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Varta Batterie Aktiengesellschaft
Hannover, DE
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D421594 Battery housing March 14, 2000
D374211 Battery housing for portable telephones October 1, 1996
6200699 Mercury-free primary alkaline cell March 13, 2001
A galvanic cell has an anode gel, an alkaline electrolyte, and a cathode material, separated from the anode gel by a separator. The anode gel has mercury-free zinc powder, and the cathode material has manganese dioxide, as well as salt-like calcium compounds in solid form.
6183910 Electrochemical lithium secondary element February 6, 2001
Suitable as active cathode material for an electrochemical lithium secondary cell are oxygen-deficient spinels Li.sub.1+x Mn.sub.2-x , where 0.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.0.33 and Their region of existence in a phase diagram laid out between the co
6146783 Multi-cell storage battery November 14, 2000
A multi-cell storage battery, in particular to a lithium storage battery, which contains a temperature control device and in which groups of one or more individual cells arranged alongside one another are separated from one another by a thermally insulating solid layer whose coefficient
6110433 Process for the recovery of metals from used nickel/metal/rare earth hydride storage batteries August 29, 2000
The invention relates to a process for recovering metals from used nickel/hydride storage batteries, in which storage battery scrap has been mechanically comminuted and divided into at least a coarse fraction and a fine fraction capable of being treated separately from one another. The
6103416 Laminated lithium-ion cell and process for fabricating same August 15, 2000
The invention relates to a laminated lithium-ion cell which comprises flexible layers, wherein the negative electrode is lithium metal, lithium alloy or a metallic bonded fiber web or a foam, which comprises a lithium-intercalating material such as carbon, graphite, tungsten dioxide,
6077627 Polymer electrolyte and method for preparing same June 20, 2000
The invention relates to a method for preparing polymer electrolytes for rechargeable lithium intercalation cells which contain a dissociable lithium salt dispersed in a polymeric matrix, the polymeric matrix being a self-supporting film of a copolymer of vinylidene difluoride and he
6066184 Voltaic cell May 23, 2000
In a voltaic cell, especially in the form of a button cell, with a metal housing sealed liquid-tight including a cell cup and a cell lid electrically insulated against it by a seal, the seal is formed from a sealing part produced by deep drawing from a plastic film. This sealing part
6060194 Button cell with retaining ring for anode May 9, 2000
The invention relates to a rechargeable button cell, which contains negative and positive electrodes in the form of tablets separated by a separator and an alkaline electrolyte in a casing which is formed from a lower part in the form of a cup and an upper part in the form of a lid w
6027830 Battery having an electrode mounting cage and method for its manufacture February 22, 2000
An electrode set (i.e., a separator between two electrodes) is placed within an electrically nonconductive mounting cage prior to sealing the mounting cage/electrode set assembly within a battery container having a cup-shaped lower part and a lid-shaped upper part. In a preferred emb
6025093 Lithium ion cell February 15, 2000
The invention relates to a lithium ion cell, comprising a positive electrode which contains a chalkogen compound, containing lithium, of a transition metal, a non-aqueous electrolyte and a negative electrode which is separator-isolated and contains carbon, which is characterized in that
6007944 Rechargeable lithium-ion cell December 28, 1999
The invention relates to a rechargeable lithium-ion cell, a method for its manufacture, and its application. The cell is distinguished by the fact that it has a metallic housing (21) which is electrically insulated internally by two half shells (15), which cover electrode plates (8) and
5974303 Locking mechanism for battery housings October 26, 1999
A battery housing for an electrical device, such as a portable telephone, has a locking mechanism that locks the battery housing in place onto the housing of the portable device. The locking mechanism has a locking finger that is inserted into an opening in the device housing. The lockin
5919588 Cathode additive for alkaline primary cells July 6, 1999
The invention relates to alkaline primary cells comprising a zinc gel as the anode material, an aqueous alkaline electrolyte, a separator and a cathode material containing manganese dioxide, wherein the cathode material comprises 0.1-5% by weight of alkali metal titanates and/or alka
5786108 Electrochemical cell July 28, 1998
A prismatic electrochemical cell includes electrode plate blocks in which the stacked positive and negative electrode plates are separated by separators and are connected by current conductors to the corresponding terminal posts by crimping current conductors in the form of wires to
5738958 Alloys for use as active material for the negative electrode of an alkaline, rechargeable nickel April 14, 1998
To provide an improved high-temperature cycle lifetime, an alloy for use as active material for the negative electrode of an alkaline, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery has the compositionMm is a misch metal including La and Ce, and which can further include Pr, Nd and/or other l
5738953 Alkaline metal oxide/metal hydride battery April 14, 1998
As an active material for its negative electrode, a hydrogen storage alloy for a Ni/H battery has the compositionwhere Mm is a misch metal, M is Fe, Cu, or a mixture of Fe and Cu, and where0.1.ltoreq.z.ltoreq.0.4,0.2.ltoreq.y.ltoreq.0.4,0.3.ltoreq.w.ltoreq.0.5,0.2.ltoreq.x.ltoreq.0.4, and4.9
5660944 Multicell storage battery August 26, 1997
A multicell storage battery, especially of the nickel/hydride type, is provided with pressure safeties for protection against high internal pressures. The pressure safeties respond at a preassigned critical pressure, causing mechanical changes in shape or through destruction which ca
