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Wang Laboratories, Inc. Patents
Wang Laboratories, Inc.
Lowell, MA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE33536 Dual level pattern recognition system February 12, 1991
A pattern recognition system has both coarse and fine levels of analysis in which a coarse array representation of a workpiece pattern is formed and used to identify the workpiece pattern as either a reference character or as a member of an ambiguous set of reference characters which are
D343830 Personal computer February 1, 1994
D342484 Minicomputer central processing unit December 21, 1993
D342238 Personal computer December 14, 1993
D340444 Personal computer October 19, 1993
D334180 Notebook personal computer March 23, 1993
D333126 Personal computer February 9, 1993
D324512 Personal computer March 10, 1992
D321864 Computer November 26, 1991
D320597 Computer keyboard housing October 8, 1991
D312624 Computer December 4, 1990
D311903 Computer November 6, 1990
D311390 Video display October 16, 1990
D311386 Computer October 16, 1990
D308198 Digitizing tablet May 29, 1990
D308055 Digitizing tablet for computer input May 22, 1990
D307421 Digitizing pen April 24, 1990
D306287 Video display February 27, 1990
D306283 Computer February 27, 1990
D306014 Computer February 13, 1990
D304445 Video display November 7, 1989
D303793 Video display October 3, 1989
D303250 Portable computer September 5, 1989
D302501 Support arm August 1, 1989
D296212 End and bottom of an adjustable supporting leg for a keyboard June 14, 1988
D293580 Top panel for a keyboard January 5, 1988
D292921 Telephone stand with dialing means November 24, 1987
D292708 Keyboard November 10, 1987
D290009 Combined data and voice communication terminal May 26, 1987
D290008 Combined data and voice communication terminal May 26, 1987
D283329 Scanning camera April 8, 1986
D282470 Printer February 4, 1986
D280408 Keyboard September 3, 1985
D277674 Video display February 19, 1985
D270914 Cartridge for protective film overlay of a recording head in a xerographic printer October 11, 1983
5991441 Real time handwriting recognition system November 23, 1999
A handwritten character recognizer having an input cluster buffer and a point buffer with dynamic and static stroke feature extraction and segment analysis by conical boundaries for identification of stroke segments dynamic stroke feature extractor static stroke feature extractor. A stro
5940624 Text management system August 17, 1999
An first apparatus for searching a collection of words based upon an input word, the first apparatus including means for generating a first set of words containing members that are lexically related to the input word, the first set of words including words that are other than regular
5920870 Multi-layer abstraction bucket mechanism July 6, 1999
A multi-layer abstraction bucket mechanism connected between applications programs and at least one data source and providing to the users transformations of data and the results of processes performed on the data. The multi-layer abstraction bucket mechanism includes hierarchically
5805811 Dynamic electronic mail facility for applications executing in an integrated operating environme September 8, 1998
An electronic mail facility for dynamically adding a direct electronic mail capability to applications programs in a computer system having an integrated operating environment and connected to a plurality of electronic mail systems and including mail modules providing a drivers and i
5708829 Text indexing system January 13, 1998
An apparatus for generating an index for a collection of words, the apparatus including means for selecting an input word from the collection of words; means for generating words that are lexically related to the input word, wherein the input word and the lexically related words form a
5696961 Multiple database access server for application programs December 9, 1997
A method and apparatus for providing access to database data by applications programs executing on a computer system wherein a database bucket mechanism is interposed between one or more application programs and one or more databases. The bucket mechanism is comprised of an applicati
5668967 Apparatus and methods for reducing numbers of read-modify-write cycles to a memory, and for impr September 16, 1997
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for interfacing a central processor (12) (CP) and an IO controller (30) (IOC) to a main memory (40). A CP and an IO write buffer each include a pair of memory input data registers, located in a pair of Memory Data Unit (MDU) integrated circuits (38a,
5634124 Data integration by object management May 27, 1997
An object based data processing system including an extensible set of object types and a corresponding set of "object managers" wherein each object manager is a program for operating with the data stored in a corresponding type of object. The object managers in general support at lea
5625833 Document annotation & manipulation in a data processing system April 29, 1997
A data processing system provides annotation of a document with annotations inputted through an electronic tablet, a keyboard and an audio assembly. The annotations are entered in a modeless operation of the three input streams. Input by the tablet utilizes a two ended pen. One end of th
5617570 Server for executing client operation calls, having a dispatcher, worker tasks, dispatcher share April 1, 1997
A server for executing operation calls by a client, including a dispatcher, a plurality of worker tasks, and a dispatcher shared memory area and worker control block for each worker task. Each operation call provided from a client is a sequence or one or more remote procedure call reques
5587673 Clock frequency multiplying and squaring circuit and method December 24, 1996
A circuit (10) for generating an output signal having a frequency that is a multiple of an input clock signal (CLKIN). The circuit includes a delay circuit (12) having an input port and a plurality of output ports (A,B,C). The input port is coupled during use to the input clock signal. I
5583537 Computer graphics system having a pause utility for interactive operations December 10, 1996
A pausing and resuming utility in a computer graphics application allows the user to temporarily suspend a user-interactive operation without completing it. The user may resume the operation where it was suspended and continue in the same manner as if it had not been suspended. While the
5564044 Integration of result data from first program operations on dynamic source data into data of a s October 8, 1996
A mechanism and a method for integrating first data created by a first application program and residing in a first data object belonging to the first application into a second data object where the first data is result data generated by operation of the first application program upon sou
5560017 System with clock frequency controller responsive to interrupt independent of software routine a September 24, 1996
In a portable computer the BIOS software slows the system clock frequency during idle periods. The BIOS software returns the system to its normal operating frequency when an awaited event such as a keystroke occurs. In the event of an interrupt while the system clock is at the lower
5553242 Client/server connection sharing September 3, 1996
A connection mechanism for providing connections between a client and a server including a connection control block for each connection, at least one client control block, and at least one session control block. Each connection control block identifies a connection and each client contro
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