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Westinghouse Electric Corporation Patents
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T967008 Capacitive voltage transformer with improved ferroresonance protection device February 7, 1978
a coupling capacitor protection device with a voltage limiter connected across the tap capacitor feeding the induction transformer primary winding. The suppressor is a ceramic oxide nonlinear resistor changing from high to low resistance, thereby limiting the tap voltage to less than
T966010 Capacitive voltage transformer with improved compensating reactor arrangement January 3, 1978
a compensating reactor in a coupling capacitor potential device including a magnetic core with an inductive winding, the reactor providing inductive reactance cancelling capacitive reactance of the device, and a voltage limiting device connected across the compensating reactor which is a
T955004 Method for heat exchanger leak detection in a liquid metal cooled nuclear reactor February 1, 1977
An on-line method for early detection of a leak through a tube of a liquid metal-to-water tube type heat exchanger in a liquid metal cooled nuclear reactor system. Introducing helium to the heat exchanger feedwater exposes the helium to any heat exchanger leak locations, and the helium w
T954001 Fluid circulation system for heat exchangers January 4, 1977
a fluid circulation system for heat exchangers having two groups of tubes through which primary and secondary fluids flow, the tubes of one group being interdigitated with the tubes of the other group, and a heat transfer material interposed between the two groups of tubes, whereby heat
RE35918 Stem load determining system October 13, 1998
A stem load determining system comprises a method and apparatus for determining the load developed on a threaded stem, including a valve stem driven by a valve operator. An integral component of the apparatus is a stem strain transducer uniquely designed to girp a threaded stem to define
RE29557 Tl.sub.3 PSe.sub.4 Compound, single crystals, and acousto-optical devices February 28, 1978
The compound Tl.sub.3 PSe.sub.4 is disclosed. Non-conducting single crystals of the compound are prepared which have outstanding acousto-optical properties including an exceptionally high acousto-optical figure of merit. The crystals are used in various acousto-optical devices includ
RE29334 Phosphor combination and method, particularly adapted for use with explosives, for providing a d August 2, 1977
Phosphor-explosive material combination and method wherein a small amount of inorganic phosphor is mixed with explosive material to provide an indicia or label of information regarding the explosive, either before or after detonation of same. The phosphor can readily be located with an
RE29134 Polyimide precursor and method and composition for preparing it February 8, 1977
A composition is disclosed of a dianhydride and a tetracarboxylic acid in the proportions of about 50 to about 70 mole % dianhydride to about 30 to about 50 mole % tetracarboxylic acid, a stoichiometric amount of an aromatic diisocyanate, and a solvent for the dianhydride, the tetrac
RE28994 Over the cabinet door assembly October 5, 1976
A wall mounted, backless, cabinet with an over-the-cabinet door assembly feature wherein the front door of the cabinet slides to an open and stored position overlying the cabinet top.
RE28986 Static inverter wherein a plurality of square waves are so summed as to produce a sinusoidal out September 28, 1976
This invention relates generally to power inverting devices and more particularly, to static inverting devices which produce an output wave shape which closely approximates a sine wave.
RE28946 Blower system and control system therefor August 31, 1976
An automatic control system for high pressure blower applications prevents surging under variable supply flow rate requirements and achieves maximum efficiency of operation. The supply flow rate establishes the set point of a proportional plus reset controller, the latter receiving a fee
RE28792 Electrochemical method for separating O.sub.2 from a gas; generating electricity; measuring April 27, 1976
.Iadd.A fuel cell and method of operation of same is detailed for measuring oxygen pressure, separating oxygen from a gas, or generating electrical energy. The fuel cell has first and second electrodes of selected materials with a solid partition of a solid electrolyte between the el
D413331 Mobile telephone housing August 31, 1999
D387771 Contoured dome antenna December 16, 1997
D382565 Mast antenna August 19, 1997
D367369 Footrest February 27, 1996
D367192 Table February 20, 1996
D366654 Mousepad January 30, 1996
D366653 Wristrest January 30, 1996
D364065 Lumbar support cushion November 14, 1995
D363823 Chair November 7, 1995
D362983 Table October 10, 1995
D362772 VDT corner unit adapter October 3, 1995
D361458 Table August 22, 1995
D361457 Table August 22, 1995
D361255 Handle August 15, 1995
D361229 Table August 15, 1995
D359169 Rocking chair June 13, 1995
D358514 Chair shell May 23, 1995
D357817 Chair May 2, 1995
D357781 Mobile caddy April 25, 1995
D357605 Cafe table April 25, 1995
D357594 Chair April 25, 1995
D357592 Stool April 25, 1995
D356338 Pencil tray March 14, 1995
D355316 Table February 14, 1995
D355090 Seat February 7, 1995
D355089 Pad for a chair armrest February 7, 1995
D355080 Chair February 7, 1995
D354631 Chair January 24, 1995
D353269 Chair December 13, 1994
D352407 Table November 15, 1994
D352181 Chair November 8, 1994
D351510 Chair October 18, 1994
D351069 Chair October 4, 1994
D348529 Self balanced table lamp July 5, 1994
D348125 Golf ball washer enclosure June 21, 1994
D347340 Bookcase May 31, 1994
D325140 Table April 7, 1992
D246069 Font of characters October 11, 1977

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