5639569 Gastight, sealed metal oxide/metal hydride storage battery June 17, 1997
A gastight, sealed metal oxide/metal hydride storage battery, in particular, a nickel/metal hydride button cell, includes an auxiliary electrode with an active material composed of the same hydrogen storage alloy as that of the negative electrode with which the auxiliary electrode is
5538809 Automatic coupling system for traction batteries July 23, 1996
A coupling for connecting a battery to a battery charger of a replacement station for electric road vehicles equipped with exchangeable batteries receivable upon a roller conveyor associated with the replacement station, or to a battery charger of the owner of the vehicle, includes c
5538809 Automatic coupling system for traction batteries July 23, 1996
A coupling for connecting a battery to a battery charger of a replacement station for electric road vehicles equipped with exchangeable batteries receivable upon a roller conveyor associated with the replacement station, or to a battery charger of the owner of the vehicle, includes c
5514495 Negative electrode for gastight alkaline storage batteries having a carbon-black-containing gas- May 7, 1996
A carbon-black-containing gas-consuming layer on the surface of a negative electrode is produced from a mixture of an aqueous carbon black dispersion and an aqueous PTFE dispersion, both of which contain a surfactant of the same type (either cationic, anionic or nonionic) for the purpose
5514488 Electrochemical secondary cell May 7, 1996
An Li/LiMn.sub.2 O.sub.4 secondary cell employing a SWING system (i.e., of the "rocking chair cell" type) includes a positive electrode formed as a metal gauze-reinforced, rolled electrode, and a negative electrode formed by impregnating a nickel foam with a paste of Li-intercalating gra
5503949 Plate block for lead batteries April 2, 1996
In a plate block for lead batteries having plates of one polarity with plate lugs which are thicker than the plate lugs of the plates of the other polarity, an equalization of the volumes and of the areas of the two lug types is achieved by providing the thicker lugs with a wedge-like
5500309 Ni/metal hydride accumulator March 19, 1996
The positive electrode of a Ni/metal hydride accumulator is formed from a mass mixture of Ni(OH).sub.2 and an oxidation-resistant graphite. The stable graphite is notable for a high degree of crystallinity and a low ash content. In conventional Ni/metal hydride accumulators, cobalt c
5496664 Process for producing a positive electrode for lithium secondary batteries March 5, 1996
An active material for a positive electrode for lithium secondary batteries and composed of a lithium-manganese oxide (Li.sub.x Mn.sub.2 O.sub.4) with a spinel structure is produced by mixing manganese dioxide with lithium formate (HCOOLi) and/or lithium acetate (CH.sub.3 COOLi), heating
5486433 Button cell January 23, 1996
A button cell containing electrodes having a polygonal shape, preferably square or hexagonal, in a flat housing is advantageous when compared to such cells having conventional round pressed powder electrodes. The electrodes can be cut from a continuously manufactured rolled strip with a
5460730 Process and apparatus for treating wastewater from lead battery production October 24, 1995
Lead oxide is used for neutralizing the sulfuric acid wastewater received from washing charged (formed) electrodes during lead battery production. The neutralization product, including lead sulfate and excess lead oxide, is returned directly to production of the active mass paste. The mo
5447806 Gas-tight sealed nickel/hydride battery September 5, 1995
A gas-tight nickel/hydride battery with a high oxygen consumption rate and a correspondingly low internal pressure has a stacked arrangement of positive and negative electrodes wherein the negative electrodes are divided in two with a coarse supporting framework as a space between the
5407760 Sealing plug for a lead battery April 18, 1995
A sealing plug for a lead battery which prevents both the emergence of acid mist from the cell, and its harmful effects on the operation of the safety valve of the sealing plug, is configured to cause escaping cell gases to follow a path to the outside of the cell which first passes thro
5389467 Rechargeable galvanic lithium cell February 14, 1995
Nontoxic, chemically stable lithium tris(fluorosulphonyl)methanide, LiC(SO.sub.2 F).sub.3, is used as a conducting salt for rechargeable lithium cells containing nonaqueous electrolytes based on esters or polymeric electrolytes such as polyethylene oxide. The cell electrolyte is pref
5338596 Process for producing a lead storage battery with a thixotropic gel electrolyte August 16, 1994
A lead storage battery is filled with electrolyte in two steps. In a first step, the filling electrolyte is a sulfuric acid which does not contain a gelling agent, and the amount of electrolyte introduced into the battery casing is selected so that the electrolyte fills only the pores in
5329681 Process for preparing the porous metallic framework of an electrode carrier for the attachment o July 19, 1994
Discrete locations of an electrode web or electrode segment based on a porous metallic carrier framework, which are intended to receive the take-off conductor, are briefly heated to about C. and then cleared of active mass with compressed air. The heating, for which a str
5215215 Method and apparatus for introducing viscous active ingredients into the case of galvanic cell June 1, 1993
Viscous active ingredients are introduced into the case of a galvanic cell by extrusion from a nozzle fed with the ingredients by a pumping device. The pumping device includes an elastic, substantially straight piece of hose, and a pressure roll which can be moved along the hose between
5203455 Package for zinc-air batteries April 20, 1993
A push-through, blister card package for zinc-air batteries includes a cardboard support to which is sealed a transparent plastic foil with cup-shaped recesses for holding button cells. The battery bases, which are provided with air supply holes, are attached to a shared adhesive foil.
