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RE31748 Viscosifier and fluid loss control system November 27, 1984
A composition capable of imparting pseudoplasticity and fluid loss control properties to aqueous systems. The composition is formed from a combination of:(a) a hydroxy containing aluminum component and(b) a reaction product of a polyvinyl alcohol and at least 1 percent of stoichiometry o
RE30009 Vacuum skin package, and process and apparatus for making same May 29, 1979
In the prior art, vacuum skin packaging processes are performed by placing the product to be packaged on an impervious backing board; placing the product and board in a vacuum chamber; positioning a sheet of thermoplastic film above the product and backing board in the chamber; evacu
RE29711 Polyureas and preparation thereof July 25, 1978
The invention disclosed is a method for preparing new improved polyureas from polyisocyanates and polyamines. The product polyureas are characteristically tough, abrasion resistant resins having broad spectrum utility.
RE29647 Dried sucrose-containing products from separate feeds May 30, 1978
A process for producing solid sugars wherein separate feeds of sucrose solution and of fine sucrose particles are dispersed in a current of heated air, whereby the particles are coated with the solution which is evaporated leaving a solid product containing substantially all the sugar
H9 Shrinkable package with vent holes January 7, 1986
A method of packaging a product includes the use of an inner web of thermoplastic material and a heat shrinkable thermoplastic film, the inner web and film wrapped about a product. One or more apertures introduced at the overlapping longitudinal edge portion of film and communicating wit
H89 Apple juice clarification by using silica hydrogels July 1, 1986
A process for removing turbidity from apple juices is disclosed; said process comprising treatment of said juices with silica hydrogel and filtering through a diatomaceous earth filtering medium.
H449 Catalyst compositions March 1, 1988
Catalytic compositions comprising up to about 50 weight percent ZSM-5 zeolite dispersed in an attrition resistant, porous inorganic oxide matrix selected from silica-alumina cogels, silica, alumina and silica alumina sol bound clay. The compositions are combined with zeolitic containing
H440 Blanket bar for narrow gap cylinders March 1, 1988
A blanket bar assembly for use on a printing blanket comprising a U-shaped bar having a centrally located channel and two arms extending outwardly from the channel in a substantially parallel relationship. Inwardly directed projections are provided on one or both arms and are directly
H4 Processs for the preparation of iminodiacetonitrile December 3, 1985
Iminodiacetonitrile is prepared in a batch process comprising the addition of HCN to an acidified solution of hexamethylenetetramine while maintaining the resulting solution at a temperature of C. by cooling and at a pH of 5.5-6.5 by the addition of formaldehyde
H282 High silica/alumina ratio faujasite type NaY June 2, 1987
A sodium Y type faujasite having a high silica/alumina ratio is obtained by lowering the active soda content below the conventionally employed levels. This is done by adding an acid and/or an aluminum salt solution such as an aluminum sulfate solution to the sodium silicate in the zeolit
H254 Method of increasing the volume yield of exfoliated vermiculite April 7, 1987
A method is disclosed for increasing the volume yield of expanded vermiculite obtained by exfoliation of vermiculite ore particles. The method comprises the sequential steps of applying vegetable oil to the vermiculite ore particles and thermally exfoliating the vermiculite ore parti
H222 Hydrocarbon conversion catalysts March 3, 1987
Hydrocarbon conversion catalysts are prepared from synthetic faujasite Type Y zeolites which have an initial (as synthesized) silica to alumina ratio in excess of 5.6 and preferably above 5.8. The catalysts are highly active for the catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons and are particularly
H196 Large particle zeolite containing cracking catalyst exhibiting improved hydrothermal stability January 6, 1987
A highly active hydrocarbon conversion catalyst is disclosed which by virtue of it being promoted by larger than conventional particle size zeolite exhibits significantly improved hydrothermal stability.
