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V-Tech, Inc. Patents
V-Tech, Inc.
Pomona, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D306645 Pregnancy test kit March 13, 1990
5419870 Antibody testing system May 30, 1995
A device for performance of ligand-receptor assay methods for determining the presence of a liquid. The preferred ligand-receptor pair are antigen-antibody pairs. The device has a membrane having the receptor physically bound to its surface. The membrane is disposed at the top of a b
5388392 Apparatus for powder filling antibody testing devices February 14, 1995
An apparatus for assembling antibody testing devices for use in conducting biotests which utilize a powder fluid absorbing material to fill the housing of the antibody testing devices. The apparatus has several stations at which the various assembly steps take place. At the first sta
5334538 Gold sol immunoassay system and device August 2, 1994
A new apparatus and method for immunoassays. A gold sol bead is held in a funnel member. First antibodies are associated with the gold sol bead. When the sample contacts the gold sol it dissolves the bead. A second antibody is impregnated on an immunosorbent surface. When the dissolved
5137691 Antibody testing system with removable air gap August 11, 1992
A device for performance of ligand-receptor assay methods for determining the presence of a ligand. The preferred ligand-receptor pair are antigen-antibody pairs. The device has a membrane having the receptor physically bound to its surface. A closable gap exists between the membrane
5132232 Method and apparatus for preparation of liquids for examination July 21, 1992
Method and apparatus for collecting liquid analytical samples for examination, particularly whole urine and blood samples, and reproducibly separating them into two or more fractions. A sample is disposed within such an apparatus, then staining with dye or reacting with reagent as ne
5125278 Volumetric pipette June 30, 1992
A volumetric pipette having branches. A liquid sample is drawn up into one branch and a precise volume is expelled by using the second branch. The pipettes of the present invention are conveniently made by blow molding plastic.
5084241 Apparatus including a sample petter tube for obtaining reproducible liquid samples of small volu January 28, 1992
The disclosure teaches a pipette or petter tube and a system using the pipette to obtain reproducible liquid samples of known small volume. The pipette has an elongate body with one end adapted to be removably engaged by an aspiration device and the other end which is closed is adapted t
5036569 Filter/funnel assembly machine August 6, 1991
An apparatus for automatically assembling immunotesting filter funnels. At a first station, a slotted indexing carousel receives correctly oriented funnel retaining rings. At a second station a disk of filter material is placed in the retaining ring. At a third station a funnel body is p
5035494 Molded plastic article assembly means July 30, 1991
A apparatus for joining a pair of molded plastic pieces and an interference fit joint including a plurality of pegs on a first piece and a plurality of elongate sockets on a second piece. The elongate sockets have a first dimension less than 1.0 times the diameter of the pegs to achieve
4797260 Antibody testing system January 10, 1989
A compound is bound to a membrane which is reactive to a component in a fluid sample which is being tested. Under the membrane a porous support is added. The fluid sample suspected of containing a specific component is drawn over the membrane and into the porous support by a piston and
4748042 Method and apparatus for imprinting membranes with patterns of antibody May 31, 1988
A method and apparatus that imprints protein binding membranes with predetermined patterns, determined by (a) a pattern cut in a porous foam, or (b) a circular pattern achieved by contacting a drop of protein containing solution. The apparatus and process are particularly well adapte
4735905 Specimen-gathering apparatus and method April 5, 1988
A specimen gathering method and apparatus having a piston operated ejectable scoop member. Preferably, the specimen gathering device inserts into a container and releasably seals the container. The apparatus is useful for gathering and transporting stool and other biological specimen
4607921 Wet mount microscopic examination slide II August 26, 1986
A transparent laboratory slide for wet mount microscopic examination. A base member is formed with discrete platform surfaces or slide plates over which a cover slip is removably positioned. The fluid specimen to be examined is retained in the thin space between the platform surface and

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