces obscured by particulate fume and hot gases March 24, 1992
An apparatus is described which is capable of producing an image of a smelt bed of inorganic chemicals collected at the bottom of a kraft pulp recovery boiler. The image produced is free of interferences of fume particles and gaseous radiation which have obscured prior attempts to view
PP6978 Ilex.times.ataclerensis `Wight Selection` variety August 8, 1989
A new and distinct variety of Ilex.times.altaclerensis having outstanding tolerance to very high southern day and night temperatures while retaining USDA Zone 8 winter hardiness.
PP6857 Aglaonema `B.J. Freeman` June 13, 1989
A new and distinct variety of Aglaonema having a full and compact appearance, a vigorous growth rate and an upright and spreading habit. The large stature resembles Dieffenbachia species. Leaves are large and variegated with two distinct colors on the upper surface. The basic leaf co
PP6842 Aglaonema `Queen of Siam` June 6, 1989
A new and distinct variety of Aglaonema characterized by compact growth habit with large four color variegated leaves.
PP6616 Nerium oleander `Hines Hardy` February 21, 1989
A new and distinct variety of Nerium oleander L. generally similar in appearance to Nerium "Hardy Red" cultivar but having outstanding cold tolerance enabling cultivation in environments having USDA Zone 7 ( F.) winter conditions.
PP6133 Raphiolepis indica CV Newport March 22, 1988
A new and distinct variety of Raphiolepis indica which originated as a mutation in a group of cuttings taken from a parent "Jack Evans" variety. The new cultivar is particularly notable for flowers having a rich, vivid red-purple color, darker than any other known variety of Raphiolepis
PP5659 Dwarf nandina named Moon Bay February 11, 1986
A freely branching dwarf nandina plant having a compact, globose habit.
PP5656 Dwarf nandina--Gulf Stream February 4, 1986
A dwarf nandina having densely foliaged and ascending branches, resulting in a rounded, compact shape.
PP5339 Dwarf Australian tree fern November 13, 1984
A mutation of the Australian Tree Fern, characterized by its slower growth, a more compact habit, and reduced height and width at maturity.
D313723 Infant seat liner January 15, 1991
D313528 Infant seat liner January 8, 1991
D313527 Infant seat liner January 8, 1991
D313526 Infant seat liner January 8, 1991
D313525 Infant seat liner January 8, 1991
D312550 Infant seat liner December 4, 1990
D312549 Infant seat liner December 4, 1990
7474964 Identifying vegetation attributes from LiDAR data January 6, 2009
Aspects of the present invention are directed at using LiDAR data to identify attributes of vegetation. In this regard, a method is provided that allocates points to individual items of vegetation from raw LiDAR data. In one embodiment, the method includes selecting a coordinate posi
7455902 Mixed polymer superabsorbent fibers November 25, 2008
A mixed polymer composite fiber including a carboxyalkyl cellulose and a galactomannan polymer or glucomannan polymer.
