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8586686 Process for preparing vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers by means of emulsion polymerization November 19, 2013
A process for preparing a vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer by means of free-radically initiated emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene and, optionally, further comonomers, performed in the presence of at least one protective colloid and at least one nonionic, ethoxylated
8586639 Rheology control of Pickering emulsions by electrolytes November 19, 2013
Oil-in-water emulsions contain an oil dispersed phase, an aqueous continuous phase, and partly silylated pyrogenic silica having a content of silanol groups of 1.7 to 0.9 SiOH/nm.sup.2 wherein 50% to 95% of silanol groups of the starting silica are silylated, present at the interface
8586344 Tubular photobioreactor November 19, 2013
The invention relates to a tubular photobioreactor that has a core structure in the shape of a truncated cone and one or more transparent or translucent tubes which are helically wound around the outer surface and/or inner surface of the core structure. The tubular photobioreactor is
8576397 Device and method for determining a gas concentration in a flowing gas mixture November 5, 2013
The invention relates to a method for determining a gas concentration in a flowing gas mixture, wherein the flowing gas mixture includes solids having a defined size distribution, wherein by way of an optical spectrometer the concentration of a gas is measured in the flowing gas mixt
8575266 Preparing silicone emulsions November 5, 2013
The invention provides a process for preparing emulsions of organopolysiloxanes (O), which includes polymerizing: (1) 100 parts by weight of hydroxyl-terminated organopolysiloxanes and (2) at least 0.01 part by weight of trialkylsilyl-terminated organopolysiloxanes having a viscosity
8569432 Semi-continuous method for emulsion polymerisation October 29, 2013
A method for producing aqueous polymer dispersions by means of radically initiated emulsion polymerisation, in an aqueous medium, of vinyl ester and ethylene, in series-connected polymerisation reactors, wherein in a first discontinuous polymerisation phase at least some of the reactants
8563640 Method for deaerating liquids October 22, 2013
Efficient deaeration of aqueous suspensions such as those obtained during textile treatment or pulp and paper production is achieved by use of a combination of a polyoxypropylene polyether polymer or copolymer and branched polyether-polysiloxane copolymers.
8288578 Process for preparing isocyanatoorganosilanes October 16, 2012
The invention provides a process for preparing silanes which possess an isocyanate function, in which the silanes, after their chemical preparation, are purified and, after the purification, are handled exclusively in an atmosphere with a relative air humidity below 10%.
8287174 Continuous process for the production of base compositions for improved-stability silicone compo October 16, 2012
Base compositions for addition-crosslinking silicone compositions are continuously produced by, in a first stage, homogeneously mixing and kneading organopolysiloxanes and flowable prehydrophobized oxidic reinforcing fillers in a continuous kneading machine with kneading chambers arr
8283394 Process for producing mouldings from cork particles October 9, 2012
The use of water redispersible thermoplastic polymer powder stabilized with protective colloid as a binder in cork products produced from cork flour or granules allows use of reduced amounts of binder without compromising physical properties.
8268923 Production of solutions of vinyl polymers in reactive monomers September 18, 2012
The invention relates to a method for producing solutions of vinyl polymers in reactive monomers by a) polymerizing by radical initiation one or more ethylene unsaturated monomers selected from the group comprising vinyl esters, acrylic acid esters, and methacrylic acid esters, and o
8258336 Process for preparing unsaturated carboxylic esters September 4, 2012
A process for preparing unsaturated carboxylic esters includes reaction of alkenes having 2 to 6 carbon atoms with alkanecarboxylic acids having 1 to 6 carbon atoms in the presence of an oxygenous gas and in the presence of a heterogeneous noble metal catalyst by means of a continuous
8257674 Particles having a small specific surface and a great thickening effect September 4, 2012
Particles having a relative viscosity or thickening effect .eta..sub.relof more than 2, measured in a liquid medium having a viscosity of 1 Pas at a temperature of C. and measured at a shear gradient of 10 s.sup.-1. The particles can form beds having a porosity .epsilon.&g
8247590 Method for preventing polymerization of unsaturated organosilicon compounds August 21, 2012
Undesired polymerization of (meth)acrylatoalkoxysilanes during their industrial preparation and handling is accomplished by avoiding contact with surfaces containing more than 1% by weight of iron.
8247513 Silicone materials which crosslink by condensation at room temperature August 21, 2012
Materials crosslinkable at room temperature by condensation, based on organosilicon compounds which cure to give permanently resilient materials, are catalyzed by a compound of the main or subgroups I and II in conjunction with an inorganic acid as a catalyst.
8226919 Method for removing titanium from hexachlorodisilane July 24, 2012
The invention relates to a method for removing titanium compounds from hexachlorodisilane, wherein hexachlorodisilane is treated with an organic compound (V) which contains the structural units .ident.C--S-- or .ident.C--O--.
