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WABCO Fahrzeugbremsen GmbH
Hanover, DE
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4962690 Relay-controlled valve October 16, 1990
A relay valve unit having a control pressure communication line for the relay valve equipped with a reducer unit so that when activating the relay valve, any delay is either non-existent or negligibly larger than would be required for the complete opening of the relay valve.
4827415 Electropneumatic door control system May 2, 1989
An electropneumatic door control, particularly for the control of doors in public transportation, which includes for the purpose of detecting the respective position of the door linear motion sensors (1, 2) which are mounted on the pneumatic door cylinders (4, 5) or on the axes of rotati
4600090 Brake lining support in disc brakes July 15, 1986
In a disc brake, a brake lining support forms a brake ring from one or more support segments, each segment having a lining pad or pads attached to such segment so that the resulting force from frictional braking passes through the attachment device that non-rotatably supports the segment
4594571 Multiplex cabling system for vehicles June 10, 1986
A multiplex cabling system for controlling electrical apparatus on motor vehicles, which consists of a central transmitter and several area transmitter-receivers, each connected to several controlled devices and/or indicators. Coupling between the central transmitter and the area units i
4593606 Gear positioning cylinder June 10, 1986
A gear positioning cylinder having forward, reverse, and neutral gear selection provided by a positioning rod attached to a main piston in which an auxiliary piston is telescopically arranged for compactness.
4553907 Unloading mechanisms for air compressors November 19, 1985
A pressure gas generating system including the compressor which is switched to a no-load condition when a predetermined pressure level is reached. The system employs either a regulator or a governor to allow the free exchange of gas between the suction chamber and the compression chamber
4546860 Brake actuator device with automatic slack adjuster October 15, 1985
In a brake actuator device, wear of brake lining, which results in the increase of stroke of the brake actuator device consisting of piston and cylinder, is compensated by an adjuster which functions automatically when the brake is operated. The adjusting process takes place continuously
4546845 Electropneumatic door control October 15, 1985
An electropneumatic door control for vehicles is disclosed which consists of a pneumatic portion and an electronic portion. The electronic portion processes successive commands actuated by the vehicle operator to channel the signals to the pneumatic portion of the apparatus to activate
4543856 Power operated, remotely controlled transmission October 1, 1985
A remotely controlled automotive transmission shifting mechanism for effecting engagement of the respective gears with a force that varies in accordance with the gear selected. Pneumatic pressure from a compressed air storage tank is connected via a choke to a pneumatic actuating cyl
4543575 Electric circuit for remotely controlling a selected one of a plurality of magnet valves September 24, 1985
An arrangement for providing electrical remote control of several magnetic solenoid valves having a transmitter section and a receiver section. The transmitter includes a fixed frequency signal generator for producing signals having an adjustable duty cycle. The duty cycle of the periodi
4524850 Wear compensating operating mechanism for disk brakes June 25, 1985
A fluid pressure operated mechanism for a vehicular disk brake which includes two expansion elements capable of moving in opposite directions to each other. A compensating unit located between the two expansion elements to maintain a given stroke of the expansion elements and elimina
4522568 Compressor apparatus June 11, 1985
A valve plate, inserted between the cylinder body and head parts of a compressor, holds the usual compression valve, which opens to connect the compression and pressure chambers during the compression stroke of the piston, and the suction valve which opens to connect the suction and
4519266 Gear selector unit for a transmission May 28, 1985
A gear shift position sensing arrangement for a gear selector unit that selects the transmission gears indirectly. Magnetic sensors are arranged in the gear selector unit housing so as to be activated when a permanent magnet associated with the gear shift lever is brought into magnetic
4507736 Transmission gear shift control system March 26, 1985
A gear shift control system for a motor vehicle in which a micro-computer is fed signals representative of the output speed of the transmission and the selected gear position. This information allows the computer to recognize when the engine speed is within an optimum range. A latching
4505648 Unloading mechanisms for air compressors March 19, 1985
A pressure gas generating system including the compressor which is switched to a no-load condition when a predetermined pressure level is reached. The system employs either a regulator or a governor to allow the free exchange of gas between the suction chamber and the compression chamber
4494571 Electropneumatic door control valve January 22, 1985
An electropneumatic door valve for use with pneumatic door operations as are used on mass transit vehicles. The single valve housing arrangement provides either a through passageway or a throttled passageway for pressurizing the opening or closing chamber of a pneumatic door drive un
4493510 Brake pressure control valve for tractor-trailer vehicles January 15, 1985
This invention relates to a brake pressure control valve and, more particularly, to a tractor-trailer control valve which includes a differential pressure surface relay piston that on one hand is acted upon by the control pressure from a control chamber and on the other hand by modul
4493244 Pneumatic door operator January 15, 1985