7452722 Methods for developing conifer somatic embryos November 18, 2008
The present invention provides methods for producing conifer cotyledonary somatic embryos. The methods of the present invention each includes the step of culturing embryogenic conifer tissue in, or on, a development medium for a period of time sufficient to produce conifer cotyledonary
7452573 Method of making a barrier material November 18, 2008
The barrier properties of a water soluble gas barrier material are improved if the material is blended with a nanoparticle calcium carbonate having a size of from 10 to 250 nanometers. The barrier material is on a substrate to provide a substrate with gas barrier properties. A layer of
7452200 Briquetting die for dispersible fiber briquettes November 18, 2008
A briquetting die set comprises first and second mating cylindrical dies. The first die has a plurality of adjacent recesses surrounded by a wall having an upper rim. At least a portion of the upper rim of each recess is common to an adjacent recess and has a relatively small radius of
7451696 Press unit for a manufactured wood product press November 18, 2008
A press unit (20) for a manufactured wood press (60) is provided. The press unit includes a housing (80), a platen (90), and a drive assembly (76) disposed within the housing. The drive assembly is coupled to the platen to drive the platen in a non-linear motion. More specifically, the
7451569 Use of a low nitrogen fertilizer to propagate shoots from a log November 18, 2008
The present invention provides methods for promoting the growth of shoots from a log, the methods each including the step of applying a fertilizer solution, that includes less than about 0.01% (w/v) nitrogen, to a member of the group consisting of an Alder log, a Beech log and a Birch lo
7393905 Crosslinked mixed carboxylated polymer network July 1, 2008
Method for crosslinking a carboxylated polymer using a triazine crosslinking activator, method for crosslinking a mixture of first and second carboxylated polymers a triazine crosslinking activator, a crosslinked carboxylated polymer having ionic crosslinks, and a composition compris
7390566 Viscose product June 24, 2008
Pulp with a high hemicellulose level is blended with a dissolving grade pulp and converted to viscose. Blending can be performed during steeping or after steeping. Spinning of the viscose containing the blend, into filaments yields fibers with strength properties that are at least equal
7389907 Tri-fold blister card with opening mechanism June 24, 2008
The present invention includes a unique tri-fold blister card and resulting tri-fold blister card package for packing, shipping and displaying a product at a point-of-purchase. The tri-fold blank improves the visual impact of the product package by providing a printable area in the r
7388498 Method and system for producing and reading labels based on magnetic resonance techniques June 17, 2008
The invention provides a method and system for labeling items, wherein the labels contain digital information and can be read when desired. The coding of the labels is done by choosing specifically engineered nano-particles, micro-particles, or liquid material in the form of "ink." T
7384497 Process for encapsulation of cellulose based substrates using electromagnetic radiation heating June 10, 2008
A method for encapsulating a cellulose based substrate with polymeric film involves raising the temperature of the respective films using an electromagnetic radiation source and providing a pressure differential between an environment defined between the films and an environment exte
7383979 Container blank June 10, 2008
A blank for a container lid having at least one layer of corrugated material to which liner material is attached on both sides of the corrugated material. The blank has a central panel. There are side panels attached to each side of the central panel by score lines. Each of the side
7383730 Methods for determining velocity of a stress wave within a material and homogeneity of propertie June 10, 2008
Methods for evaluating properties of a material are provided. In a first method, the velocity of a stress or sound wave is calculated by measuring the time of flight of the stress/sound wave induced into the material. The resonance of the material is also measured after the wood product
7381562 Methods for producing cotyledonary pine embryos utilizing a gibberellin June 3, 2008
The present invention provides methods for producing cotyledonary pine embryos. The methods of the invention each include the step of culturing embryogenic pine tissue in, or on, a medium including at least one gibberellin to yield cotyledonary pine embryos. In some embodiments, an a
7381298 Process for making a paperboard from a high consistency slurry containing high levels of crossli June 3, 2008
A process is described for manufacturing a paperboard from a high consistency slurry containing high levels of crosslinked cellulosic fibers by dispersing the fibers in a screen with a rotor in the screen and then passing the fibers through the screen basket with a hole diameter of a
7377420 Two piece bliss box with sloped bottom May 27, 2008
A two-piece bliss-type container blank and resulting container for easily dispensing products contained within is disclosed. Specifically, the container is designed to have an exterior bottom panel that is essentially flat, while having an internal bottom panel that is inclined towar
7361131 Systems and methods for processing a container blank April 22, 2008
A system includes a first scoring station, an optional second scoring station, and a cutting station. The first scoring station includes a stationary platen for supporting a substrate, a movable platen juxtaposed a spaced distance therefrom, and one or more scoring rules operatively
7354543 Manufactured wood product press April 8, 2008
A press assembly is shown having a plurality of aligned press modules having a lower platen and an oppositely-disposed upper platen, the press modules defining a channel through the press assembly. A resinous wood fiber mat is fed into the channel. The upper and lower platens are driven
7340958 Methods for determining potential characteristics of a specimen based on stress wave velocity me March 11, 2008
Methods are provided for using stress wave velocity measurements taken of a specimen at an early age to determine potential characteristics at a later age. The data may be used to, for example, evaluate specimens and/or families and/or clones at early ages to cut costs and/or to incr
7334347 Process for producing dried, singulated fibers using steam and heated air February 26, 2008
Dried, singulated cellulose pulp fiber is produced by introducing wet pulp steam and air into a jet dryer. The air is heated to a temperature of C. to C. Steam is injected at a nozzle pressure of from 344 KPa (50 psig) to 4,137 KPa (600 psig). The pulp is removed
7314158 Handled container January 1, 2008
A container blank comprising a bottom wall having two opposed pairs of sides. One dimension of the bottom wall is the distance between one pair of the sides. Walls are attached to each of the sides. The heights of the walls are substantially equal. A closure member and handle member are
7306846 Flowable and meterable densified fiber particle December 11, 2007
Discrete particles of cellulosic material are flowable and meterable. They are easily dispersible in an aqueous or a dry medium. The particles comprise singulated cellulose fibers that have been densified. The particles have a density of at least 0.3 g/cc.