8222303 Defoamer formulations July 17, 2012
(A) Siloxane-based antifoams and (B) silicone polyethers prepared by reacting organopolysiloxanes (1) containing 0.05% to 1.6% by weight of Si-bonded hydrogen atoms with unsaturated polyethers (3) of the formulae: CH.sub.2.dbd.CR.sup.1--(CH.sub.2).sub.aO(C.sub.2H.sub.4O).sub.bR.sup.1
8217113 Crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds July 10, 2012
Condensation crosslinkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds contain at least one heterocyclic compound A[CR.sup.1.sub.2SiR.sub.a(OR.sup.2).sub.3-a].sub.x which contains at least one heteroatom from main groups 3 or 5 and is bonded to CR.sup.1.sub.2 through one of these h
8217109 Protective-colloid-stabilized polymers in the form of their aqueous dispersions or of their wate July 10, 2012
Protective-colloid-stabilized polymers in the form of their aqueous dispersions or of their water-redispersible powders are based on homo- or copolymers of one or more monomers from the group consisting of vinyl esters of optionally branched alkyl carboxylic acids having from 1 to 15
8216573 Process for the fermentative production of antibodies July 10, 2012
The present invention relates to a process for producing a correctly folded and assembled full-length antibody using an E. coli strain, which comprises fermenting an E. coli strain which leaks periplasmic proteins into the medium, comprising a gene coding for the heavy chain of an an
8207366 Method for producing alkyl chlorosilanes from the residues of the direct synthesis of alkyl chlo June 26, 2012
High boiling residue from the direct synthesis of alkylchlorosilanes are converted in large part to monosilanes by heating the residue by passage of alternating current in a pressurized reactor.
8207260 Cross-linkable masses based on organosilicon compounds June 26, 2012
Two or multi-component condensation curing compositions can be cured in deep sections with low shrinkage, yet require no tin catalysts, or a significantly reduced tin catalyst level.
8207241 Platinum catalysts supported on nanosize titanium dioxide, their use in hydrosilylation and comp June 26, 2012
Nanosize titanium dioxide having supported thereon metallic platinum are efficient hydrosilylation catalysts whose hydrosilylation activity may be increased by irradiation. The catalysts are prepared by depositing soluble platinum compounds on a titanium dioxide sol or titanium dioxide
8202947 Mixtures for producing biodegradable aliphatic polyester-based molded bodies and for producing p June 19, 2012
Mixtures for producing biodegradable molded bodies are based on one or more aliphatic polyesters, wherein the mixtures also include one or more polymer powders that can be re-dispersed in water.
8197784 Method for the production of trichlorosilane June 12, 2012
High yields of trichlorosilane are achieved in the reaction of tetrachlorosilane and hydrogen at a temperature in the range of C. to C. and a pressure above the critical pressure of the reactants.
8183307 Crosslinkable substances based on organosilicon compounds May 22, 2012
Crosslinkable substances based on organosilicon compounds contain encapsulated biocides which maintain their effectiveness for extended periods.
8182921 Self-adhesive expandable silicone compositions for the production of silicone foam composite par May 22, 2012
Crosslinkable compositions containing a crosslinkable organosilicon compound; a silica filler; a silicate or halogen analog thereof, a non-silicate resin-forming monomer; and a solid blowing agent containing intercalated liquid or liquid of crystallization, produce uniform foams of g
8158818 Process for preparing isocyanatoorganosilanes April 17, 2012
Isocyanate-functional silanes, particularly isocyanate-functional .alpha.-silanes, are prepared in good yield by a liquid phase thermolysis conducted in the presence of a catalyst at a pressure of >100 mbar, or >80 mbar when a thin-film evaporator is used.
8158707 Continuous process for the production of organopolysiloxane compositions April 17, 2012
Base compositions for silicone compositions with viscosity <500,000 mPas are continuously produced by, in a first stage, homogeneously mixing and kneading organopolysiloxanes (A) and prehydrophobized oxidic reinforcing fillers (B) in a continuous kneading cascade with kneading cha
8153735 Continuous polymerization process April 10, 2012
The invention provides a process for preparing polymers based on vinyl ester, ethylene and optionally further comonomers in the form of aqueous polymer dispersions thereof or of water-redispersible polymer powders by means of free-radically initiated continuous emulsion polymerization an
8148570 Process for preparing vinyl acetate with utilization of the heat of reaction April 3, 2012
Vinyl acetate is prepared by a) continuous gas-phase reaction of ethylene, acetic acid and oxygen at 1 to 30 bar and C. to C., the process heat being removed by heat exchange with water at C. to C. and 1 to 10 bar, b) the product gas st
8148494 Signal peptide for the production of recombinant proteins April 3, 2012
The present invention comprises a signal peptide with a cleavage site to a recombinant protein, wherein the last three amino acids before the cleavage site are alanine-phenylalanine-alanine (AFA).