5192628 Alkaline electrolyte for galvanic elements March 9, 1993
Surface rich forms of magnesium hydroxide and/or basic magnesium salts, or titanium (IV) oxide, preferably with lye or an aqueous potassium carbonate solution in weight ratios of between about 1:0.5 and 1:2, or between about 1:1.5 and 1:4.5, respectively, produce pastes of a consistency
5169736 Electrochemical secondary element December 8, 1992
An electrochemical secondary element with a non-aqueous electrolyte, whose charge/discharge mechanism is predicated upon the reversible intercalation of active Li+ ions in electrode materials having an open skeletal structure. The positive electrode is essentially a lithium-manganese
5162176 Electrochemical secondary element November 10, 1992
In a lithium secondary cell of the intercalation type, with a positive electrode which includes a lithiated transition metal oxide Li.sub.x M.sub.y O.sub.2, wherein 0.5.ltoreq.x/y.ltoreq.1.0 and M is a metal from Groups VIIb and VIIIb (preferably Co, Ni, Mn), and with a negative elec
5158722 Process for the production of a positive electrode in ribbon form for primary and secondary cell October 27, 1992
Positive ribbon electrodes for primary and secondary cells are produced in a dry process wherein two strips of active material in powder form, preferably comprised of MnO.sub.2, FeS.sub.2, CuO, .alpha.-Cu.sub.2 V.sub.2 O.sub.7, and Li.sub.x MnO.sub.y, are simultaneously rolled and th
5141827 Ion conductor or electrolyte for a galvanic element August 25, 1992
An ion conductor/electrolyte especially suitable for lithium batteries is comprised of a chemically inert, electronically nonconducting solid powder and an electrolyte salt solution with an aprotic solvent. The ion conductor has a solid to pasty consistency depending upon the ratio of th
5128219 Gas-tight, sealed metal oxide/hydrogen storage battery July 7, 1992
In a metal oxide/hydrogen storage battery, preferably formed as a coiled cell or as a button cell, having a negative electrode, a positive electrode, and an intermediate separator, the oxidation-sensitive negative electrode is protected against diffusing oxygen by a metallic covering of
5122426 Gas-tight, sealed alkaline secondary cell June 16, 1992
An auxiliary electrode for improving the consumption of oxygen in a gas-tight, sealed alkaline secondary cell is comprised of a synthetic nonwoven fabric and a film rolled onto the fabric. The film is a PTFE-bound activated carbon, and the side of the nonwoven fabric receiving the fi
5108668 Process for manufacturing device for casting lead grids for electric battery plates April 28, 1992
In connection with a device for casting lead grids for electric battery plates, a highly porous ceramic mold lining, preferably of zirconium oxide, is prepared by flame-spraying. Such a lining can include a thin surface coating on a profiled, basic metallic mold or a separately prepa
5049162 Process for producing a plastic sealing element for a galvanic primary cell September 17, 1991
A plastic sealing element for dry cells includes a radially symmetrical, contrally perforated base element, the upper side of which is provided with an elastomeric sealing material which is extruded in the form of a circumferential annular bead, and a process for its manufacture. After t
5047302 Galvanic cell with a polymer electrode September 10, 1991
An aluminum substrate, with its natural oxide film intact, is made suitable for the electrochemical deposition polymerization of the electrode-active organic material, and for further use as an electrolyte holder and a charge eliminator, by providing the aluminum substrate with an el
5043235 Galvanic battery August 27, 1991
A galvanic battery having band-shaped positive and negative electrodes, and an intermediate band-shaped separator, which are helically wound to develop an electrode structure for mounting within a cylindrical housing having a cell pole sealed and insulated against the housing, includes a
5021306 Spiral-wound galvanic cell June 4, 1991
A spiral-wound galvanic cell is based upon a lithium system with a nonaqueous electrolyte, and includes a positive electrode, the carrier of which is clamped within the slit of a simple metal splint which serves as the winding mandrel and current collector. Contact with the metal splint
4994333 Galvanic primary cell February 19, 1991
In an acid-type primary cell with a zinc anode containing non-toxic or only little harmful substances, the usual toxic components of the zinc alloy such as mercury and cadmium are replaced by at least one of the elements indium and bismuth, and by at least one of the elements magnesium a
4987041 Sealed nickel-cadmium battery January 22, 1991
Overcharge protection, and especially the chargeability of a sealed Ni/Cd battery with high currents (up to 1 CA) is improved by rolling a carbon-containing powdered material into the surface of the negative electrode, which material catalyzes the reduction of oxygen. Wetting of the
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