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8588771 Method of providing access to an IP multimedia subsystem November 19, 2013
A method of providing access to an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) for a subscriber (UE) comprises the steps of providing an home interface entity (HGGSN) with access network data (MCC',MNC') identifying the access communication network (AN), sending a message comprising the access net
8576801 Radio measurements in cellular telecommunication systems November 5, 2013
A method of assessing for a mobile terminal 1 the suitability of a cell of a cellular telecommunications network includes measuring the radio signal at the mobile terminal 1--step A; and calculating at least one of a first mean value of a plurality of the radio signal measurements over a
8571071 Method and radio base station for scheduling traffic in wide area cellular telephone networks October 29, 2013
A method for scheduling traffic in wide area cellular telephone networks supporting the High-Speed Downlink Packet Access. The traffic contains packets related to users that are buffered in priority queues according to a value (i) which indicates a priority for transmission assigned to a
8565171 Method for dynamically setting the number of HS-SCCH channels to be used on a cell October 22, 2013
Embodiments of the invention relate to dynamically setting the number N of HS-SCCH channels to be used as signaling channels of the HS-DSCH traffic channel in a cell served by a Node B, which comprises, at predefined periods of time: determining the number N of HS-SCCH channels as
8301185 Coordination method and communication terminal October 30, 2012
Whenever, there occurs a predetermined event which occurs periodically, a host section which includes a host processor 31, makes a judgment of whether or not it is an engine-mode state in which an engine section 40 is executing an engine application, and whether or not it is estimated
8295858 Restricting the use of mobile terminals based on forced location updating October 23, 2012
A method and apparatus for temporarily disabling a mobile terminal which is associable with a mobile telecommunications network for obtaining communication services therefrom is described. A base station simulator (20) is provided which transmits a signal for causing the mobile terminal
8290299 Object outputting method and information processing apparatus October 16, 2012
In order to display the image included in the original one on a display part together with outputting the object, a key in a keypad on an operation part by a user. Thereby, the key operated by the user is specified in both of the mask image creation part 32 and data notification part
8271002 E-mail distribution system, and E-mail distribution method September 18, 2012
A method and device capable of automating registration of a transmission mail address allowed for reception in a white list and reducing a user burden without an input error is provided. From a mobile unit, in respect of registration of a transmission address allowed for reception in a
8260210 Detecting interference in a wireless communication system September 4, 2012
Method to determine the existence of interferences in a wireless communication link based on comparing the power received at both links of radio channel and the propagation losses calculated from both power and quality measurements, comprising: (i) gathering values RXLEV_UL and RXL
8255878 Program development support device August 28, 2012
Via an internal bus 69, a host emulation unit 61 of a control procedure unit 60 loads a program under development into, and sends program execution control commands to, a program under development execution unit 70 which includes an engine processor. In response to these program exec
8254951 Apparatus and method for locating mobile terminals August 28, 2012
A beacon device is disclosed for transmitting a proximity indication signal. When a mobile terminal is in proximity to the beacon device the mobile device receives the proximity indication signal and transmits a signal indicative thereof to the network with which it is registered in
8254861 Controlling x-way receiver diversity August 28, 2012
A method for controlling receiver diversity operation in a base station of a mobile telecommunications network. The base station includes a first receiver arrangement and a second receiver arrangement. The method includes activating the first receiver arrangement, thereby receiving s
8244314 Reducing power consumption in mobile networks August 14, 2012
Method and system for reducing the power consumption in mobile networks, wherein the communication between a mobile terminal and a base station is QAM modulated. The method comprises: making the base station a dynamic real time analysis of the QAM symbols used in the communication betw
8238932 Dynamically allocating carriers August 7, 2012
To determine which traffic and terminal types and in which parts of a call should be best served by a given carrier there is provided a method and system for dynamically allocating carriers in a MIMO network using S-CPICH. The consideration of which carrier to allocate addresses prob
8233891 Telecommunications network July 31, 2012
In a telecommunications network including a plurality of mobile terminals, a method of analysing missed call events in relation to at least one of the plurality of mobile terminals, the method including: determining the occurrence of a missed call event; recording the missed call eve