7306137 Handled container December 11, 2007
A container blank comprising four walls. The first and third walls are one pair and the second and fourth are another pair. The heights of the walls are substantially equal. A closure member and handle member are attached to each of the walls of one pair of walls. There is a hand hole in
7306136 Handled container December 11, 2007
A container has opposed pairs of parallel walls. There are closure members attached to the upper side of one pair of walls which extend downwardly into the container. Handle members attached to the closure members. The handle members are contiguous in the formed container and have aligne
7304740 Methods for detecting compression wood in lumber December 4, 2007
Methods are provided for detecting compression wood, blue stain, or pitch in lumber. A light beam is projected towards the wood sample. Line or area cameras acquire images of light that is reflected from the wood sample. Based on the intensity of the reflected light at one or more lo
7303114 Handled container December 4, 2007
A three part container having a bottom wall and two walls in one part, and a wall in each of the other parts. The heights of the walls are substantially equal. A closure member and a handle member are attached to the walls in each of the other parts. There is a hand hole in the handle
7300965 Mixed polymer network November 27, 2007
A mixed polymer network made from reacting a carboxyalkyl cellulose and a synthetic water-soluble polymer with a crosslinking agent.
7300705 Methods for esterifying hydroxyl groups in wood November 27, 2007
Methods for esterifying hydroxyl groups in cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin in wood are described, wherein the wood is chosen from loblolly, slash, shortleaf, longleaf or radiata pines. Methods can include solvent drying techniques and heating provided by electromagnetic radiation, s
7300546 Cellulose fiber having improved biostability and the resulting products November 27, 2007
A cellulose fiber having extended biostability and the method of its manufacture are described. While prior treatments of cellulose with biotoxic metal compounds have given improved resistance to decay, these treatments have not been entirely satisfactory where the fiber had to be re
7297230 Method for producing cellulose fiber having improved biostability and the resulting products November 20, 2007
A cellulose fiber having extended biostability and the method of its manufacture are described. While prior treatments of cellulose with biotoxic metal compounds have given improved resistance to decay, these treatments have not been entirely satisfactory where the fiber had to be re
7296698 Stackable shelf November 20, 2007
A blank for a stackable shelf and the shelf formed from it. The blank comprises a substantially rectangular shelf member having attached walls. Each of the sidewalls has an integral extension which extends into and is detachable from the shelf member. The height of the integral extension
7291244 Pulp flaker November 6, 2007
Methods for conveying, mixing, leveling, and flaking dewatered pulp to produce pulp flakes suitable to be used in a dryer. Methods for producing a consistent flow rate of pulp, and, for producing uniform pulp flakes in terms of pulp flake size and pulp flake moisture content. A method
7290696 Container with reinforced corner panels and the associated container blank November 6, 2007
The embodiments of the present invention provide a blank foldable material that may be configured to form a container. When formed, the container is self-locking and includes top panel assemblies that form additional bearing surfaces. The blank is configured to form a container that
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