H191 Small particle zeolite containing catalytic cracking catalyst January 6, 1987
A catalyst composition containing 5 to 50 weight percent of small particle type Y faujasite zeolite is described. A cracking process using the above catalyst can be used to obtain increased conversion of the heavier portion of commercial crudes as well as to generate increased yield of g
D271674 Kinetic sculpture December 6, 1983
D264427 Bag for packaging poultry or the like May 18, 1982
D259394 Distributor clamp June 2, 1981
D250433 Combined carrying and storage case for a socket set November 28, 1978
D248508 Combined carrying and storage case for a chainsaw July 11, 1978
D248422 Combined carrying and storage case for a chainsaw July 4, 1978
D245880 Combined display and carrying case for a drill or the like September 20, 1977
D245479 Display case August 23, 1977
D244273 Automobile wheel May 10, 1977
D243236 Air box for bicycles February 1, 1977
D243004 Wire wheel January 11, 1977
D243003 Automobile wire wheel January 11, 1977
6017531 Hydrophilic composition containing protease produced by Vibrio January 25, 2000
Hydrophillic compositions and methods of use are provided for debriding and wound healing applications. The compositions contain certain proteases produced by microorganisms of the genus Vibrio.
5484654 Packaging material and method of making a packaging material January 16, 1996
A packaging laminate which includes a layer of polymethylpentene film and a sealant film. The films may be bonded by corona treatment. The laminate displays high oxygen transmission and heat resistance and may be used as a packaging material for produce such as cauliflower, broccoli and
5437595 Method and apparatus for producing medical pouches August 1, 1995
The present invention relates to a method of making flexible film pouches having fitment tubes attached thereto. The process includes a single operation for the simultaneous sealing of the pouch edge seams and the fitment tubes to the pouch. An apparatus for producing pouches with fi
5288296 Production of microbial field crop inoculants February 22, 1994
A method is disclosed for producing quantities of microbial inoculants for agricultural uses which involves preparing a medium of ground vemiculite, a nutrient and water. Wheat flour is disclosed as a preferred nutrient for fungal cultures. The medium is placed in containers, sterilized
5281678 Preparation of unsaturated epoxy ester resin and carboxylated unsaturated epoxy ester resin and January 25, 1994
A method of preparing an unsaturated ester resin having improved storage stability is disclosed. An epoxy compound and polymerizable unsaturated monocarboxylic acid are reacted in the presence of a trivalent organic phosphorous catalyst. The catalyst is subsequently deactivated by ox
5281491 Battery separator January 25, 1994
The present invention is directed to a multi-ply unfilled microporous sheet product composed of at least one first ply and at least one second ply which are, respectively, formed from polymeric compositions having different rheological properties and to a method of forming said sheet
5011735 Highly formable laminates April 30, 1991
A laminate useful in thermoforming and VSP processes comprises a surface film, barrier film, and sealant film bonded together by, for example, corona bonding. At least one of the films comprises a hot blown high molecular weight polymeric material. Preferably, at least one of the films
4960465 Hydraulic cement additives and hydraulic cement compositions containing same October 2, 1990
Hydraulic cement compositions are disclosed containing a hydraulic cement and a graft copolymer, the graft copolymer containing a polyether backbone and side chains prepared by polymerization of an ethylenically unsaturated monomers. The graft copolymer functions as a plasticizer in the
4922686 Vacuum packaging method May 8, 1990
A vacuum packaging process and apparatus employ the novel step of deliberately at least partially re-pressurizing the exterior of a packaging receptacle after commencement of the evacuation of the exterior and interior of the receptacle in a chamber. Preferably two separate gas press
4910033 Vacuum skin packages with reduced product discoloration March 20, 1990
Discoloration of meat products due to oxygen starvation in stacked packages is significantly reduced by applying a textured surface to the bottom of the packages. A discrete textured film may be adhered to a tray or supporting member, or the tray or supporting member may itself be textur
4906495 Laminated articles March 6, 1990
Laminated sheet material 9 comprises a laminate of a polyvinyl alcohol or other water-disintegratable film 12 with a thin coextruded film comprising a melt-bondable layer 15 and an impermeable layer 14. The laminate is odor impermeable but water disposable and so can be used to form a
4905452 Easy-open flexible pouch and apparatus and method for making same March 6, 1990
A pouch and a method and apparatus for forming an easy open pouch in a vertical form-fill-seal process wherein a pouch is formed from a sheet of thermoplastic film and a heat seal between pouches as they are filled serves as the top closure for the lower pouch and a bottom closure for th
4897274 Multi-layer highly moisture and gas permeable packaging film January 30, 1990
A multi-layer highly moisture and gas permeable packaging film comprising a core layer of a butadiene-styrene copolymer with a styrene content of 60 to 80% by weight and at least two outer layers having heat sealable and gas permeability properties.