8233394 Method for preventing overload in mobile telephone networks by using `always-on` in the case of July 31, 2012
A method for preventing overload in telecommunications networks with IMS by always-on for a call received by a user. The user sends a request message in order to activate a new PDP Context to his SGSN, which sends it to a GGSN. The GGSN sends an Accounting Request message to an AAA s
8229358 Identification, authentication and coverage control method July 24, 2012
Identification, authentication, and coverage control method implemented in a system including a central entity, a network of beacons, and a set of terminals, where each terminal is a device adhered to a beacon. The method includes defining a profile for each terminal, the profile inc
8214489 Peer to peer network July 3, 2012
Peer-to-peer networks employing simple peers and super peers strike a balance between centralized (client-server based) and entirely flat peer-to-peer approaches. They introduce hierarchy into peer-to-peer networks in the form of super peer nodes, peers which have extra capabilities
8213903 Telecommunications networks July 3, 2012
A mobile telecommunications network and method of operation that includes establishing a first user plane connection between a telecommunications device registered with the network and a network gateway device of the network via a first access point; providing the telecommunications devi
8209436 Method and system of migrating profiles in telecommunications devices June 26, 2012
A method of migrating a user profile from a first device to a second device. Firstly, a request is made (1a, 1b, 1c) for migrating a user profile (102) located in the first device (100) to the second device (120). Next, the information forming said user profile (102) and an access po
8208929 Method of cell assignment in cellular communications networks using macrodiversity June 26, 2012
A method of selecting a cell from a certain active set of cells (102, 103) to become serving cell for a mobile terminal (101) instead of the primary cell (102) of said active set of cells (102, 103) during a call in a mobile communications network implementing soft handover, the method
8208915 Method for controlling the operation of the cells of a cellular communication system June 26, 2012
A method for controlling the operation of the cells of a cellular communication system comprising the steps of displaying a cartographic map (2) of a geographic area (3) comprising base transceiver stations (BTS.sub.n), each intended to serve one or more cells (C.sub.nj) with respect
8205211 Application switching within electronic apparatus June 19, 2012
An electronic apparatus includes program memory means, application program execution means, and attitude detection means. The program memory means stores a plurality of application programs. The application program execution means executes an application program read out from the program
8204001 Method for preventing overload in mobile telephone networks by using `always-on` in the case of June 19, 2012
A method for preventing overload in telecommunications networks with IMS by always-on for a call generated by a user, in which process the user makes a PDP Context request and a GGSN of said network provides a free IP address to him or her and the PDP Context becomes active. An S-CSCF of
8185109 Identifying communications between telecommunications networks May 22, 2012
A telecommunications system is disclosed including a host telecommunications network (A) having a radio access network (6) and a virtual telecommunications network (C) with which a telecommunications device (3) is registered and operable to communicate with a telecommunications devic
8175589 Method for SIM card replacement May 8, 2012
Method for SIM card replacement, aimed to obtain the functionality of a first SIM card storing a real IMSI number associated to a real MSISDN (MSISDN.sub.rA,MSISDN.sub.rB), the method comprising: providing a user with a replacement SIM card storing a fake IMSI number (IMSI.sub.fA,I
8170595 Hands-free mode for a half-duplex communications system May 1, 2012
A half-duplex communication system is embodied in a push-to-talk cellular system such as a GPRS system. The system includes two or more terminals (1 A, 1 B, 1 C) one or more of which can operate in a hands-free mode. When in hands-free mode, a terminal (1 A) is offered the right-to-speak
8170566 Telecommunications network May 1, 2012
A method of controlling selection of a data transmission network node, such as a base station, node B, eNodeB, GGSN or LTE PDN-GW, for a mobile device in a telecommunications network is disclosed. The mobile telecommunications network includes a plurality of mobility management nodes
8165563 Fraud detection system April 24, 2012
A system for determining associations between subscribers of a communication network include methods and devices for selecting a first subscriber, identifying at least one primary contact of the first subscriber, each primary contact having communicated with the first subscriber, ide
8154551 Coordination operation method and communication terminal April 10, 2012
When a character input is necessary during an execution of an engine application 39.sub.k in an engine section, a character input processing request section 65 of the engine section issues a character input processing request FRQ depending on a request from the engine application 39.
