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6161041 Pacemaker system with diurnal pattern controlled overdrive for prevention of tachycardia December 12, 2000
There is provided a cardiac pacemaker system with a ventricular tachycardia prevention feature, whereby the pacemaker monitors ventricular activity during each patient awakening period to determine when VT is likely. In a preferred embodiment, QRS and T wave templates are generated cycli
6148235 Implantable stimulator with battery status measurement November 14, 2000
There is provided an implantable device system such as a battery-powered pacemaker system, with an improved capability of measuring battery internal impedance, thereby providing the means to determine anticipated device End of Life. Within one pacemaker cycle following a sensed beat or
6129744 Cardiac treatment system and method for sensing and responding to heart failure October 10, 2000
A pacing system and method for determining a heart failure condition such as left ventricular dysfunction in a patient are provided, based upon obtaining information from cardiac signals, which information is processed and examined for an indication of the onset or progression of LVD. Si
6128532 Pacemaker with automatically controlled ventricular safety pulse October 3, 2000
There is provided a pacemaker system having the feature of delivering a ventricular safety pulse (VSP) following an early ventricular sense (VS), wherein the pacemaker automatically determines whether VSPs are to be delivered following early VSs, and if yes, with what timing. The pacemak
6104949 Medical device August 15, 2000
A device and method useful in the diagnosis and treatment of congestive heart failure. Specifically the present invention senses the trans-thoracic impedance as well as patient posture. By correlating changes in posture with trans-thoracic impedance changes, the present invention is
6088618 Pacemaker system and method for providing manual display concurrent with pacemaker software modi July 11, 2000
A programmable pacemaker system, having a programmer which has the capability of making software control modifications to a family of pacemakers types which can be software modified with different control functions. The programmer carries manual data relating to the manual correspond
6052621 System and method for inducing tachycardia April 18, 2000
A system and method are provided for inducing ventricular tachycardia in a patient to enable testing to determine the optimum parameters for anti-tachycardia stimulation. The implantable device provides for overdrive pacing of the heart for a short sequence, followed by delivery of a
6029087 Cardiac pacing system with improved physiological event classification based on DSP February 22, 2000
There is provided an implantable cardiac pacing system or other cardiac monitoring system, having an enhanced capability of classifying intracardiac signals through a combination of DSP techniques and software algorithms. The implantable device has one or more DSP channels correspond
5999853 Dual chamber pacemaker with single pass lead and with bipolar and unipolar signal processing cap December 7, 1999
There is provided an implantable cardiac pacing system, having multiple sensing channels for sensing spontaneous cardiac signals which arise between respective different pairs of electrodes. In a preferred embodiment, the system utilizes a single pass VDD-type lead, having at least o
5991667 Pacing lead with porous electrode for stable low threshold high impedance pacing November 23, 1999
A pacing lead, and system for pacing, where the lead has an improved distal tip designed to provide reliable chronic fixation of the electrode-heart interface, while also providing low pacing threshold. The distal end of the lead has a standard surface, of roughly hemispherical shape, ma
5991659 Pacing system with full range sudden rate drop detection and responsive pacing intervention November 23, 1999
There is provided a pacemaker system with an SRD detection and intervention feature, which enables a simple way of initiating confirmation of SRD, i.e., looking for an AS/AP transition in a DDD or DDI pacemaker, or a transition from a VS to a VP in a DDI pacemaker. This simple initiation
5978709 Pacemaker system with improved techniques for preventing and suppressing atrial arrhythmias November 2, 1999
There is provided a pacing system having special functions for treating the patient's atrium with atrial pacing so as to reduce the probability of occurrence of dangerous atrial arrhythmias. The pacemaker of the system provides for atrial Pace.sub.-- Conditioning, whereby the patient's n
5964787 Stimulus system with controllable switched capacitor output stage October 12, 1999
