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RE28751 X- and gamma-ray sensitive image intensification tube March 30, 1976
The invention relates to an X- and Gamma-ray sensitive image intensification tube for use in a so-called gamma camera or the like, which tube preferably has a single crystal input phosphor.
5099505 Method for increasing the accuracy of a radiation therapy apparatus March 24, 1992
Disclosed is a method for increasing the accuracy of images obtained in radiation therapy apparatus, such as a computed tomography simulator which employs an image intensifier and a photodiode detector for converting light from the image intensifier to electrical signals for further
4806489 Matrix modifier and method for modifying a matrix to improve analysis of metal constituents duri February 21, 1989
A matrix modifier of finely-divided metallic palladium dispersed to contact a metal constituent to improve analysis of the constituent during graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy. The palladium interacts with a variety of metals in a sample to increase the vaporization tempera
4689276 Diamond bonded electronic circuit August 25, 1987
Diamonds are good thermal conductors and also good insulators. They are thus exceptionally useful as heat-removing supports for small microwave circuit elements which must be electrically insulated from their ultimate heat sink. Bonding diamonds to metallic parts has been done using acti
4548365 Method and apparatus for winding toroidal cores October 22, 1985
A method and apparatus for winding toroidal cores is disclosed whereby two wire strands supplied from a continuous source are successively wound into turns about different angular sectors of a toroidal core to form two coils that are wound in different directions. The first strand is fed
4366222 Cadmium sulfide/cadmium carbonate/cadmium oxide photoconductor produced by high temperature, ine December 28, 1982
Disclosed is a photoconductor of the cadmium sulfide/cadmium carbonate type which contains cadmium oxide in the range of 0.05 to 1.5 mole per cent. The calcination of this photoconductor is performed at the relatively high temperature range of approximately 250 degrees C. to 310 degrees
4272741 Inductive delay line and method of making June 9, 1981
A delay line having an inductive component in which inductive windings are made on multiple post bobbin units to maintain spacing and alignment. Two multiple bobbin units are collectively wound and then secured together with the bobbins interfitting to form a rigid, precisely aligned ele
4252204 Walking drag line February 24, 1981
A walking drag line having an oxcillating wheel segment, a vertical axis roller slot coupling the wheel segment and the walking drag line, a shoe for stepping the walking drag line and a track frame assembly coupling the oscillating wheel segment and the shoe. The crankpin which is journ
4200844 Racetrack microtron beam extraction system April 29, 1980
Beam extraction from a selectable orbit of a race track microtron is achieved using small angle magnetic deflections toward the common axis of acceleration. The extracted beam and the non-recirculated beam are adapted to occupy congruent final trajectories whereby the non-recirculated be
4047102 Dual chamber, high sensitivity gas sensor and pump September 6, 1977
Apparatus for measuring gas comprising a gas sensing unit having a gas inlet membrane and being evacuated by a sputter ion pump via a restrictive conductance. Said conductance has a very low value relative to the pumping speed of the pump, whereby a change in the pumping speed of the pum
4032850 Coaxial balun with doubly balanced heterodyne converter June 28, 1977
A coaxial line has a conductive surrounding shield connected from a first to a second point thereon. The outer conductor of the coaxial line shield is discontinuous at an intermediate point inside the shield so that it has two intermediate ends or terminals therein. A radio frequency sig
4032445 Liquid chromatography pumping system with compensation means for liquid compressibility June 28, 1977
In a liquid chromatography system including a chromatographic column, a reservoir for a slightly compressible liquid mobile phase, piston means cooperating with the reservoir for pumping the liquid phase through the chromatographic column, and means for displacing the piston at a pre
4030829 Keying waveform generator for spectrophotometer June 21, 1977
In a double beam spectrophotometer employing a rotating optical chopper to direct a beam of electromagnetic radiation alternately through sample and reference channels to a photomultiplier tube, a beam interrupter is used in combination with a photodiode and a photocell to generate a squ
4030094 Device for selecting computer operational mode and labeling input controls accordingly June 14, 1977
The device is a translucent plastic mask or overlay which fits over the keyboard of the computer input/output station to label the keys with their functions according to the selected mode of operation. A projecting portion along one of the edges of the mask extends into a slot adjacent
4027841 Reproducible mounting of prealigned optical assemblies June 7, 1977
A reproducible mounting for use in conjunction with prealigned optional assemblies. The mounting comprises a base member and a mating member attached thereto by fastening means cooperating with first, second and third noncollinerly disposed mounting holes whereby all six degrees of f
4026638 Reduced glare scanner May 31, 1977
Method and apparatus for reduced glare observation of the eye fundus through optical lenses is accomplished by synchronized scanning illumination and observation of successive portions of the fundus. The scanning is conducted in rapid cycles to obtain continuous observation of the fu
4025944 Ohmic contracts to p-type indium phosphide May 24, 1977
A body of p-type indium phosphide, which was heretofore difficult to contact in a reliable low resistance manner, is ohmically contacted by an alloy contact of bismuth with preferably 2% zinc. The alloy contact is effected by placing a small pellet of the Bi-Zn alloy on the surface of