8148465 Free-radical polymerization process April 3, 2012
The invention relates to a process for free-radically initiated heterophase polymerization, in which the polymerization of ethylenically monomers proceeds in a phase dispersed in the continuous phase, characterized in that one or more additives which are soluble in the continuous pha
8142753 Pyrogenic silica produced in a production facility with high capacity March 27, 2012
A large scale process for preparing fumed silica with consistent product parameters wherein a silica precursor compound is fed to a burner at .gtoreq.100 Kg/h along with a combusting gas at .gtoreq.300 m.sup.3/h and a combustible gas at .gtoreq.100 m.sup.3/h, with a nozzle gas velocity
8137590 Particles comprising zwitterionic structural elements March 20, 2012
Solid particles bearing zwitterionic functional groups exhibit properties unlike other functionalized particles, and are particularly useful as proton-conductive fillers in membranes for fuel cells, where they increase physical properties as well as charge conducting properties. The
8124711 Ru complexes, production and use thereof February 28, 2012
Ruthenium compounds which have, in their ligand sphere, at least one .eta..sup.6-bonded arene ligand and a silyl ligand; ruthenium complexes which have, in their ligand sphere, at least one .eta..sup.6-bonded arene ligand to which is bonded a silyl or siloxy radical directly or via a
8119708 Method for the production of protective colloid-stabilized polymer products and device for carry February 21, 2012
The invention relates to a method for the production of protective colloid-stabilized polymer products by means of emulsion polymerization in a reactor having an external cooling circuit, which is equipped with a pump and a heat exchanger, characterized in that the reaction mixture p
8119086 Method for hydrolyzing solid metallic salts with aqueous saline solutions February 21, 2012
The invention relates to a method for hydrolyzing hydrolyzable solid metallic salts, wherein the metallic salts are reacted with aqueous saline solutions.
8115025 Method for the production of .beta.-ketocarbonyl-functional organosilicon compounds February 14, 2012
.beta.-ketocarbonyl-functional organosilicon compounds are prepared by reacting an organosilicon compound containing at least one primary amino group with a compound which liberates a diketene, the reaction taking place in the presence of an organic compound which inhibits or prevents
8114950 Wax-like .beta.-ketocarbonyl-functional organosilicon compounds February 14, 2012
Long chain .beta.-ketocarbonyl-functional organosilicon waxes are easily synthesized from organosilicon compounds bearing a reactive hydrogen bonded to N, O, or S, with a diketene. The products remain silicone-like despite being waxy, and can be used to gel low viscosity silicones to
8114919 Microwave foam February 14, 2012
Compositions foamable by exposure to microwave energy contain: (A) at least one compound bearing crosslinkable organic radicals for crosslinking, (B) at least one blowing agent which releases gas on heating, (C) at least one metal powder or metal compound, for example a metal oxide,
8114233 Method for adhesive bonding with foamable mixtures containing alkoxysilane-terminated prepolymer February 14, 2012
Surfaces are adhesively bonded by employing a highly reactive alkoxysilyl-functional foamable mixture, and pressing the surfaces together with the foam prepared from the foamable mixture between the surfaces.
8110697 Method for the production of polymerizable silicones February 7, 2012
Polymerizable siloxy-substituted silanes are obtained in high yield and purity by adding a substituted alkoxysilane to a mixture of disiloxane, acetic acid, sulfuric acid, and optionally an acidic catalyst, separating a product phase from an acidic phase, adding hexamethyldisilazane to t
8110648 Siloxanes containing methylol groups February 7, 2012
N-methylol-containing organosiloxane polymers further containing at least one Si-bonded N-hydrocarbyl-N-(methylol or methalkoxy)-hydrocarbyl group are storage stable and retain their ability to post-crosslink, and display excellent permanence on many substrates. They are particularly
8101789 Method for the production of polymerizable silicones January 24, 2012
Siloxy-substituted silane-containing polymerizable silicones are prepared in high purity by metering a substituted alkoxysilane into a mixture of disiloxane, acetic acid, and acid catalyst, adding acetyl chloride, separating an acidic phase from a product phase, and adding hexamethyl
8101704 Continuous polymer-analogous reaction of reactive silane monomers with functionalized polymers January 24, 2012
Functional polymers having silyl end groups are prepared in a continuous process by polymer analogous reaction of a reactive polymer and inter-reactive silane. The polymer products are surprisingly uniform in properties and exhibit higher physicochemical properties as well.
8088949 Process for purifying L-cysteine January 3, 2012
L-cysteine-is separated from an L-cysteine-containing fermenter broth containing an oxidizing agent which is capable of oxidizing L-cysteine at pH<5, by contacting the L-cysteine-containing fermenter broth with an ion exchanger at a pH from 5 to 9, the pH in the fermenter broth becomi
8088878 Hydrosilylation reactions activated through radiation January 3, 2012
.eta.-cyclopentadienyl-tri(.sigma.-hydrocarbyl) platinum compounds in which the cyclopentadienyl ring is linked to a hydrolysable silyl group by an alkylene group are effective light-activated hydrosilylation catalysts which are also non-volatile.
8084566 Antifoaming compositions December 27, 2011
Mixtures of silicone resin with an organopolysiloxane copolymer prepared by hydrosilylating a substantially linear polymer containing an isocyanate reactive group with an Si--H containing organopolysiloxane, and reacting this intermediate with a diisocyanate, are useful as long lasti
8084552 Method for producing silicone polyethers December 27, 2011
Silicone polyethers are prepared in a two stage process by reacting an unsaturated polyether with a first Si--H functional organopolysiloxane and then with a second organopolysiloxane, in which the weight ratio of silicon bonded hydrogen in the first and second organopolysiloxanes is at
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