Pressurization of closing and opening chambers of a door operator is controlled by first and second magnet valves coupled to the source of air. These valves are alternately energized by a switching network, e.g., a flip-flop, when sequentially actuated to close and open the door. The
4480663 Pneumatic relay valve November 6, 1984
The invention relates to a pneumatic relay valve for regulating output pressure in proportion to a control pressure.The relay valve includes a first piston member which is acted on by the control pressure and a second piston member which is acted on by the input pressure.A compression sp
4480531 Mechanical quick-release mechanism for spring-loaded brake cylinders November 6, 1984
A manually operable quick-release mechanism for use with a spring-loaded brake cylinder including an energy-storing piston operable by fluid pressure to a brake release position with a ball type clutch for locking said piston and a piston rod in said brake release position, and a man
4478131 Electro-pneumatic door control apparatus October 23, 1984
An electro-pneumatic door control apparatus for use on public vehicles and including reversing mechanism for changing the direction of door movement, either automatically or operator-initiated, in the event of an obstruction in the door. The control apparatus further includes a flip-flop
4475773 Steering-brake control arrangement for a vehicle brake system October 9, 1984
A steering-brake control system for a vehicle in which solenoid operated control valves associated with the respective wheels of at least one axle are normally maintained in an open position, so long as the valve solenoid operators are deenergized. Braking pressure is produced when eithe
4475632 Disc brake having wear compensating mechanism October 9, 1984
A disc brake having a brake shoe wear compensating mechanism in which the sealing gaskets for the operating chamber formed between a pair of spreading members are arranged to be elastically deformable during a brake application, so as to exert a return force during a brake release. A
4472112 Pressure control arrangements for an air compression system September 18, 1984
This disclosure relates to a pressure control arrangement for an air compressor. The pressure control arrangement includes an auxiliary pressure chamber which is vented to the atmosphere by the auxiliary pressure chamber is connected to the compression chamber of the air compressor b
4461371 Brake actuator device with automatic slack adjuster July 24, 1984
In a brake actuator device, wear of brake lining, which results in the increase of stroke of the brake actuator device consisting of piston and cylinder, is compensated by an adjuster which functions automatically when the brake is operated. The adjusting process takes place continuously
4460962 Anti-skid brake control system July 17, 1984
An anti-skid vehicle brake control system having a sensor for monitoring and producing electrical signals corresponding to the speed of a vehicle wheel. The electrical speed signals are processed by a first microcomputer circuit for forming data words. The data words are fed to a filter
4460220 Anti-skid brake control system for a multi-axle vehicle July 17, 1984
An anti-skid brake control system for a multi-axle vehicle in which the braking of the wheels of one axle is controlled by the brake pressure of the brake cylinders of the wheels of another axle. The brake cylinders of the second axle are pneumatically connected via at least one pilot
4453736 Control arrangement for a pneumatically cushioned vehicle June 12, 1984
This invention relates to a control system for a pneumatically cushioned vehicle having at least a first and a second pneumatically cushioned axle. The pressure in the air spring bellows of the second axle is controlled in accordance with the air spring bellows of the first axle. The air
4444439 Apparatus for adjusting a mechanically-controlled, load-dependent braking-power regulator April 24, 1984
Apparatus for adjusting a mechanically operable load-dependent braking force regulator including a control shaft having a cam surface for setting the axial position of a push rod which controls a valve for supplying brake-operating pressure according to the axial position of said push ro
4441865 Fluid pressure pump April 10, 1984
A fluid pressure pump having a cylinder housing which contains a reciprocating position. A crankshaft housing attached to the cylinder housing and having a rotary drive shaft which turns an eccentric. A slide shoe pivotally connected to the reciprocating piston and normally held in f
4441763 Variable load controlled fluid brake pressure regulator April 10, 1984
A vehicle load controlled fluid brake pressure regulator having a relay valve portion that includes a variable area differential relay valve piston, the effective area of which varies in accordance with different load conditions. A control portion of the brake pressure regulator incl
4418965 Load-controlled brake pressure control unit December 6, 1983
A load-controlled brake pressure control unit for vehicle trailers including a load-weighing portion for operating a pressure control valve portion for effecting supply of brake-applying pressure via a relay valve according to vehicle load, a connection whereby brake-applying pressure is
4408967 Piston cylinder and head for compressors October 11, 1983
A piston cylinder and head arrangement for compressors including a valve plate disposed between a piston housing and the head. An intake valve, a discharge valve, and an atmospheric vent valve are all operably disposed in the valve plate, and are all arranged relative to each other and
4405982 Arrangement for monitoring the function of a programmable electronic switching circuit September 20, 1983
An arrangement for monitoring the function of a programmable electronic switching circuit, such as, a microprocessor or microcomputer, characterized by a monitoring switch is associated with and is connected with the reset input and the clear input of the programmable electronic swit
4405293 Compressor September 20, 1983