4025196 Asymmetric double pass grating monochromator May 24, 1977
Apparatus to perform correlation spectroscopy utilizes a zero dispersion monochromator having entrance, intermediate and exit slits. A ruled grating is located in the beam path between entrance and exit slits and is operable to disperse a beam of radiation incident thereon both prior and
4023189 Wide angle fundus illumination and photography apparatus May 10, 1977
A wide angle instrument for illuminating, observing and photographing the fundus of the eye is provided. The instrument has a focus tube containing spaced decollimating and objective lenses with an adjustable aperture diaphragm positioned therebetween, which tube projects a glare-reducin
4023061 Dual mode gridded gun May 10, 1977
Travelling wave tubes designed to operate interchangeably at low power cw and high pulsed power have grids to gate the pulses and to switch the peak beam current between two values. To preserve optimum beam-focus conditions, the beam diameter should be simultaneously switched. A grid
4017332 Solar cells employing stacked opposite conductivity layers April 12, 1977
A cell for converting received light energy to electrical energy comprises, in the simplest embodiment, four layers of differing types of semiconductive material stacked so as to form three opposite conductivity junctions. The outer two, "active", junctions are formed of confronting
4017185 Optical arrangements for coupling monochromators with external systems April 12, 1977
External coupling optics, including a spherical mirror, is located in the beam path between a curved slit and a detector for imaging the slit onto the detector; alternatively, the beam path is between a light source and the slit for imaging the slit onto the source; alternatively, the be
4013262 Rotary apparatus for moving workpieces through treatment beam with controlled angle of orientati March 22, 1977
An apparatus for distributing a beam substantially uniformly over a workpiece comprising a workpiece holder, first means for rotating the holder in a generally circular path about a first axis which is generally perpendicular to the axis of the beam, second means for counter-rotating
4012144 Spectrosorptance measuring system and method March 15, 1977
Apparatus and method for measuring the absolute absorptance of a relatively thin sample displaying both reflecting and transmitting characteristics. An integrating sphere is provided, and monochromatic reference and sample beams are projected into the sphere from a pair of angularly-spac
4011481 Modular electron discharge device March 8, 1977
A grid-controlled electron tube is constructed with a common anode and an array of individual cathode-grid modules. The simple modules can be built with greater accuracy than large, complex electrodes. The modules can be individually tested before final assembly, and can be individually
4009446 Dual diode microwave amplifier February 22, 1977
A Microwave reflection amplifier having improved gain, bandwidth and noise characteristics, uses two negative-resistance diodes, such as Gunn-effect diodes, connected in series across the terminals. The diodes are series resonated by inductance in their leads. The gain and bandwidth are
4009339 Device providing sensible output indicating receipt of data by computer February 22, 1977
The device, which may be connected either directly to the computer itself or which may form a part of a remotely located input/output station, includes electronic signal generation circuits for generating a signal indicative of the receipt of data being inputted by a human operator, and
4008683 Machine for treating wafer-form items February 22, 1977
A machine which processes discrete wafer-form items in a chamber is provided with a slot-form channel along which the items move between points inside and outside the chamber, a lateral opening exposing the channel from its side, exposed walls of the channel defining a sealing margin
4006990 Convergent light illuminated flow cell for liquid chromatography February 8, 1977
Single and dual beam flow cells for liquid chromatography that provide good detectability and linear response with small sample volumes. A cylindrical window surrounds the sample flow path to permit focusing convergent light rays through the center of the flow path and along optical path
4005382 Signal processor for ultrasonic imaging January 25, 1977
A signal processor for an ultrasonic imaging system permits the selection of scan angles and focusing distances. The system includes an ultrasonic receiver comprising an array of electromechanical transducers, with the individual transducers being coupled to phase selection circuitry whe
4000457 Cold cathode ionization gauge control for vacuum measurement December 28, 1976
A cold cathode ionization gauge controller utilizing a periodically varying potential across the gauge tube at higher pressure and substantially constant potential at low pressure provides a wide-range pressure measurement capability from about 10.sup.-.sup.1 to about 10.sup.-.sup.7
4000432 Magnetic shield for image intensifier tube December 28, 1976
Intensifier tubes for x-rays or low-light levels form an image of photoelectrons which is focused on a fluorescent viewing screen. Stray magnetic fields, including the earth's field, bend the electron trajectories and distort the image. Magnetic shielding has been used around the tub
3999439 High pressure sample injector and injection method December 28, 1976
An injection apparatus and method for use in high pressure liquid chromatography. A cylindrical sample holding means containing several sample cells is maintained in a chamber whose pressure is approximately equal to that of the head of the chromatograph separation column. The sample
3999065 Leak detection system with wire probe December 21, 1976
A leak detection system comprising a mass spectrometer tuned to detect the presence of helium in a gas sample, and a gas sample inlet member comprising a multichannel array of capillary passages. In an ideal embodiment, the gas sample inlet member comprises a segment of commercially
