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Westinghouse Electric Corp. Patents
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE33373 Tooling apparatus for modifying nuclear reactors October 9, 1990
A remotely controlled tooling apparatus is disclosed for supporting and selectively disposing a tool with respect to a workpiece illustratively taking the form of a core barrel of a nuclear reactor. Illustratively, a core barrel is of a substantially cylindrical configuration and has a
RE33030 Self rupturing gas moderator rod for a nuclear reactor August 22, 1989
An arrangement for controlling the moderation of a nuclear reactor which includes multiple fuel assemblies each of which includes top and bottom nozzles with fuel rods and control rod guide thimbles located therebetween. Certain ones of said assemblies include at least one tube initi
RE31949 Gas insulated transmission line including provisions for minimizing particle generation July 16, 1985
A gas-insulated transmission line includes a cylindrical outer sheath, an inner conductor within the outer sheath, an insulating gas, and support insulators for insulatably supporting the inner conductor within the outer sheath. The support insulators have a pair of circumferentially spa
RE30900 Fluid current meter April 13, 1982
Two pairs of acoustic transducers are provided for obtaining fluid current velocity measurements. The pairs of transducers are mounted in a supporting ring which introduces a controlled source of error in the measurement process, the configuration however resulting in a nearly consta
RE30862 Rejection-type fuse clip February 9, 1982
A fuse clip for cartridge type fuses which permits the insertion of a proper fuse while preventing the insertion of improper fuses. The clip permits the insertion of fuses having an annular groove around one of the end terminals while prohibiting the insertion of fuses without such a
RE30687 Energy saving device for a standard fluorescent lamp system July 21, 1981
There is provided in combination with a rapid-start series-sequence type ballast for two low-pressure mercury discharge lamps, apparatus for reducing the power consumption of both lamps. The apparatus utilizes switch means in conjunction with a capacitor to limit the current supply t
RE30394 Signal bandpass filter apparatus September 2, 1980
A signal bandpass filter apparatus is disclosed wherein a direct short circuit between input and output is prevented and the loss of the ground reference of the filter is detectable and fail-safe in operation.
RE30280 Modular operating centers and methods of building same for use in electric power generating plan May 20, 1980
Modular operating centers for use in electric power generating plants and other industrial and commercial plants, processes and systems are constructed by using a novel prefabricated modular technique. This technique includes loading a plurality of transportable room-size building mo
RE30087 Coherent sampled readout circuit and signal processor for a charge coupled device array August 28, 1979
A coherent sampled CMOS readout circuit and signal processor coupled to a CCD shift register operated by a two-phase minority carrier transfer clock system. The invention comprises a multiplex MIS switch, a reverse biased collection diode, an N channel MOSFET reset switch, a P channel MO
RE29896 Intrusion detection system January 30, 1979
A wire comprised of an electrical conductor enclosed within insulation, is loosely positioned relative to an electrically conductive member. This combination is positioned to monitor disturbances caused by the intrusion of the protected area. The relative movement of the wire and the
RE29785 Replaceable element ultrasonic flowmeter transducer September 26, 1978
An electroacoustic ultrasonic transducer is described which is usable under high pressure and high temperature operating conditions, and is readily replaceable. A piezoelectric transducer element is disposed within a metallic housing and coupled to a metallic acoustic window which is
RE29621 Variable capacity multiple compressor refrigeration system May 2, 1978
A variable capacity multiple compressor refrigeration system having first and second compressors with the first compressor to be always running when the system is operating and the second compressor to be cycled off or to vary the capacity of the system on while the first compressor cont
D360311 Lounge seating July 18, 1995
D360310 Lounge seating July 18, 1995
D346924 Seat cushion May 17, 1994
D346293 Coffee table April 26, 1994
D344856 Ottoman March 8, 1994
D344199 Credenza February 15, 1994
D344191 Dining chair February 15, 1994
D343308 Desk January 18, 1994
D341265 Cafe chair November 16, 1993
D341264 Diamond chair November 16, 1993
D341263 Club chair November 16, 1993
D341260 Chair November 16, 1993
D341042 Combined credenza and hutch November 9, 1993
D339934 Storage cabinet October 5, 1993
D339927 Chair October 5, 1993
D339926 Chair October 5, 1993
D339924 Chair October 5, 1993
D339488 Table September 21, 1993
D339487 Table September 21, 1993
D339486 Table September 21, 1993
D339481 Desk September 21, 1993
D339379 Markerboard September 14, 1993
D339244 Chair September 14, 1993
D338789 Table August 31, 1993
D338579 Cafe table August 24, 1993
D337455 Storage cabinet July 20, 1993
D337447 Chair July 20, 1993
D336967 Under-shelf task light June 29, 1993
D336722 Chair June 22, 1993
D335994 Golf bag stand June 1, 1993
D334488 Chair April 6, 1993
D334098 Chair March 23, 1993
D333925 Chair March 16, 1993
D333910 Portable disk storage container or similar article March 16, 1993
D333738 Chair March 9, 1993
D333530 Under-shelf task light February 23, 1993
D332363 Table January 12, 1993
D332316 Stile for use primarily as part of a space divider frame January 5, 1993

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