There is provided an output stage for a battery powered implantable device, such as a cardiac pacemaker, for generating biphasic or triphasic pulses, each pulse having at least a prestimulus or poststimulus pulse of a first polarity, and a stimulus pulse of opposite polarity. The output
5954754 Single pass lead dual chamber pacing system with means for evaluating efficiency of atrial pacin September 21, 1999
There is provided a pacing system, preferably a VDD system having a single pass lead with one or two ventricular electrodes and a pair of atrial electrodes. The pacemaker has timing and logic capability for determining when an atrial back-up pulse, such an atrial synchronization pulse, c
5951594 Air core antenna for implantable device and method of production September 14, 1999
There is provided an air core antenna, and method of production of same, suitable for use in implantable device, the antenna being used for telemetric communication with an outside programmer unit. The air core antenna is fabricated upon a hybrid substrate, which substrate is subsequ
5944743 Pacemaker system and method with special function rate response August 31, 1999
There is provided a pacemaker system and method for enabling special rate control for patients who have specially recognized conditions, e.g., patients who are post-ablation and thus are susceptible to bradycardia-dependent ventricular fibrillation or other arrhythmias. In a preferre
5913880 Pacemaker with automatic sensitivity adjustment June 22, 1999
There is provided a pacemaker having automatic adjustment of the sensitivity for sensing cardiac signals such as QRS, T and P waves. The pacemaker has software for examining each inputted signal, obtaining a measure of the peak amplitude, e.g. one-half, comparing such measure with a
5876422 Pacemaker system with peltier cooling of A-V node for treating atrial fibrillation March 2, 1999
There is provided a cardiac pacing system for dealing with dangerous atrial arrhythmias, wherein when an episode of such an arrhythmia is detected, the system operates to cool the A-V node so as to reversibly block conduction of the atrial excitations through to the ventricle, permitting
5861011 Pacemaker with automatic lower rate limit drop January 19, 1999
There is provided an implanted pacemaker having a system and method for determining a measure of the circadian rhythm of a patient and adjusting the pacemaker nighttime setting of lower rate limit to correspond to the determined circadian rhythm. In a preferred embodiment, the circadian
5843138 Pacemaker system with enhanced programmable modification capacity December 1, 1998
A pacemaker system is provided which provides for more flexibility in re-programming of the control software, or program which is controlling an implanted pacemaker. The system comprises an external programmer device which is capable both of programming the implanted device in a conv
5792193 Pacemaker system and method with ventricular rate smoothing during high rate atrial arrhythmia August 11, 1998
A dual chamber pacemaker and method for ventricular rate smoothing during high rate episodes such as atrial fibrillation are provided. The pacemaker determines when there is a pathologically high atrial rate episode, such as by determining when atrial senses correspond to a spontaneous a
5782887 Pacemaker system with PAC tracking based on QT data July 21, 1998
A dual chamber pacemaker system and method provide for safe tracking of PACs. The pacemaker obtains an indication of when the T-wave has occurred within the cycle when the PAC occurs, either by measuring the T wave during the cycle, or by getting a QT interval measure from one or more
5782886 Pacemaker with improved hysteresis July 21, 1998
An implantable pacemaker system is provided with a conditional hysteresis feature, whereby a hysteresis value is added to the pacing escape interval only when the prior spontaneous rate corresponded to a rate below the top of a predetermined hysteresis band. This feature limits the lengt
5741312 Pacemaker system and method with improved capture detection and threshold search April 21, 1998
There is provided a pacemaker system with capture verification and threshold testing, in which the pacemaker waits after each change in delivered pace pulses for a stabilization interval, in order to minimize polarization and enhance capture verification. The threshold test utilizes
5720769 System and method for adjusting sensor threshold in a rate responsive pacemaker February 24, 1998
There is provided a rate responsive pacemaker system and method employing an activity-type sensor for deriving signals for determining pacing rate, wherein the activity sensor threshold is automatically adjusted as a function of monitored sensor output. In a preferred embodiment, activit