4889765 Ink-receptive, water-based, coatings December 26, 1989
Disclosed are coating compositions, coated articles made using said coating compositions and processes for preparing the same. More particularly disclosed are aqueous ink-receptive, water-based coatings which are smudgeproof and which will not wash off with water.
4886690 Peelable barrier film for vacuum skin packages and the like December 12, 1989
A vacuum skin package for packaging fresh red meat and like articles is produced by using a composite, multilayer, oxygen barrier, vacuum skin packaging forming film in which the barrier layer can be manually separated from the non-barrier, oxygen permeable layer. After the vaccum sk
4885119 Method of making a multilayer film December 5, 1989
The present invention involves a method of making a multilayer film suitable for medical solution applications. Solution pH is controlled by the addition of a carbonate of an alkali metal to an ethylene ester or modified ethylene ester copolymer to form a blend, followed by the coext
4881359 Method for making a vacuum skin package November 21, 1989
A method for packaging a product includes the steps of placing the product on a first metallic sheet; placing a second metallic sheet over the product; placing the first sheet, product, and second sheet on a supporting member; applying a top web over the second sheet and in sealing a
4879177 Monoaxially oriented shrink film November 7, 1989
A coextruded multiple layer film is oriented in primarily the longitudinal direction, and comprises a core layer comprising butadiene styrene copolymer or copolyester, outer layers comprising ethylene propylene copolymer, polypropylene, or blends thereof, and intermediate layers which
4877765 Adsorptive material for the removal of chlorophyll, color bodies and phospholipids from glycerid October 31, 1989
Acid-treated amorphous silica has superior properties for the removal of phospholipids and chlorophyll from glyceride oils. The acid-treated adsorbent comprises a high surface area amorphous silica on which is supported an acid having a pK.sub.a of about 3.5 or lower.
4865483 Blow-molded notebook binder September 12, 1989
A blow-molded notebook binder provides protection from mechanical shock and abuse. When antistatic and/or conductive agents are blended into the polymeric material to make up the parison for the notebook binder, protection from electrostatic discharge is also provided. This invention
4861485 Hemodiafiltration device August 29, 1989
Disclosed herein is a hemodiafiltration cartridge and apparatus and methods utilizing said cartridge. Said cartridge comprises: a dialysate inlet; a dialysate outlet; a blood inlet; a blood outlet; a first semipermeable membrane means for sterilizing and depyrogenating dialysate prior to
4861414 Easy-open flexible pouch and apparatus and method for making same August 29, 1989
A pouch and a method and apparatus for forming an easy open pouch in a vertical form-fill-seal process wherein a pouch is formed from a sheet of thermoplastic film and a heat seal between pouches as they are filled serves as the top closure for the lower pouch and a bottom closure for th
4859514 Laminate for an easily opened package August 22, 1989
A first web having an ionomer, or ionomer/ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) sealant layer, heat sealed to a second web having an EVA/ethylene butene copolymer (EBC)/polypropylene (PP) sealant layer, forms an easily opened package. A layer adjacent the sealant layer of the second web
4857434 Radiation curable liquid (meth) acrylated polymeric hydrocarbon maleate prepolymers and formulat August 15, 1989
This invention is directed to a thermal or radiation curable prepolymer, formulations containing same and processes of using same, said prepolymer comprising a liquid meth(acrylate) terminated polymeric hydrocarbon maleate having pendant maleate groups. Said prepolymer either per se or
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