8150479 Transmitting fax in mobile networks April 3, 2012
Fax transmission over a PLMN using a home gateway connected to the originating fax terminal equipment. A call setup request for a fax call destined towards terminating fax terminal equipment is sent. At the originating fax terminal equipment, a reply from the home gateway is received
8126517 Mobile telecommunications device February 28, 2012
An arrangement and technique for providing an educated indication of battery consumption for any particular mobile terminal usage type. This allows the user to be provided with an accurate indication of the battery life remaining for the current usage type and also the battery life that
8121631 Method and communication system for calculating a rise-over-thermal (RoT) threshold value February 21, 2012
A method for calculating a RoT threshold value in a communication system in which user terminals communicate with a base transceiver station, comprising the steps of providing a RoT minimum, maximum and margin, acquiring the maximum nominal transmit power of each user terminal, detec
8116821 System and antenna for radio access networks February 14, 2012
An active antenna with an IP address including a first set of modules (Mi) and a second set of modules (M'j), both sets using a same hardware platform and each set integrating radiofrequency sub-modules. Further including at least an Ethernet connection to the core network for provid
8116789 Terminal positioning technique February 14, 2012
A technique of estimating the location of a mobile terminal in a mobile communications network having a plurality of base stations, including: determining at least one signal parameter measurement for the mobile terminal in relation to each of the plurality of base stations; using the
8112064 Function lock information notification method and mobile communication terminal February 7, 2012
If a lock request for function of an IC card function section is executed from a locking terminal via a mobile communication network, a lock request detection section 51 detects the lock request. If the lock request is detected in this manner, the function lock section 52 locks the f
8107407 EHSPA architecture January 31, 2012
A system and method for use in a telecommunications network may utilize Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBMS), specifically, a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) or a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network may utilize MBMS and eHSPA technology. IP multicast connections
8103237 Method of communication between a source mobile set without network coverage and a target set January 24, 2012
A communication procedure between a source mobile equipment which at a given time has no mobile network coverage, and a target equipment, comprising: establishing communication between the source mobile equipment and the target equipment in stages via intermediary equipment; the sour
8086262 Information terminal device December 27, 2011
To provide an information terminal device contributing to prevention of an operation not intended by a user. A communication management unit (512) of an SVG processing unit (510) displays an image (confirmation image) for requesting a user to perform a confirmation input to confirm w
8085715 Controlling the use of access points in a telecommunications networks December 27, 2011
A mobile telecommunications network includes a radio access network comprising base stations and one or more additional access points. An access point is connected to a network core by an IP transport broadband connection. The access point is configured to appear to the mobile termin
8064395 Data transmission November 22, 2011
In a mobile or cellular telecommunications network a single tunnel between nodes 7, 11, 15 and 19 of the network is established to transmit data on a plurality of bearers. Each bearer transmits data relating to a particular service. The respective bearers may be identified by identif
8050654 Method for locking function and mobile communication terminal November 1, 2011
A user of a mobile communication terminal registers a title or test body that a lock request electronic mail should have for locking function of a contactless type communication device is a lock control information area 23R of the mobile communication terminal. After that, if a lock requ
8041532 Method for information processing, information processing apparatus, and computer program for in October 18, 2011
In a measured-value converting process, a shape-condition converting process and an absolute coordinate system converting process (S16) are performed on a value measured by a sensor. In the shape-condition converting process, when a mobile terminal has a shape 1 and shape 2, the conv
8023952 Location updating in communications networks September 20, 2011
This disclosure concerns methods and systems for network communications. In one example of such a method, respective groups of cells are first allocated to respective location regions. Next, respective indicators are received from various devices, indicating the identity of the cell
7983659 Information delivery apparatus and information delivery system July 19, 2011
An information delivery system of the present invention includes mobile communication terminals and an information delivery apparatus. The information delivery apparatus selectively delivers information to the mobile communication terminals via a communication network, and includes d
7979025 Method and apparatus for handover in a wireless communication device between wireless domains July 12, 2011
A method and apparatus for handover in a wireless communication device between wireless domains is described. In one example, a signal employing a short-range wireless protocol is detected at the wireless communication device. For example, the short-range wireless protocol may be a n
7969993 Presence display system and gateway apparatus June 28, 2011
Synchronization of presence information is established between different presence services. Presence information of each user is stored on the presence server 27 of the presence display system comprising mobile phones. Presence information of the SIP phone system comprising the SIP p
7969887 Station June 28, 2011
With the object of eliminating congestion that has occurred in a station which can not prevent or eliminate the occurrence of congestion autonomously, the SMPP response time in output interfaces 21h-21k of a first PPG 21 are measured and when the time mta, which is m-times of the SMP
7956800 Position measuring method and mobile communication terminal June 7, 2011
A mobile communication terminal 10A, in a process of acquiring assistance information in advance for using for a GPS position measuring at step S10, makes a judgment of whether or not the assistance information is to be acquired, prior to the GPS position measuring command by a user. Whe
7877094 Location updating in communications networks January 25, 2011
This disclosure concerns systems and methods for location updating in communications networks. In one example, when a device initiates a connection to an access network, by way of which a communications network is adapted to provide core network GSM functions to devices registered th
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