5713930 Dual chamber pacing system and method with control of AV interval February 3, 1998
A dual chamber pacemaker system and method is provided for adjusting AV delay to provide for an optimal AV setting for a selected pacing application. In the inventive system and method, the basis for determining the AV delay setting is to perform a ventricular fusion test, wherein va
5674254 Cardiac pacemaker system and method for determining a measure of pacing threshold without incurr October 7, 1997
A implantable cardiac pacemaker system which is battery powered, having an improved capability for monitoring patient threshold and adjusting pace pulse output to an optimized safety factor above patient threshold, thereby avoiding excessive energy expenditure in delivery of pace pulses
5620474 System and method for determining indicated pacemaker replacement time based upon battery impeda April 15, 1997
A programmable pacing system and method, the system having the capability for providing an indication of recommended replacement time (RRT) as well as a prior warning of six months to RRT. RRT is determined by storing a value in the pacemaker corresponding to battery impedance at RRT,
5549648 Pacemaker system and method with improved detection of end of retrograde conduction August 27, 1996
A dual chamber pacemaker system and method are provided for placing the pacemaker in an asynchronous mode when retrograde conduction is present, having the capability of detecting the onset of retrograde conduction and also monitoring on a cycle-by-cycle basis to determine the end of
5549647 Pacemaker with improved far field R wave sensing and suppression August 27, 1996
A dual chamber pacemaker is provided with a dynamic PVARP which tracks the occurrence of high rate atrial senses within the normal PVARP range. The dynamic PVARP is a short window of about 50 ms which is moved toward the time of occurrence of any sense signal within the window range of a
5534017 Dual chamber pacemaker system with improved response to retrograde conduction July 9, 1996
A dual chamber pacemaker is provided with the capability of determining when there is retrograde conduction, and responding by switching into an asynchronous mode of ventricular pacing. The pacemaker's response to RC further includes delivering at least a first asynchronous ventricular p
5534016 Dual chamber pacing system and method utilizing detection of ventricular fusion for adjustment o July 9, 1996
A dual chamber pacemaker for providing ventricular pace pulses synchronized with atrial senses or paces, and having specific control for optimizing the AV escape interval and resultant AV delay for purposes of therapy for a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM). The
5531783 Pacing lead with x-ray visible soluble covering and method of inserting same into a patient's he July 2, 1996
A body implantable lead is provided, suitably a pacing lead for delivering pacing stimulus pulses to a patient, the lead having a fixation element such as a helix at its distal tip. The lead is provided with a soluble covering over the helix, which covering presents a smooth surface duri
5531771 Dual chamber pacemaker system and method with improved switching between synchronous and asyncrh July 2, 1996
A dual chamber pacemaker system having a dynamic tracking limit, as well as a dynamic pacing limit (flywheel rate), the two dynamic limits being normally coupled to a measure of the sensed atrial rate as long as such rate is physiological. When the atrial signal is lost, i.e., cannot be
5522876 Screw-in pacing lead June 4, 1996
A lead for use with a pacemaker in a pacing system, the lead having at least one electrode placed at its distal tip and a helical fixation member at the lead distal tip for screwing the lead into a patient's heart wall. The helical member is composed of shape-memory metal and until use i
5522858 Pacemaker with improved reaction to stable first degree atrio-ventricular block June 4, 1996
A dual chamber cardiac pacemaker system has logic for detecting high rate as well as normal atrial spontaneous signals, and for tracking atrial signals within a predetermined tracking rate range by delivering ventricular pace pulses at an AV interval following each atrial sense withi
5522857 Pacemaker with improved detection of and response to noise June 4, 1996
A pacemaker system and method are provided with an improved way of detecting the presence of noise, and particularly intermittent noise. When a first signal is sensed by the pacemaker sense circuit, the pacemaker schedules and starts to time out a next escape interval while continuing
5522856 Pacemaker with improved shelf storage capacity June 4, 1996
