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Western Electric Company, Inc.
New York, NY
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RE31197 Telephone cord having braided outer jacket April 5, 1983
A telephone cord which is particularly suited for use with some models of decorative telephones includes a plurality of individually insulated conductors, a plastic jacket which encloses the plurality of individually insulated conductors, and a braid which encloses the plastic jacket. Wh
RE29886 Methods of and apparatus for controlling the thickness of an annular extrusion January 16, 1979
A cable core advances through an extruder head and then past an ultrasonic test set. In the extruder head, an annular plastic jacket is formed about the core. The test set generates four signals which correspond in magnitude to the jacket thickness in orthogonally spaced quadrants of the
RE29879 Method of forming a laminate January 16, 1979
A method of forming a laminate is disclosed. The method comprises placing a metal film in juxtaposition to a surface to be joined thereto. A buffer medium having an explosive charge on at least one surface thereof is positioned proximate the film. The explosive charge is detonated to pro
RE29336 Method of etching a surface of a substrate comprising LiTaO.sub.3 and chemically similar materia August 2, 1977
A method of etching a surface of a substrate comprising lithium tantalate (LiTaO.sub.3) and chemically similar materials is disclosed. The method includes contacting the surface with a mixture comprising hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid. In addition to its etching action, the mixture
RE29015 Method of generating precious metal-reducing patterns October 26, 1976
A pattern capable of reducing thereon a precious metal is generated on a suitable substrate by first coating selected portions of the substrate with a solution, called a photopromoter, which contains a metal salt. The metal salt possesses two characteristics:(a) the oxidation state of th
RE28795 Apparatus and method for continuous extrusion May 4, 1976
Four trains of gripping element quadrants are continuously propelled around four endless paths, meeting along one length of travel common to the four paths and cooperating along said common length of travel to form a continuously moving train of centrally apertured gripping elements movi
D273646 Modular telephone enclosure and privacy wing therefor May 1, 1984
D273449 Data terminal desk April 17, 1984
D271016 Telephone equipment cabinet chassis October 18, 1983
D266381 Public telephone shelf October 5, 1982
D261582 Combined telephone kiosk and support therefor November 3, 1981
4480152 Methods and apparatus for protecting line relay contacts in a telephone switching system October 30, 1984
Line relay contacts (LR1.sub.1, LR1.sub.2) are protected from power surges appearing on a telephone line (L1) during connect or disconnect of a station set (S1) from the line, by operating a hold relay (HR1) to place a hold bridge (HB1) across the line (L1) before energizing the line rel
4447109 Connector pin May 8, 1984
An electrical connector pin is formed from a unitary piece of strip so as to be in the shape of an elongated tubular member with terminal and contact sections at opposite ends, and with an unbonded seam extending between those sections. The terminal section has in it a scoop depression
4443305 Emulsion electrowinning April 17, 1984
A process of electrodepositing a metal from an organic phase containing a salt or complex of that metal includes the steps of creating a dispersion of the organic phase in a conducting aqueous electrolyte with which it is immiscible and electrodepositing the metal onto a cathode which is
4441183 Apparatus for testing digital and analog circuits April 3, 1984
A high-speed, high-resolution testing circuit for both analog and digital circuit packs is described. The testing circuit, which employs data compression techniques, comprises a shift register (22) having an overall length selectively variable under program control, and an arrangement (1
4441124 Technique for inspecting semiconductor wafers for particulate contamination April 3, 1984
A laser beam (88) is raster scanned over the surface of a patterned semiconductor wafer (66) at an angle normal thereto. A plurality of detectors, radially spaced from the wafer (66) and substantially coplanar therewith detect light scattered from contaminating particulate thereon. T
4439467 Methods of coating lightguide fiber and product produced thereby March 27, 1984
A coating material is applied to drawn lightguide fiber in a manner which substantially prevents the inclusion of bubbles and which causes the fiber to be disposed substantially concentrically within the coating layer. The lightguide fiber is advanced through a continuum of coating mater
4437229 Methods of marking and electrically identifying an article March 20, 1984
A hybrid integrated circuit package (11) typically includes a circuit substrate or article (12) on which are formed thin film components (17, 18, 19) of a circuit (22) and to which is bonded at least one semiconductor chip (21). Prior to bonding the chip (21) to the article (12) the
4436958 System using the telephone network to control locks at a number of remote locations March 13, 1984
A number of remotely located locked devices (26 and 27) are selectively operated by sending signals from a central supervisory location (28) through the telephone network (27) to a telephone set 32 and a converter (44) installed at each remote location. Initiating call signals from a
4432663 Cable pulling eye February 21, 1984
