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Vicor Corporation Patents
Vicor Corporation
Andover, MA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D328057 Power supply July 21, 1992
D297928 DC to DC power converter October 4, 1988
4675797 Current-fed, forward converter switching at zero current June 23, 1987
A single-ended, zero-current switching, forward converter circuit converts power from a current source to a voltage load in a succession of energy transfer cycles using a transformer constructed to have an effective leakage inductance L.sub.1e, a capacitor (C) in series with the primary
4648020 Power booster switching at zero current March 3, 1987
A power booster module for use in a zero-current switching converter array which includes a signal pulse train generator external to the power booster module, the pulse train having a frequency corresponding to the frequency of energy transfer cycles occurring in the array, the power
4441146 Optimal resetting of the transformer's core in single ended forward converters April 3, 1984
The transformer's core in single ended forward converters is reset by a "magnetizing current mirror" consisting of a capacitor in series with an auxiliary switch which, during the OFF period of the primary switch, couples the capacitor to one of the transformer's windings to form a r
4415959 Forward converter switching at zero current November 15, 1983
A DC-to-DC converter processes power by a sequence of energy transfer cycles in each of which a quantum of energy is taken from a voltage source towards a current sink via a magnetic energy storage device (specifically a transformer having a small effective leakage inductance) and a

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