An oscillating piston compressor characterized by a spherically contoured piston chamber in which a wedge-shaped disk-like piston is journaled for oscillating motion on an axle journaled in the housing and coinciding with the juncture of a pair of semi-circular sectors forming the piston
4402338 Stem for a double seat valve September 6, 1983
A two-way tappet valve assembly including a housing having an axial bore and a pair of opposed annular valve seats. A movable carrier including a pair of identical push rods each having a forked stem portion and an enlarged head portion for receiving a respective elastic valve disk which
4395442 Method of coating the working surfaces of piston operating devices July 26, 1983
A method of protecting the frictional engaging surfaces of an aluminum alloy piston-cylinder machine, including the steps of: coating the surface of one of the piston-cylinder members with an epoxy-resin in which is mixed a ceramic oxide material, placing the coated member in a drier ove
4380177 Gear shift control mechanism for servo-driven transmission April 19, 1983
A gear shift mechanism for providing a vehicle operator with a "feel" of a desired gear change being completed in a power operated gear unit. A drum disc connected to the gear shift lever is formed with a recess in which a locking pin of an actuator valve is engageable when the gear shif
4369696 Electro-pneumatic control valve for pneumatic door actuator January 25, 1983
A vehicle door control valve device having a pair of two-way, electro-magnetically operated, pneumatic valve members arranged so that one valve member is operated to a first position, in which compressed air is supplied to one side of a pneumatic actuator that operates the door, whil
4361362 Adapter for testing for leakage in brake force regulating devices in fluid pressure operable bra November 30, 1982
An adapter for use in a fluid pressure operable brake system, including a vehicle load responsive brake force regulator, for testing the brake force regulator for pressure leakage. The adapter is so designed as to require a single connection to be made to a source of test pressure rather
4360918 Arrangement for detecting defects during the asynchronous transfer of digital measured values November 23, 1982
An arrangement for detecting defects during the asynchronous transfer of digital measured values in a microcomputer system including an input circuit for producing the digital measured values. A storage register temporarily stores the digital measured values received from the input c
4349876 Control arrangement for improving the driving stability of motor vehicles which are equipped wit September 14, 1982
An anti-skid brake control circuit arrangement for improving the steerability of a vehicle during braking on a roadway having a different coefficient of friction on opposite sides of the vehicle, and including a plurality of sensing devices for sensing the rotational behavior of the
4345796 Anti-skid brake control system for controlling the two pairs of diagonally opposed wheels of a m August 24, 1982
A wheel anti-skid brake control system for controlling the braking effort of the four wheels of a motor vehicle. The system includes a speed sensor, an electronic evaluating circuit, a monitoring safety circuit, a switching device and a solenoid regulated valve for each wheel for deactiv
4324436 Automatic load-dependent braking-force control device April 13, 1982
A load-dependent braking force control device operable responsively to initial brake actuating pressure for initiating a light brake application until such pressure attains a certain predetermined higher valve, whereupon the control device, which is subject to a control pressure refl
4320459 Process and apparatus for controlling the braking pressure in anti-skid motor vehicle brake syst March 16, 1982
Sensor devices detect the dynamic response of each vehicle wheel to braking pressure and produce control signals if the associated wheel rapidly decelerates, slips, or accelerates. When braking pressure is initially applied, a deceleration control signal output from the sensor associated
4319457 Hydro-pneumatic brake cylinder device for motor vehicle brake systems March 16, 1982
In a mixed medium brake system for a motor vehicle, there is provided a hydro-pneumatic brake cylinder device in a common housing having a compact configuration that is realized by designing the hydraulic piston in the form of a cylindrical plunger having a hollow cavity in the end adjac
4316641 Circuit for the shutdown of an anti-lockup protected vehicle brake unit in case of disturbance February 23, 1982
An improved vehicle wheel anti-lockup brake control system in which a shutdown signal is generated to disable the wheel anti-lockup control system in the event of a malfunction, as determined by the concurrent presence of a wheel slip signal and a low wheel speed signal (generated by
4313166 Control system for improving the steering stability of motor vehicles equipped with antiskid bra January 26, 1982
An antiskid control system for the individual regulation of fluid brake pressure at the respective wheels of a vehicle. The control system is modified so that a steering wheel experiencing high wheel/road adhesion is co-controlled during a cycle of wheel skid control at the steering whee
4304534 Piston cylinder for compressor December 8, 1981
A compressor cylinder head cast as a single piece casting to include a cylinder bore portion and a cylinder head. The cylinder head is cast with respective recesses for accommodating an intake valve and a discharge valve, such intake and discharge valves being identical in form and shape
4304441 Variable load valve device having adjustable bias means to withhold proportional brake control d December 8, 1981
In a variable load valve device of the type employing a walking beam type lever arrangement via which the control and compensating pistons are interconnected to obtain proportional control of the brake pressure, there is provided an externally accessible screw adjustment for varying the
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