A cable pulling eye assembly comprises a spike (16) having an auger thread (18), a coaxially mounted shell (36) and an eye (31) with a threaded opening (34), which is mounted on a threaded rear section of the spike. The eye is rotated by a power tool to advance the auger into a bundle of
4431474 Thermocompression bonding apparatus February 14, 1984
A thermocompression bonding apparatus (10), which is particularly adapted to bond an array of miniaturized electrical leads (36) to a corresponding array of respectively aligned pads (33) of a metallized circuit, supported on a substrate (31), includes a specially constructed and interna
4430385 Compositely insulated conductor having a layer of irradiation cross-linked polymeric plastic mat February 7, 1984
An elongated metallic conductor is insulated with an inner layer of a plasticized polyvinyl chloride composition and an outer layer of a plasticized, irradiation cross-linked polyvinyl chloride composition. The outer layer has a low coefficient of friction to facilitate pulling in ce
4429454 Connector terminal spreader February 7, 1984
A connector (13) having two banks of terminals (16 and 17) is seated in a nest (27) located in a terminal spreading apparatus. A first spreader (36-37) overlies the first bank of terminals (17). A printed circuit board (10) with edge contact pads (12) is advanced along ways (98 and 99) t
4429271 Digital capacitance measuring test set and test circuit incorporated therein January 31, 1984
A high speed capacitance test set (10 or 60), comprised of a digital test circuit portion (11 or 11') and a multi-pulse train generating portion (12 or 12'), is adapted to make exceedingly rapid, repetitive capacitance measurements, such as required when winding roll-type capacitors to a
4428773 Process for treating spent fluids to recover copper and copper oxide January 31, 1984
A process for recovering copper and copper oxide for spent ammoniacal etchant, electroless and copper persulfate bath fluids used in the manufacture of copper printed wiring boards such that the treated baths contain no ammonia. The spent solutions are placed in a cooking vessel havi
4428762 Vapor-phase axial deposition system January 31, 1984
A vapor-phase axial deposition system (5) for fabricating a lightguide soot boule (16). The system (5) is comprised of a short cylindrical housing (10) having end plates (26--26) affixed thereto. A starting member (58) is radially directed into the central portion of the housing (10) and
4426255 Wire insulating method and apparatus January 17, 1984
Apparatus and method for insulating wires with pulp are disclosed wherein wires embedded in pulp ribbons supported upon an endless transfer belt are passed through radio-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by oscillators tuned to resonate at a high voltage level whenever a wire is
4425708 Relay cutting tool January 17, 1984
A power operated tool (20) functions to cut and collect a multitude of precious metal contacts (11,11) from wire spring relays (10). The tool (20) includes a pair of jaws (31,32) that in the open position fit over several rows of contacts (11,11). When the tool (20) is energized, the
4425474 Pulp-insulated conductor cable January 10, 1984
A cable of this invention includes a number of pulp-insulated conductor pairs per unit of cable cross-sectional area which is substantially greater than in prior art cables. Each pulp-insulated conductor includes a metallic conductor enclosed in a composite insulation cover which has a
4425292 Hybrid extrusion methods January 10, 1984
A hybrid extruder provides plastic insulation which is as uniformly and tightly disposed about a substrate as that produced in a conventional pressure extruder and accommodates irregular substrates. The hybrid extruder includes a core tube which is positioned in a die cavity to form
4424617 Method and apparatus for boxing and encapsulating electrical devices January 10, 1984
Plate-like carriers (51) having box-receiving slots (54) formed along one edge and rack teeth (58) formed along an opposite edge are fed from a stack (52) and along a trackway (53) where a pair of cog devices (59 and 61) are cyclically operated on fast and slow cycles to engage the rack
4423589 Telecommunication cables and methods of manufacturing same January 3, 1984
A multi-unit telecommunication cable is disclosed in which the twisted wire pairs of the unit are presented adjacent the conductive cable sheath at irregularly spaced locations. The cable may be made by modulating the amplitude and/or frequency of the oscillations of the faceplate employ
4421374 Trifurcated insulation-penetrating terminal December 20, 1983
A trifurcated terminal (10) which is mounted in an aperture (52) in a plastic terminal block (51) is made from flat metallic material and includes a base having a center beam and two lateral beams (18-18) extending therefrom. Portions of the beams define conductor-receiving slots (31
4421368 Lead-receiving socket, multi-socket assembly incorporating same and method of effecting circuit December 20, 1983
An auxiliary socket assembly (25) includes an array of sockets (10 or 70) supported within a plastic block (21). Each socket (10 or 70) includes an outer conductive shell (12 or 72) having an upper tubular portion (13 or 73) within which a pre-formed solder insert (26 or 76) is confined
4421266 Handling bodies containing bonding material December 20, 1983
Bodies (22) containing bonding material are applied in a substantially simultaneous manner to each of an array of bonding sites (18). A member (50) holds the bodies (22) in an array corresponding to the array of bonding sites (18). A pickup head (40) holds an array of pickup pins (42)
