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Westvaco Corporation Patents
Westvaco Corporation
New York, NY
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RE36158 Venting/opening for paperboard carton March 23, 1999
A venting/opening means for an ovenable carton having a separate lid with venting and opening instructions printed on one corner, and a tray with a continuous peripheral flange. The improvement wherein the venting/opening means is applied to each corner of the tray flange for polygonal s
RE31093 Process for making activated carbon with control of metal ion concentration in phosphoric acid November 30, 1982
A process for improvement of wood-base active carbon made in the presence of phosphoric acid is disclosed herein. The improvement comprises controlling the amount of dissolved salts of the group sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in the process acid to provide a metal ion conce
RE31065 Steam distribution system October 26, 1982
A system for distributing steam to a travelling web includes an elongated chamber having numerous steam distribution outlets arranged therealong and a steam inlet manifold extending lengthwise along the interior of the chamber. A plurality of ports formed along the manifold serve to admi
RE29337 Dicarboxylic acid soaps August 2, 1977
Dicarboxylic acid soap compositions comprising a compound of the formula ##STR1## wherein x and y are integers from 3 to 9, x and y together equal 12, Z is a member of the group consisting of hydrogen and COOM.sub.1, with one Z of each moiety, and M and M.sub.1 are selected from the
RE29272 Water resistant corrugated paperboard June 21, 1977
A water resistant corrugated paperboard material is prepared wherein the paperboard components (medium and liner or liners) are each coated on both sides with a thermoplastic film which acts as a water barrier and a water resistant adhesive for bonding the components together. The corrug
RE29238 Composites of lignin and biologically active materials May 31, 1977
The subject invention is directed to composites of lignin and biologically active materials. The composites consist of a biologically active agent dispersed throughout an alkali lignin material in a ratio of .1:1 to 1:10 of the biologically active agent to alkali lignin. The biologically
D462904 Paperboard carrier for prepared food September 17, 2002
D415195 Transparent envelope October 12, 1999
D363192 Divided food tray October 17, 1995
D348610 Carton blank July 12, 1994
D342097 Hand held sign December 7, 1993
D332393 Cookie tray January 12, 1993
D326227 Carton blank May 19, 1992
D323069 Hosiery hanger January 14, 1992
D322457 Envelope December 17, 1991
D322456 Envelope December 17, 1991
D322455 Envelope December 17, 1991
D316817 Lid for ovenable carton May 14, 1991
D316037 Food package April 9, 1991
D313701 Hosiery hanger January 15, 1991
D313040 Envelope December 18, 1990
D312781 Container December 11, 1990
D312213 Combined lid and tray blank November 20, 1990
D311493 Carton October 23, 1990
D311337 Twin tray blank October 16, 1990
D311336 Tray blank October 16, 1990
D310785 Tear strip carton September 25, 1990
D310784 Tear strip carton September 25, 1990
D310029 Lid for ovenable carton August 21, 1990
D309264 Lid for ovenable tray July 17, 1990
D305507 Carton blank January 16, 1990
D304016 Tub for packaging food or the like October 17, 1989
D302068 TV dinner tray July 4, 1989
D300800 Core plug extractor April 25, 1989
D297214 Paperboard carton August 16, 1988
D295536 Blank for expansible envelope May 3, 1988
D292487 Carrying carton October 27, 1987
D290813 Blank for an octagonal tray July 14, 1987
D290689 Blank for hexagonal tray July 7, 1987
D290444 Packaging container June 23, 1987
D290343 Packaging container June 16, 1987
D286745 Packaging tray for food or the like November 18, 1986
D286618 Packaging tray for food or the like November 11, 1986
D285777 Packaging tray for food or the like September 23, 1986
D283400 Packaging tray for food or the like April 15, 1986
D283399 Packaging tray for food or the like April 15, 1986
D275836 Display carton October 9, 1984
D261613 Bottled alcoholic beverage carton November 3, 1981
6541538 Resin for ink-jet printing ink April 1, 2003
A cationic, water-soluble polymer is disclosed as an ink-jet ink resin to improve color-fastness and adhesion of an ink-jet printing ink. Also disclosed is a method for preparing the invention resin and the ink-jet ink formulation comprising same.
6530474 Insertable tray for a multiple disc storage container March 11, 2003
A tray for holding multiple discs within a storage container which, desirably, is a conventional single disc jewel box, includes a leaf for mounting discs on opposite sides thereof and a shelf substantially rigidly attached, via attachment plates depending from the shelf, to the jewel bo
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