3997466 Metallic foil coated with scandium tritide for use as a beta particle source in an ionization de December 14, 1976
A metallic foil coated with scandium tritide is treated so as to manifest a legally acceptable tritium emanation rate at temperatures above C, thereby becoming usable as a beta particle emitter is ionization detectors such as electron capture detectors or the like operate
3997272 Magnetic stirrer improvement December 14, 1976
Improved magnetic stirring means for use with an optical absorption cell of the type characterized by a non-magnetic container for fluidic samples to be analyzed, which container has a rectangular cross-section of interior dimensions A .times. B, where A is relatively large compared with
3994625 Sputter-ion pump having improved cooling and improved magnetic circuitry November 30, 1976
In a magnetically confined sputter-ion vacuum pump a multi-apertured anode electrode is interposed between a pair of reactive cathode electrode plates. An evacuable envelope encloses the anode and cathode electrodes and a magnetic circuit surrounds the vacuum envelope for producing a glo
3993506 Photovoltaic cell employing lattice matched quaternary passivating layer November 23, 1976
A photovoltaic cell has an active portion comprising at least one active layer of a IIIA-VA compound having a p-n junction adjacent an upper surface thereof and an overlying epitaxially grown passivating layer of the quaternary alloy AlGaAsP. The passivating layer has a substantially
3988565 Nuclear reactor fuel rod thermal simulator October 26, 1976
The tubular stainless steel structure of a nuclear reactor fuel rod thermal simulator is heated to nuclear fuel rod operating temperatures by means of a gaseous glow discharge established within the tubular structure. In a preferred embodiment a length of the simulated fuel rod is intern
3987332 Gang tuner for multi-cavity klystron October 19, 1976
Klystron cavities having linearly movable tuning elements are tuned simultaneously by a single master control which tilts a tuner drive platform. The motion is transmitted to individual cavity tuners by drive elements on the platform at selectable distances from its tilting axis so t
3986776 Automatic baseline compensator for optical absorption spectroscopy October 19, 1976
Apparatus and method are disclosed enabling automatic baseline compensation in a dual beam spectrophotometer. The wavelength adjustment mechanism of the instrument monochromator, is driven in step-wise fashion by a stepping motor or the like, which also drives the tape advance means of a
3986196 Through-substrate source contact for microwave FET October 12, 1976
A microwave field effect transistor (FET) comprises source, gate, and drain electrodes deposited on an epitaxial layer grown on a semi-insulating substrate. The FET has lowered thermal resistance, lowered source lead inductance, and lowered gate series resistance, together with concomita
3985509 Flame ionization detector with flame monitor October 12, 1976
A flame ionization detector including means for monitoring the flame condition, so as to enable ignition of an extinguished flame. An igniter coil is mounted proximate the burner nozzle of the FID, and thermocouple means are provided including a hot junction in thermal contact with the
3985021 High performance liquid chromatography system October 12, 1976
A liquid chromatography system, including a reservoir for a liquid mobile phase, a liquid chromatography column, reciprocating pumping means for pumping the mobile phase through the column, and motor means for driving the pumping means through successive reciprocation cycles. Means are
3984725 Permanent magnet structure for crossed-field tubes October 5, 1976
A permanent magnet structure particularly beneficial for generating the interaction field in coaxial, crossed field electron tubes is designed such that the normal iron flux return path is not required. Substantial reduction in weight results. A further benefit is that a magnetron in
3983446 Gridded convergent flow electron gun for linear beam tubes September 28, 1976
The electron gun includes a spherically concave cathode emitter with a pair of axially spaced spherically concave focus and control grids closely spaced overlaying the cathode emitter for controlling the beam current. The grids are supported from a common thermally conductive tubular gri
3982261 Epitaxial indium-gallium-arsenide phosphide layer on lattice-matched indium-phosphide substrate September 21, 1976
An epitaxial layer of a quaternary III-V alloy of Ga, In, As, and P has its constituents proportioned for lattice matching to a substrate having a lattice constant falling within the range of 5.45 to 6.05 A. In addition, the constituents of the alloy are proportioned to provide a selecte
3981073 Lateral semiconductive device and method of making same September 21, 1976
A lateral semiconductive device, such as a Gunn device or Impatt diode, is fabricated by depositing a barrier layer of beryllia over an epitaxial grown layer of N- type semiconductive material on an N+ type semiconductive wafer. The wafer is then thinned down, as by grinding and poli
3980975 Broadband microwave bias network September 14, 1976
For supplying a bias (modulation) signal, either AC or DC, to a microwave circuit, a network consisting of a low pass filter is provided which presents a high isolating impedance to an extremely wide bandwidth of microwave frequencies, while allowing low frequency bias or modulating
3975104 Convergent light illuminated flow cell for liquid chromatography August 17, 1976
Single and dual beam flow cells for liquid chromatography that provide good detectability and linear response with small sample volumes. A cylindrical window surrounds the sample flow path to permit focusing convergent light rays through the center of the flow path and along optical path
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