A pacemaker has logic incorporated for holding the pacemaker circuitry, or at least a portion of such circuitry, in a low current drain "standby" mode of operation from time of fabrication until time of implantation or preparation for implantation, in order to minimize battery depletion
5470344 Rate responsive pacemake with improved rate change dynamics and pacing method November 28, 1995
A rate responsive pacemaker and method of pacing, having circuitry for controlling the rate of change of pacing rate in response to varying rate sensor signals. The pacemaker increments or decrements pacing rate each cycle, the change in rate being limited as a function of pacing rate, r
5458624 Cardiac pacing system with improved end-of-life detector October 17, 1995
A pacemaker is provided having an improved circuit for obtaining a measure of battery end-of-life. The EOL detector includes an input stage with a current mirror output providing a current which is proportional to the current being consumed by the pacemaker circuitry, and thus being expe
5456707 Pacing lead with improved torsion characteristics October 10, 1995
A pacing lead for connection between a pacemaker and a patient's heart, the pacing lead having conventional flexibility through proximal and distal lengths, and increased stiffness through an intermediate or middle length. The increased stiffness of the intermediate distance provides enh
5454836 VDD (R) pacing system October 3, 1995
A VDD-type pacing system which may have a floating atrial electrode analyzes P-wave events and absences of P-waves to determine data indicative of the likelihood of P-wave undersensing. The pacemaker logic chooses a reaction algorithm to respond to atrial events in accordance with wh
5391189 Rate adaptive dual chamber pacing system and method with automatic adjustment of operating param February 21, 1995
There is disclosed a pacemaker, a dual chamber VDD(R) or DDD(R) pacemaker, having improved features for avoiding undesired sensor-sinus competition and providing blended sensor and sinus (atrial) control. The pacemaker employs atrial hysteresis which is used during sensing of natural atr
5350409 Rate adaptive pacemaker with adjustment of sensor rate as a function of sensed sinus rate September 27, 1994
A rate adaptive pacemaker and method of operation, where the sensor-indicated rate is adjusted as a function of sensed sinus rate. The pacemaker is particularly adapted for VDDR operation. The natural sinus rate is compared to the sensor-indicated rate at one or more rates, and the s
5330511 Dual chamber pacemaker with automatically optimized AV delay July 19, 1994
The dual chamber system and method of operation contains an automatic test for determining an optimum AV interval at a test frequency such as LRL. In a preferred embodiment the test is carried out at nighttime, wherein the implanted pacer is set to asynchronous operation at LRL, and AV i
5282465 Pacemaker with Wenckebach operation February 1, 1994
A dual chamber pacemaker system is provided having an improved Wenckebach response for optimizing tracking of atrial signals having rates within a rate range above the normal tracking range, i.e., in a designated Wenckebach range. When an atrial sense occurs in the Wenckebach range, the
5238007 Pacing lead with improved anchor mechanism August 24, 1993
A pacing lead is disclosed having folded tine elements in a first normal state, the tine elements being adapted to be unfolded by insertion of a stylet. In the second unfolded state, the tine elements are stretched to conform closely to the outer diameter of the lead casing, providing a
5197480 System and method for monitoring heart transplant rejection March 30, 1993
A pacemaker system and method for predicting cardiac allograft rejection noninvasively through the analysis of the T-wave amplitudes of evoked heartbeats. A pacemaker suitable for detecting the T-wave portions of heartbeat signals, such as the Rhythmyx pacemaker, is utilized for prov
5176136 Pacemaker with improved connector block January 5, 1993
A dual chamber pacemaker is provided having a connector of reduced width, enabling an overall thinner pacemaker case. The connector receives dual chamber leads and each pair of connector blocks corresponding to a respective one of the leads is tilted toward the center of the connector
5172694 Single pacing lead and method utilizing two different floating bipoles December 22, 1992
There is provided a pacemaker lead for use in a dual chamber pacemaker system, wherein the single lead provides for ventricular pacing and atrial sensing. The lead has at least two floating bipoles positioned for placement in the atrium. A first whole-ring bipole is positioned a dist
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