4421265 Wave-soldering a member to an article December 20, 1983
A solder mask (62) of special construction is mounted on each of a plurality of crystal filters (10) having continuous seams (16) defined by peripheral edges (20) of filter metal covers (14) and peripheral portions (18) of filter metal headers (12). The crystal filter-solder mask ass
4420880 Device for extracting an in-line array of socket-mounted circuit packages of the dual-in-line-ty December 20, 1983
An extraction device (10) is adapted for removing a linear array of dual-in-line integrated circuit packages (12), referred to herein as DIPs, from a corresponding array of slotted receiving sockets (14), mounted on a test board (16), and for effecting the temporary magazine-storage of t
4420879 Device for opening snap-locked housing sections of a cable connector December 20, 1983
A manually operated device (10) adapted to facilitate the removal of a solderless type flat cable connector (15) from the terminated end of a flat cable (19) and, more particularly, to effect the release and pivotal separation of a first connector housing section (17) from a mating secon
4420206 Electrical connector December 13, 1983
The invention relates to a connector(12) adapted to be used with a plastic sheet (15) on a circuit board (13) to effect electrical connection between registering conductive areas of conductive strips 17 and 14 on the adjacent surfaces, of respectively, the sheet and the board. The connec
4419557 Method and apparatus for welding metal parts coated with a thermoplastic December 6, 1983
A pair of thermoplastic coated, paramagnetic metal sheets (26 and 27) are moved from a position within a first bus loop half (28) to a position within a second loop half (29) while a pair of electrodes (31 and 32) are cyclically moved to engage and weld a line of spots along the sheets.
4419304 Method for forming seals with heat shrinkable materials December 6, 1983
A sealing method and article of manufacture is disclosed wherein a heat-shrinkable sleeve having a partial transmittance to radiation is shrunk and fused to a plastic substrate by the application of radiant heat.
4418906 Sheet stock transfer apparatus December 6, 1983
A sheet stock transfer apparatus (10) is adapted to successively extract the lowermost sheet (22) of a stack thereof, while initially releasably confined within an elevated magazine (23) at a dispensing station, and to thereafter invert each such extracted sheet while being transferred t
4416057 Methods of testing the integrity of an electrical coil as it is wound November 22, 1983
In the manufacture of electrical coils (10), particularly large transformer coils, an insulated wire (11) is wound on a rotatable winding arbor (12) so as to form a succession of turns of the insulated wire. Particularly when large gauge enamelled copper wire is wound, the insulation (14
4415779 Methods of and apparatus for testing telephone subscriber loop to locate a fault relative to a r November 15, 1983
Methods and a system of this invention are used to determine whether a fault in a subscriber loop is located between a telephone central office and a reference point or between the reference point and subscriber terminal equipment without opening the loop. Included in the system are
4415773 Methods of establishing a switching connection within a switching system November 15, 1983
A PBX system (20) receives a predetermined number of dialing digits from a central office which represents a subscriber station interconnected within the system. The system (20) adds a pseudo digit to the dialing digits to facilitate: (1) the use of a full compliment of dialing digits; a
4412853 Method of making optical waveguide fiber preform starter tubes November 1, 1983
A glass tube is formed having a mean cross-sectional tube wall area less than a preselected mean cross-sectional area. Additional glass differing in composition from that of the glass tube, but having an index of refraction substantially equal to that of the glass tube, is then fused
4412683 Apparatus for supplying fluid to a rotating tube comprising end cap with purging fluid November 1, 1983
Apparatus for supplying fluid to a rotary tube uncontaminated with ambient air comprises an end cap having an open ended bore in which an end portion of the tube may be rotatably positioned, a first conduit extending into the end cap through which fluid may be fed into the rotary tube, a
4412327 Test circuit for checking memory output state continuously during time window October 25, 1983
A test circuit (15 or 65), comprised of a plurality of parallel-connected circuit modules (15.sub.o-n or 65.sub.o-n), in response to both control signals from an associated commercially available automated test set (12), and output data from a test set-accessed read/write memory (14) und
4412094 Compositely insulated conductor riser cable October 25, 1983
A cable which is suitable for use as a riser cable in buildings comprises a plurality of conductors each of which is covered with a composite insulation. The composite insulation comprises an inner layer of an expanded polyethylene material and an outer layer of a polyvinyl chloride
4410867 Alpha tantalum thin film circuit device October 18, 1983
Fabricating thin film RC networks (10) includes forming alpha tantalum capacitor base electrodes (14be) on a substrate (12), while simultaneously forming alpha tantalum anodization bus bars (14p and 14s) on the substrate. A portion of each base electrode (14be) then is anodized to fo
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